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This is BBC World News Today with Colonel Gaddafi insists he's not


finished. In a radio address from a secret location, he urges the


Libyan people to fight and purify Tripoli. Searching for Gaddafi we


enter the heart of his command centre inside the dictator's former


underground bunker. We believe that there are Colonel Gaddafi's troops


just a little distance up this road. A diplomatic push to release Libyan


assets as Italy frees $500 million worth for the National Transitional


Council. We are highly active in seeking the unfreezing of Libyan


state assets to assist with the immediate humanitarian situation. A


bite out of Apple. Black -- what next after C Steve Jobs steps down?


And the US east coast is preparing for the onslaught of Hurricane


Irene. Colonel Gaddafi tells his people he


is not finished yet. He has issued another verbal barrage from his


hiding place, using a broadcast on a state-run TV network to urge his


supporters to -- purifier Tripoli. Today in Tripoli, another


surprising turn. An extraordinary moment in what has been an almost


seven-month long battle to end Colonel Gaddafi's regime. Today, he


made another audio message. From where, who can say? He sent a


strong message urging his supporters to march on Tripoli, to


purify the City of rebels he described as rats and unbelievers.


Let's listen to a bit of what he had to say.


TRANSLATION: Take to the streets and fight. The hour of martyrdom


and victory has arrived. Advance everywhere until the enemy is


defeated. Do not give a victory to the rats. Fight them, defeat them


as soon as possible. You are the overwhelming majority. And the pass,


you staged marches of millions. You should do the same now, but this


time, you should be armed. The latest, said to be the words of


Colonel Gaddafi, who, from the beginning, has about martyrdom or


victory, but there would be no in- between for this leader who has


dominated and personalised his country's Politics for a knee the


42 years. The rebels continue to advance, but there are still


pockets of fighting what they are taking on loyalists of Colonel


Gaddafi. Let's take a look at where some of the strongest fighting is


taking place. This is where the fighting. This is a picture --


district of Tripoli. It lies on the main road towards the airport. The


rebels have been pushing towards that area for a few days. It is the


place of the notorious prison where some prisoners have already escaped


and the rebels say they went to free all of them. There was also


fighting around his former or compound around a cluster of


apartment blocks where there was a report that actually Colonel


Gaddafi and members of his family had actually taken refuge. And also,


there was some fire fights around this hotel along the coast. These


are pockets of resistance, showing that the city of Tripoli has not


been completely won over by the rebels. But when you travel across


the city, you realise that the rebels are in control of the vast


majority. Checkpoint after checkpoint, some of them just


concrete blocks, rebels with their T-shirts and hats waving victory


signs. They are in charge across most of the city. When we went to


the compound macro today, it is in rebel hands. I have this report now


from my colleague. Descending into Colonel Gaddafi's


underground fortress. A warren of tunnels which run for miles and


could have been his escape route. Today, rebel fighters were taking


the tour, seeing where his troops had been holed up. Abandoned in a


corner, some of their supplies. This underground labyrinth, the


secret world, was incredibly well constructed. The ceilings are very


high, the ball -- walls of very soured. I have just found a phone


which was used for internal communications. This is a motorised


cart. It looks like a golf buggy. Who knows if the leader was


transported through these tunnels in his cart. The Libyan leader


thought he would not be disturbed cheer, behind these reinforced


doors. But while he may have been able to flee into the shadows,


above ground, others were cut down in the battle for Tripoli. At the


edge of the conference today, we found bodies lying where they fell.


We cannot say who killed them. But this man appears to have been


executed. His hands were still do that -- was still bound. A short


distance away, the rebels are hunting for a sniper's nest. At the


head, a glimpse of a bigger threat. Could these be enemy troops? That


was the answer. Soon, a full scale a street battle. The fighters were


dangerously exposed. They brought out their improvised be Keegan's. -


- guns and their rocket-propelled grenades.


Another burst of gunfire. They believe there are Colonel Gaddafi's


troops just a little distance at this road. We are about -- for


about an hour, more came down. Eventually, we managed to get away.


This was just one pocket of resistance. When knows how many


more there may be? And how long it will take to three. Down the road,


this man told us his entire family is trapped behind enemy lines. I am


ready to die to get them out, he said. The rebels are tightening


their grip year, but in the capital, things are still dangerous.


Now that he is losing what had been an iron grip on this country,


evidence is emerging of the abuses committed by his forces. He has


been indicted for war -- war crimes. Today, my colleague visited a


hospital in Tripoli and found evidence of just that.


Outside this hospital, they are loading the remains of 17 men on to


a track. The bodies were brought to yesterday and handed over to a


shocked and horrified -- horrified staff. They think these men were


picked at a buyer Colonel Gaddafi forces at checkpoints and taken to


a schoolhouse near here which was being used as a temporary prison.


They were then tortured and were executed. The stench here is


appalling. I have been inside and I can tell you that one of the


victims looks about 15 years old. This is the scene of a war crimes


investigation. This doctor from Manchester who is volunteering in


Libya is suddenly its chief investigator. We spent some time


examining the bodies so that these things could be documented in case


they needed to be a cent as evidence for the International


Criminal Court. A lot of the injuries, about half of the 17th of


-- bodies had bullet went to the back of the head. Many had injuries


to the limbs and legs and hands that could not be explained. Inside


the hospital, the wards are crowded with wanted rebels and civilians.


Doctors say they have been overwhelmed by the fighting. In a


corner of one ward, we meet this man. He is the only survivor of the


school executions. TRANSLATION: He says they were tortured for days.


You're in was poured over them. Finally, two nights ago, they were


ordered outside. -- you rain. The men were made to kneel against a


wall and then sprayed with machine- gun fire.


If they to catch him alive, evidence will be crucial to a


prosecution at the Hague. That is the situation in Tripoli.


There has also been fighting today outside Tripoli in the most intense


was in the city of Sirte which lies more than 400 kilometres from the


capital. It is the tribal stronghold and the


birthplace of Colonel Gaddafi. It is believed to be where his diehard


loyalists have taken refuge. The rebels say they would like to


negotiate a peaceful surrender of the Tang, but they say they are


also ready for a fight. My colleague is travelling there.


It is not over yet. Though the battlefield is shrinking. These


rebels are pushing up reinforcements. There are facing a


stubborn enemy. We are 60 miles from Sirte, Colonel Gaddafi's home


town. His forces had been expected to retreat there to make a last


stand, but they have not been falling back. Far from it. We are


engaged with the enemy. But that is run this morning. Maybe you could


share the explosions every now and again. They had the chance to get


back to Sirte, but they did not. They are still attacking? You can


see they are attacking us. group of rebels believe they are


facing more than 1000 Colonel Gaddafi troops a few miles up the


road. They are baffled by the continued resistance. Colonel


Gaddafi ran away. They got Tripoli, game over. I do not know what they


are fighting for. They must believe in the sky. I do not know. We have


got a minute a corner. It is just a matter of time. The rebels still


hope that talks with tribal leaders will end this peacefully. If not,


they are building up forces on either side of the town. Military


commanders on the site had confidently predicted that once


Colonel Gaddafi was removed from power, his followers would simply


give up the fight. But some of the loyalists at least are confounding


those expectations and seemed determined to fight for the last


few slivers of territory which belongs to the old regime. This


afternoon, exchanges between the Colonel Gaddafi troops artillery


and the rebel tanks. Both sides seem to be digging in for a long


struggle. These are the last dying days off


Colonel Gaddafi's more than 40 year rule. In Tripoli, signs of the city


is resuming its normal days. Even a paint shop in one neighbourhood has


reopened. One priority might be to paint all of those doors green for


Colonel Gaddafi's Green Revolution. But the city needs a new government.


The rebel leadership based in Benghazi has said it will be


cautious. It will not come to Tripoli until the security


situation has stabilised. They promise their first task would be


to restore order, disarm the people carrying guns and to bring justice.


It is a tall order by any standard. First of all, there has to be


security. We will keep an eye on all the developments year. By were


handed back to the studio. While on the ground the rebels


continued to face stubborn resistance from sources loyal to


Colonel Gaddafi, they are making smooth process. The Arab League has


recognised the council as a Libya's government.


Italy has become the latest country to bidding and freezing seized


Libyan assets after a meeting in Milan, the Italian Prime Minister


said that more than $500 million would be made available to the


rebels. Meanwhile, leaders at the Libya Contact Group meeting in


Istanbul have called for the un to release $1.5 billion worth of


confiscated assets. That move is supported by the West but currently


being blocked by a South Africa. It's ambassador said that funding


Britain's government says the pressure on South Africa will be


maintained. We are supporting efforts by the United States to


freeze the assets held in the United States, South Africa has had


I spoke to my South African counterpart yesterday about this.


The Prime Minister has spoken to Jacob Zuma this morning. Joining me


from South Africa is a doctor from the University of Johannesburg's


Centre for Policy Studies. Thank you very much. You believe that a


lot of what NATO is doing here is over reaching? Frankly, I think


that is an understatement. It is not just over-reaching, it is


taking international call into but their own hands. It verges on rogue


behaviour. So much for getting rid of a dictator, and what a dictator


he is, but that does not give NATO the authority to, under the banner


of freedom and democracy, do as it pleases. Even the suggestion that


they will maintain pressure on South Africa smacks of such


international cockiness. Even on freezing assets, the United


Nations' voice, the African Union's voice, it is not known. South


Africa is expected to bend over and do the bidding of the Western


powers. If the African Union and South Africa are waiting for more


indication from the Libyan people of what their desires are, what


more do they want? I do not think it is about that. Should not be


about the Libyan people? It is about principles. It is about the


rule of law. We have not found out how the Libyan people have


expressed themselves other than through bombardment. I have no


doubt in my mind that they would like to see the tyrannical Colonel


Gaddafi goal, and the sooner the better. But the reality is that


South Africa never voted in favour of bombings. If South Africa did,


it would not make the position right. It is the principle that


NATO has given a mandate to go and impose a no Sly Stone -- no fly


zone. They have turned this into a regime change mission. It smacks of


suggestions that it is only Colonel Gaddafi's forces that have


committed acts of terror and war crimes here. That is blatantly not


the case. Everyone can see that there is a war going on. I cannot


imagine that we could come to the conclusion that it is only one side.


This is about one country standing up for the rule of international


law. Doctor, if NATO were to step back and the African Union stepped


up, it is an African problem with an African solution, what more


could they do in practical terms to help Libya? They could cope back to


the African Union's road map, which calls for negotiations by both


sides, even after removing Colonel Gaddafi. If only one state comes up,


it is believed that for lasting peace, they should engage those


people and make them part of the resolution in favour of lasting


peace. It does not make the country's position wrong. After the


suggestion that the African Union did not act enough, nothing could


be further from the truth. The African Union was the first


international organisation, the very first, not second or third,


the first to actually decide on what should happen in Libya. NATO


refused to take the African Union's voice into account. It is good that


somebody is standing up to say that Africans have a voice and they have


a perspective. Thank you very much. A look at some


of the day's other news. The United Nations has called upon Syria's


President Assad to stop military action against protesters. The


Under-Secretary urged the President to end violence against the Syrian


people. Since Ramadan began on 1st August, tanks have entered the city


-- a number of cities, trying to crush dissent after street protests.


Shellac a's President has announced the withdrawal of wartime emergency


laws introduced 28 years ago to fight the Tamil Tigers. He told


parliament that the laws are no longer needed since the defeat of


the rebels two years ago. The India's Prime Minister has


asked parliament to hold a full debate on an anti-corruption reform


proposal. Manmohan Singh has made a passionate appeal to Anna Hazare to


end his hunger strike, now into his 10th day. The movement supporting


him is still growing, reports suggest.


The company that revolutionised entertainment and entertainment --


communication with the iPhone, iPad and communication devices has


entered a new era without Steve Jobs at the helm. He says he can no


longer handle the job and is stepping down as Chief Executive.


He is seen as apple's architect. I feel very lucky that I get to be


a part-time employee and I get to work for kill and advise him on


Actually, now, I think it is great. What it means is that we have now


convince them that we have taken care of last month's question. And


they are on to the next one. I thought, let us get ahead of the


Anyone can make music now. Something that is this thick and


weighs 1.3lbs, it is unbelievable. This is your music, this is your e-


mail. And we collared the iPad. Let me show it to you now. -- we call


it. This is what it looks like. Do you like everything so far?


APPLAUSE. I will try not to blow it. Joining


me from new yard fire webcam is Philip Elmer-Dewitt, the editor of


the apple to. Old block for Fortune magazine. -- 2.0 blog. How can you


conceive of Apple without Steve Jobs? He seems essential to its


success. That Lee Kane is perfect. The attention to detail, the timing


that went into those adverts and presentations, what you now see is


a very carefully staged exit from Apple, which he has been working on


for four first a CBEs of medical details, handed out one at a time,


then a series of medical leaves. -- a series. Some keynote speeches


which he started to introduce people beneath them, and now this


hand-off of BC Old title. He assumed the Serran of the Board


title. -- chairman of the board. He lets everyone know he was still


have a hand in products getting developed, which is what investors


want to see. It ends up being a non-event on Wall Street. Apple's


stock went down less today than the market. It worked. He went -- she


did a great job. You could say that Tim Cook has been running the


company in all but name for a few months but he is not a household


name. Can he set up to the challenge? Tim Cook is a pretty


boring guy. He runs a supply chain like nobody else, he is a genius at


getting the trains to run on time, but no, there is not going to be a


front man quite like Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is a genius at this.


Recognising that, having a charismatic leader at the head of


the company was much better than having a team of bureaucrats. The


price he paid was that people so identified the company with him


that they could not imagine it without him. It will be different.


There is a saying at Apple that his DNA has been instilled in everyone


in the company and I think that is true. He has very smart people


underneath him working in the design and marketing department.


But what is different is that when it is time to decide to push the


button and the land -- and build a new product, they used to have this


one guy who made the decision. Now it is probably going to be like a


committee, more like other companies, and to water makes the


decision will not have the authority that founder of Apple Hat.


Briefly, what is the biggest challenge for them now? -- apple


hat. The challenges the next device. They have won all the markets that


they are in. What will be the next killer device? I am told they have


products lined up until 2015 but after that, that is the question.


Thank you very much. My pleasure. The eastern coast of the United


States is bracing itself for the onslaught of Hurricane Irene. The


storm has destroyed the homes and brought down power lines in the


Bahamas with winds of almost 200mph. Hurricane Irene is expected to


strengthen as it heads towards the east coast, over New York and


Boston. Steve Kingston has the latest.


Introducing Hurricane Irene. 150 miles an hour of menace, slamming


into the Bahamas. The category Three hurricane toppled trees and


power lines. Local reports say that in one coastal settlements, entire


homes have been swept away. The eye of the storm, 65 miles east north-


east of Massa. If from the International Space Station, a


sense of the enormity of the hurricane. 500 miles from one side


to the other, bearing down on America. On the islands of North


Carolina, they are selling out generators and emergency supplies.


Many are leaving now, rather than risk the wind and massive tidal


surges expected. If the bad storm hits directly, it will not take


much of an elevation of sea level to create a lot of havoc. Further


north, the US Navy is moving warships away from their base in


Virginia. Along the east coast, communities up to New York and Cape


Cod are bracing themselves for what may lie ahead. The that is all from


the programme. Next, the weather. For now, from me


After a day showers tonight, for South West Wales and south-west


England, heavy downpours continue. The rain returning to south-east


England, giving wet and breezy conditions to other parts of


eastern England through the day tomorrow. This area of low pressure


running up through the North Sea. It will eventually park close to


Scotland for the weekend. But this is the picture for Friday. Heavy


rain in the east and the risk of local flooding. It will turn very


wet across much of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Heavy and persistent


rain. Slow improvement in the south-east with skies brightening.


More showers will follow. In central and southern England, some


of the sharers could be heavy. With some bright spells in between. --


of the showers. There will be spells of sunshine in Wales, and in


north-west England. Some showers for Northern Ireland but mainly dry


with bright spells. Eight few showers to be founded Scotland,


hit-and-miss in nature. We can see the process underway on Friday


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