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This is BBC World News Today with me, Zeinab Badawi. The US debt


deadlock rattles America and the global markets. Default looms as a


Republican plan goes to a vote. The maid who claims the former IMF


boss Dominque Strauss Kahn raped her says she and her daughter have


been left traumatised. What happens to me, I don't want that to happen


to it any other woman. This was too much for me. It's too much for me


and my daughter. New revelations in the UK phone


hacking scandal - police tell the mother of murdered eight-year-old


Sarah Payne that she was a target. China's Premier promises to


severely punish anyone responsible for the country's fatal rail crash.


And the great classical music of the East comes to the hallowed


concert hall of the West. We talk Hello and welcome. Political


brinkmanship is still creating economic paralysis in the United


States as the country tries to deal with its massive debt crisis.


Global markets have reacted to the uncertainty as European stocks fell


for the fourth straight session following their Asian counterparts.


A Republican proposal forehead deficit-cutting plan is on the


table, but as Andrew North reports from Washington, bipartisan talks


are coming nail-bitingly close to the all go second deadline.


Fears of an American and defaulter rippling worldwide. Japan that


lends millions to the US sought stocks plunging again. In Congress,


the battle goes on. Republican hardliners say they will back plans


for a short-term increase in the debt limit insisting Americans are


on their side. They want to see the President's plan. If he can do


better, show as you plan! If the Senate can do better, pass a Bill!


We are the only ones that have passed a bill to resolve this debt


crisis issue. We will pass the second one today. The reason this


has been difficult is because we're taking Democrat ideas in this deal.


The White House has already rejected the Republican plan saying


it would postpone the inevitable. Our objection is to any proposal


that puts us through this three- ring circus again. In any short


period of time, because it has already had a significant impact on


the economy, and it will Army have even more and more severe negative


impact on the economy. It is a small sign of progress that the, --


that Republican hardliners are getting behind the programme. But


there needs to be compromise between Republicans and Democrats


and that is a long way off. There are signs that this is undermining


confidence and the US recovery is still anaemic. Many economists


believe that whatever happens, the American credit rating will end up


being downgraded. Joining us from Washington to talk


about this, Michael Tomasky, special correspondent for Newsweek


and the Daily Beast. Barack Obama, has he got any options other than


to accept what Republicans put on the table? I think he has some


options, without getting too deep into the weeds of the technical


details, there is something that a section of the United States


constitution, that some people think that they can use that to


raise the debt limit unilaterally. As far as legislator options go,


there are rent money at all. Whether this Republican Bill is


passed or not is obviously the question everyone is looking in


Washington today, but as your correspondent said, the question of


finding an agreement or marrying a Republican and Democratic built


from the Senate is very up in the air. Raising the debt ceiling,


apparently, President in the past, President Reagan, for instance, he


asked for the debt ceiling to be raised eight times, so why is it so


difficult for Barack Obama? simple question, President Reagan,


it is 18 times! The debt ceiling has been raised many times since


President Reagan. The difference this time is that the Republicans


are attaching conditions, which has never happened before. This time,


the Republican said we will not do with unless you accept these


draconian cuts to domestic spending budgets. No party has ever done


that to a President before, so that is why we have this situation.


are both sides, Republicans and Democrats, basically playing


politics with the country's finances and economics? I think it


is the Republicans that they are playing a lot more politics with


the finances and economics because as I just said, no party has ever


done this to a President before and, the opposition party has always


aroused when they had to raise the debt ceiling, but it has always


been raised. This is the first time this has happened. It is a very


strange situation and Barack Obama has not really Aggie did very well


before the American people. -- has not really argued it very well. The


fact that no Congress has attach conditions like this before, I am


sure that very few American people know about this. How do the


Americans look at this, you say that the Republicans are holding


things up, will they blame the Republicans or say that Barack


Obama, this happened on your watch and we do not like this


uncertainty? Most Pauls will say that more people blame the


Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats have dropped their


insistence that revenues be included in any compromise package


and they are accepting cuts, which was to Republican position from the


start. Not massive majorities, but a majority stake that they want


this to happen and they think that the approach of Barack Obama that


would include revenues, although that is hype about go now, would


have been a better approach and more people blame the Republicans.


-- that is hypothetical now. 35 % of the country really hates Barack


Obama said they will blame him. Michael, what happens, the August


second deadline is approaching and they will have to do something


pretty soon. Yes, pretty soon, probably by Saturday, Sunday at the


latest before the Asian markets open Sunday afternoon. I am a


little under 50 % that there will be a deal by August second. The


question that it will come down to really at the end of the day his,


how many Republicans in the House of Representatives, I think the


Senate will be fine, I think in the Senate, they do a little bit more


compromising there. I think they will come to some kind of terms in


the Senate. The question is, how many Republicans in the House of


Representatives will be willing, at the end of the day, to take the


economy down because of their hatred with Barack Obama being that


intense. They want to cast a vote against him, will they really do


that to put the economy at risk? I know that we would like to see no,


they will not do that, but clearly some of them will do that, and how


many of them at the end of the data as well not quite be able to do it?


That is what it comes down to it and we do not know the answer.


Thank you. The woman that accused the former


head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss- Khan of trying to rape her said


that she and her daughter had been left traumatised by the situation.


Nafissatou Diallo told supporters in a public statement that she


cries every day. She said she wanted to address the world to


clear up the rumours that was spread about her. People call you


bad names. People say bad things about you, because they don't know


you. You have to remember, this man, he is a powerful man. Everybody


knows that, but for you, only the people that you were quips or


neighbour as were the people back home that know you, but those


people say good things about you. - - only the people you were quits or


neighbours. My daughter says, be strong for me, I promise I will be


strong for you and every other woman in the world. What happens to


me, I do not want that to happen to any other woman. Because this is


just too much for me. It is too much for me and my daughter.


That was Nafissatou Diallo, the woman accusing Dominique Strauss-


Khan of rape. This case is a very hot topic in France and we can now


speak to the French political commentator from France, and very


much appealing to people to believe her story because there were


questions raised about her credibility. What impact does this


kind of statement have on Dominic Strauss-Khan? He doesn't look good.


You have got a close guard around him, a fellow socialists that say


he was framed and has nothing to do with it and it was a set-up. But


more and more, the impact that even if the case cannot be brought to


trial, he still has lost complete credibility as somebody suitable to


have any public role in the country. So he may as well kiss goodbye to


any hopes of reviving his career in public life in France, possibly


even standing in the presidential elections next year? It is


unachievable. He is not cleared, first late. His hearing keeps being


delayed, presumably because the New York District Attorney's Office


does not know what to make of this woman. Can you imagine, even if he


is cleared in America, of which presidential person would meet this


man. The best you can say in his defence is that it was consensual


paid sex. It does not work out. was talked about a possible


Socialist Party candidate, he is a very popular socialist in France,


has there been any fall-out for the social standing because of this in


France? I think, yes, Abby has people bend over backwards not to


criticise him. -- because people bend over backwards. They say this


was a not serious, it was just hanky-panky with the hired help.


They had been very silent about the rights of the victim, and that is


not just that this is alleged attempted rape, there is a class


issue, a race issue, it looks incredibly and feeling. The more


they clubbed together, the less credible they look. It is damaging


to the Socialist them, who benefits? Nicolas Sarkozy benefits


immensely and friend number of reasons, he was very careful not to


comment on the case and to be aloof. His poll numbers have gone up by


six points and it's not over. It was really a gift to Nicolas


Sarkozy. Thank you. There have been further revelations


in the UK phone hacking scandal. Police have told Sara Payne his


daughter Sarah was murdered by a paedophile 11 years ago that she


was on a list of people whose phones they had been hacked. Her


name appears in notes kept by Glenn Mulcaire, the investigator at


employed by the News of the World newspaper.


Perhaps it seems this astonishing affair no longer had the capacity


to shock. But the allegation this evening is that the bereaved mother


worked alongside the News of the World, alongside its former editor,


was all a long one of its victims. Sara Payne's charity was contacted


last night to be told the details were in the notebooks of phone


hacker, Glenn Mulcaire. In a statement it said, she is


absolutely devastated by this news. We are all deeply disappointed and


we are just working to get her through it. The Last Night of the


News of the World. Its last edition. Sara Payne had previously been told


she was not attacking victim. She agreed to write an article for the


final issue. She described the tabloid as a force for good and an


old friend. Rebecca Brookes, former editor of the News of the World,


describes Sara Payne as her dear friend. The two people were


together to campaign for Sarah's Law, the public right to know where


paedophiles are living. The newspaper gave Sara Payne a mobile


phone. The Guardian claims it is this phone that was illegally


accessed. Tonight, Rebecca but said these allegations are abhorrent and


particularly upsetting. The idea that any body and the newspaper


knew that Sara Payne or the newspaper team was targeted by


Glenn Mulcaire is unthinkable. this is true, it is rank hypocrisy,


complete and utter hypocrisy. It makes you despair of modern


journalism. 11 years after the murder of her daughter, Sara


Payne's name is added to the long lists of potential hacking victims


and this investigation is far from over.


The Chinese government is facing a public backlash over the way it


dealt with a high-speed train crash in Zheijang Province that killed 39


people. Officials say the accident was caused by design flaws in


signalling equipment, but allegations of corruption and lack


of transparency have fuelled the public and there. In an effort to


calm the situation, the Prime Minister has visited the crash site


near Wenzhou and we have this He is the soft paternal face of the


Communist Party, and in times of a crisis like this one, the premiere


is called upon to sued the nation's nerves. At the crash site he paid


his respects. But he was also No matter if it is a mechanical


fault, a management problem or, indeed, a manufacturing issue, we


For the two were high-speed trains collided on Saturday night. The


authorities say the crash was caused by a signal failure. This


train crash not only called into question the future of China's


high-speed rail network, it also created a deep sense of mistrust


between the authorities and the people. A seething public anger has


been building here over a lack of answers. It has been inflamed by


allegations of corruption, which are likely to have compromised the


safety of the network. This lady is looking answers. Her husband was


Officials from the railway will Ministry shrug off responsibility.


They kept blaming the accident on a lightning strike. What we are


waiting for is a clear explanation of what happened. China is spending


hundreds of billions of dollars on its high-speed rail network. But


critics say it has been built too fast, which is compromising safety.


What started as a project that generated huge national pride has


Now a look at some of the day's other news. The police in Norway


say they're ending their search for bodies on Utoya island. But senior


officers couldn't confirm that all those missing had been found.


Anders Behring Breivik has admitted to shooting 68 people there, and


killing eight in a bombing in Oslo. Prosecutors say he'll be


interrogated again on Friday. The trial of the ousted Egyptian


president, Hosni Mubarak will start next week in Cairo. Mr Mubarak is


alleged to have been involved in the killing of protesters, during


the country's revolution earlier in the year. He will stand trial along


with his sons and his former interior minister.


Here in Britain, a group of former soldiers who took part in nuclear


tests almost 60 years ago has been granted permission by the Supreme


Court to appeal for damages. More than 1,000 former servicemen blame


their involvement in nuclear weapons testing in Australia in the


1950s for years of ill-health and birth defects in their children.


The UK's Ministry of Defence denies negligence.


More than half a million people who fled the post-election violence in


Ivory Coast earlier this year are still too afraid to return home,


according to the campaign group Amnesty International. In a report


the organisation says that militias loyal to the new President Alassane


Ouattara have not been disbanded and continue intimidating


supporters of ex-President Laurent Major Hollywood studios have won a


significant legal battle against online piracy. The High Court in


London has ruled that the UK internet-provider BT should cut off


customers' access to a website accused of "flagrant" copyright


infringement. Our Technology Correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones,


I have received... For for the movie industry it was a courtroom


drama which ended in a victory in its battle against online piracy.


If you want to get hold of a film like the King's speech, you can pay


for a DVD or download it for nothing from the internet. This


site based in the Seychelles has has links to more than 70 copies of


that film alone, along with all kinds of others music, movies and


games. But British Telecom has been told it must of its internet


customers from getting access to the side. It has been out since May.


That Momentum Pictures, the makers of the film, they say it was a


success and they were celebrating. They say piracy is not at


victimless crime. Without the money we make from legitimate users, we


cannot make films. If you allow piracy to get out of control you


could end up in a situation where the money isn't there and the films


are not getting made and people cannot see them. Nobody argued in


court that it wasn't giving access to all sorts of Paris's material,


but it was a question of whose job it was just a bit -- pirated


material. The judge has ruled that BT must block access to the website.


But internet freedom campaigners say it could send us down a


dangerous road. The concern is that consumers' freedom to roam where


they like on the Web will now be curtailed. Our concerns about


website blocking are that it is pointless and dangerous. It won't


work stopping serious infringement. It is dangerous because there are


risks of over blocking and degradation and slowing down of the


service. The owners in the Seychelles say they are confident


they can get around any blocking measures and critics of the ruling


today say that for every site that is blocked, another will pop up.


But movie-makers say without protection from pirates a whole


One of the great classical music singers of the East has been


performing on one of the great classical stages of the West. Aruna


Sairam is widely regarded as the leading South Indian female


vocalist of her generation, and for a long time she's tried to create a


bigger following for Carnatic music. Well, now she has the chance to


perform at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London. She


spoke to us during a break in her It takes years and years and years


to learn this music. Maybe 15 of a great apprenticeship with your guru,


which could make you a debut to aren't musician in a concert hall.


That is the kind of training you The artist can choose within the


virtuoso music available to her to either concentrate on dealing to --


on the intellectual heart of it all the emotional part of a, or the


emotional part of it, all the rude sea and folksy elements, or do all


of it in one concert, which is what I do. I do the intellectual stuff


and on the emotions and at the end of my concert I'd do something that


represents the folk elements from which this has evolved into way


more sophisticated music. -- a more One is constantly learning. The


number of pieces you have to learn, by the time I met my guru, from my


mother I had learned nearly 150 pieces. By the time I was 10 years


old. And then my guru taught me more than that over the next 15


years. And even now, in every concert, I am trying to learn


something new, compose something new or reinterpret something that


is called into my own way of doing it, so it is constant. -- something


If I look at my own limited experience of one of lifetime so


far as an artist, more than when I began today, I am performing at the


Carnegie Hall, New York, Paris, and in their Royal Albert Hall, that is


enough proof that people are happy to experience new kinds of music,


even in the classical idiom. It is just like food. More than earlier,


people have taste for different kinds of food. We go to have an


Italian, or a tie or Indian restaurant. I now think it is time


for people to listen to music in the same spirit. I am very happy


That was Aruna Sairam, with her Car and attic music. She apparently


went down a storm at the Royal Albert Hall. A reminder of our main


news: The House of Representatives is debating a revised Republican


party plan to raise the government's borrowing limit and


cut spending. Democrats and Republicans disagree on how to do


this and without agreement by next Tuesday, the US government could


run out of cash. Hours before a key vote in Congress on the American


debt crisis, leaders of the country's biggest banks have called


on President Obama and lawmakers to An open letter from financial


institutions, including Bank of America, Citigroup and Goldman


Sachs, says the consequences of failure could be very grave. The


hotel maid who's accused the former chief of the International Monetary


Fund of sexually assaulting her in New York says that she and her


daughter have been left traumatised. At a news conference organised by


her supporters, the maid, Nafissatou Diallo, said she had


been called many bad names and cried every day. That is all from


If you were lucky enough to have sunshine today, it felt very nice


indeed with temperatures in the mid- twenties. There is more of the


same tomorrow with patchy cloud, sunny spells and maybe a greater


chance of some cloud in the south, which is courtesy of this weather


system pushing into England and Wales as we head into Friday, and


not bring in much in the way of wet-weather. But a lot of cloud,


and the remnants of a weather front where we could see outbreaks of


rain developing at times. Across the band of rain, it will be cool


and cloudy. To the south of the weather front there will be risks


of showers developing as we go to fight -- Friday afternoon. They


could be on the heavy side as we go through the afternoon, and as a


result not as much sunshine and temperatures down a little, into


the low twenties at best. Across Wales, a cloudy day, and slowly in


northern areas the skies will brighten as we head through the


afternoon. As the Northern Ireland, patchy cloud, sunny spells, a high


of 17 maybe 18 degrees. That will feel pretty nice. Across Scotland,


a good deal of sunshine around in the far north and up towards the


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