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This is BBC World News Today. Another shooting at Virginia Tech


University. Two people are reported to have been killed at the scene at


of the most deadly camper shooting in the US for years ago. European


leaders arrive in Brussels for the latest in a series of crisis


summits to save the eurozone. Is this the one?


TRANSLATION: Everybody knows if there is no agreement, there will


be no second chance. J a return to the rhetoric of the


Cold War. Vladimir Putin accuses the US of fomenting unrest after


the country's controversial elections. Also coming up. Tackling


and ash cloud. I am flying over Europe's most


active volcano, where scientists are testing the device to help


pilots navigate their way through volcanic ash clouds. And the


photographer who turned her lens away from famous faces to their


favourite homes and places. Hello. Two people are reported to


have been killed after a shooting at Virginia Tech University, the


scene of one of the worst shootings in the United States. A state of


alert has been declared and people are advised to be -- remain indoors.


In 2007, a student shot dead 32 people on the campus before killing


himself. Our correspondent joins us from Washington. This is a


developing story. What is the latest? The latest is we have had a


statement from the University confirming two people, including a


police officer, have been killed. The suspect is at large. It does


not appear to be a case of a gun and walking on to campus and


opening fire, but some sort of traffic stop that turned fatal. I


can read some of the statement. Shortly after midday a police


officer stopped a vehicle on campus during a routine stop. -- stop.


During the stop, the officer was shot and killed. There were


witnesses to the shooting. It says that witnesses reported to the


police that the gunmen fled on foot heading towards a parking lot and


there are second person was found. It is said the second person was


also killed. We have update from Twitter from people on the campus,


including the local student newspaper, which reports a lot of


police activity right now. And also further shots Fayed. There was a


report of someone taken into custody. That was wrong. But it is


a fast-moving situation. There is a sense of nervousness, given what


happened four years ago. It was in 2007 that a South Korean born


student opened fire at the June the attack, killing 32 people and


wounding 24 others. It made it the worst mass shooting in modern US


history and provoked a lot of soul- searching. There were inquiries


into security provision. They did change their procedures as a result.


That is why when the first reports came in today, students immediately


heard an alarm and they received messages on their mobile telephones


and were told to stay indoors. After a summer and autumn of make


or break summits, European leaders are gathering in Brussels again to


try to hammer out a deal to save the euro. President Nicolas Sarkozy


said there will be no second chance. At the heart of the discussion is a


bit to change the treaty and there for a move to overcome political


and legal obstacles. It is Brussels today there is some Christmas cheer.


But mention the euro, and Bloom sets in. They are coming back to


meet. Will it make a difference? They are not moving forward, he


said. The leaders meet again and again but there is never anything


concrete. Some fear that the single currency might not survive the


crisis. We found them still making new coins at the Belgian mint. The


key problem for the eurozone is a crisis of confidence. Investors are


not convinced that if they lend a eurozone countries some money they


will get it all back. Until politicians can correct that


perception, the crisis will go from bad to worse. They will try to stop


that over a dinner that will last until the early hours. The leaders


will continue to set out a plan. The two big eurozone players,


France and Germany, have made progress on a compromise proposal.


It envisages new rules on tax and spending. Any country that breaks


them will face semi- automatic penalties. And eurozone countries


will have a national budget scrutinised by Brussels. The main


players were trying to build up support for the plan at a summit of


the main conservative parties. Britain's Conservatives were not


there after David Cameron pulled them out of that grouping two years


ago. Those who attended could not have been clearer.


TRANSLATION: Everyone knows if there is no agreement there will be


no second chance. We need compromise and quick decisions.


the world is watching us. Not more national problems but European


solutions. My eyes to agreed that such a solution will involve this -


- most agree. Today, the bank lowered interest rates across the


eurozone to help growth. But the head of the Bank disappointed


markets by playing down the prospect of any new financial


support for indebted countries. This evening, David Cameron arrived,


promising to protect the interests of Britain. These are important


talks. We need stability that is good for European countries and for


Britain. We need to protect the interests of Britain. The best


protection would be an end to the euro crisis.


We can go to Brussels and speak to Our correspondent. We have a lot of


warnings. Do you get a sense there will be a break through this


weekend so that things can be signed off next year?


If you listen to France and Germany, you get that. They have noted


police stepped up the level of rhetoric, in particular President


Sarkozy. I was in Paris when he met Chancellor Muckle. Today also. He


was speaking -- Angela Merkel. He was speaking about the


responsibility Germany and France have to prevent atrocities


happening again. He said they are not trying to have more rights.


Smaller countries are feeling they are being dictated to. He said they


have more responsibilities. He said both countries will suffer


domestically from some of the proposals they are putting forward.


They are willing to do that because the alternative is worse. We are


not leaving until we have a deal in place, but one official said, 25


out of 27 countries have a problem with some part of the plan. It will


be a long night. Given the Lisbon treaty, with


majority voting, the fear of those countries outside the eurozone is


what, that they will be in the slipstream and dictated to? And


caught up in the legal side. The countries outside face a choice.


You have countries like Britain that want nothing to do with the


euro. There are other countries, seven out of the ten countries that


do not use it at the moment are committed to joining it. Eastern


European countries, it was part of their accession negotiations.


Angela Merkel repeated when she came in this evening that if they


can't get an agreement with all 27, they will take one with 17 plus any


other countries that want to join. That is not comfortable listening


for David Cameron. It could mean that a few years of -- down the


line you have 24 countries in the inner circle. And a small number,


including Brighton, outside. -- Britain, outside. Everybody has


principles they say they will stick As the state of Europe's finances


are under close scrutiny, we revisited city is associated with


key treaties that form Europe. 20 years ago, it was the treaty of


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 99 seconds


We can go to Brussels and speak to a Liberal Democrat MP who is


president of Union of European Federalists. Will Europe be saved


in principle this weekend? In principle and practice, it is


not easy to speculate on the outcome. The preparation of this


has been chaotic. With Angela Merkel in her stolid way and


President Sarkozy in his rather mercurial fashion. Sort of flying


freelance, without speaking to bear partners or the commission. -- to


their partners. And ignoring Parliament, too. There is an awful


lot that needs to be achieved if market and Democratic confidence


can be restored. What seems to be clear, and you


could give your reaction, is that politically, they have been nowhere


near the speed of markets and business. Markets and business have


seen what politicians have not. That is right. It is wrong to


complain about the strength of the Berlin and Paris axis. The problem


is that it is weak, it is not sufficiently strong to plot and


programme a serious change of the treaties. And to install a credible,


discernible government of the economy. That is what we need. I


think the fact is that we are going into a fiscal union, with much


greater integration of the core group. If there is fiscal


solidarity between taxpayers, that has also to be managed, directed


and democratically legitimised. And we are going to move on, thank you


very much indeed for joining us. It has been a turbulent week for


the Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin. First, his party did worse


in elections and then thousands of people took to the streets to


protest over his leadership. Today he blamed it on the United States.


He accused the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of


encouraging protests in this The protests this week. A sudden a


weakening of many people here in Russia. After a decade of a


authority again rule imposed by Vladimir Putin. These demonstrators


are disenchanted following allegations of fraud in the


elections and the prospect of another decade with Putin in power.


Today the Prime Minister responded by going on the offensive himself,


directly accusing the United States of stirring up the protests and


funding the opposition. TRANSLATION: The Secretary of


State set the tone for some of the personalities inside the country


and gave them the signal. They heard the signal and with support


from the State Department they have started at of work. Following the


vote on Sunday there has been a stream of reports including from


election officials themselves, alleging the ballots were rigged to


ensure the ruling party won. There was soon strong criticism from


world leaders including Hillary Clinton who expressed her dismayed


during a meeting on Tuesday that the organisation meeting on Tuesday.


There were efforts to call the election monitoring by the


respected independent civil society organisation. The work of that


company is exactly the type of activities that countries committed


to the rule of law should welcome but in the last few days, its


members have been hauled into court, its website has been subjected to


massive cyber attacks and its motives have been maligned. Despite


this, Government supporters have also been out on the streets here


in Moscow this week. They are determined to defend the election


result as a true representation of the will of the people. The true


question is whether the broader population believes this and


whether support for her the Government of Britain will ever


wane. In the battle between humans and nature there are times when


nature seems to win hands down. Last year these guys were closed,


the airline's counter the costs. Scientists are fighting back, they


now believe they can prevent a repeat of the disturbance of the


volcanic ash clouds in Iceland. When this Icelandic volcano erupted


in April last year, it looked like the end of the world. And for the


10 million passengers affected by a week of cancelled flights, it felt


a bit like it, too. So imagine, if there was a way in which planes


themselves could monitor eruptions and keep flying. Looming over the


Sicilian countryside is Mount Etna, Europe's most active volcano. This


little microlight has been buzzing over it for weeks collecting ash


cloud data. We are now flying towards the ash bloom and this is a


situation any pilot could face, knowing there is activity in the


region but not knowing how dense the ash clouds are. This equipment


can measure the density of the clouds and help the pilot get


through them. The research is being funded by EasyJet and the system,


called AVOID, is still being refined. But eventually, the pilot


will see a scheme like this, showing how much ash is in the air


and how far away it is. At the moment we do not have anything on


board the aircraft to measure the ash clouds. This is almost like the


change we had when we had weather radar. During the first eruption we


discovered the levels of cash were extremely low. If we had realised


that I am sure 90% of the airspace would have been opened. This


plane's now being shipped off to step is to test the unit on an


Airbus. All the airlines will be offered the finished product and a


network of planes, combined with satellite data, could map the skies.


Children in the country about to be introduced to an American favourite.


Sesame Street goes on here on Pakistan on Saturday. It is not


cheap. US aid has committed $10 million over four years. Meet the


cast of Pakistan's sesame Street. Elmore is here but he is surrounded


by new friends. -- Elmo. A Pakistani village has been created


on set. Here is these that of the show, cricket-mad, energetic and


curious. She looks to the daughter of the village school teacher for


help. The Twelve-year-old to please her says the puppets are like


family. I feel Like They are my younger sisters and brothers


because I am telling them a lot of stuff and they are learning from me.


A do you think the children who watch the show would learn a lot? I


think they would get more educated than when they go to school.


pre-school educators will be strong female lead will win over the next


generation in this conservative society. In schools in general the


children take a step back but maybe by seeing our strong headed


character who is the captain of the cricket team and is not afraid to


ask questions, I am hoping the children will relate to that and


maybe take some courage and start to love her fra that. -- for that.


The Peter behind this production know all about courage. They have


been bombed by militants in the past but they know all about the


future for Pakistan's children. In this scene be child is asking where


does the sun go at night? The Pope to provide basic language and maths


skills. The Americans have made a very big investment in all of this.


They hope it will also teach lessons intolerance. This character


and his friends will celebrate holidays marked by different


religions, a message of togetherness rather than heat, a


message that is often missing here. Many in Pakistan never get the


chance to learn. One-third of young children do not go to school. This


programme may be their only teacher. Annie Leibowitz is one of the


world's most acclaimed photographers, best known for her


photographs of John Lennon and Queen Elizabeth. Today her


exhibition opens in London featuring a very personal set of


images associated with her own favourite people. I was definitely


going down a different trail. I just wanted to hit the road and get


out. Really, it was a kind of voyage of discovery. It was a very


personal set of pictures. I really did it not with the intention of it


being seen but it was to fill myself up. If I was going to hope


that anything could be gleaned from it is that these places are out


there for us all. You do not need a ticket. You can get so taken into


each of these subjects in a good way which is what is wonderful


about them. They is so much to know about them and you can live in all


of these subjects. I tried to pull myself in and out relatively fast,


little more than a tourist. I am not a big fan of the tripod. I am


used to moving. I had to learn how to put the camera on a tripod and


shoot an object. I tried to feel emotional with it. I was very lucky.


I received an award. I was receiving the award in Santa Fe at


a museum and the offered to take me out to a branch. I'll literally


take out of the corner -- came round the corner, I met this artist,


there was a single bed and a view out to the valley. There was a


frugality to it and the simplicity to it. I hadn't a weakening and an


understanding. I was preaching to myself, not anyone else. I was


trying to understand these subject myself. Photography has always been


a great tool for me in that way, a week to look at anything or


discover it for her journey to it. So, under the guise of using


photography I get to go deeper into Annie Leibowitz talking about her


new book. A quick reminder of our main news. Two people including a


police officer reported to have been killed at Virginia Tech in


Virginia. This be seen of the worst shooting in America two years ago.


Coming up there is more from me and Today's reign is sweeping away.


While it is felt -- still very windy in the north that is easing


away. There will be a high winds with snow in northern Scotland with


the higher risk of ice as well by the time we get to Friday. There


will be a few wintry showers running south from Northern Ireland


into North Wales but some did sunshine either side. There will be


some late sunshine returning to northern parts of England. A few


showers drifting down into Norfolk. Much of the south-east will have a


lovely day with lots of sunshine around. A less windy day for all of


us tomorrow. Plenty of sunshine for the south-west of England. Just one


or two showers. There will be more cloud and showers coming into Wales


over the hills. It should try Appin Northern Ireland with more sunshine


in the afternoon but it will be much colder. The wins will continue


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