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You may be shocked and pleased to hear what the art from this stall is


really worth. Hello and welcome. The case of this


missing child gripped written and the world. Madeleine McCann


disappeared from her parents' holiday apartment from Portugal six


years ago. The Portuguese police shelved their investigation five


years ago but in the next few hours it is detectives will launch a new


European appeal. They have issued an e-fit of a man who they believe


could provide vital clique -- vital clues. They believe he was seen on


the night Madeleine was abducted carrying a blonde child wearing


pyjamas. Is this the man who holds the key to


the Madeleine McCann case? Two e-fits of the same man seen carrying


a girl towards the beach on the night Madeleine McCann disappeared.


The sighting was during the evening and it was of a man walking down the


street with a child in his arms He was a white man with dark hair and


the child was described as Rita four with blonde hair, wearing pyjamas,


and that is why we are so interested. -- three 24.


At 8:30pm we know that Madeleine and her brother and sister were left in


the apartment while her parents went for a meal. At five past nine Gerry


McCann checked on his children. At ten o'clock Kate McCann found that


Madeleine had disappeared. At the same time the man whose e-fit has


been released was seen making his way to the beach. It stares out of


Portuguese TV screens today. Many locals welcome the latest effort.


TRANSLATION: So many years have gone by. They did not find anything then


so let's hope she is found now. It is not just the local press. Six


years on, this case fascinates the world. The Crimewatch material will


be shown in the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland. It is generating


headlines across Europe. It is important that this is broadcast


because sometimes people think, I was there and I saw something. Six


years is a long time. What the police want to do is make at that


crucial night come alive. They have produced a detailed reconstruction


of what they think happened. We are not the ones who have done something


wrong, it is the person who has gone into the apartment and taken that


little girl. The attention once again turns to Praia da Luz. The


town president says he hopes it will make a difference. We will have to


start again, yes. I want to see this finished. British police say this is


an important moment, a search for fresh clues, six and a half years


since a girl disappeared. All sides in Washington agree they


have a big crisis on their hands. They are into week three of the


partial shutdown of the US federal government and on Thursday the


government may run out of money to pay its debts, so there is a big


meeting due shortly between President Obama and Congressional


leaders. Speaking at a local food kitchen President Obama had this to


say. There has been some progress on the side of the Senate. Republicans


recognise it is not smart, it is not good for the American Let's go live


to Washington. The president said he hopes cooperation will prevail. What


does it feel like to be in Washington watching this?


It still feels pretty shut down but the president is not the only person


voicing optimism. The Republican minority leader also voiced


optimism, so it seems that something is in the works. We know that


outline of what they are talking about. Both sides want to enter the


shutdown and somehow lifted this restriction on US government


borrowing and they want to come to a longer-term deal on finance in the


US government and, also, it seems that senior Democrats and


Republicans are prepared to repeal attacks on medical devices. It seems


that somewhere in there is the parameter of a deal. Negotiations


are happening in the Senate, but would it be passed by the House of


Representatives which is Republican-controlled, so a lot of


action here. The devil is going to be in the detail. It is also about


the power that tea party Republicans excerpt.


It is partly about that, it has been driving Democrats in not wanting to


make a deal. The opinion polls are saying that Republicans are


suffering more and getting the blame from the public from the government


shutdown. The president 's approval rating is not high either. If we get


the prospect of a default, it'll be a pox on everyone's houses, so there


is pressure on both sides to reach a deal.


Malaysia 's Court of Appeal has ruled that Christians cannot use the


word Allah to refer to their God. The judge has said the term Allah


must be exclusive to Islam or there could be public disorder. More than


60% of Malaysia 's population is Muslim and conservative groups have


welcomed the court ruling, but Christians argue they have used the


Arab word which predates Islam. It is. They say they will appeal


against the ruling. These Muslim groups feel they are


under siege. They believe that Christian minority is urging


followers out of Islam. The use of the word Allah is seen as part of


the plan. Today the protests have one message, that the word Allah is


only for Muslims. TRANSLATION:


It is our religious duty to protect a word, that is why we are here to


show our support for this holy Word. The case has dragged on for five


years and today government lawyers got exactly what they wanted. The


judging panel unanimously agreed that Allah is not an integral part


of Christianity. One judge even questioned why Christians are so


adamant on using the term, but judge officials say they have been printed


in the word Allah in Malay eyeballs for centuries without incident.


Allah is a term in the Middle East and Indonesia that is used by both


Christians and Muslims. You cannot say that all of a sudden it is not


an integral part. The Malay language has many borrowed words. Allah is a


borrowed word. The case has baffled Muslim scholars outside of the


country but this is what the government is worried will happen if


Christians continue to use the word. Churches were firebombed in 201 and


also Muslim prior halls. Some Malaysians believe the governing


body is using the ruling to boost its Malay -- it's religious


credentials. It has put in call the government's call for national


unity. After the ruling Muslims prayed but this case is far from


over. Christians say they will take this case to be highest court in


Malaysia. They say it is unconstitutional for any government


or court to tell them how they can worship.


Now we are going to bring you a brief look at the day's other news


before going back to that story 1200 people have been arrested in


Russia in a raid targeting migrants at a Moscow market. It follows an


attack on a vegetable market and rioting over night. Police say they


are investigating some of the workers for possible criminal


connections. Riots broke out about the killing of an ethnic Russian


man. At least 115 people in India were


killed in a stampede at a Hindu festival. Police said it was fuelled


by rumours that a bridge that - a bridge was about to collapse.


Authorities have been criticised for failing to take necessary security


measures. One of Somalia's most notorious


pirates has been arrested in Belgium. The man was lured to


Belgium on the promise that he would be an adviser on a film about piracy


but instead he ended up in custody. In January he denounced his life of


crime but he was still wanted for hijacking a Belgian ship four years


ago. A man has been arrested after trying


to enter Buckingham Palace with a knife. The 44-year-old man was


stopped by police trying to enter the Northgate. The Queen was not in


residence at the time. -- the north gate.


Now to the problem of migrants making the potentially deadly


journey across the Mediterranean. Today Italy ramped up its


surveillance of the waters around Lampedusa. The island has become a


gateway to Europe for thousands of people migrating to Europe from


Africa. The Coast Guard says 36 people have lost their lives in the


latest two syncings. -- sinkings. A bright light for a sombre task.


-in silence. Then some mourners are overcome by emotion is. -- deafening


silence. The body of a child, the only white one, was coming out of a


ship. Eritreans and Ethiopians living in Italy came to pay their


respects. TRANSLATION: We urgently need to


find a way to be able to regulate this low, to put an end to these


tragedies. It is inconceivable. It is not in anyway understandable and


it is certainly not acceptable. Migrants often say they are ready to


face the perilous journey in hope of a better life. This woman managed to


reach Italy four years ago from Eritrea. TRANSLATION: I came by ship


as well but on my journey I saw terrible things along the way. I was


arrested in Libya for one year. I saw a lot of bad things but God has


let me through all of this and so I am here now. Many migrants here hold


her view, that hope of a better future makes many risk it with what


ever they can. The boats continue to come on to mainland Europe and the


bigger question many are asking is how do you deal with this increasing


problem. The Italian government has given 190 million euros to the


problem. This is to establish centres to process immigrants.


Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide.


Almost all cases are caused by human papillomavirus. Here, girls aged 12


and 13 are given a vaccine to prevent it but the disease kills


thousands of women globally every year, with the vast majority of the


cases in developing countries. Now girls in those countries are


starting to get the vaccine as well. Laos is one of the first


countries to benefit and focus was sensed this report from there. -


Fergus Walsh sent this report. The vaccines they received in


childhood stop them getting childhood diseases and now they will


be protected against a disease which affects women in the prime of their


life. Laos is one of 14 developing countries with plans to introduce


the vaccine in coming years. This is a milestone in women's health. These


girls are benefiting from a vaccine which is often routine in wealthier


countries but in poorer nations the immune eyes Asian has the potential


to save the most lives. -- immunisation. It has been made


possible I GAVI, the global alliance of and immunisation. -- possible


by. 85% of women who die from cervical cancer are in the


developing world. This is estimated to double, which is why the vaccine


is so important. Health care here is basic and even in the capital. A


senior doctor tells me there is no national screening programme for


cervical cancer that could detect the disease earlier. In Laos there


is no radiotherapy for any cancer patient. It is so hopeless, you feel


like, I cannot do anything. This woman's mother died from cervical


cancer. She and her niece nursed her through a long and harrowing


illness. It was painful to see her suffering, she told me. She was in


agony, we had to spend a lot of money on treatment, none of which


saved her. Denise should not suffer the same fate as her grandmother. --


the niece. The HPV vaccine is being supplied for a fraction of the cost


paid by wealthier countries but developing countries must supply the


nurses and show the commitment needed if pilot projects like this


are to become full national programmes, protecting women's


health for decades to come. Let s pick up on the Malaysia and court


decision we were telling you about that only Muslims can use the word


Allah. David Thomas is a professor of Christianity and Islam at the


University of Birmingham. Thank you for joining us. I want to put to you


first, the court said the word is not an integral part of


Christianity. Well, the word God is an integral part of Christianity and


if you translate that into Arabic, which would be the language from


which the religious terminology in Malaysia is derived, then the


natural translation is Allah. From your point of view, the court ruling


today isn't really theologically sound? It does seem strange, from a


theological point of view. If I could say, in Islam there is a


strong belief it is the foundation believes that there is only one God


and therefore every faith, Christian and Jewish and Muslim, will believe


in the one God. The name of the one God, given in the Koran is Allah. It


is the word used in Arabic. It might be worth noting that for the first


centuries of Islam, when Christians and Muslims were meeting one another


and discussing matters of a almost on a daily basis, this would be in


the Islamic world where Arabic was the language, the world -- the word


Allah was used by both and there is no indication of any sense of ill at


ease on the part of Muslims. Yet, as you know and you have seen yourself


in Malaysia recently, there is more than an ease. It has become a very


heated, political issue. It definitely has. I was there a few


months ago and I was aware of debates between more conservative


Muslims and what you might call more liberal minded Muslims about this


very issue. I would have thought that there is possibly a certain


amount of fear on the part of some Muslims in Malaysia and it is worth


stressing that it is some Muslims in Malaysia, by no means all Muslims,


that if the same word is used for God, then certain parts of the


populace might feel that there is really not that much difference


between Islam and Christianity. Their grounds for that fear? Have


you seen it happen elsewhere? I know conversion a great fear. In the


post-colonial error, where mission is still seen as something that


comes from the west, there are grants for such fear. I think that's


what Malay Muslims would look to their neighbours in Indonesia where


there is some information, there is some evidence to show that people


have moved from one face to the other because they don't


appreciate, possibly, the differences between them because the


same words are used. Thank you very much for your time.


The International Committee of the Red Cross says that three out of six


of its workers, plus a member of the Syrian Red Crescent have been safely


released after being abducted. Their plight highlights the dangers faced


thereby aid workers as well as journalists and no weapons


inspectors. The head of the organisation trying to dismantle the


chemical arsenal, the group that just won the Nobel Peace Prize, is


calling for short cease-fires to allow sites to be inspected.


A routine live broadcast on a pro-regime TV channel, the


interviewee in the Damascus studio was talking about the explosions


carried out by rebels and exactly that happened.


He soldiers on, saying we are OK, we are co-dash-macro we are OK, but


then there is an even bigger blast. The sound had clearly gone and the


interview was cut short at that point. Dramatic though the


explosions may have been, they're in patterns more propaganda than


military. The only casualties seem to have been the suicide bombers


themselves. The perimeter wall of the broadcasting building was


damaged and showed that bombers can penetrate into why security areas.


Much more serious in terms of impact was the abduction of all seven


personnel on an International Red Cross convoy by armed men in the


north-west of the country. Full of the kidnapped workers have been


freed. The three others are still being held, it is not known by which


group. The Red Cross says it is not suspending its work, but will take


stricter precautions. We call on the groups who are


holding them to release them immediately and unconditionally The


reason is, we are here to serve the Syrian people. The international


team of chemical weapons experts has set out for another day of verifying


and destroying the equipment used to to deliver deadly weapons. So far


they have not bumped into problems on the ground. Virtually all of the


chemical sites are in government held areas, but they do have to


cross lines from time to time and are taking nothing for granted. The


US Secretary of State met with the peace envoy in London to discuss


holding a settlement conference next month. John Terry made it -- John


Kerry made it clear he wanted to end President Assad'.


President Assad has lost the legitimacy to be a cohesive force


that could bring people together. It is clear that in implementing Geneva


one, which is the only purpose for having the Geneva conference now,


there has to be a transition government.


That may be aimed at persuading the rebels to attend, but it is not the


way the Syrian government and possibly the Russians see it.


America's main job is to get the divided opposition to form a


credible delegation. That is a tall order, so far it has not even been


possible to set a date for the talks.


If you had the chance, how much would you play -- pay for a Banksy?


He normally sells in top galleries for $200,000, but when he put his


work on sale in a New York street he did not get many takers.


All this month, his graffiti has been the talk of the town and the


focus of countless smartphones. When Banksy set up a stall in Central


Park, selling work for $60, few paid them any attention. These bargain


basement Banksy's are worth up to $20,000. It took over four hours to


make the first sale and then the woman managed to negotiate a 50


discount. This man from Chicago bought four, saying he needed


something to fill the wall space in his new home. He walked away with a


fortune. Over the course of the day, just eight works were sold


producing morning after agony for this art loving city.


Yesterday you could have got a Banksy to $60. Too bad I wasn't over


there. I don't know how people didn't realise what it was. The


irony is that some New Yorkers were trying to cash in on the month-long


show. They had got as far as ripping off the doors of this graffiti


strewn car. The chance to make an honest buck has gone away.


Just time to remind you of our main news. British police have launched a


new Europe wide appeal about Madeleine McCann releasing a photo


of a man who may hold vital clues to the disappearance six years ago


That is all from the programme. From May and the team, thank you for


watching. Good evening. After something of a


mixed bag during Monday for many of us, it looks as though Tuesday is


going to be a better day. It may not seem like that first thing because


central and eastern parts are going to have to do a bit of brightening


up before we see a decent spell of sunshine. Monday 's wet weather


eventually pushing away towards the near continent and then this brief


window of drier weather. Watch out for mist and fog first thing.


Gilfach and low clouds across eastern areas. In the afternoon


really gets going to the extent that we see sunshine break out the east


of the Pennines. Low-pressure adjacent to the far east of these


ganglia. As we dressed -- drift across southern England, brighter


prospects. For Wales, the West Midlands, the north-west of


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