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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South of England.

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Good evening. late news at 10.30pm.


I'm Roger Finn with the news in the south.


In the last few hours, an outbreak of bird flu has been confirmed


Nine dead swans have tested positive for the H5N8 strain of the disease -


a virus considered very low risk to public health.


The Swannery has said the welfare of its birds


The site is currently closed for the winter and is not due


The Government recently extended an order requiring


domestically-kept birds to be kept indoors and away from wild species,


Families have been gathering today to protest at plans


for an incinerator to be built in a West Sussex town.


Locals in Horsham say the plant would bring traffic congestion


and pollution to the area and have a chimney


Residents coming together in protest at a plan they believe


At an existing waste facility site north of Horsham,


Brittania Crest Recycling Limited propose to build a new recycling,


recovery and renewable energy plant for commercial and industrial waste.


The company said it would create jobs, provide enough electricity


to power a small town and reduce both landfill and use


It is the visual impact we are concerned about.


A massive, ugly incinerator in amongst the countryside,


it will be as big as Big Ben, so way above the tree


canopy and the noise, because it is day and night


operations, and obviously the HGV movement, which again contributes


But I think the major concern is it will blight this area


A local councillor says he is most concerned about emissions.


I think there has not been enough research into the long-term


implications of such systems yet to be clear.


And Public Health England are producing report,


hopefully in the spring, and I am wanting this to be deferred


South Today has contacted the company but there


People have until January 19th to submit their views


An armed-forces charity in the south says it has a solution


to the growing number of military veterans living rough


Help 4 Homeless Veterans has housed more than 60 veterans


But it now says radical new action is required.


Its answer involves shipping containers and military land.


They served to protect our country, but upon leaving the military many


A lack of affordable housing has seen an increasing


This is exactly what we're looking for.


We were hoping over the last three years the number would dwindle down


but unfortunately it seems to have went the opposite way.


We have a massive shortfall on the south coast, especially,


with rented accommodation, which is just not there


Some estimates suggest there are currently 200,000 spare


For a cost of ?10,000 each they could be converted


into a place to live, just like these,


What David is missing is land to build on,


Bovington camp would be ideal because I know of an area


where there used to be temporary accommodation, which would perfectly


I'm certainly hoping the MoD will come forward and assist us


with some grants to be able to get this up and running.


In a statement the MoD says it supports forces personnel to get


on the housing ladder but accept some do struggle, which is why it


would consider any proposal that will help the forces community.


A company has already agreed to donate the first two


David now awaits a reply from veterans Minister Mark Lancaster,


A 17-year-old boy has been arrested for attempted murder and grievous


bodily harm after a stabbing in Bournemouth last night.


Police were called to Ashley Road in Boscombe, where a man,


His injuries though are not thought to be life threatening.


Hampshire sailor Alex Thomson is closing the gap on the leader


in the Vendee Globe round-the-world race.


Thomson is currently in second place but has set a new race record


for the time taken to travel from Cape Horn to the Equator -


beating the previous record by 14 hours.


That's put him back in contention and Thomson is now 17


And now the weather with Holly Green.


It has been a bit of a stagnant weekend for many of us.


As we had through this week we have got changes in store.


Quite windy at times, especially from Wednesday,


some spells of rain, and from Thursday it turns a good


bit colder and by then we start to seek the risk of something


a little more wintery across the hills.


Through tonight some poor visibility around, mist,


low cloud and hill fog in the mix and some spots of rain.


The breeze picks up a little bit and it stays mild and frost-free.


A murky start tomorrow morning but as the breeze increases soso


the mist and fog lifts, but we start to see outbreaks


Some strong winds accompan this rain.


Turning chillier as the rain begins to clear.


Windy at times through the week and turning colder on Thursday.


Our next news is tonight at ten to eleven.


After a dull weekend for many of us, the weather gets shaken to life this


week. The real driver for the first wake-up call is low pressure pushing


towards Iceland, it will throw this weather front Alloway and before


that we have the south-westerly wind, another misty and foggy night


for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland turning wetter


earlier -- later on. Frost for England later do tonight but these


are the temperatures for most people tomorrow morning. The heavy