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This is BBC World News today, with me Philippa Thomas.


WHITE The US Congress edges closer to a deal that could stave off a


massive debt default and end the partial government shutdown.


WHITE The Senate has agreed, but will the more sharply-divided House


of Representatives follow suit? And a history Will Iran soon allow


greater inspections of its nuclear facilities? Was Top-level


negotiations in Geneva end with renewed optimism. The moment a


massive earthquake rocked the Philippines. We now know more than


140 people have been killed. And we speak to the youngest-ever winner of


the Man Booker prize. New Zealand author Eleanor Catton wins the


prestigious literary award for her novel, The Luminaries. Hello and


welcome. It is all still all in the balance in Washington and, by all, I


mean the vote in the House of Representatives, the United States'


good standing, or otherwise, as a debtor and the reaction of markets


around the world. Politicians on Capitol Hill have reached a deal to


avert a massive debt default, Thus far, a deal has been agreed only in


the Senate, but it is a start. Let us hear what has been said by


Democrat and Republican leaders in the Upper House. It is another easy


for two sides to reach a consensus. It has been really hard. But after


weeks facing off across the divide, our country came back from the brink


of disaster. In the end, adverse arrays settle the differences to a


fear that disaster. We began a series of conversations about the


way we had to get real to prevent default. I am confident we will be


able to do these things. Crucially, I am also confident that we will be


able to protect our spending reduction, as a result of the budget


control pact. But getting a deal in the Senate was always the easier


half of this equation. It is the House of Representatives where


President Obama's most fiery Conservative opponents have been


making their stand. Katty Kay always knows what is happening behind the


scenes. What is the latest? The question is going to be whether the


Speaker of the House can look on these tea party Republicans today


and say, I did everything I could. We tried to give you the deal you


wanted, but it did not happen. If you've fought against this, we will


face default and he will paint a picture of Armageddon. He will have


to hope he can carry enough of them along, along with the Democrats to


push this through. There have been some was it of science. The Texas


senator in the vanguard against this finally came around today and said,


clearly enough, I will not block the deal which has been done in the


Senate. Senate Republicans united, as they had united with the


Republicans from the House of Representatives, it would have been


a very different outcome. However, that did not happen. I hope the


Senate begins to listen to the American people. A lot of people in


Washington loved to focus on the politics. It is the game of this


town. But what matters more than any politician, is all the people in


this country who are hurting at the moment. Do you think we may get to


the point today via the House of Representatives works out its own


deal, or is this simply too optimistic? I think there is


optimism. I think the House and the Senate will go ahead and agreed to


this and it will then go to the President 's desk and pass into law.


We have seen the financial markets up 100 points today because they are


up to mistake about it deal being done today. I hate to rain on the


parade, but I do worry if it is rather too much short-term


optimism. The fundamentals of the finances of the Government have been


exposed over the past 16 days. Agreement cannot be reached on the


important matters are now we have done here today is pushed the


problem down the road. This will come back again in the middle of


January and on the seventh of them but temporary, we have the debt


ceiling which has been raised will run out again. It has not solve the


underlying problems. There is a sigh of relief today, S New Year freer we


are to see whether this is a valid prediction of where we are. This


problem goes down to the fact that the grassroots, many members of the


Congress, are tied because they are looking for re-election in the next


two years. Yes, they are not worried about the fact that it maybe looks


as if the Republican party have suffered over this. They are worried


about the opinion polls in the individual districts. They are


worried about getting the elected Conservative parts of the country.


In the Philippines, the death toll over the earthquake has risen to


144. These pictures show the moment part of the oldest church in the


Philippines collapsed. The bell tower of the centuries-old Basilica


Minore the Santo Nino was reduced to rubble within minutes. With more,


here is the BBC's South East Asia correspondent. The so many buildings


to damage to sleep in, this is where many occupants spent the night after


the earthquake, many of them thankful just to be alive. There is


no sudden helper hand. At the epicentre, the damage was much


worse. This was the home of Daniel. We have been calling out for him,


said his daughter. This is so hard for us. Retrieving the bodies is


taking many hours of toil. This is what a fusidic instead to the


historic churches in the region Great blocks of stone, built three


centuries ago, simply crumbled. The city Hall feared little better. The


tones have been reached and one of these was very heavily hacked. We


are extending our support to that town. They have already started the


clean-up, but to rebuild homes and lives will take much longer. Now to


Russia, where there has been another extraordinary twist in a court case


against the country's main opposition activist, Alexei Navalny.


In July, Mr Nalvany was jailed for an embezzlement conviction, but


later released, pending an appeal. A court has now upheld the conviction,


but suspended his jail sentence He has always denied the charges,


accusing the authorities of prosecuting him for political


reasons. While on bail, he stood for mayor of Moscow, coming second and


nearly managing to force the Kremlin's candidate into a run-off.


Let us go via webcam to Moscow. Natalia Pelevina is a spokesperson


for Alexei Navalny. So he has walked free? He is, luckily. But even he


does not have to go to jail tonight, the suspended sentence means he will


not be able to run for office and, that of course, is very


disappointing for both him and all of us who support and work with


them. That means he cannot stand in the next presidential elections


Exactly, that is what the authorities are trying to achieve.


Unfortunately that is what they got. That is not to say he will not


take part in political life. He will contribute as much as deeply


recently dead. Unfortunately, he will not be able to run for city


elections, but he will still play a huge part in these elections. How is


he going to lead then if he is not the figurehead standing for


election? What policies or alias does he want to draw public


attention to? How much will we see him out there? He will be


campaigning a lot for all of the candidates. He is a Leader of the


Opposition movement and will remain a leader. He will set the tone. He


will continue to support the candidates who will be running for


office as year from now. He will be out there and as open and outspoken


as he has always been. He does not want to compromise that. His name


not be on the ballot paper, but he will still be Weathers. He has a


suspended sentence, so that is always the danger that he could be


tried once more under other charges. He will be a way he is not entirely


free? Yes, they are is the possibility of that. He was charged


twice already. This could very well be the case, unfortunately. In this


regime, the Assembly is no telling what will happen. We are very lucky


that he is not in jail now. But we do not know what to expect. We will


work as hard as we have been doing and stay at the front. Thank you


very much for joining us. Now, the latest on the fight against


preventable deaths among children being waged by doctors around the


world. The World Health Organisation says there has been huge progress in


the past decade. Measles deaths have been cut by 70%, polio is close to


eradication and global child mortality has fallen by nearly half


since 1990, despite the population growing. But as our medical


correspondent Fergus Walsh reports, millions of children are still


missing out on basic vaccines. Giving every child the chance of


life. Children have now got a healthier chants of staying healthy


than at any time and the Passat 50 years ago, things were very


different, even in Britain. Even better than children faced many


diseases which have now disappeared. Smallpox only disappeared in 19 0.


It showed that vaccines have transformed health care. They


prevent many diseases. There was a list of the basic vaccines that


every child should get. Just one in 20 of the world 's children is fully


immunised, getting all the required dozers and most of those are in


healthier countries. Letters have a look at these. Fewer than ten in 20


get these vaccines. For those which prevent diphtheria, tetanus and


whooping cough, 16 in 20 are provided for. But that means 20


million children do now get fully in median eyes. That has a huge human


cost. There are one and a half million deaths from preventable


diseases. The first vaccines for them were introduced less than a


decade ago. Dozens of developing countries are beginning to use them,


but there's a long way to go. Health services in developing countries are


overstretched that there are not enough medical staff to carry out


immunisation. Vaccines must be kept cold or the parish and it can be


difficult to get them to remote communities. Closing the


immunisation gap between pure and healthier nations remains a key


target for the World Health Organisation. Letters bring you more


on the top story about the possibility of a deal


Weekender to capitol Hill now. Do you think they could be a deal with


the house tonight? Insurer appears that a Bill is coming over from the


Senate. I would like to read that and see what is in it. Let us


remember it is a temporary fix. It is for a few months. We need to get


into the real issue on the table. That issue is a 17 trillion dollar


debt in the country. There are 6 trillion dollars of unfounded


mandates that they cannot account for how we will pay. If you are


taking into 0.5 trillion dollars and spending three trillion dollars,


you have a problem, that is why we have a debt ceiling increase that


needs to be addressed. Hopefully in these three months we will have


time to took get with the Democrats and I am something out to bring our


country back into real fiscal accountability for the future. From


your point of view, at the house, or Republicans in the house, might


be prepared to do the deal now and say that the US financial system --


saved then US financial system from a disastrous default. The Speaker


has made it very clear in this process that if we raised the deck


feeling we could create instability in the markets here and globally so


we are committing to that. The real issue is that President Barack


Obama must give leadership where he has not in the past. He has not


addressed our debt or the spending trajectory that we are on. Yet, his


own former budget writer and their budget right to have all stated


that we could collapse just like Greece. This have to be central and


get on the radar screen in America and we need to address the problem.


I just want to clarify. You said you wanted to avoid default in the


short term, are you speaking for the poll caulkers, do you think all


Republicans will come together on that? I cannot speak to everyone


but I think it is important for us to have some time and hopefully I


in these issues out. We have had months to do it. We have had a


budget plan that would balance our budget in 10 years. It is horrible


and reckless that we have not had that type of Budget commitment


today. The President, frankly I gave a speech in the last week, a


speech that he gave in March 20 6, where he lambasted President Bush


for failed leadership and having a five trillion dollars of debt and


is said it was irresponsible. Let us do what we have to do today. Let


us come together with reasonable minds and plan the future of


America so that we can have a growing economy that creates jobs


and will have a positive impact on the entire world. You are a very


busy man and we thank you for your time.


Now in Geneva two days of negotiation over run's Mutual -


nuclear plant have ended positively. The talks are said to have been the


most detailed they have had yet and more talks are planned. We heard


from a Catholic who was representing the EU but she did not


give much away. -- Cathy Ashton She declined very politely to get


into the detail of water run discussed. Another official told me


and told a number of journalists that we shouldn't take it as a bad


sign. It is a positive sign because real negotiations are not leak in


public, they are done in public -- private. When calves are kept close


to the chest it is easier to reach an agreement. We can provide a lot


of information about how long John Dennis Vieira de Freitas and Mark


Phillip Gomes Pires for and the atmospherics of the meeting but we


cannot describe to you what went on but we know the two sides are at


the start of a process and we don't know when it might end. You said


that at the beginning of the talks the bigger stumbling block was


trust. Has the third will be lowered?


Clearly a need to chip away, not just a decade of mistrust about the


nuclear programme but a decade of mistrust as a whole. In the last


few days Iran and the United States have made some progress with their


particular relationship. The two sides met one on one last night


with no intermediaries. It was described as useful. Here is the


key point, meetings with a run and the United States are becoming a


habit. They are meeting regularly and directly and that could be the


quarter resolving the issue in the long run, those two countries and


their relationship. Now a look at some of the day's


other news. A passenger plane has crashed into


the Mekong river in southern Laos. Officials say that all 49 people of


eight different nationalities on board were killed. The Lao Airlines


plane was on an internal flight from the capital, Vientiane, to the


south of the country when it crashed in bad weather.


In Japan, at least 17 people have been killed and 40 are missing


after flooding and landslides triggered by one of the most


powerful storms in years. Typhoon Wee-pa narrowly missed the crippled


Fukushima nuclear plant. Its operator, Tepco, pumped rainwater


out of the facility to prevent further flooding. The Greek


Parliament has voted to lift the immunity from prosecution of six


politicians from the extreme right- wing party, Golden Dawn. It's part


of a crackdown on the group which is accused of operating as a


criminal gang. Three other top party members, including its leader,


are awaiting trial. This time yesterday, we were


waiting to discover who'd won this year's Man Booker Prize, one of the


world's most prestigious literary awards. Well, Eleanor Catton was


the youngest writer ever to scoop the prize, and The Luminaries is


the longest ever winner in the 5 year history of the Booker. It is


weighty in all senses. You can see the 28-year-old from New Zealand


getting the news and the award here. The Luminaries is her second book,


and on the face of it, it's an atmospheric Victorian murder


mystery set during the New Zealand gold rush of the 1860s.


Eleanor is with us now. I know you have had a busy date. It is great


to have you with both now. The book is huge. I have had questions from


our view was about the process. How long did it take to write this


book? About five years but only three of those years were sitting


down at a desk and writing. It takes me a long time to get going


when I start a project and the first few years were reading and


dreaming about what I wanted to do and following avenues of thought


from book to book and seeing what came up. You have got the up front


story about the murder and the mystery and the atmospherics of the


gold rush time but behind that you have an astrological structure. You


have to read more deeply. Yes, I was another of the idea when I


started writing the book of a fictional experience with two


hemispheres in the same way that the brain has to hemisphere's or


the globe. I wanted to write on the face of it a straight forward


plopped but behind that it almost a harmonic architecture or that the


music of the Spears was understood as being beautiful music that was


playing at all times, just beyond what we could hear. I know one of


the judges putted very beautifully and said it was like 15 gold in the


gold plan and you have to look very deeply into the novel, even though


it is 800 pages you have to read it a few times. I think the best


compliment anyone can receive is that a reader would want to read a


book more than once. Have already moved on to your next model? No I


only finish this one in January so the turnaround time was quite swift,


especially for a novel of this side. I have only been reading and


enjoying putting my feet up and not thinking about anything. When you


started the process of writing this you said you had dreams and


thoughts and strands going through your mind. By United to move on to


something very different of some in the same vein? I hope so. My


favourite writers are all people whose books look very different to


all of the ones that came before. I hope I will never repeat myself


over the course of my career and I am just waiting for an idea to take


root. Someone said today that reacting to your success, she is in


the vanguard of the evolution of the novel. But is a weight on your


shoulders. Yes, the world novel means new, doesn't it? It only


really makes sense if we keep trying to reinvent it as a form and


magic to the changing world. Our world is changing so swiftly and


the novel is such a supple and generous form that it can really


look like anything at all. I kind of like the idea that we are all at


the vanguard. I have to ask you as you well from New Zealand, the


second winner from New Zealand of the Booker, what do you make of it


going global? I think it is a really good idea. I can understand


a contrary point of view but for any nation to put their literature


up against the literature of another nation is a very


interesting thing because certain things come to light and you notice


certain similarities and differences. Ultimately it will


mean that American literature and British literature, chiefly, but


also Commonwealth literature at large, just speak to each other in


more of a conversation which will be a good thing. Thank you very


much for coming up. I will not let you leave the studio


without signing my copy so stay here while I reminded viewers of


our main news. US Democrat and Republican senators


seem to have reached a deal to avert a default and avert a partial


government shutdown. The plan must be approved by the House of


Representatives which is controlled by the Republicans.


Iran have and the world powers have ended their most detailed


negotiations about the nuclear programme amid optimism that a deal


can be reached. More talks are planned for early next week --


month. That's all from us today. Now for


the weather. Goodbye. Good evening. The day has turned


out to be a complete contrast. Some parts of the British Isles and rain


to start the day and then it was pleasantly warm in the sunshine


That is how it will be for many more people up on Thursday. There


is a mild feed of their coming from a long way south in the Atlantic,


pumping the mild air up and across parts of England and Wales. If you


are not plugged into their air supply and that goes for the


northern part of Scotland, it will have a distinctly cool the field to


the day. Plenty of sunshine around across a good part of England and


Wales, not without the possibility first game of head teacher was


running through the southern counties of England and Wales. The


residue still to be had in


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