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From Tripoli, Orla Guerin sent us this report.


In Abu Salim district, just the embers of battle remain today.


Yesterday, there was fierce fighting on the streets. By morning,


Colonel Gaddafi's troops had not away. -- melted away. We find rebel


units searching in other areas, moving on foot, warning residents


to stay inside for their own safety. They exercised the past. --


exorcised. We're trying to do the check-up for this area, to clean it


from the Gaddafi enemy. He how many troops do you think there might be?


Up to 100, I think. Maybe there are a lot, but I do not know. They


hated green flag of the Gaddafi year-old was torched wherever it


was found. -- your eye. We are looking for Gaddafi. Another rebel


unit and another target. This was And they have just been making


their way through the building. They have been told by local people


that there are some good that the forces inside. They are trying to


make sure this area is secure. They found documents and files. That's


there was no hiding place for at the men of their regime here.


Prisoners of the regime have freed themselves this week. This former


prisoner came back today. He was arrested for praying too much, he


says, and spent a decade in jail. At that time there was only one


window here, he told us. We got very little air and slapped back


together. One of the regime's worst atrocities happened here in 1996


when an estimated 1200 prisoners were killed. Now the door to the


past is wide open. Many other medical staff have freed the city.


The lack of medicine and other suppliers has also meant them many


seriously injured people had been left to die. Our correspondent has


been to look at the situation at the main hospital in Tripoli. This


is one of the most distressing sight I have ever seen. In and


around his hospital their hundreds of dead bodies. Men, women and


children are just lying on trolleys everywhere. We don't know who they


were, fighters, civilians or mercenaries. What we do know is


that when bodies and injured people are brought here, there were no


hospital staff left to treat them because of the fighting going on in


buildings around here. People were left to die and they slowly did die.


There are hundreds of bodies lying everywhere. It is a very


distressing sight. Many people here are blaming Colonel Gadaffi for


this, but to was responsible is impossible to say. These are local


people are you trying to clean up the mess. The residents of Tripoli


are trying to get back to normal but they are obviously facing many


difficulties. Slowly, slowly life here is getting


back to normal. But there is a water shortage. Someone has brought


in this tanker to help alleviate the shortages. Do you live here?


Yes, I do. You have no water? Nothing. He closed it. The big


monkey, Gadaffi. Her many days without water? Four days.


brought the water? He heard that Tripoli had no water, so he felt


this and product round to help people. Was the water deliberately


cut off? Before this problem, no one cut its, and now when they


removed its themselves from Tripoli,, they cut everything.


he has not gone yet its? We need him to go. We don't like him any


more. Finished with him. Goodbye. Even though Colonel Gadaffi's here


is all but over, he still has his ability to impose his ideas on the


people of Tripoli who are trying to move on to something different.


We sold their how difficult it is for suppliers to get through. Were


people just waiting for the next government to come in? This is a


city in waiting, and country in waiting. While they wait, they are


still waiting about the conditions of life. People are starting to


talk about if there could be electricity shortages as well


because these key services are still held by a loyalists to


Colonel Gadaffi. Also, the fighting is not over. Some of the heaviest


fighting has been taking place just south of Tripoli. There is the


constant sound of gunfire. Some of it is in celebration, but there is


also incoming fire, exchanges of gunfire and a lot of guns on the


street held by rebels, the supporters of Colonel Gadaffi, so


until this situation stabilises it will remain on edge. When you talk


to people, you can see their broad smiles that his regime is over, but


he still hangs on, both in the audio messages we hear answered the


way he is controlling people's lives by cutting off the water.


With most of Tripoli under rebel control, their next, and possibly


last, big challenge is to capture the town of Sirte, Colonel


Gaddafi's birthplace, which is still run by regime loyalists.


British Air Force Tornadoes pounded targets there overnight. The


Ministry of Defence says it hit a command and control bunker and


nearly 30 armed vehicles. Our correspondent Paul Wood reports


from Ras Lanuf on the coastal road to Sirte. The rebels have been


steadily fighting away at this road. The evidence is everywhere. As in


all wars, there is a lot of destruction of public property, and


private. One resident of this down returns to find his home looted.


Gadaffi Fawcett used it for three months. A unfortunately, they had


lifted the house. They took what they could take. Where are the


clothes of my children? Nothing. They even took my children's toys.


A in his few, it is a small price to pray for freedom. He remembers


when secret police and took away and neighbour. They did not see him


for 14 years. I was afraid it's that at any time the same thing


could happen to me. They would take me without any reason. That is why


do rebels are fighting. They are pushing on to Sirte, Gadaffi's home


town, helped by NATO air strikes there today. He provoked us for 42


years. He kept promising as every six months that the system would


change. We always thought, we will give him a chance and he will do


better. But nothing. What is the new Libya that you would like to


see? Even better than England! Freedom. And for it to be safe.


Nobody to be afraid of anything. You can do or say anything.


rebels are a mixture of people who have never really held a gun before.


They are a pretty idealistic bunch and certainly talk the language of


democracy. The question is, what will happen if a new government


disappoint their expectations. There are a lot of guns in Libya


today. There is still unfinished military business here. After that,


and you struggle, one to see if Libya can be the democracy that


these men are fighting 4. With me now from Brussels is the


Director of Operations with Medecins Sans Frontieres, Stephan


Goetghebuer. We have seen some appalling pictures from the


hospitals in Tripoli. What are you shearing? Pretty much the same


situation. In the hospitals that we did manage to visit, although there


were other hospitals that we could not because it is still not safe,


but in the hospitals we did get to there is no staff, no medical


equipment, no electricity. There are still hundreds of wounded that


are waiting for basic care. It is not only do when did, but also the


normal emergencies did you would finds in a city the size of Milan.


There is obviously still a power vacuum. What are the implications


there for the she met them - - humanitarian needs that you're


describing? Over the last week we have been able to Nicosia access to


the hospitals with both sides, with the loyalists and the rebels. It is


free for us to move around, the only constraint is their security.


We can go to areas that are controlled by the loyalists and so


areas controlled by the rebels. The difficulty is security. Is it


difficult to assess the situation because many people must be afraid


to leave their homes? Indeed. Your reporter described what we have


seen, dead bodies, when did people. But this is just the tip of the


iceberg. There are a lot of people in need of help care that can move


because they have no fuel to move around so, and there is no security


for them. It is not safe enough for them to go to the hospital's.


you very much for joining us. A suicide car bomb in the Nigerian


capital, Abuja, has exploded at the United Nations building. A local


hospital said 60 people had been brought in, many in critical


condition, and 18 people have already been confirmed dead. The


radical Islamist group Boko Haram said it carried out the attack. The


BBC's Mark Doyle reports. The attack took place mid-morning


when the building would have been full of diplomats and office


workers. Some 400 people worked there for International Development


and two humanitarian agencies. Eyewitnesses spoke of a car being


driven to security barriers and exploding near the reception area


of the building. This man was one of the first that the scene. The


whole area was damaged. The first floor was in flames. All the glass


came down. Quite a few number of vehicles and the compound were


destroyed as well. Rescue workers and armed police officers took the


dead and injured to nearby hospitals. This is a purpose-built


capital, well organised compared with some of Nigeria's conurbations,


so help was at hand. The deputy foreign minister talked about the


shock that many Nigerians will field. It is an attack on the


international community. An attack on the world's. It is really sad.


It is not acceptable to the Nigerian nation. This is the first


time an international target like the United Nations has been


With the now is the Nigerian novelist Mohammed Omar. What is


your assessment of the motivations your assessment of the motivations


behind this? It is not yet Clare whether they did it. Boko Haram


claimed responsibility, but this is too shocking. This is the first


time we have had such a huge car bomb in Nigeria. Lots of people are


thinking that there might be outside influence. Al-Qaeda at?


is a bit opaque, the relationship that Boko Haram has with other


groups. We know, it has been published in newspapers, that some


members have been to Sudan and Somalia, and North Africa, but


nothing has been known to. There is no concrete relationship


established. Which gives the Government a headache if to --


headache. The President had been planning to negotiate with the


group and that has now gone by the by. That is probably one of the


reasons why they carried out the explosion. In order to get


attention so that they can put themselves back on the agenda.


There was talk that the President would talk to them. But as it


happens, it was forgotten or put aside. And here we are. As you say,


it is a big escalation, because there have been suicide bombings


and attacks, but the attack on the police headquarters, nothing. This


is a step up. This is worrying. The group started in 2003. Normally,


they engage in low-level activities. And then in 2009, we had the


uprising, and after that, their leader was killed. We have never


had a huge thing like this. It is worrying in the sense that this


could set a trend for bigger things. Looking back at the motive, is it


something about the UN's activities in education? There is some


speculation that this is a move against Western education.


People indicate that Boko Haram means that Western education is


sinful. It is not that. The UN has never been a priority in Nigeria.


It is not a target for Nigerians. The level of education provided by


the UN in Nigeria is very minimal. If Boko Haram actually wants to hit


those who are encouraging Western education, there are other targets.


I think there is a different agenda here. Much more for us to find out.


Mohammed Bouma, thank you for coming in.


At the head of the US Federal Reserve says the bank will not be


pumping in more money to stimulate the economy. In a much anticipated


speech to international central bankers, Ben Bernanke said the


Government needs to take steps to reduce long-term unemployment. His


speech follows news that the US economy almost stalled in the first


six months of this year. The Japanese Prime Minister Naoto


Kan has announced his resignation after 15 months in office, cleared


away for politicians to pick the country's 6th new leader in five


years. He has been criticised over his response to the earthquake,


tsunami and nuclear disaster. Mexico's President, Felipe Calderon,


has declared three days of mourning after more than 50 people died in


an arson attack on a casino in the northern city of Monterrey. Armed


men drench the building with fuel before setting it alight.


The start of the Italian Serie A football season has been postponed


because of a players' strike. The League has failed to reach


agreement with the players' union about a new deal for footballers


Rights. Their boarding up launch parts of


America's eastern seaboard this evening has hurricane Irene moves


in. -- as Hurricane Irene moves in, due to make landfall on Virginia


and North cut line at on Saturday. New York has ordered a mandatory


evacuation of 250,000 residents in low-lying areas. -- North Carolina.


All visitors be advised, there is a mandatory evacuation. Along the


tourist beaches of North Carolina, nobody is staying to see Hurricane


Irene arrive. You are advised to leave the area immediately. Tens of


thousands are headed for higher ground. And ply wood suppliers are


at a -- ply wood supplies are at a premium. All we can do is offer the


best. Take what you can and hope it does not disappear. This is what


they're trying to avoid. Hurricane Irene said the palm trees dancing


and flatten neighbourhoods as a barrel to cross the Bahamas. --


flattened neighbourhoods as it barrels across the Bahamas. These


pictures taken from a plane flying into the eye of the storm show a


malevolent weather system 700 miles wide. The American government is


preparing for the possibility of a major disaster. If you're in the


projected path of the hurricane, you have to take precautions now.


Do not wait. Do not delay. We all hope for the best, but we have to


be prepared for the worst. More than 50 million people live in the


path of the hurricane, among them the residents of New York,


America's most populous city. People living in low-lying areas


have already been advised to evacuate. The mayor is considering


shutting down the entire subway system to avoid the risk of


flooding. What we have to do is assume the worst and prepare for


that and hope for the best. Hurricane Irene's exact course,


strength and time of arrival remain difficult to be predicted with


prescription -- precision because this is La large and slow-moving


hurricane. People are stocking up on supplies in many areas. -- A


large. Forecasters are warming -- are warning that Hurricane Irene


could bring flooded ages -- flooding and power outages all the


way to Cape Cod. His career has spanned five decades


and he has released more than 70 albums. Now Glen Campbell, known


for hits like Rhinestone Cowboy, is preparing to come to the UK for a


farewell tour. The singer was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease


nine months ago and has been very open about his medical condition.


We went to meet him at his home in California. # Just knowing that


your door is always open and your path is free to walk.


Good evening, I am Glen Campbell. Glen Campbell in his prime. A


career spanning five decades and scores of albums to his name.


Like a Rhinestone Cowboy... today, the Rhinestone Cowboy is


slowing down. He is planning to go 1-1 last time. # I am lineman for


the county. You will do all the hits, but Glen Campbell has


Alzheimer's disease and performing the songs poses a new challenge. --


he will do all the hits. I think it is the best song. # I am a lineman


for the county, and out what? Drive them in rows. Looking at the Sun


from another wrote. I hear you ringing through the wires. That is


just, what a great song. Glen Campbell and his wife have been


married for almost 30 years. She helps her husband filling the gaps


when he is struggling. -- Phil in the gaps when he short term memory


fails. I have not been marred with this thing at all. I have accepted


it. What is it called? Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's. I have not felt any


different. What is Alzheimer's? That means you forget things? Well,


you do that. I know, it worries me! In the studio, that memory seems to


disappear. # Just knowing that your door is always open and your path


is free to walk. He fluffs the online and has the lyrics on a


screen just in case, but Glen Campbell, with a band featuring his


children, still hits all the notes. We try not to worry about tomorrow.


We just want to enjoy each day as it comes. Gosh, yeah, one day at a


time. That is an old song. # One day at a time, sweet Jesus. That is


the oldest country him I believe that I have ever recorded. This is


Glen Campbell, living with Alzheimer's. It is also the start


of his long goodbye. # Is still on the line... God is going to hand me


my full pot of beans, I know that. It does not bother me. I am here. #


Glen Campbell, still making great music and finishing our programme.


Next, the weather. For now, from me We have had some heavy rain around


today. There is a warning through the next few hours for some more


heavy rain to affect western Scotland. Tomorrow, it looks dry


and brighter for many. Still, some showers to dodge courtesy of this


area of low pressure. Tomorrow, it will move north and the wind


direction will come in north- westerly. Pretty breezy. The one


good thing from that, the shares should move through swiftly. For


Saturday, hit and miss for the Leeds Festival with fleeting


showers. Further south, further heavy showers, so not great news


for Reading festival goers. With the breeze, if you catch a shower,


it should move on pretty quickly. Dryer for South West England after


the torrential thunderstorms of today. The showers will ease off


across Wales. Perhaps a few more showers for Northern Ireland


tomorrow. In between the showers, the promise of brightness. Across


Scotland, still uncertainty as to the exact location of the weather


front from today. But it is likely to affect the north-east of


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