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Zeinab Badawi. The great survivor of African politics looks like he's


done it again. Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF Party say they have won


Zimbabwe's elections by a landslide but the opposition say it was


stolen.. Is Zimbabwe now heading towards instability and uncertainty?


A worldwide warning to Americans abroad - the State Department says


Al-Qaeda might be planning terrorist attacks in the Middle East and


beyond. Also coming up: What's so special about this ring that's


prevented an American pop star from taking it out of Britain?


And text, sex and politics. As Anthony Weiner tries to become New


York mayor, we'll get an expert's 90 but Robert Mugabe still has the


ability to out manoeuvre his opponents and his Zanu-PF Party does


enjoy considerable grassroots support in Zimbabwe. The party is


claiming it has won a clear majority in the elections and that Mr Mugabe


will return as president. Two African observer missions have given


their broad support for the election process. But the opposition MDC and


its candidate for president Morgan Tsvangarai have said they won't


accept the results, alleging massive fraud. Our African correspondent


Andrew Harding reports. President Mugabe is on a roll. The


green bits show what his party has been winning seats. As more results


come in, a crushing majority is looking certain. ZANU-PF, 12,708.


Officially we do not know if Mugabe has kept his job but his team seems


certain. The indications from the elections are that we are going to


have a landslide victory, unprecedented landslide victory.


African observers have expressed concerns about ridding with voters


denied access to the polls. Overall, the foreign monitors seem convinced


the results should stand. We do not believe that these incidences will


amount to not representing the will of the people. On the streets, there


is anger amongst Mugabe's opponents convinced they have been cheated of


victory. We cannot take it any more, the youths are suffering, there is


so much apathy. You cannot take it any more. But it is also clear


President Mugabe enjoys far more popularity in Zimbabwe than some


would like to believe. Zimbabwe is entering legal challenges and


uncertainty but the facts on the ground seem pretty clear, President


Mugabe will keep his job, his grip on power is perhaps as strong as


ever and there's not much has critics at home or abroad can do to


change that. Well, let's get the latest from an


academic and human rights activist from Zimbabwe. Is this all looking


like a bit of a mess in Zimbabwe? Come again, I did not get your


question. Is this looking like a mess, one side saying they won and


the other side are saying we do not think the election was correct.


Well, I don't see it as a mess, really. It is just that these are


some of the sentiments we should expect when people find themselves


in an election and one that has been highly contested like this in


Zimbabwe. But I want us to understand today has been a lot of


people underestimated ZANU-PF and the opposition party overstated


their support to the extent of being reckless in their campaign. This is


a shocker to them. We should not really expect that it will turn out


to be something quite of a mess. It will turn out to be something


positive for Zimbabwe. If the African observer missions say these


elections have been both free and fair, the moment they say quite


free, we do not know about fair, but if they say they were all right


basically the MDC will have no choice but to accept? Well, they


will be left with no choice that is if you remember yesterday also the


South African president Jacob Zuma also said on TV live on TV that if


the MDC is complaining there has been irregularities they must


provide evidence so there will -- they will be in an invidious


position to supply evidence the elections were rigged but so far we


know the observers have given it the thumbs up and that in itself is a


big roost for the outcome, particularly for ZANU-PF. I see but


it is not like 2008, we have had a power-sharing coalition with the MDC


and ZANU-PF and the MDC, people say it has lost its lustre while it has


been in power, how far is that true? To an extent that is quite true. Its


greatest undoing, the MDC has been involved in global political


argument, the coalition, they failed to operate and to perform. A lot of


them were philandering, we know about Morgan Tsvangirai and we also


know how most of them enjoyed the trappings of power and that was to


ZANU-PF's gain and they presented them to the people to say that these


people have been claiming they want to bring change but look at what


they are doing, this is the change they will bring. A lot of swing


voting has happened. Very quickly, and briefly, if ZANU-PF are the


outright winners, people all over the world should not say there was


vote rigging and by and large it is a credible result? I think it is a


credible result. We should have expected this. Thank you as always


for your brilliant analysis. Supporters of Egypt's deposed


president, Mohamed Morsi, are staging rallies in Cairo, two days


after the military-backed government authorised the police to disperse


the sit-ins. This is the scene outside the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque


in Cairo. The demonstrations are taking place a day after the US


Secretary of State, John Kerry, said the armed forces were in effect


restoring democracy when they removed Mr Morsi - the country's


first democratically elected leader. Those are the pictures live from


Cairo at that mass rally. A world-wide warning has been issued


to American citizens abroad. The US State Department says Al-Qaeda and


related militant groups might be planning a terrorist attack during


the month of August in the Middle East and beyond. David Willis joins


us now from our Washington Bureau. A fairly broad warning, what is the


State Department saying? A broad warning geographically at least. The


State Department putting out this worldwide travel advisory, warning


of a potential threat to American citizens from Al-Qaeda or its


affiliates and it is urging American citizens of the dangers of a


possible attack on tourist facilities or on public transport


systems in North America or the Middle East, urging Americans to be


aware of their surroundings and adopt appropriate safety measures to


protect themselves. It recommends you are citizens register with the


embassy in the country they are visiting. All of this comes a day


after the State Department announced it would be closing 21 embassies or


consulates overseas in 18 different countries on Sunday for the day.


Sunday is a normal business day in the Muslim world out of what it


called an abundance of caution and in the interests of those who might


be visiting the facilities. It is cautious there might be some sort of


attack involving a crowd of people queueing for a Visa, perhaps.


thank you, David. The president-elect of Iran Hassan


Rohani is due to be sworn in on Sunday and already he's created


something of a stir. He was quoted as describing Israel as a wound that


must be removed during a pro-Palestinian rally in Teheran.


But in footage seen by the BBC Mr Rouhani criticised the Israeli


occupation of Palestinian land, but did not say Israel itself should be


removed. State media in Iran has accused two other Iranian news


agencies of distorting comments made by Mr Rouhani. We will talk about


this with my colleague in a moment but let's look at who Hassan Rowhani


is. He has strong links with Britain. Ichard Galpin has gone to


Scotland to find out more about him. Glasgow, not unobvious place for an


Iranian cleric and senior politician to study. But in the 1990s Hassan


Rowhani came to Glasgow Caledonian University is a postgraduate student


researching Islamic law. Known then as something else, he received a


doctorate in 1999. For a thesis on the flexibility of sharia, Islamic


law with reference to the Iranian experience. He did most of his


research in Iran while Deputy Speaker of Parliament but travels


regularly to the University to discuss his thesis. This is the


thesis which he wrote. The senior academics who survived him --


supervised Tim says he has a modern and reformist approach which is


different from the hardline religious leadership which has


dominated a run for so long. I met a professor who was one of his


academic supervisors in Glasgow. He told me the fact Hassan Rowhani


wanted to study in Britain reflected his comparatively liberal instincts.


He chose Great Britain because he has respect for the legal system


here, the judiciary and the legislative system. The Parliament.


Absolutely. He believes he will bring reform. I am hopeful he will


be successful in delivering the promises he made to the nation


however I would not say it will be an immediate change, it has to be


gradual towards an Orion of sustainable development and good


relations with the rest of the world. Hassan Rowhani has called the


many changes including re-engaging with the West to end the crisis over


the nuclear programme so economic sanctions on Iran are lifted.


Provided the United States is willing to authorise a negotiating


position that includes ways for Iran to benefit then I believe during his


presidency it should be possible to negotiate a solution, a permanent


long-term solution to the nuclear question.


In Orion, there are high expectations of change. At how much


Hassan Rowhani will achieve remains an open question. With me now is


Rana Rahimpour from the BBC's Persian Service.


Tell us what exactly did Hassan Rowhani say at the Palestinian rally


today? These are his exact words translated. He said that the


occupation of the holy land of Palestine and Jerusalem is an old


wound in the body of the Muslim world and he never mentioned Israel


or the Zionist regime as the politicians refer to it or never


mentioned removing anyone unlike what some of the Iranian news


agencies said which they have corrected and have apologised for


the way they reported it. So, in saying it is an old wound, that is


not a controversial one for a Muslim leader to make but how you think the


misunderstanding began in the first place, why would he be misquoted?


Was a mistake or mischief? I think it was a mistake because that is


what people say at the rallies, people are there to denounce Israel


and they expect to hear this, they are used to hearing these rhetoric


is from Ahmadinejad. It was an expectation and they decided to end


the sentence it is the sentence they things from Binyamin Netanyahu, this


is like Ahmadinejad but he did attend this rally in Tehran so why


would he be playing the Palestinian card so early, he has been sworn


that has not been sworn in yet. have too attend the rally and Hassan


Rowhani is part of the establishment. He will not change


the rainy and policy towards Israel but he is an experienced diplomat


and he knows what words can do and he knows the value of each word and


that's why we were surprised when we heard the news, Ahmadinejad has


never been a diplomat but Hassan Rowhani knows how words can be


misquoted and I think he will be much more careful especially when he


has promised more engagement with the West. Do we know what his policy


priorities will be? He said he is seeking more engagement with the


West he once more transparency when it comes to the nuclear policy so it


seems he is trying to reach out a hand to the West. Well done. Thank


you. The former Italian prime minister


Silvio Berlusconi has reacted and delete after his risen sentence was


upheld by the highest court in the country. In a televised statement


Silvio Berlusconi described himself as an innocent facing genuine


harassment. He is unlikely to go to jail because of his age and is more


likely to face community service or house arrest.


Investigators looking into the train crash that killed 79 people in


north-west Spain last week say the driver ignored three separate


warnings to slow down. He received the final warning 250 metres before


getting to the curve with the train crash. The driver, Francisco Jose


Garzon Amo, applied the emergency brakes seconds later.


Prince George has had his worst registered. He was registered as His


Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge. -- he


had his birth registered. When the American pop star Kelly


Clarkson bot and gold ring at auction she might have thought that


was that -- purchased an old gold ring.


There are no diamonds. But this simple ring is a precious piece of


Jane Austen's past. When her descendants could tap auction last


year American singer Kelly Clarkson what it. But she has only been able


to wear a replica. The British Government has placed an export ban


on the ring. The committee felt, after discussions, that this ring


was of such reality in terms of its association with Jane Austin, that


it was worth saving for the nation. At the author's former house the


only other former pieces of the author's Julie Arquette safely and


locked glass. The museum could not compete with the auction house.


looks like the price was going to go through the roof. It is difficult to


raise and off a lot of money very quickly. Given that the American


singer won the bid fair and square is it right that she should be


denied her purchase? I admire her. But we need to keep so much here.


is part of our heritage. It is very special. She wanted to wear it as an


engagement ring. That is very romantic. For now the rain remains


in the UK but there last chapter is yet to be written.


Politicians often have to come to terms with scrutiny of their private


lives. In the race to be the next mayor of New York City two


candidates are trying to relaunch their political careers after


colourful scandals. Voters can pick Wherever he goes and media circus


follows. Anthony Wiener, the candidate for New York Mayor, who is


almost as well known as his alias, Carlos Danger. That is the name he


used. The topic at this meeting was supposed to me how to rebuild the


community, but attention quickly turned to the wreckage of his


career. How can I trust you with my family and my community venue cannot


be trusted in your own family? not so much that new EU or is


shocked by the revelations. Two years ago photo has got to view


the front portrait of the then Congressman. He had sent online


photos to women. He had to resign. The front pages had a familiar look


will stop -- familiar look. That is not the way we role in New


York City. I do not understand how you think you would have the moral


authority to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much


more than the standard of conduct that is expected of us. By contrast


Eliot Spitzer has mounted a mortal comeback. -- at model comeback. He


was forced to resign after a sex Let us talk more about this.


We will speak to Robert Shapiro. He has been an adviser to Bill


Clinton, Al Gore, and Barack Obama. What is the difference between Eliot


Spitzer and Anthony Wiener. Eliot Spitzer had sex. Anthony Wiener had


a lesser scandal. There is no evidence that Eliot Spitzer repeated


his mistake. Weiner had to resign and then went on doing the same


behaviour. The most important difference is that Eliot Spitzer had


an extraordinary record as Attorney General. He has a record of


distinction. Anthony Wiener's record in Congress is more diminutive.


if you are a politician of real ability that can transcend our


sexual scandal? -- a sexual scandal westerner --? The public supported


Bill Clinton through his scandal. He was the most successful US president


in a generation. That is what the public values. What the voters of


New York will value most is someone who can demonstrate that they can


manage the beers of the city in the interests of the people. -- manage


their business of the city. What about the role of the waves standing


by their man? -- the ways standing by their men? I cannot speculate on


anybody's marriage. I did not mean that. I mean, standing by your man.


How important is that? It is to kill. -- it is critical. If they do


not it is a closed deal. The spouse has got to stand by for there to be


any realistic chance of getting the public to see beyond the sexual


scandal to the qualities that the candidate is offering.


Thank you for sharing your insights. Robert Mugabe has officially won a


substantial majority in Zimbabwe. substantial majority in Zimbabwe.


That is all for now. Goodbye. We will all see some sunshine. Most


of us will see a few showers as well. This is the picture this


evening and overnight. This is where the wildest of the weather will be


in the morning. For most of us some showers and some sunshine.


Temperature is not as they have been. There will be a few showers


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