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This is BBC World News Today, with me, Philippa Thomas.


News of further attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria - does the Islamist


militant group have Nigeria's government and military on the run?


They follow the devastating double explosion in


the city of Jos - where the death toll has now reached more than 120.


dollar, three-decade gas deal - it's been ten years in the making.


The former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is sentenced to three


And why being happy got the makers of this YouTube video


arrested by police in Iran and paraded on State TV.


As Nigerian rescue workers comb through rubble searching


for bodies after the bombings in the Nigerian city


The Islamist group Boko Haram has been accused of killing at least


27 people in attacks on two more villages in north-east Nigeria.


The attacks happened here in Alagarno and Shawa.


In Alagarno, Boko Haram fighters reportedly spent hours killing


As you can see the attack was very close to Chibok


where more than 200 schoolgirls were kidnapped more than a month ago.


As I mentioned it comes just a day after twin blasts in Jos


killed more than 120 near the city's Terminus market and the University


So this year alone, more than 1,000 people have been killed


The Nigerian government has been quick to condemn the attacks.


But its ability, and even willingness, to put an end to them


Scenes of panic in Jos when the two bombs were detonated.


Terrified, they ran for their lives in search of safety.


These were two extremely powerful blasts, the aim clearly to kill


as many people as possible in the crowded market.


An indiscriminate attack which killed Christians and Muslims.


Amongst the chaos, the emergency services tried to help


Many had open wounds, fractures and burns.


Although it is not known who carried out the attack,


the Islamist extremist group known as Boko Haram has targeted Jos


before, bombing churches in what was then seen as an effort


For more than a decade, the middle belt of Nigeria has been the scene


They are often described as religious clashes but are in fact


rooted in competition for land, resources and political power.


The bombs in Jos follow the recent past in the capital Abuja as well


The Islamist extremists are still holding more than 200 schoolgirls


Just hours after the bombings in Jos, another attack took place,


this one in the rural north-east, in a village.


There Islamist militants fighters went in, looted, killed


at least 17 people, and then set fire to almost the entire village.


They were there for several hours throughout the night.


And then they left and vehicles that they stole.


There is no sign that the authorities have the capacity


to turn the tide against this brutal campaign of violence.


That is what terrifies many Nigerians.


With me is Alice Ukoko, a lawyer from Nigeria who runs


Thank you for coming in. You have published an open letter to the


Nigerian president calling on him to step aside. You see a potentially


great nation is on his knees. Why should he go? The evidence is so


clear. If you look Nigeria, one may argue that they


have come and take an over. Nigeria, one may argue that they


point is security is nonexistent across


point is security is nonexistent problem. We see Nigeria


point is security is nonexistent electricity. There is no evidence of


governments in Nigeria. The issue of electricity. There is no evidence of


corruption is backbreaking and electricity. There is no evidence of


obviously there is a electricity. There is no evidence of


is going on there. What should be electricity. There is no evidence of


Nigeria, there is no education, no water, no resemblance of governments


in Nigeria. So many issues. If we look at security. What


in Nigeria. So many issues. If we with the military, do you think it


cannot deal with those endured -- insurgency or is there no willpower?


People are not thinking in terms of the country. They are pursuing their


personal goal, that is their personal path. They do not care at


all. What we are seeing is not... We are dealing with a government that


lacked the will or as is divorced but lacks the ability to keep


Nigerians say. Dash-mac a security force. If we wind up back, and go to


the state of emergency that was declared in those three states in


May last year, you will find for that alone, the president should


step down. The civil politicians should also the site. One of the


issues is if you want to crack down on people and criminals in a


particular place, for instance criminals come to your home, what is


the first thing you do? You lock your door. Then you deal with them.


But what we have seen in all year, we have seen since May last year,


that this government declared a state of emergency in three states.


Broke off this social fabric in the States and put out the security


forces that were there killing nobody but civilians opened the


borders so Boko Haram and the terrorists were going and coming as


we like. Do you think there is any hope of getting the girls back? You


could take each topic in this and ask the president to step away. To


allow, if you look at the kidnappings in the first place, they


are saying first, the security forces were lacking. They were told


that the schools were going to be attacked, nothing will happen. The


girl who came outside, the vehicle broke down and they were there


trying to fix it which gave the girl the opportunity to escape. All of


that, there was no security person to comment and challenge them in


that broken down vehicle. We have to leave it there. There are so many


problems that we need to talk about. I appreciate you coming in.


Now finally Russia has signed a 30-year gas deal with China.


The agreement - estimated to be worth $400 billion -


hands Vladimir Putin a diplomatic and economic boost, at a time


when Russia risks losing European gas customers, due to sanctions over


The deal was signed in Shanghai, where


the Russian President was attending an Asian security conference.


From there, Damian Grammaticas reports.


China is rising, and taking it all in, Russian naval officers, today


The two sides fought 50 years ago but now they are friends.


To seal that growing friendship, the biggest deal


China will buy hundreds of billions of dollars of Russian gas.


Vladimir Putin looked delighted and well he might.


Just as Europe is talking of buying less gas from him,


The bargaining has taken 10 years and went on even today


behind-the-scenes as the leaders met at this security summit in Shanghai.


Both China and Russia feel under increasing pressure from the West,


that may have been the final nudge to do their deal.


And the two sides share common interests - China needs to secure


new sources of energy to ensure it will be able to power its growing


The pall of smog over Shanghai, a reminder it wants clean fuels.


Russia needs the cash and investment China can bring as Western sanctions


Economically, both benefit because they need the sale in the bag.


Politically it sends a message, that we have closer


The deal won't affect Russia's energy supplies to Europe.


China's gas will come from fields in Siberia,


It's the timing and the symbolism of it all that matters.


So President Putin leaves his with a significant deal in his pocket.


China may have driven a hard bargain, but for Mr Putin the


The West may be trying to isolate him, but this is his riposte.


He is building a powerful new relationship here in the East.


In Thailand, there's been an emergency meeting of political


leaders called by the army following its declaration of martial law.


Defying martial law, one local radio station keeps


There are hundreds like it run by red shirt activists who support


And now they have learnt the soldiers are on their way here too.


There is a heated debate among local residents.


Should they resist or should they cave in?


There has been no violence here to justify shutting it down.


We are just ordinary people who have no weapons.


Only our hearts calling for democracy.


It seems like they are trying to close down our eyes and ears.


No one is yet quite sure what the real intentions of


the generals are, are they actors, honest brokers, or are they trying


But their but their heavy-handed control of the media does risk


a public backlash, especially here among the government's supporters.


Today the army commander summoned all of the leaders of all


of the different groups with some involvement in Thailand's crisis.


For the first time, they sat down together.


To hear the general tell them he wanted an end to the deadlock.


But can what seems very like military rule achieve what


The Army is not seen as a neutral party.


Back at the radio station, they held a vote to decide.


When the soldiers come, would they fight or giv in?


A small exercise in democracy in a country where that seems


For them, martial law is already unacceptable.


How many others will follow their example?


An Egyptian court has convicted the former President Hosni Mubarak


of embezzling public funds and sentenced him to three years


The trio were found guilty of spending more than $17 million


of public money - funnelled into presidential palaces


Hosni Mubarak was looking relaxed as and sent us this report.


Hosni Mubarak was looking relaxed as he waited to hear the verdict. The


86-year-old who was in a he waited to hear the verdict. The


was flanked by his sons in their he waited to hear the verdict. The


prison whites. The embezzlement was a family affair. The judge said


Mubarak had a family affair. The judge said


sons the freedom to take whatever they wanted from the public 's


money. All three were sentenced to jail but


money. All three were sentenced to served. Outside,


money. All three were sentenced to said. Supporters claimed


money. All three were sentenced to understand me? He is a hero, I used


to dream of him. I used to follow him. This is not fair. Because of


politics. him. This is not fair. Because of


more. These him. This is not fair. Because of


vocal but only a tiny number have him. This is not fair. Because of


come here today. The reality is Egyptians appear to have lost


interest in the former leader and his legal problems. He is facing


many more days in court. He is being retried for complicity in the


killing of protesters and the 2011 revolution. After the brief hearing


behind these walls, the deposed president was returned to a military


hospital. Sources say doctors will decide if he is well enough to go to


jail. Now a look at some of the day's


other news. The Pakistani military say 60


militants have been killed after after fighter jets bombed suspected


militant positions in the north of the country, close to


the border with Afghanistan. say a number of those killed were


important commanders and foreign fighters in the tribal region of


North Waziristan. The internet auction site eBay says


it's asking its users to change their passwords after hackers


attacked a database, compromising its security. eBay, which has 128


million users worldwide, says the database contained encrypted


passwords, plus personal information - including postal addresses. The


company says it has no evidence that The company says it has no


evidence that hackers accessed The US Coastguard says it?s covered


nearly 3,000 square miles in the search for four British sailors


missing in the Atlantic. Their 40ft yacht, the Cheeki Rafiki,


was sailing back to the UK from a regatta in Antigua when it got


into difficulties on Friday. A UK military plane has also joined


the search, which resumed yesterday. The French train operator SNCF has


discovered that hundreds of new trains it ordered


at huge expense are too wide The embarrassing blunder has so far


cost the rail operator more than almost 70 million dollars, but those


costs are likely to rise further. Construction work has begun


on altering hundreds From Paris, our correspondent


Christian Fraser sent this report. The rail operator in France has


just found out the hard way. Before train company SNCF ordered


hundreds of new traits, they asked the operator RFF to measure the


space between platforms and tracks. The dimensions they were given


were from those platforms built 30 years ago, but some 1,200


platforms date further back. The new trains are too wide


for some stations. The local authorities that paid


for them can't believe it. "It is outrageous", said this


councillor in Toulouse, "we will be returning any bill


they send us. "We are not paying a centime


towards it." The new rolling stock is only ten


centimetres bigger on each side, Long stretches of platform


will now have to be modified. RFF say they budgeted


50 million euros. French reports say


the costs will go far higher. They are saying that this will not


lead to an increase in the cost The finger of blame is being


pointed in all directions. Having first admitted it had


realised its mistake a bit late, the rail operator is now saying


it's inevitable that platforms will have to be adjusted


when new rolling stock arrives. Through the years,


the French have invested billions in the fast TGV, but the provincial


connections are not as good. The opening event of Madrid's


bullfighting season has had to be cancelled after three matadors


were gored by bulls. The worst injuries were suffered


by David Mora, after one of the animals rammed its horn into


his leg and threw him into the air. It's the first time in 35 years


the event has been suspended. Tell us about this sequence of


rather gory events, Tom Burridge. We can show you some dramatic photos of


this bull fight, which had to be called off. As you say, it is


extremely rare, normally there are six bulls in a bull fight, and three


matadors. These pictures show how seriously these three bull-fighters


were injured, the first, David Mora, particularly badly injured, caught


twice in the leg and the arm and then two other bull-fighters that


stepped into the ring also got caught in serious incidents. A very


rare incidents that all three would be injured so much that it had to be


called off. How many are actually staged in Spain each year? It is


fewer and fewer, the number of bull fight is in decline. Many are


indifferent to bull-fighting, some are obviously opposed. There is a


core contingent in this country and it cuts across the political


spectrum of people on the left and the right. It is particularly


popular in the south and it is connected to the festivals in Spain,


Pamplona in the north, down in the south, in Seville, there is a


festival, and here in the capital of Madrid. So bull-fighting still has


its fishy in orders, the hard core of supporters. It is with some


people a culture and tradition --has its officiant orders. For people


outside of Spain, it can be gory and evil and cruel, but it is still


going strong to a certain extent but generally speaking it is on the


decline. Tom Burridge, thank you. Prince Charles has criticised


President Putin, between Russia's role in Ukraine


and Germany under the Nazis. He made his remarks


during a private conversation on a trip to Canada, but the apparent


readiness of the King-in-waiting to voice political opinions has once


again proved controversial. Here's our Royal Correspondent


Nicholas Witchell. , packed with 40 engagements.


Literally hundreds of brief conversations with strangers. In


Nova Scotia, in Halifax, Prince Charles had met Marion Ferguson and


she told him how her and her sister had lived in Danzig, in Poland, and


were Jewish and fled for their light ahead of the invasion by the Nazis


and their leader, Adolf Hitler, an invasion which led to the Second


World War. In his conversation over a cup of tea with Mrs Ferguson,


Prince Charles evidently drew a comparison with what the Nazis did


in Europe then and what the Russians, under Vladimir Putin, are


doing now in Ukraine. The precise words are disputed but a Daily Mail


reporter who was present, that is her behind the pillar, claims the


Prince said in relation to the Ukraine "and now Putin is doing just


about the same as Hitler". Charles has met blood Amir Putin several


times in the past and in a couple of weeks, they were both be attending


the 70th anniversary of D-day -- Vladimir Putin. Any connection


between him and Hitler will be seen by the Russian leadership is deeply


offensive. You can't be much more insulting


about a Russian than comparing them to Hitler, because Hitler, of


course, killed 26 million Russians, and I suspect that privately he


will be rather angered by it. Political leaders here are divided


over the remarks. The Deputy Prime Minister said he was entitled to say


what he did. Prince Charles is is able,


I would have thought, to be free to I don't know exactly what he did or


didn't say in that conversation, because he thought it was


a private conversation. The Leader of the Opposition


said the Prince has a point. I think he has got a point


about President Putin's actions and he is absolutely entitled to say


there are real concerns about that. But Nigel Farage said the Prince


should keep quiet. Sometimes,


there are issues that it would be better if elected governments dealt


with more than the monarchy. Interventions by Charles has


certainly raised eyebrows before, but as he moves ever closer to the


throne, they pose obvious risks, as the Prince knows. One point of view


is that Charles was merely articulating what many people have


said in private. The question, though, is whether it was wise for


the future king of the United Kingdom to share such views with a


complete stranger. Or might it may be more prudent for him to follow


more closely the example of his mother?


Next the story of six young people in Iran who were arrested


for posting a video of themselves dancing to the hit "Happy" by the


Police in Tehran said the film showing


women without headscarves dancing with men, "hurt public chastity".


Latest reports from Iran say some of the dancers have now been released.


The video that has gone viral since it was first uploaded a month ago.


It shows a group of young Iranians dancing on the rooftops of Tehran to


Like many other Pharrell fans around the world, they made


On Tuesday night, Tehran's police chief Hossein Sajedinia said they


But the pictures and video were blurred for people watching in Iran.


The detainees confessed, saying they were deceived into making the video.


Following the State TV programme, a huge campaign started on social


#FreehappyIranians is now trending on Twitter and Facebook.


Pharrell Williams has also made a statement


Experts say on the face of it, the reason they were arrested was


because the women weren't wearing headscarves


But today, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani tweeted an excerpt


from a speech he made last year, in which he said happiness was a right,


though hardliners are worried about the potential use of social media to


whip up support for causes they don't agree with.


Latest reports say the men and women have been released on bail.


And just time to remind you of our main news. The militant Islamist


group Boko Haram has been blamed for attacks on to remote images in


north-eastern Nigeria, in which 27 people have been killed. This comes


after twin bombs on Tuesday claimed at least 122 lives. The Government


has blamed the Islamic group of the attack. Rescue workers searched the


central market today. I am Philippa Thomas, thank you for being with us


today. Hello, once again. After a pretty


decent day in many parts of the British Isles, except the North of


Scotland, it has to be said, tomorrow could come as


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