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This is BBC World News Today. At ban on short selling calms European


markets as a turbulent week comes to a close, but is it just short


lived relief? Protest and killings escalate in


Syria, the US Secretary of State says time is running out for its


leader. President Assad has lost the legitimacy to lead and it is


clear that Syria would be better off without him. Police in England


hit back at criticism of their response to this week's riots,


insisting that tactics that were to wear theirs.


When is a reptile not a reptile? Scientists discover a prehistoric


ocean giant may have given birth to live young.


And retake a look behind the scenes of their Marinsky Ballet Company,


celebrating 50 years since its Hello and welcome. It has been a


torrid, turbulent week on the financial markets. Today, after


days of falls and rises, there were signs of tentative recovery on the


European exchanges, after a temporary ban was introduced on an


aggressive form of speculation. The practice known as a short selling


allows traders to profit by gambling that up stock will fall.


The ban was enforced in France, Italy and Belgium comes after falls


in the prices of European banks. A Business correspondent is on the


Financial Week That Was. Monday on the markets and some


short lived optimism. For the first time, the European central bank was


buying European and Spanish bonds. It did not ease the minds of


investors on both sides of the Atlantic. North America's credit


was downgraded and politicians were squabbling over the deficit,


traders were pushing them buttons again. There were wild swings in


London with the FTSE 100 large ring up and down. It was mainly as


investors lost and regained confidence in banks. They index was


up again by the close. Events in Italy did not reassure the


country's lenders, the economy Minister went to the Rome


parliament and insisted on reforms. A leading ally of the Prime


Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, said that such cuts were politically


motivated and implied they could bring down the government. The


French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, into jute -- interrupted his


holiday, his finance minister had to deny rumours about the Bank and


the future of the sovereign debt rating. Then, today, traders in


France, Italy, Spain and Belgium walk up to a new street a jacket, a


15 day ban on short selling. This was introduced by countries at a


most rest of a sovereign debt crisis. The message to European


leaders from the markets is that restricting how the trade does not


change the fundamental problem. Without more rescue funds behind it,


a single currency may be near the end of the line in its present form.


Joining me now is financial trader Simon Cawkwell, a veteran of


trading. Less temporary ban is supposed to give pause for breath


and to calm things down. Is the wisdom in that? I doubt it. Why?


The problems that are now being faced by the markets are or nothing


to do with short selling. What would you identify as the key


problems? It is the failure to organise the you properly -- EU


properly. These problems are now coming over to roost. The short


seller is really a convenient a villain. I can assure you, we short


sellers are sweet this and light! am sure you are! The case has been


made that short selling increases volatility, turbulence in the


markets and what is needed is stability. I do not think there is


any evidence that short selling increases volatility. It is just


that when things are moving quickly, people seek an explanation, unable


to devise their own answers, they try to vilify others. There could


be a case that if you're identifying the weakness of the


bank's by banning short selling, you increase the vulnerability.


is against the law to tell an untruth. That is about a bank or


any stock market. Anybody who lies runs to risks, one is you might be


prosecuted, and the other problem he would face is that you would


probably lose money on the position. Short selling is a vicious game if


you are so stupid as to just invent arguments. You're talking to us


about your views of politicians, not up to the complexities of the


market, do you think there is a problem with the political class


not getting it? I think there is little doubt that the EU has been


developed for decades as an allusion. I am sure the motives of


those who developed the illusion where beyond reproach. I am afraid


their methods, many of them extremely underhand, are now


officially seen for what they are. What, as a financial insider, would


be your advice if you were to give them your best advice on making the


Euro-zone more efficient? I would be rather more modest about the


reasonable aspirations for the Euro-zone, and I would also make


clear, when it my position to do so, that the time has come for people


to be rather more sensible, more practical, less high-flown. Just


dealing with basic matters economic cliff. That is the political task


and it is going to take a long time, that is only way these matters will


be resolved in the longer term. am sorry we have got to keep his


brief, thank you for coming in. A US Secretary of State, Hillary


Clinton, has are urged other countries to get on the right side


of history as she put it, by cutting ties with the government of


Syria. Demonstrations against President Assad took part in many


parts of the country following Friday prayers. Security forces are


alleged to have killed 10 people. Despite a five months in the firing


line, the Serie up -- Syrians still pour onto the streets demanding vet


regime must go. This appears to be from today. Live a fire can be


heard. Report of protests across the country. Other snatched


pictures show plainclothes security forces killing civilians. This has


prompted the United States to step up the pressure to increase


sanctions against President Assad. Washington is tiptoeing around the


question should it caught directly on President Assad to go? So far it


has short just sort of that. The United States is are urging India,


China and Russia to stop arms and other sales to Serie up and are


urging Europe to stop buying their energy. We are just those countries


still buying Syrian oil and gas, those countries still sending


President Assad weapons, those countries whose political and end


up -- economic support give him, but in his brutality to get on the


right -- right side of history. President Assad has a lot -- lost


the legitimacy to lead and it is clear its area would be better off


without him. The European view is that refusing to by Syrian oil and


gas would hit ordinary Syrians are harder than the regime. Some


supporters of Syrian opposition seek tougher sanctions other way


forward. Perhaps if the EU gets on board, with the sanctions, that


might concentrate the mind of President Assad to stop killing


people and perhaps a reach some kind of settlement. For now at the


Syrian regime it shows no sign of changing course. It is still


relying on force against largely peaceful protest and judging


violence to be the only way to hold on to power.


Let us look at some of the day's other news. Hundreds of thousands


of demonstrators have been out on the street in many cities in Yemen.


Tens of thousands rallied in the capital Sanaa, calling for


Presdient Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down. Supporters of the


President called out for a counter- demonstration. Anti-government


protests he plays and other cities. Presdient Ali Abdullah Saleh has


been in Saudi Arabia since June when he was wounded in an attack.


A quarter and then Netherlands has sent his 25 Sonali price at --


Priory is to jail. The men were arrested in 2010 by a Dutch navy


patrol in the Gulf of Aden. They had been involved in the hijacking


of a South African yacht of the Tanzanian crop -- yacht -- coast.


A state owned company in China says it is recalling all high-speed


trains for safety check. This follows a collision area the month


in which 40 people were killed. The Chinese government has ordered a


temporary halt to the approval of new highs to beat we were projects.


The father President of the Ukraine, Yulia Tymoshenko, has failed to


secure her release. She is on trial for an abuse of power. She was


arrested last week after she disrupted court.


Thousands of Rangers and volunteers and Sri Lankan are carrying out the


first at Phil senses of its dwindling wild elephant population.


Sri Lankan has closed dollars National Party to his for the


three-day senses and has sent thousands of wildlife workers,


farmers and villagers to more than 1000 locations across the country


to count their elephants. Police officers have hit back at


suggestions that it was their intervention of politicians that


proved decisive in their handling of the riots and looting around


England earlier this week. After criticism of their tactics, senior


officers today is said they had faced a unique situation and that


they alone had been responsible for a shift to more robust policing.


1,600 people have been arrested so far, half of those having appeared


in court already. Our Home Editor looks at the political and police


response to the right. A week after the riots began, there


has been a public row as they seek who was to blame. Their acting head


of Scotland Yard made a remark about the criticism of their police.


I think after any event of this, people always make common... It is


clear that many senior officers are furious at suggestions that police


only got their act together when politicians bang the table. Let us


be clear on one thing, there is a vital distinction between policing


and politician -- politics. The police will make their decisions,


we must be held to account. Yesterday, government ministers


accused police of putting too few officers on the street, being too


slow to respond and too timid in dealing with the looters. Today,


the Home Secretary had nothing but praise for the police response.


What I except was that the people who got the rights under control


with a policemen and women who were out there on the front line,


dealing with the riots as they were happening. The troubling site of


law and order this week means that for politicians and police alike,


the stakes in this affair remain very high. The politics of the


riots has shifted from condemnation and measures to restore public


order and confidence to broader questions about our culture,


society and our values. The leaders of the three main political parties


in England were all talking about learning the lessons of the riots


today. In the early hours of Monday, police in Brixton were pursuing


looters, today Labour's leader found himself pursued by his


supporters. These people have nothing to lose! They have no


social mobility. We need the Labour Party... The criticism is that


politicians have been too quick to condemn and too slow to try to


understand. Take care. Are the social reasons for this? Of course.


Should you not discuss this? we're not just talking about


criminality. We have got to restore disorder and make clear we will


never do excuse what happened. Excusing is not the same as


explaining. We have now got to try and explain what happened.


Tuesday, police station in Nottingham was firebombed. Today,


the Lib Dem leader paid a visit and suggested it pose important


questions. We have got to ask ourselves why an 11-year-old girl


or young teenagers feel that they have got so little stake in their


own neighbourhood and community, so little sense of belonging, that


they go around trashing it. central Manchester was the scene of


widespread looting on Tuesday night. Tonight the Prime Minister was in


the city to meet emergency services before appearing on the BBC. David


Cameron was asked whether will there was a different city greedy


looters and greedy bankers and People who cheat in banking should


be punished. MPs who cheat on their expenses should be punished. There


are MPs who are in prison and rightly so. Responsibility is the


most important word in politics. It cannot be used as an excuse.


huge extra police presence will remain this weekend. No one would


dare suggest that this crisis is over. The questions are just


beginning. The police watchdog for England and


whales, the Independent Police Complaints Commission has admitted


tonight it may have misled journalists into believing the man


who shot dead by police last Thursday night fired shots at


police. Mark Duggan, who was 29, or shot by officers in Tottenham in


north London. His death sparked the initial riots.


The Prime Minister is looking at Los Angeles, among other places,


for lessons in how to tackle gang culture. The city reinvented its


approach to policing following the riots then nearly 20 years ago.


Alex Leithead has been to South Central Los Angeles to find out how


police tactics have changed -- Alastair Leithead.


A regular afternoon police patrol in gangland, South Central Los


Angeles. This one, no safety, just pull the trigger, something happens.


If I am dead on the ground, feel free to defend yourself. There is


still a lot of tension and violence here, but it is much calmer than it


was nearly 20 years ago when the rioting began at this crossroads


and spread across the city. The fires burned for six days. There


were battles with police, looting and arson. It was sparked by race


after the white police officers who beat a young black man, Rodney King,


were convicted of brutality. But in the chaos, gangs, criminals and


opportunists from all ethnic groups and backgrounds joined in. This man


was a gang member. He regrets what he did but blames the bigger issues.


You have to address down-the-line systematic causes of people's


frustration, where three at his lack of employment, police abuse,


lack of a dip -- adequate healthcare, educational facilities.


This is me in the riots. On the other side of the lines in 1992 was


Commander Andrew Smith. The Los Angeles police made a lot of


changes after the riots. We have made a lot of changes where we work


hand-in-hand with the community. We develop partnerships with everybody


who will work with us from religious organisations to any


member of the public who wants to solve problems. The former LAPD


chief, Bill Bratton, was credited with sorting it out, cutting crime


to an historic low. David Cameron has a keen interest in US law


enforcement and has Met Police in Los Angeles. He is now billing --


bringing Bill Bratton to London as an adviser. Police in Los Angeles


have learnt a lot since the riots almost 20 years ago but there are


still a lot of crime, high unemployment and anger among young


people. The police warned a spark could set it off here again, as it


could in many big cities around the world.


Now, it could be a milestone in dinosaur research. Scientists in


the United States have revealed fossil evidence of a pregnant


plesiosaur which they say proves that the extinct reptile gave birth


to live young, rather than laying eggs. Joining me from Los Angeles


his opponent apologist, one of the researchers who made the plesiosaur


discovery. How excited are you? very excited. It is a truly amazing


fossil. You do not get many chances in Your Career to work on fossils


we try this important scientifically and which are as


beautiful. I understand it was found in a basement. It was sitting


waiting to be excavated, as there were. There are a lot of stories


about fossils like this. I think the public has an idea that we go


out, we get the fossils, take them to the lab. But that is only the


beginning of a long process of preparing the bones, taking them


out, preserving them and getting them ready for display and


scientific study. There was not a lot of impetus to prepare this


fossil and get it ready for a steady until somebody at the museum


decided the future of this fossil was in a new exhibit. This was a


couple of years ago. Just briefly give us an idea about why this


matters for our wider understanding and white is a breakthrough for


you? We have never had a pregnant plesiosaur before. We have known


about them for about 200 years. There has been a great mystery


about how they gave birth, where three it was on land. Finally, we


have an answer to this mystery in the form of this fossil. It solves


a 200 year mystery. How often does this happen? Is it a once in a year


or a once in a decade Discovery, the kind of discovery you have just


made? This discovery is a one in 200 year discovery. We have been


looking at dinosaur fossils and also plesiosaur fossils and I have


seen many Plessey's of fossils and we have never seen a pregnant one


until now. Is the first one. This fossil is unique. That is the core


of its scientific relevance. There is only one of these in the entire


world and this is the only one in Los Angeles. Ute say it it gave


birth to a single offspring, rather than a litter, as it were, are


there any parallels with the whales? Scientifically, that was


the thing which drove the science paper. Lots of other reptiles in


the age of dinosaurs, gave birth to live young, but the Plessey a sore


seems to have done it differently. They gave birth to one large


offspring instead of several. They are more similar to mammals than


the other reptiles. Thank you very much and congratulations. Thank you.


For many, they are the finest ballet company in the world and now


the Marinsky company from St Petersburg is celebrating its 50th


anniversary of performing at London's Covent Garden. Anastasia


Uspensky from the BBC Russian Service was given access to


rehearsals and she went backstage where she met prima ballerinas from


across the generations. Stravinsky's Firebird, one of the


great works in the repertoire of the Marinsky Ballet. This season,


Covent Garden is sold out, just as it was for the Russian company 50


years ago. But for the Marinsky itself under KGB scrutiny, they


were very different days. TRANSLATION: It was a very


difficult year. Rudolf Nureyev sought asylum in Paris. It was


shocking for everyone. Many changes were made. Other people danced his


parts. New people were urgently brought in. A tough negotiations to


bring the Marinsky Ballet, then the Kirov, to London, was the work of


impresarios Lilian Hochhauser and her husband. They had already


brought over Russian musical stars like Shostakovich. The public was


completely wild. Crowds were so in love with them and they still are


today, as you can see what is going on 50 years later. They saw dancing,


the lyricism of the like that they had never seen before. It was


simply wonderful. Russian ballet and Marinsky in particular, has


been amazingly popular in the West since the Diaghilev Seasons more


than 100 years ago. TRANSLATION: We have to stick to our unique style


which the Marinsky is famous for. The style is pier, classical


choreography. Today, no one dances better than the Marinsky.


special beauty of the Marinsky on stage but backstage can tell a


tougher tail. These ballet shoes are very tough on your feet and the


tutus can be very scratchy on the skin. Performer with the Russian


Ballet comes at a price. Viktoria Tereshkina is the start of today's


Marinsky in the Rimsky Korsakov's Scheherazade. TRANSLATION: It was


always my dream. I have danced the whole ballet repertoire but not


this particular dance. And now finally, the beauty of this


choreography is that I do not dance on my toes. Nothing hurts. So many


changes in the past 50 years. Leningrad is now St Petersburg once


again, Kirov is once again Marinsky. Only the success of Russian ballet


Beautiful. Let's remind you of our main news: At the end of a volatile


week on a global stock exchanges, shares in Europe have ended the day


higher, making up much of the loss since Monday. But shares remain


well below their high of last month. European Bank shares halted their


slide after regulators in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain


temporarily banned some short selling, that is a practice that


allows traders to profit by gambling that the stock price will


fall. The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has urged other


countries to get on the right side of history by cutting ties with the


government of Syria. That is all from our programme.


Thank you for joining us. For now, Hello, a slow improvement in the


weather through the weekend. It gets better -- wetter before it


gets better. A good deal of cloud tomorrow. This is the area of low


pressure pursue more weather fronts across the UK. Once they're gone


into early Saturday, not many remaining. Plenty of dry weather to


come. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon for Saturday, we start across


north-east England where there will be some breaks in the cloud for the


afternoon. There will be some bursts of sunshine from time to


time. It will be a breezy day. Less humid than it has been across


southern areas. Still blustery for the sailors at Cowes. Some breaks


in the cloud in the south-west and Some light drizzle in north-west


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