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This is BBC World News Today. The biggest walkout in Britain for


years. Hundreds of thousands of public sector workers come out on


strike in protest at changes to their pensions. A day after their


general strike and latest riots, Greek MPs pass a second vote on the


deeply unpopular austerity programme. Things will only get


uglier and worse than they already are. There is no future. Speaking


up and speaking out: France sees a huge increase in the number of


women claiming sexual harassment following the arrest of Dominique


Strauss-Kahn. Still not officially a nation, and


still under attack, we hear from one of the Sudanese rebel groups


posing a threat to the soon-to-be independent South Sudan.


And how to behave in front of your prospective mother-in-law: what


The largest strikes in Britain for many years are taking place as


public sector workers stage industrial action against proposed


cuts to their pensions. Unions say 750,000 civil servants, one fifth


of all public sector employees, have stopped work. The government


is disputing the scale of the walk- out, and called the strike by


teachers totally unjustifiable. The BBC's political editor reports.


Strike day. The one that saves their pensions, or the first in a


bitter battle with the government. For some, this was a protest


against the cuts. For most, it was about their retirement. They say


they should not pay more to pay for bankers's mistakes. Ministers say


their pensions are unaffordable. Here they come: Public sector Merck


-- public sector workers on of the march.


It was in schools where the main impact was felt. This, one of


12,000 which closed in England and Wales. One parent debate teacher


for the day, but he was the Education Secretary. -- play


teacher. We are here because we are very


angry, and because we see this as an assault on our pensions. Is I


did you into any office or shop, they would think your pension is


very good. They certainly would. You need to look after public


sector workers because they are doing tough jobs. How do you


explain to an office worker over there, or in a shop or restaurant,


that they should pay more tax, so that you do not have to pay more


for your pension? Pen shown are a right for people, and we should all


We have to have reform to make sure pensions are fair, sustainable and


affordable. They are now affordable. You need extra cash, and quickly,


to pay off the deficit. The cost of pensions have risen dramatically.


Over the last 10 years, the costs have increased over one-third.


The public servants union said it was the biggest strike, but the


ministers said many had ignored the picket lines. I understand the


anger of workers who feel they have been singled out by a reckless and


provocative government. I also believe this action is wrong.


Negotiations are ongoing, so it is a mistake to go on strike because


of the effect on the people who rely on those services.


That condemnation infuriated one teaching union. The response of the


Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has been a disgrace!


The police were out in force, blocking protesters from going off


the agreed you, and using stop and search powers. -- the agreed route.


The political trouble may only just have begun. This is the physical


side of the dispute. What really counts is what is happening away


from the cameras, negotiations about what the unions will except


doctor, and what ministers insist the country or a Ford. -- unions


will accept. The Greek government has passed a second austerity bill


in Parliament, a crucial step in getting the European Union and the


International Monetary Fund to release funds the country


desperately needs. The EU and the IMF will now approve a $17 billion


tranche from a package of rescue loans, saving Greece from


defaulting on its massive debt. Many Greeks are already angry at


the government's current austerity measures. And as Malcolm reports


from Athens, today's vote was met with little enthusiasm.


The final vote that saved Greece from the fort was passed by a


majority. -- the boat. The demonstration who caused mayhem on


Wednesday knew this was little more than a rubber-stamping. This


procedure will vote means Greece has done as it was told by the EU


and IMF. In return, it will receive $17 billion, and will be able to


pay its bills. The nude nor Before the vote, crews are worked


to clear the damage caused by the anarchists. Stale tear-gas was


stone the air. High-profile targets like bank, and the Post Office,


needed most of the tension. Saving Greece from defaulting may have


cured politicians in eurozone capitals, but it has depressed many


Athenians. TRANSLATION: It will not bring any results. It will only


make the situation worse. Things will only get uglier and


worse than they already are. There is no future.


An ironic poster near Parliament: With two yes votes in his pocket,


the finance minister can look forward to meeting his partners


this weekend to show what he called real proof of Greece's credibility.


Let us look at the implications of this crisis for the rest of Europe.


In terms of whether Greece defaults or not, what does this mean for the


eurozone project as a whole? think Greece will default. They are


just kicking the her and down the road. It is all ironic. -- the


burner. What does it mean in terms of the country's that should not


have gone in? Germany have done incredibly well out of the euro,


but Euro-scepticism is growing. is. The creditors are not satisfied.


The creditors do not think they will be repaid. Greece feel very


resentful. Historically speaking, no country with this debt has ever


got back from something like this. He need to cut the debt in half. A


note monetary union has ever gone into a political union. He in terms


of a political question, are we looking at some sort of the US


Federal stop political unity with the euro 1/2 off into two parts?


The countries that could have a political union with each other do


not need it. For example, the Germans and Dutch. The ones that do


need it, are poles apart. The Germans will not share their good


monetary constitution with the Greeks, and the Greeks were not put


up with all these conditions. relevant is the eurozone? How


relevant is Europe Nawal? Unless something is finalised, could you


be subsumed in the shadow of China? It will probably be anyway. Germany


is trying to make good by itself. In 2013, China will become the


biggest trade power of Germany and will eclipse France. The Germans


are still keen on Europe, but less keen than they were 10 years ago,


and less keen to pay for the faults of others. Countries which are


becoming more insolvent and irrelevant to their trading future.


Where do you see the euro in a few years' time? It will still be there,


but it will be a small and less ambitious project.


It is not just Greek debt to Europe is having problems with. The EU's


budget is also dividing the euro The European Commission hopes to


boost the budget. The plans also earmark more than $23 billion to


promote democracy and growth in Nantes EU countries.


Let us go to Brussels and speed took Patrizio Fiorilli. -- speak to.


At a time when most European countries are embarking on


austerity measures, why should the EU be immune? The 5% increase, I


have heard it, but I am not sure it is the right calculation. It is


often the case that people take figures the way they want. The way


we have calculated it is that it is at virtually 0% increase over seven


years. We have used the same method we have been using for 20 years.


According to Alan a club calculations, it is at virtually 0%


increase. The largest economies are convinced this is the not the right


time. It would be difficult get this through, won't it? If you


remember in December, there was a letter initiated by David Cameron


on the future it EU budget, in which he has said that in the


future, he would like the future budget to beat a restraint in


growth, probably under inflation rate. Fork our calculations, that


have been accepted by everybody, we are well below the inflation rate.


It is at virtually 0% increase. Robin Hood tax as it is known as


another proposal. That will be very difficult to in force, won't it?


is a very difficult one. This is mainly due to the way the EU works.


On this issue, you need unanimity between member states, but you also


need each member state to ratify it nationally. That means that it is


very difficult to find solutions that would please everybody. Our


idea rests on a few principles. Firstly, there was a survey made


across Europe that indicated that 66% of Europeans were in favour of


a taxing the financial sector. We also see that tend member states in


Europe have this sort of tax and do not suffer from it. The big


advantage from and what point of view, is that it would go hand in


hand with a reduction of member states's contributions. But it will


be very difficult to find an agreement among everybody. Coming


back to my first point, you have got 27 billion euros down for non


EU countries. This is not the right time to be doing something like


this, is it? That his debut. Our view is that in the light of recent


events in North Africa, which could happen again, you find that


probably, the best way is to invest it in those countries that are not


want a common borders so that they have reached both A-level of


democracy, but also economic and social stability. That would mean


they would be less likely to go through a people and have


immigration that is most of the time clandestine. Also sometimes in


Europe. It could be a good Now a look at some of the day's


other news. A United Nations tribunal


investigating the murder of the former Lebanese prime minister


Rafiq Hariri in 2005 has delivered a sealed indictment to Lebanon's


prosecutor-general Saeed Mirza. Mr Mirza said he had also received


four arrest warrants. The suspects have not been officially named.


Two French journalists kidnapped by the Taliban 18 months ago have


returned home. Stephane Taponier and Herve Ghesquiere have been


returned to France amid jubilation. The pair and three Afghan


associates were kidnapped in Kabul in 2009 while working for French TV.


In the last three minutes, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have


landed in Canada, their first overseas tour as a married couple.


During their nine-day stay table lay a wreath at the National War


Memorial, take part in a cookery class and a rodeo, then they will


fly on to California for a three- day visit.


Women's groups in France say they have seen a huge increase in the


number of females coming forward to claim sexual harassment following


the arrest of Dominique Strauss- Kahn. The French former head of the


International Monetary Fund was arrested in New York and has been


charged with trying to rape a hotel maid, a claim he has denied. The


reporting of the trial has lifted the lid on a darker side to French


society, as Christian Fraser reports from Paris.


Dare and yellow is a chambermaid from Guinea, a former employee of


the Park Hyatt Hotel in Paris. -- Dan Pallett. Last year, she claims


to have been sexually assaulted in a hotel room by someone within the


circle of the Qatari royal family. It has similarities to the alleged


assault for which Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested last


month. The difference is in the attitude of the French authorities.


TRANSLATION: The French police did not want to do anything. They let


me know quickly that they wanted me to drop it. In any case they said


if I did not, they would. I was shocked, in tears. I told them it


wasn't right, that because a person is rich and important he can treat


people as he likes? But the group representing her says that suddenly


the investigation has been reopened by the prosecutor's office,


although the authorities have yet to inform Diane. Perhaps it is a


result of the widespread indignation that has followed


events in New York. TRANSLATION: there has been a real impact in the


number of cases coming to us since the media coverage of the Strauss-


Kahn affair and the issue of sexual violence at work. We have had


double the number of complaints, and most of these women seem


determined to go to court. Some of the fiercest criticism is targeted


at the attitude and behaviour of the country's elite. Until now,


there seemed to exist in this country a culture of impunity,


where politicians were above scandal. Ministers rarely resign


quickly and such was the deference shown by the French media, there


was practically a conspiracy of silence protecting them. But


perhaps things are starting to change. Georges Tron, President


Sarkozy's junior civil service minister, resigned last month when


two former employees from the town halls accused him of serious sexual


assault. Last week, some four years after the first alleged incident


took place, he was formally charged with rape. His spokesman said he


denies the accusations, and he argued that France should not be


importing America's puritanical attitudes to touching in the


workplace. TRANSLATION: It is a shame that France's image has been


tarnished in the eyes of countries like the United States. There are


cultural differences about our behaviour with women, we may make


jokes and touch people with no sexual meaning at all. But,


whatever the quarter, rape should we dealt with by the law. But the


editor of Elle magazine says these archaic notions of heavy-handed


seduction are an excuse. So entrenched his sexual harassment in


the workplace that most women, she said, believe they have no option


but to go along with it. TRANSLATION: Women's mentality


needs to change, too. We need to clarify the situation so you can


still be seductive but also to say no when someone abuses their


authority. French women do not want to be feminine or feminist, they


want to be both. Dominique Strauss- Kahn, step of. Whether the


accusations Mr Strauss-Kahn faces turn out to be true or not, the


decision of several French women to go to the police after years of


keeping quiet raises an intriguing question. Have the allegations from


an African chambermaid in New York changed forever what French women


are prepared to tolerate? South Sudan will become independent


in nine days' time, following a two decade war with the North. But


while the anticipation is almost at fever pitch, already several rebel


groups are fighting the Southern government. The UN says 1400


civilians have been killed by rebel or government troops, or in inter-


ethnic fighting, in this year alone. Our correspondent in Khartoum,


James Copnall, obtained footage of one of the major rebel movements,


the South Sudan Liberation Army. Here's his report.


The party started. But these men are not celebrating South Sudan's


upcoming independence. Instead, they are in training to overthrow


the fledgling sudden government. -- seven government. Most, but not all,


come from the Nuer group, who had a troubled relationship with de Dinka.


Ethnic rivalry is one reason for the rebellion. Others said they


took up arms because they believed last year's elections were rigged.


But the soldiers say they are fighting Dinka domination, and


corruption. The group has been involved in several battles with


the southern Armenia at lucrative oilfields. Both sides accuse the


other of killing civilians -- with the southern army. The leader of


this rebel movement, a dissident Southern General, motivates his new


recruits. TRANSLATION: our problem will not go far. They go to crime


than we start the fighting. They will say that they need peace, they


told today did not want to, be rejected use. Did they know where


they were telling you to go? -- very rejected you. Their uniforms


look fresh out of the box and their weapons seemed brand new. The


southern authorities say these and other rebels are being supplied by


their old enemies in Khartoum. The North frequently armed rival groups


in the last civil war to divide the south. Analysts believe the new


country of South Sudan's ethnic and military divisions will be one of


its greatest weaknesses. In the capital of the North, Khartoum, one


of President Omar al-Bashir's officials dismisses the latest


accusations, linking his party to the southern rebels. They were not


part of the NCP, they were not part of the South Sudan Armed Forces.


They were the South Sudan Liberation Army militia, who


abandoned them following the rigging in the south. This is the


South's business. Despite the denial, the allegations about


Khartoum's involvement seems certain to continue. Whoever they


are getting their weapons from, the rebels are making a huge impact on


the south. In fact, some people feel they are the greatest threat


to stability that -- as South Sudan moves rapidly towards independence.


They can be tricky meetings, and for bride-to-be Heidi Withers, the


meeting with her mates future mother-in-law was a disaster. She


sent a scathing e-mail from her fiance's mother to friends, and it


has gone for viral. I will give you easy tips on how to


look after your pink. A bit of gardening advice from nursery and a


Carolyn Bourne. But it is her lessons in etiquette that have made


her name. -- nursery owner. A few weeks ago her stepson Freddie took


his fiancee, Heidi Withers, back to the family home in Devon. But after


which she received their e-mail from a prospective mother-in-law


apparently criticising her table manners and attacking a brash


celebrity behaviour. In the message, Mrs Bourne told Heidi Withers, or


you do not lie in bed until late morning in households that rise


early. You do not remark that you do not have enough food. And she


went on to say, you have never written to thank me when you have


stayed. It seems the e-mail Carolyn Bourne


sent from here to her daughter-in- law to be was meant to be private,


but somehow it was forwarded on to other people, who then sent it on


to more people, and then it went viral and has now been seen by


millions of people all over the world. The family were keeping a


very polite silence today, but neighbours said lessons had been


learned. To put it in a E-mail puts it in the public domain. It is not


a clever thing to do. Today, internet users have described


Carolyn Bourne as the mother-in-law from hell and defender of the


nation's manners. The wedding takes place in the autumn.


Or maybe not! That is all from the programme.


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