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This is BBC World News Today with me, Kirsty Lang. A plane crash in


Russia kills some of the country's best ice hockey players. 43 people


die, most of them from one of the country's most successful teams.


The Eurozone survives a key test in the German courts, but has Europe's


ability to act quickly over the debt crisis been dealt a fatal


blow? The euro it is a guarantee of a unified Europe.


India on high alert for terror attacks after a bomb explodes


outside Dehli's High Court, killing at least ten people.


Making light of Muslim life in the Little Mosque On The Prairie. We


find out how why US networks are not keen to run this hit Canadian


comedy. And after PJ Harvey's album about


war and national identity wins the prestigious Mercury Music Prize, is


Hello and Welcome. The world of Russian ice hockey was plunged into


mourning today after a plane carrying one of the county's top


teams crashed just after take off, killing all but two of the


passengers and crew. The Russian jet plummeted into a river in the


Western city of Yaroslav. On board was the Lokomotiv ice hockey team


on their way to the opening game of the season in Minsk.


Burning near the river, but remains of a Russian aeroplane that crash


with almost an entire hockey's got on board. Another accident in


Russia's terrible history of air disasters. The plane was on its way


to Minsk for the first game of the season. Most of the team were on


the aircraft. Only one has survived and he is in intensive care. The


opening match of the season was abandoned when news of the crash


came through. TRANSLATION:. My dear friends, the


aeroplane carrying the Lokomotiv team has crashed. The Lokomotiv


team was one of the best in Russia. Their coach is Canadian. 11 of the


players on board were non-Russians, including the Slovakian forward and


the Swedish goalkeeper. Eyewitnesses who saw the plane come


down said it appeared to wobble after take-off before crashing to


the ground. Lokomotiv joins the list of other teams who have been


devastated by air disasters. Pakistan International Airways say


they have found no suspicious items on the British-bound plane forced


to make an emergency landing in Istanbul after a bomb alert. A full


search of the aircraft, en route from Lahore to Manchester, is being


carried out before the flight can resume its journey. Meanwhile,


Pakistan Airlines says a second flight has also received a bomb


threat, but it has landed safely in Malaysia.


It was a tense moment for Mrs Merkel today when the German


Constitutional Court was asked to rule on whether she had the right


to agree to any more bail outs of eurozone countries such as Greece.


The case was brought by some leading eurosceptics who don't want


to see any more German taxpayers money heading south. In the end the


court said the German government did have the right to authorise


bail outs, but it must first consult parliament.


Delivering their verdict, the judges and Germany's constitutional


court said last year's rescue packages were compatible with


German and EU of law. But the judges said that in the future, the


German parliament would have to give its prior approval to other


bale-out. It is a blow to a group of Euro academics. However, for


Chancellor Merkel, the verdict is an important victory. In fighting


mood, she told MPs that Germany was committed to the single currency.


TRANSLATION: And if the euro fails, then Europe will fail. With public


opinion in Germany strongly against the rescue packages, Chancellor


Merkel has come under fire for her handling of the debt crisis. And


last weekend her party suffered losses at another regional election,


this time in her home state. As Europe's biggest economy, Germany


is the biggest contributor to the bail-out fund. It gave 20 % of the


first Greek bail-out last year. Two weeks later the financial stability


facility was approved and Germany contributed $173 billion. This is


due to rise to 300 million -- 300 billion. But Germans cannot


understand why their tax money should be used to bail out other


countries. Can Chancellor Merkel convince them it is money well


spent? It is time for political leaders to say why Europe is good,


has been cut. Also why it is hard to step back at this point. They


should really make the case that Europe is there for their self-


interest. Chancellor Merkel will face a crucial vote later this


month on the USA and a rescue fund. It is unlikely be critical voices


what died down. With the government having to be consulted before other


measures are taken, it could leave Chancellor Merkel with less than a


four manoeuvre. -- with less room for manoeuvre.


Live now to Berlin where we can speak to Ferdinand Fichtner, the


Chief Economist at the German Institute for Economic Research. To


what extent do you think this ruling ties Mrs Merkel's hands?


does not tie them. It frees them because it allows her to do what


she thinks makes sense. I think it does not really change the


situation we are currently in. I think the ruling makes sense and in


this respect, it is probably the right thing to do. But surely the


fact she has to refer it to Parliament was slow down the


process? She has already been accused of dithering over this


crisis and making the market's nervous because she has not been


decisive enough. This can only make it worse? Well, it was always clear


that the current rescue packages will have to be decided upon by


Parliament. The discussion was always clear. Principally, you are


right. The court has ruled that Parliament will have to confirm all


rescue packages and this what in turn mean that all rescue packages


that will take longer in time. It also means that what is currently


done by the European Central Bank, direct measures up to intervene on


financial markets, those things will probably not be taken over by


the rescue packages which would have made sense because the


European central bank cannot rightfully do it. The court also


ruled they could be no pooling of European debt. Does that not part


pot these coppers on the eurobond idea? Definitely, yes. The eurobond


would be perfect a pooling of European debt and in this sense,


the court has decided that this is not in line with the German


constitution. So it would mean if we wanted something like Euro bonds,


we have to change the constitution. From an economic perspective it


makes a lot of sense to be careful what this kind of instrument


because they can live -- basically, we could lose the market that


stabilises debt levels by penalising debt levels. It is good


to hear the constitutional Court has decided that also from a legal


perspective, it is at least something that should be thought


about very carefully. Thank you. The foreign minister of Niger has


confirmed that at least three convoys carrying officials from


Colonel Gaddafi's ousted government has cross the border, but he is not


with them. More stories are emerging about the last harrowing


days of his regime. Our correspondent sent this report.


This is where the enemies of Colonel Gaddafi were silent. A


place of detention and abuse. Now the new government hold its enemies


here. More than 700 men and women suspected of crimes against the


revolution. We are restricted in what we can film inside the prison,


so let me describe the conditions as I walk along one of the main


corridors. First of four, the floor is filthy. There is litter, dirt,


water. The cells are very grand and very hot. They are probably about


seven metres by five metres. In each one there are about 30


prisoners. Five men from Africa, accused have been mercenaries for


Gaddafi. They were let out of their cell to talk to us. They say they


are labourers who were dragged from their homes because they are black.


We have been told they will get a fair trial, but the brawl at the


moment is guilty until proven innocent. Have you ever worked for


Colonel Gaddafi? Never. I could not do that. If I wanted to be a


military man, I would do it in my country. Three girls. The youngest


is 16. They do not want to show their faces because they were part


of Gaddafi's National Guard, but just listen to their explanation.


They claimed they were motivated by fear.


TRANSLATION: When our family were against the regime, soldiers came


to our house. They threw us out and killed my uncle and brother. We


thought if we joined them, they would not suspect us or hurt us.


teenager accused of executing 11 people. Recruited -- she was


recruited to a militia group and claimed she was raped by a group of


Gaddafi's supporters. She said she was forced to shoot prisoners with


a rifle. Unable to watch, she turned her head and pulled the


trigger. Five men, three girls and one teenager. In will be for the


new courts to decide their fate. To decide who is the victim and who is


an offender. They need to set the standard for a new justice in Libya,


but they need to do it quickly. The judge at the trial of the


ousted Egyptian President has said that the country's current military


leader will give evidence in a closed session next week. It has


been a key prosecution demand for him to testify. Other officials


will also give evidence. Mubarak is charged with ordering the shooting


of protesters earlier this year. India is now on a high security


alert after a bomb hidden in a briefcase exploded outside of the


High Court in Delhi. And Al-Qaeda linked group has claimed


responsibility by e-mail, but government officials say it is too


early to name a suspect. It has raised doubts about India's ability


to protect its important institutions.


The panel for blast took place outside the High Court in the


morning. Police say that the bomb was hidden inside a briefcase and


placed next to the entrance, creating panic as it went off.


There was or massive blast and the entire building shock. It is in


shambles. The emergency services were quick to arrive, up varying


away the windy to local hospitals. Many of the victims were badly


wounded. Forensic experts have been gathering evidence. Specialist


units were brought in as a security measure. The sight has been


cordoned off. Police and special units are in place, not just to


carry out the investigation, but to keep a curious public and the media


at bay. This is just outside the main gate of the High Court and at


the time of the attack, this place was milling with people because


Wednesday's -- because Wednesday is the day when public interest cases


are heard. The sketches of two suspects were released. There are


believed to be -- to have been in the vicinity of the attack. The


Prime Minister had this to say. This is a cowardly act up a


terrorist nature. We will deal with it and will not succumb to the


pressure of terrorism. This is a long war in which all political


parties, all the people of India have to stand united so that the


scourge of terrorism is crushed. India is not new to attacks of this


kind. In the past, they had been blamed on Home Grown terror groups.


For now, Delhi and other cities had been placed on high alert as the


authorities scramble to get their Two suicide bombers have blown


themselves in in Pakistan. The explosions killed at least 23


people and injured more than 80. The Government officials said local


Taliban were responsible. Syrian activists say that thank -- tanks


open fire on people in the city of Homs. They claimed security forces


killed at least 14. Amateur video posted on the internet said shows


deserted streets and shops with their shutters down. The Swedish


car maker Saab has filed for bankruptcy protection. They have


been plague bids production storm packages and problems play --


paying suppliers. The parent company said a voluntary


reorganisation would enable to obtain short-term funding. The top


US news anchor Katie Couric says American TV should make a Muslim


version of the Cosby show to counter act the anti-Muslim bigotry


which has surfaced in some of the more extreme opposition to the


proposed building at Ground Zero of a mosque. Just across the border in


Canada such a show exists. It is called Little Mosque On The Prairie.


We went to see why the show is such a hit and why it has mot got off


the ground in the US or Britain. -- not. Little Mosque On The Prairie,


is a huge hit in Canada. As well as selling to more than 80 countries


worldwide. I shows Muslims and Christians living side by side in


small town Canada and isn't afraid to poke fun at everyone. My point


is this. Wine gums. Rye bread. Liquorice. Western traps designed


to seduce Muslims to drink alcohol. His sermons are going to drive me


to drink. Patient, it is his last. On location in Toronto the filming


season six. -- they are filming season six. Although in some ways


it is ground breaking, one of the stars says its success is due to


the mainstream appeal. We don't go out to be an issue-based show. At


the end of the day we a come day. So we are not a political comedy.


We are a comedy that has Islam as a backdrop because some of the


character, most of the characters happen to be Muslim. That is really


what makes everyone feel more assimilated from both points of


view. We had a fan of the show, who said "I love what you do, that is


high praise coming from a Jew. That is what this woman said. Did you


see what I just saw? Her eyes. Starting to look like the Third


World round here. The sitcom had attracted some controversy, causing


a diplomatic spat when it became entangled in the Wikileaks saga but


it wasn't Muslims who were complaining of being the persecuted


minority. Newly released cables contain diplomatic exchanges about


CBC television. One cable from the US Embassy to Washington accused


Little Mosque On The Prairie of what it called insidious negative


populous stereotyping of Americans in Canada. It set off alarms by


showing an innocent Canadian bullied by US agents. Have you got


an appointment? The producers thought the show had been smeared,


they sent DVD box sets to Washington to set the record


straight. I sat down and drafted a letter to President Obama and to


Hillary Clinton, and I was surprised to come in and find this


letter on my desk. I think Hillary Clinton got it where she says thank


you for everything you doing to foster cross cultural unity. I was


joking. Muslims round the world are known for their sense of mew --


humour. The US remains a market that Little Mosque On The Prairie


has yet to crack. One market acquired the right bus the deal


fizzled out. We need that courageous broadcaster to say


whatever, we know we are going to get letter, we know we are going to


hear from the Christian right, the Muslims who don't think Muslim


should be treated as something funny. We will hear from the fringe


people and mainstream America will get it. Now, when the British


singer-songwriterer PJ Harvey first won the Mercury Music Prize she was


in Washington watching the Pentagon burn. The events of 9/11 were the


inspiration of her second winning album which is about the horrors of


war. She is the first artist to win it on two occasion, our


entertainment correspondent has more. PJ Harvey. The winner of the


year's Mercury Prize. The judges deciding that for the second time,


she should take the accolade of Album of the Year. This year's the


shortlist included p artists from the unknown like Anna Calvi to


Adele. Adele's album may have outsold any other in 2011 on both


side of the at lack -- Atlantic but in the end PJ Harvey's record Let


England Shake was deemed the most deserving. The album was inspired


by war and conflict, topics not unrelated to the last time she won


ten years ago. Obviously the last time I won this award was September


11th, I was in Washington, and there was this Pentagon burning,


and I think like anybody else we were gripped, and shocked, and it


was a very surreal day. Obviously, a very strange day on which to


receive a prize, via the telephone across the Atlantic. Winning before


was a landmark event in her career. Winning again tonight underlierns


position as one of the music industries most enduring talents.


To discuss the Mercury Prize I am joined by Dorian Lynskey. A first


of all, do you think PJ Harvey's album fits into the category of Mo


protest music. Probably political music. What she set out to do was


not to really convey her own point of view. I think what she did for


research was look through diary, poetry, artwork, sort of soak in


all of these different accounts of war and then present them with many


voice, so there isn't an anti-war message in there, which is what


makes it is strong, there is never a sense he is saying this the


message of my record. It is almost as though she is stel -- telling a


story. A narrative, a song cycle. Yes. She wrote all the lyrics


before the melodies and she had drawings for each song. It is very


much the sort of outside the normal way of writing pop songs. So dingle


So she is reflecting on current events rather than writing like


Joan Baez did. Yes, when she did there was value in people coming


out and saying war is wrong, what is happening in South East Asia is


wrong. Now, as it was recognised, that seems obvious. How do you make


an anti-war song that doesn't seem patronising and obvious? And so her


way of doing that is to present sort of characters, thoughts, words,


she has taken bits of language from her various sources. There are


three songs about the First World War battle at Gallipoli. Exactly.


There is only one I think which takes images from coverage of Iraq.


Her theme is Iraq and Afghanistan, but her broader theme is that war


goes on. You know, it is the cycle of war. Saying what we are, enraged


or saddens by now is what people have been enraged by for deck aide


kaids. Century, folk songs going back centuries. Are there many


protest songs round these days, putting PJ Harvey aside? Not so


many. It is the, the decline began at the end of the 80s. It's a great


artistic challenge. Peep have gout out of the habit of thinking they


should do. In the '60s or in the punk and post punk era, people


could see examples of it done so well, it felt so natural and


exciting and fresh, that lots of people stepped up and did it. Now,


I think it has gone out of vogue. Is that because musicians have


become depoliticised of music fans don't want to be told what to think


or do? There is a lot. There is a resentment of the celebrity


activist, telling you what to do. There is definitely that suspicion.


I mean, I don't know. A couple of years ago I would have said music


fans were largely depoliticised. You look at the student protest, a


lot of music fans there, and you think, no, they are interested in


politic, I just don't see a desperate need on their part to


have songs to go with it in the way people did in the civil rights era.


Quick reminder now of the main news story. Most of the players in one


of Russia's top ice hockey teams have died in a plane crash North


East of Moscow. The aircraft crashed shortly after taking off on


its way to Belarus for one of the first games of the season. Almost


everyone onboard apart from two people were killed. That is all


from me and the rest of the team. Hello. There is brisk winds we have


been having to endure ease down a notch during Thursday and there


might be a bit of sunshine on offer. A threat of more showers though,


more general rain returning to the south-west later in the day. The


big picture going into Thursday shows weather front, system, lining


up in the Atlantic and coming our way, so it stays very unsettled for


several more days. We start Thursday damp in southern areas


patchy rain, the further north you are the brighter it will be. North


East England if particular, but north-west England as well.


Brighter than we have been, still a few showers round, but across


southern England we never really shift that cloud during the day and


from it there will be bits and pieces of rain. Not amounting to


much but the rain gathtoerg the south-west and into Wales again


later in the day. With that n the south-west, increasingly poor


visibility. More so through Thursday night, and into Friday.


Here comes the rain again into Wales. Some brightness the further


theeft you. In Northern Ireland it will be dry and bright for some


time before cloud increases again later in the day. With outbreaks of


rain not far away. To the west and north of Scotland we continue with


showers. Down the eastern side you avoid most of the showers and see


the best of the sunshine. All of this rain has to lift north during


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