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In is BBC World News Today. Unfit to lead a may stkwhror


international company. That is the damning conclusion of a British


Parliamentary report about media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Rupert


Murdoch is not fit to run an international company like BSkyB.


To vote or not to vote f that is the question facing France's


National Front supporters in the second round of the Presidential


election. It is one year since this man was killed, but how much weaker


is Al-Qaeda since the American operation to remove him? Also


coming up. Coup and counter coup in West Africa. Rebels in Mali say


they have the upper hand in fighting against forces loyal to


the deposed President. And the art of activism. The occupy movement


has spawned new forms of political expression, but can they change


The conclusions were damning and potentially far-reaching. A British


Parliamentary investigation into the phone hacking scandal at the


News of the World concluded that the media mogul Rupert Murdoch is


not a fit person to run an international company. It claimed


he was Willfully blind to what was going on signed his newspaper. It


added there was an instinct to cover up rather than seek out wrong


doing. News Corporation has said some hard truths have emerged but


that some of the commentary was highly partisan. Rupert Murdoch,


till recently seen as the world's most powerful media mogul. Today,


declared by MPs not a fit person to run a major international


bibusiness because they say he and his colleagues turned a blind eye,


for year, to phone hacking by journalists at the News of the


World. Everyone in the world knows who is responsible for the wrong


doing of News Corporation. Rupert Murdoch. More than any individual


alive, he is to blame. Morally, the deeds are his. He paid the piper,


and he called the tune. The Culture, Media and Sport committee was more


damning about three of his colleagues. Colin Myler, the former


editor of the closed News of the World. Tom Crone, who was the legal


affairs manager for Mr Murdoch's British newspaper and Les Hinton,


for decades his right-hand man. All accused of misleading MPs in the


case of Mr Myler and Mr Crone, in part because they had been aware of


a 2005 E may showing hacking was more widespread than the company


admitted. It is because Mr Mile e Mr Crone and Mr Hinton told MPs in


2009 that hacking was the work of a single rogue reporter, that MPs


have found them guilty of misleading them. Mr Myler in New


York where he is editor for another organisation. He, Mr Crone and Mr


Hinton have rejected the damning verdict. It was the disclosure that


the News of the World hacked the phone of Milly Dowler that turned


hacking into a story of national importance. And since then the


rosta of prominent people whose privacy has been invaded by phone


hacking has grown and grown. We are used to not ever being seen to


criticise Murdoch or the press. To see this frankly brutal report, has


come as a bit of a shock. Then I thought is it too much? Has it gone


too far? Then I think no, he has a lot of questions to answer. He has


a lot to answer for, and I think he is, for the very first time being


held to account. So why did the committee reach its verdict on


Rupert Murdoch? We find News Corporation carried out an


extensive cover up of its rampant law breaking. In the view of the


majority of committee member, Rupert Murdoch is not fit to run an


international company like BSkyB. The issue on which no Conservative


member felt they could support the report itself, was the line put in


the middle of the report that said that Mr Rupert Murdoch is not a fit


person to run an international company. The media regulator Ofcom


is investigating whether BSkyB 39% owned by Rupert Murdoch's News


Corporation is fit and proper to hold a broadcasting license. In


theory, if Mr Murdoch is deem by MPs not to be fit and proper, that


could push Ofcom nearer ho deciding that for BSkyB to retain its


license News Corporation should sell most of its BSkyB shares. The


News of the World scandal still making news, shaking perhaps the


whole of Rupert Murdoch and James Murdoch on their sprawling media


empire. -- hold. I am joined by Ben Bradshaw, former British culture


and media secretary under Gordon Brown. Were you surprised by the


strength of the language used in this report? I refer in particular


to that phrase that Murdoch is unfit to run a major organisation?


Not really and don't forget these MPs have spent a long time, they


have taken a great deal of evidence, they have summoned witnesses,


including Rupert and James Murdoch themselves. We know because it has


been widely reported about the phone hack, the bribes that were


paid to police officers for information, that his papers paid,


so we all know, and there is a serious problem here, and these MPs


have clearly felt it was serious enough to make this recommendation.


But the fact they were split along party line, by this particular


phrase, doesn't that now turn it into a bit of a political football,


and undermine, if you like, the wait of -- weight of the report's


findings? I suggest people who are interested read the report and draw


their own conclusion, I think it is worth noting those party lines,


whether the Conservatives wanted a milder report which would indicate


to me, we know the members of the committee have been holding private


meetings with News International recently, whereas the majority, the


opposition Labour members and the one Liberal Democrat member, don't


forget the Liberal Democrats are part of the Government here,


supported the more stronger language report. Think that says


more about the fact that Conservatives either haven't


learned the lessons of this scandal are in thrall to the Murdoch empire.


What power does this report or Select Committee have, in reality?


It is advisory in this instance, but of course, I would be very


surprised if our independent media regulator Ofcom did not at least


take into account the recommendation of the committee,


and I would be very surprised too if the Government didn't take it


into account, and indeed there will be a vote on this committee's


report and it will be very interesting to see how the


governing Conservative Party in Britain votes, are they going to


vote to support Murdoch, or are they going to vote to support the


outrage really that has been expressed not just by this


committee, but the broad British public, at what we have learned


about the tactics of some of the Murdoch newspapers. What about the


long-term consequences of this? Murdoch still owns the time, the


Sunday Times as well as his stake, the Sun, as well as BSkyB. If he


were to pull out of that, would it be a good thing for the British


media? I think there are a number of long-term consequences. I hope


one of them that Parliament and elected representatives have taken


power back from the media. I think too many years elected politicians


have been cowed and fright and by Murdo Fraser -- Rupert Murdoch. All


partys have been guilty of this, I hope we get a proper media


regulatory landscape that doesn't allow one particular individual or


company to amass as much power as Rupert Murdoch has here. Something


that would never be allowed in the United States, or most other


European countries. There are positives things that could come


out of this. Let us look at some of the other news. In the latest stage


of his landmark visit to Burma, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon


held talks with Aung San Suu Kyi. Mr Ban praised her for backing away


from a boycott of Parliament that had threatened to stall the reforms


in Burma. He said she accepted an invitation to visit New York. The


former head of the International Money Fund Dominique Strauss-Kahn


has suffered another legal setback. A judge in New York has ruled that


a civil lawsuit alleging he sexually assaulted a hotel made can


go ahead. He the nighs the allegation he tried to rape her


last May. Prosecutors dropped the criminal charges in the case last


summer. Work has begun to draw up a new fully civilian constitution in


Turkey. A multiparty part tricommittee is cameing up to come


up with a democratic charter to replace the existing constitution


which was drawn up under military rule 30 years ago. It is expected


to take a year. And in football, the manager of the English Premier


League team West Bromwich Roy Hodgson has been confirmed as the


new manager of the England national side when he takes charge, after


the remaining two games of the season, his first task will be to


lead his country into the European Championships. The large Mayday


rally in Paris the leader of the far right Front National told her


supporters that she would not be voting for either President Sarkozy


or his challenger Francois Hollande in the next round of the


Presidential election. Marine Le Pen said she would cast a blank


ballot. Six million people voted for the National Front in the first


round, so how they vote this Sunday could be decisive. The traditional


Labour Day rally, always a big event if France but more so this


years unemployment rose again in April for the 11th month, in line


with the anger and frustration directed at Europe. No party has


captured the mood better than the Front National. Support for the far


right is now at record levels across the country and today the


new generation of the party paraded past the statue of Joan of Arc.


Marine Le Pen, who casts herself as the modern day patron saint blames


open borders and the evils of globalisation, and she is winning


the argument. In the first round of this vote some 6.5 million people


in France turned out for Marine Le Pen. The President now needs to


steal a large percentage of that vote if he is to have any chance of


winning on Sunday. Marine Le Pen has told both candidates she


doesn't own the vote, which may be true but the size of her support


here today she wields great political influence. The res rick


was steeped in history and condemnation for five years of


broken promises. In the end, she offered noen dorsment of either


candidate. -- rhetoric. If votes were awarded for stage design


Nicolas Sarkozy would be home and dry, but they are not. In recent


days the President has been criticised for straying too far


into Front National territory, on immigration, law and order and


security. Today, he picked labour reform. I will fight for a new


social model. Where the trade unions instead of being a source of


conservatism will be a source of transformation. Francois Hollande


made a decision last week to stay away from labour day, it is an


occasion for the workers he said not the politicians. Perhaps it


shows the confidence he exuded with a six point lead in the polls.


Tomorrow it is live debate between the two main candidates. The first


and only time they go head-to-head. Mr Sarkozy needs a career best


performance, without it, his presidency has just days to run.


Now it has been a year since the former Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden


was killed in the Pakistani town by US navy seals but where has has


that left the militant group. They now have a new leader, Ayman Al-


Zawahiri, in the past year US drone attacks have killed a number of key


members of the organisation including Ilyas Kashimiri and then


there was Anwar Al-Awlaki, a US- born radical Islamist cleric in


Yemen. Despite this weakened leadership Al-Qaeda is growing. It


has links with Boko Haram in Nigeria, it has formed a


partnership with Somalia's Al- Shabab. President Obama who was the


man wo ordered the operation to kill Bin Laden has given an


interview to the US network, NBC, from the famous situation room in


the White House where he watched events unfold on that night..


this point I think all of us understand that we are a long way


to go before the night is done, and I have said, this was the longest


40 minute moifs life. To cone a phrase, all you know is you have a


black hawk down. It is in the courtyard, it turns out to have


been especially piloted by a pilot who cushions everyone onboard..


I will tell you when I saw that pilot, I gave him a pretty good hug.


I am joined from New York by a journalist. In the course of your


research, for this book, what was the thing that surprised you most


about the hunt for Bin Laden? I mean I guess one of the things


that surprised me, having visited inside the compound where Bin Laden


lived, the only outsider to do so, but the kind of life he was leading.


I mean you know, he had three wives, ranging in age from 29 to 62. He


had a dozen kids and grand kids. There were other, about a dozen


other people living in the compound, people who were protecting him and


their families. They were living a simple life, they had very few


heaters, in a place that gets cold in the winter. They had no air


conditioning, they were growing their own vegetables, they were


living this kind of almost like back o the land lifestyle on the


compound. -- to. Each of the wives had her own kitsch within a crude


bucket suspended over the stove where kitchen smells would be


sucked up to the outside. Bin Laden had a tiny toilet where he would do


his business. A kitchen... Didn't you say in spite of all these


people living openly in town, nonetheless the intelligence that


President Obama was confronted with, on a, on the basis of which he had


to take a decision to launch this attack, wasn't that secure, was it,


there were doubts? There were huge doubts. At one point is the deputy


director of CIA who is a veteran of the CIA, and who said to the


President before the raid, the circumstantial case that Iraq had


weapons of mass destruction is better, than the circumstantial


case that Bin Laden was in the compound. That is a sobering thing


to have a veteran CIA guy tell you, and you know, President Obama at a


certain point decided the intelligence picture was never


going to improve. The only way they could improve it was by taking the


measures that might spook the target. And so he would have to


make a decision based on imperfect information which is the


intelligence business, intelligence is not about definitive proof


usually, it is about kind of things There were many there were against


the raids. The number to military adviser to the President suggested


another option that was a small experimental bomb to be dropped on


compound. There were many against it and many had much more real


experience. Joe Biden was elected senator when President Obama was 10.


It was a decisive decision. Fascinating stuff, thank you.


In Mali's capital, Bamako, soldiers from the ruling junta have overrun


the barracks of the presidential guard. Leaders who handed over


authority to a civilian Government on 12th April said they had fended


off attacks on the national TV station, the airport and a military


base. Vehicles turning back in the streets of Mali's capital as the


City remains tense. There were further outbreaks of shooting after


the attempted counter-coup. TRANSLATION: But we spent a


sleepless night. They are shooting at people, stray bullets are


killing people. We want this to stop. This morning, this tank stood


outside the headquarters of state TV which the anti-German to forces


are trying to takeover. There were few people on the streets. --


Imitating the gunfire he had heard, this man said he had seen soldiers


of the presidential garden at shooting. It began with forces


loyal to them seizing power. They remain loyal to the former


president ousted during the coup. Under dog mess, they attacked the


TV station, the airport and a military base. -- dog mess. Earlier


today, soldiers loyal to the coup leader appeared saying they still


held these key locations. The TV showed weapons and ammunition


belonging to captured troops. They suggested they had had foreign


backing. What to demonstrate his how volatile Mali continues to be


even though a coup leaders have handed over power to an interim


Government. The job of restoring constitutional control remains


acute. It is May Day and the international


workers' holiday was turned into a day of international protest. This


was the scene in Turin a few hours ago. They were angry about the


austerity measures. In Spain, thousands took to the streets after


two years of deep spending cuts, tax hikes and one-in-four Spanish


unemployed. Greece, grilled by debt, more than


2000 people marched through central Athens ahead of national elections


these -- this Sunday. In the United States, the Occupy


movement is holding demonstrations against capitalism. It is


supporting new forms of artistic expression which have a directly


New York, the centre of the global art world. Since last October, it


has been at the centre of something else. The Occupy movement. Whether


the protest leave a lasting impact, what is for certain come they are


already impacting on its art and culture. It is simple. It suggests


and 99% and reads as a bat symbol. Instead of a superhero, it is


ourselves. 99% coming to save our self. We are our own superhero.


Meet the eliminators. Mission, to project slogans on to buildings


from a van. They have created a brand of more successful than many


brands. Is it performance art or is it activism? For the generation of


artists that art in Occupy, it is a piece of scepticism. It is people


putting out their work. The poster is where the white-walled gallery


meets the black blog, where fine art meets St top. What they did was


it a curse out of ourselves, out of the gallery system, out of this


serve -- self referential way of working and we were able to engage


with the outside world. With my work for Occupy, I am not just


producing a cool image, I am producing a functional and


persuasive piece of work that will be pasted on buildings and held up


by demonstrators. Please turn around and exit the block. Since


they were expelled from the original camp, they have been


playing cat-and-mouse with the police Knightly. As the real police


moved in, so do actors playing a spoof police force. You don't have


any money to pay S. A night after night, they turn New York into a


venue for the culture war. Of course, today's artistic rabble is


tomorrow's guy in the Academy but at least with this lot, you can't


call them RAAD balls without a cause. -- rebels Without a Cause. I


am joined by Laurie Penny who has been following the protests. Dr


Occupy movement promised to action in New York. Is anything happening?


There are lots of protests all over the city that started at 8am to


stop some of the pickets were backed by a unions around current


union disputes and some were people going down in groups of 20, 30, 40,


picketing financial institutions, and right now, there are people


using the black blog tactics where people are taking to the streets


and gathering for a rally. What is that rally? Black blocker. They


dress in black and mask up as a pre- cursor to people in other


situations. It is not just in New York, there are protests in LA,


Chicago, Philadelphia, people using a variety of tactics. In Madison


Square Gardens, there is a free university being held aimed at


raising the problems of student debt. Can a movement like this


survive, given it no longer has this physical base like it had in


Zucotti Park? It doesn't have a proper leadership or a hierarchy.


Can it sustain itself? That is an interesting question. Particularly


the question about space because the movement has changed both in


New York, London and across the world since all these spaces were


evicted by police. What has happened today is they have had the


pop up occupation which is in a never Parkin New York. It is


functioning as Homebase. People are going to try it and converge on


Zucotti Park. It is interesting how that's based has functioned in


place of a traditional leadership structure, as long as people feel


they have a place to go to. Space is a contested resource, never more


so than now. For that is all we have time for. Thank you very much.


The main news, British parliamentary committee has issued


a damning verdict on the role of Mayor to it -- Rupert Murdoch in


the phone hacking scandal saying he was unfit to run a major company.


That is off from the programme. Next, the weather. From me and the


Hello. We had a lovely day across parts of Scotland, with England and


Wales seeing rain. Tomorrow, it will be mostly a dry day. This


weather front is still with us and it is pushing his way northwards


through the night and it will keep thick cloud across Northern Ireland


and towards the Midlands. Some sunshine to the west of that band


and further north. Through the afternoon, things should brighten


up bed temperatures will struggle with that breeze coming in from the


North Sea. -- but. Across south- west England, the trade -- day


should be dry and bright. Temperatures up to 16. South-west


Wales, another place where we will see brighter spells. The north-east


is staying over cast. Northern Ireland, a cloudy day but not huge


amounts of rain. Temperatures around 12 Celsius. For Scotland, it


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