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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox. The shame of the US


marines? Universal condemnation as a video apparently showing four of


them urinating on dead Taliban fighters is posted online. It is


absolutely inconsistent with American values, with the standards


of behaviour we expect from our military personnel.


The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson is charged by a Turkish court after


secretly filming orphanages there. The cost of Mexico's drugs war as


the death toll approaches 50,000, five years after the crackdown.


And the unassuming young acoustic singer who's topped the nominations


at this year's Brit awards. Find Hello and welcome. The Pentagon


says it's "deeply troubled" by a video apparently showing four


American marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.


NATO and the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, have also condemned


it, - President Karzai calling it inhuman. A spokesman for the


Taliban described the video as shameful, but said it would not


affect attempts to broker peace talks. Ian Pannell reports from


Washington. Cities too distasteful to show but


what appears to be happening in the video is a small group of US


Marines are urinating on the bodies of three dead Afghans. We do not


know whether the deal has come from or if it is authentic but the


indications are it is. The condemnation it has provoked has


been universal. It is absolutely inconsistent with American values,


the standards of behaviour that we expect from a military personnel


and the vast vast majority of our military personnel and Marines hold


themselves to. So this is not the first time US troops have been


accused of breaching the rules of war. A in the past its acted fast


to investigate and punish those responsible. Containing a damaged


its reputation is harder. This man said US troops have committed a


crime and should leave the country, the president demanded an


investigation. The biggest fear is this would damage the prospects of


peace talks with insurgents but the Taliban says the political process


is separate and still stands. It's more than 10 years since American


troops invaded, the mission has been longer and harder than many


expected. It is increasingly unpopular amongst Afghans who want


to know the latest allegations will be taken seriously. A US cruel


investigation has been launched into this disgraceful act. It will


be thorough and any individual whose involvement is confirmed will


be held fully accountable and punished accordingly. Whatever the


facts, it will harm America's reputation overseas but it's


unlikely to have an impact in the way past scandals have, US troops


have pulled out of Iraq, reduced numbers in Afghanistan and the


peace process with the Taliban is under way. Expect all sides to


limit the damage but don't expect any change in policy.


Ahmad Shuja is a director of the Foundation for Afghanistan, a


Washington and Kabul-based non- profit group dedicated to the


country's reconstruction. He also writes the Afghanistan Analysis


blog. It has not been confirmed, the


veracity of the video but if it is true what will the impact be?


think the impact of this on the talks with the Taliban and Afghan


government is not going to be extensive as the Taliban have


downplayed this. What it does is... It's the latest in a long string of


incidents involving US soldiers in Afghanistan so that is unfortunate


and will have PR damage consequences for the US involvement


in Afghanistan but it's important to understand that it will be taken


it more negatively in some parts of Afghanistan the others. Overall, it


is a huge PR disaster. We are looking at a backlash against


American troops perhaps on the ground rather than any lasting


impact or damage to the East peace talks which are about to start soon.


That's accurate to a degree but to expect because of these images


broadcast in the Afghan media as well to have large scale at


demonstrations by Afghans on the ground in Afghanistan and burning


American flags is too far-fetched. What it does is create more


negativity among the Afghans about the US presence on the ground.


President Obama's ambassador is due for talks with Hamid Karzai next


week, are looking at the best hope for peace now in Afghanistan after


10 years of war? I think now you have the strongest push from all


parties involved, especially the US and Taliban and Afghan government.


But the push is stronger than ever towards a negotiated settlement for


the peace in Afghanistan. One other points, the video about the


allegedly urination, there is a cognitive dissonance in Washington


about what the US wants its troops to do all things of its troops and


what these individuals have done. At many in the West are shocked but


what's important to understand is the shock in Afghanistan is not


about the actor but it involves an action urination and desecration of


corpses which are country more significant to Afghans than the act


itself. Thank you. A Turkish court has pressed charges against


Britain's Duchess of York for secretly filming orphanages in


Turkey. The court accused the former wife of Prince Andrew of


going "against the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy" of


five children. If convicted she faces a maximum term of 22 and a


half years in prison, Our Istanbul correspondent Jonathan Head joins


Just describe what this relates back to. Three years ago at the


Duchess of York one of the projects she took up was exposing conditions


children in some orphanages are kept in in Turkey and other


countries and she came with a TV crew and visited a number of


institutions were abandoned children and this institution she


went to with a TV crew and her daughter Eugenie is one where


abandoned children with severe mental disabilities are kept. She


posed as a donor and got in and secretly filmed the conditions that


children are captain. It is a cemetery, it was chaotic and some


children were tied down. It was very disturbing. When the programme


was broadcast the Turkish government has outraged lodging a


diplomatic protest and accusing her of smearing the country and try


deliberately to damage Turkey's prospects of joining the European


Union. Three years later, a prosecutor has torn up an


indictment against her and imposed these charges. It could result in a


heavy prison sentence and Turkey applies very tough sentences for


what are perceived to be minor issues in other countries. Is it


unusual for charges to be pressed so long after the event? No, it's


not. People have been jailed and is a big issue at the moment for many


years before they get to trial. The judicial system is very problematic.


I suspect the Duchess of York will fill grateful she is not in Turkey


and does not have to go through it. There is nothing exceptional about


that. There is an extradition at Deal between Turkey and Britain.


This would not be considered a crime so she will not be coming


back to face trial. Some other news: police in the UK are


investigating claims British intelligence was involved in the


cases of two men taken to Libya for interrogation. The Libyans are


threatening to sue the UK over their transfer to Libya and


subsequent torture. Charges have been ruled out in it to other cases


involving claims of British involvement in torture overseas.


Nigerian oil workers are threatening to shut down or


production. The union is demanding action. Israel's Supreme Court has


upheld a law banning Palestinians since marrying Israelis and getting


citizenship. The laws introduced nine years ago with lackeys citing


security concerns. A former county cricketer has become the first


English player to be convicted of spot fixing during a match in 2009.


Mervyn Westfield pleaded guilty to receiving a corrupt payment.


Mexican officials say nearly 13 thousand people were killed in


violence blamed on organised crime between January and September last


year. That takes the total number of drug related killings to more


than 47 thousand since President Felipe Calderon launched his


crackdown on drug traffickers in late 2006. With presidential


elections in July, violence is set to be a key issue for voters. Will


Grant reports from Mexico City. The statistics confirm what many


Mexicans suspect it for some time. For a 5th consecutive year, Mexico


has experienced a rise in drug- related murders. Almost 13,000


people killed in drug violence in the first nine months of last year.


But up 11.4% on the same period in 2010. Conflicts between the


country's powerful drug cartels battling for control of the


smuggling routes into the United States have seen many communities


caught up in the fighting and left thousands of Mexicans did. -- dead.


A small proportion of the murders are ever brought to trial and many


are not even investigated. While the numbers are large, the


government of the President has defended the military strategy. The


rise was the lowest since 2006, the government says and violence has


concentrated in eight states. Especially on the northern border.


Critics say it previously peaceful states and are being caught up in


the fighting searchers those in the east and west. There were some


individual improvements last year such as a job and violence in the


border city. However experts say it may be more to do with a single


cartel taking over control rather than any great success by the


military or police. Mexico's cartels are still extremely strong,


especially that one or by the world's most powerful drug baron.


His empire is weakened and he is fighting other drug gangs. For many


Mexicans, tired of the violence, this election year is a chance to


register their anger at the number of murders taking place every year.


The governing party is expected to lose the vote in July to the party


which run the country for more than 70 years. If that happens, these


numbers will have undoubtedly played a large part.


Let's speak to someone who has written extensively on the Mexican


drug war. An 11% rise, lower than it previously, not much to crow


about. It's nothing to be excited about all to brag about. One of the


things with the release of the numbers, there's been a lot of


scepticism over why the delay in releasing numbers. I believe from


my knowledge of Mexican officialdom that there wasn't really a sinister


reason for this but I think what they're trying to desperately do is


communicate what is happening, whether going up, down or what does


it mean, spinning it either way depend on how you interpret it. And


You spend some dangerous times they are researching the book. Tell us


more about his man. The USA he is the world's most powerful drug


trafficker. How smart is he? think the key is a calculating. In


my research, in the mountains, it is very hard to find him, but you


get a chance of the power that his name and the organisation wheels.


He has built up over the years by being a very calculating and


ruthless, when necessary, and of course this is the drug world and


you do not get ahead simply by caution and bribery. He has made


alliances with rival Corps tells, the right time, and has moved into


drug markets in the United States. -- cartels. He moved into Met


amphetamine long before his competitors. -- Met amphetamines.


So he is an innovator when it comes to drug trafficking? Is see seen as


a local folk hero? If so, what has he done for the community and why


is nobody turning men? In terms of the local folk, officials love to


say that when they are describing him. You could argue that about


drug traffickers, that is how they operate and that is how the Mafia


used to operate. You win the population over by constructing


schools and funding schools, giving to the church, the Catholic Church


is now coming out and admitting that in the past, money from


narcotics has come in. That is brave of them to do it. I respect


that. The money has come in where government money has not. Through


simple means, this drug dealer employs people where there is no


other employment. You win supporters that way. Thank you for


joining us, Malcolm Beith. Two years after the earthquake in


Haiti which killed 300,000 people and left 1.5 million homeless,


progress and rebuilding has been slow. 500,000 people are still


living in camps and there are very few signs of reconstruction. On


Wednesday, thousands took to the streets of Port-au-Prince to demand


new housing. Laura Trevelyan is there for us now.


Welcome to 80. -- Haiti. Coming up on the second anniversary of the


earthquake. Everything changed in just a few seconds. Ceremonies of


remembrance are being held throughout the country. In just 35


over bombing seconds, the earthquake destroyed lives, homes,


and the heart of Haiti's government. That night, Astral Jacques lost one


daughter and feared he would lose a second. The kid is dying in but she


is fighting. She is infected and there is no help. Her head was open.


Her body was crushed under the rubble. This is the spot where


Tully up almost died. Very little has changed. -- his daughter. She


has made a spectacular recovery. She has done well. Life is not as


great in Haiti, there are no jobs and I am frightened for them. But


she is fighting. Daily life is still a struggle. Half of the


rubble from the earthquake has been removed, but 500,000 people are


still living in tents. President Michel Martelly, the singer turned


leader, has promised change. were slow to move the people out of


the camps. Lately, we have been able to do it. That is a huge gap.


This park was a sea of tends immediately after the earthquake.


Now those families have moved out, and normal life is returning. For


Patients, it is a small sign of progress. -- the people of Haiti.


Jessica has been given a grant to move into this tiny apartment that


she shares with her five children. TRANSLATION: It is better than


living in a tent. But how will I pay the rent next year? As Haiti


prepares to mourn its stead, the ruins of the National Cathedral are


a place for reflection and remembrance. The monumental loss is


still so hard to bear. Yolette Etienne joins me now, their


director of the project for Oxfam. What was your experience of the


earthquake? Thank you for having made here today. Thank you for


coming. -- having me. I was at work at Oxfam. I was there with my staff,


and we had this painful experience. We lost many staff who had been


there for a long time. I live close to the office, and I helped


assessed after the death of one of my colleagues who had spent 15


years working with us. He was 40. And then I had to take care of my


staff, to see how they could get home. We already knew that we had


to be at the office tomorrow morning, because it was our mission.


As Oxfam, we are not only a humanitarian organisation, we are


also a redevelopment organisation, and we are supporting Haiti in


development. And as well as losing staff, what was the impact on your


family? Why I went home, my mother was in the garden. My house was


completely destroyed. But it was the same situation. I was part of a


collective drama. And you had this awful experience, you lost your


mother and colleagues, and you had to respond to this emergency. Two


years on, how much progress has been made in Haiti? Now, again, I


am mixing my personal motions and my responsibilities for the


organisation who should support the people of Haiti to overcome this


situation. If we look around us, we still see people intense, and


people struggling to overcome this situation. -- in tents. When you


say you need to move the on the poverty, do you mean creating jobs


so that Haiti can get lifted out of the situation? Exactly. That is


what people are asking for. It is also trying to support people to


live better. That should be the content. If we rebuild better, we


should take into account people living in the countryside,


supporting farmers and jobs and the young people, and women. Thank you


for joining us here. And for sharing your experience of the


earthquake. Thank you very much. The


nominations for the 2012 Brit Awards have just been revealed at a


special launch in London. The 20- year-old singer-songwriter Ed


Sheeran is leading the field, nominated in four categories. Let


us find out who else made the nominations with Gemma Cairney from


BBC Radio 1 extra. You have just hot-footed it back from the hotel!


I still have my a wristband. Sheeran is talking -- topping the


list. What is so special about him? I think it is quite extraordinary.


Nobody really knew who he was this time last year. He has stormed it,


he has worked as a toff, playing every festival and every tent. --


worked really hard. As his notoriety got bigger, he would be


booked in bigger tents, and I think he has really done well, he is


original and organic. And he is only 20. By no! He has had three


top fives already. It has happened out of nowhere. The album went


Brunner! He has got a really good mind and he collaborates with other


artists. He is great with a guitar, which is the most important thing.


Does he write his own material? He is the husband of the Brit


Awards. Best British male solo artist, best British breakthrough,


best British single and British album of the year. He is going to


win something. Jessie J. The wife of the Brit Awards for this year.


Again, she won the Critics' Choice last year. No one knew who she was.


There you are, talking to her. Amazing. She is looking absolutely


amazing tonight. She went on holiday with Ellie Goulding who won


the Critics' Choice the year before that. It is one big love-in over


there. She is up for three awards. British team a solo artist, British


breakthrough act, again, British single, Price Tag, which we all


remember, and those are the three. It doesn't quite spring to mind! At


Dell, I do know who she is. Jessie J is up ahead of her. Yes. She is


up for British single and album of the year for 21. But maybe Jessie J


is on the cusp of a breakthrough. It is all quite soulful, in terms


of the sound. Is that the trend this year. --? In the past, decades


ago, it was boy bands and it was quite manufactured. It was all


image and marketing. This seems much more serious than musical.


quite excited that everyone cares about real music again. Perhaps it


is less image based and more about the sound of someone's voice, going


back to the Critics' Choice thing, Ellie Goulding and Jessie J, this


year it was Emile Sande, and if you do not know her, you need to check


her out because she puts on a real performance. The whole room was


just still. She has sold. She has got the vibe. It really counts.


will see who is going to win next month. Gemma Cairney, thank you


very much. That is it. From all the very much. That is it. From all the


team here, go by. -- goodbye. For the moment, it is goodbye to spring


and hollow to winter. It will feel much more like January tomorrow


morning. Widespread frost starting the day. The reason for that, an


area of high pressure building across the UK, blocking mild


westerly winds. This is how we start the day. The blue it will


show where we have the frost. Pretty sharp across northern parts.


Cloudy skies across the north-west. Much of northern England across the


north-west, England and the south- east. Temperatures matching. Down


on recent days, but about right for this time of year. More cloud at


times across Cornwall and the north and east of Wales. The wind is


going to be very, very light tomorrow. That will help with the


field. Rather grey skies across Northern Ireland. It should be dry,


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