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This is BBC World News Today with me, Zeinab Badawi.


After months of political turmoil, the army stages a coup


Soldiers are on the streets as a nationwide curfew begins.


The UN and Washington condemn the military takeover.


The Secretary-General is seriously concerned by the military takeover


in Thailand today. He appeals for a prompt return to constitutional,


civilian, democratic rule. Ukraine's military suffers


its biggest loss of life in the current conflict after


an attack by armed separatists. A man in California is charged with


kidnapping and raping his girlfriend's daughter and


holding her captive for a decade. Russia's response to comments


allegedly made by Prince Charles Should the future King be


more careful about expressing A curfew is in place in Thailand,


the army has staged a coup, the government has been dissolved


and the constitution suspended. And there's been


a strong reaction to all this the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon


says he's "seriously concerned" And the US Secretary of


State John Kerry says there's no justification for the coup,


and is reviewing aid to Thailand. The army stepped in and stopped two


days of reconciliation talks in Bangkok between Thailand's


political factions. The head of the armed forces,


General Prayut Chan-ocha, will lead a ruling military body,


and the heads of Thailand's navy, air force and the national police


chief will be his deputies. This is the twelfth coup in Thailand


since the early 1930s, Jonathan Head looks back


at the day's events. The Army club in Bangkok. Inside,


rival political factions were holding reconciliation talks.


Suddenly, the axis were blocked. Troops raced into position. Thailand


was having another coup. The faction leaders were detained and taken


away. The man who had invited them here, General Prayut Chan-ocha, now


runs the country. In time-honoured fashion, a new military council


announced that the constitution was being suspended and a curfew


imposed. General Prayut Chan-ocha now done what he vowed many times to


offer a solution to the crisis. He has offered a takeover, saying he


has done it for peace and stability. But there is bound to be strong


opposition, mostly from supporters of the former Prime Minister and her


taking brother taxing. The so-called red shirts. They have won every


election for the past 15 years. Many of their leaders are now under


arrest, but they have said they would always resist a clue with


force if necessary. The anti-government protesters, the


so-called yellow shirts, have long been calling for military


intervention. After seven months in Bangkok's streets, they can now go


home. That leaves the soldiers to sort out a chronically divided


country. Their prospects for success do not look promising.


He's Professor of International Development


at the London School of Economics, and a specialist on Thailand.


In fact, you just got back last week from being in Thailand, where he


were conducting research and also trying to see what was going on with


these protest. First question, is Thailand's democracy in danger? Most


definitely, yes. This is supposedly a modern country which has just had


a military coup. It is not doing very well in terms of democracy. But


that is par for the cause, isn't it? The last one was in 2006. It is


almost traditional for the Army to step in. The Army has been trying to


reduce its obvious presence in the politics of Thailand. I think it has


realised in the last two years that do includes does not do its


reputation much good, and does not necessarily solve the problems of


Thailand. I think it is a surprise today they have stepped in


likeness. Is it an honest broker in any way wanting to restore


stability, or does its favour one particular faction over another? The


Army always has its own interests at heart, so it is not necessarily a


disinterested actor. But it has become slightly unclear as to which


side it now stands on. In 2006, the Army was instrumental in


overthrowing Thaksin Shinawatra, the rebel leader at that time. And the


brother of the Prime Minister who was forced out earlier this month.


Yes. Historically, the Army has been against their family. However, it


has been notable that the Army could have intervened any time during the


last year during the chaos, but they did not do that. So it seems like


possibly they were interested in letting her stay in power. What is


your gas now about what is going to happen. The constitution has been


suspended, a military body is running the country. How long will


this last Umag my guess is one year. That is what they do in recent


years. The first thing will be to try and Rijeka process to move on to


general elections, but to pass reforms which will prevent any


member of the family taxing standing for election. How do they fit with


other institutions in the country, the judiciary, for instance, and


other big state institutions? It is one other thing that has happened in


Thailand recently that instead of the Parliament making decisions,


sometimes it is the judiciary, the Law Courts, that do it as well. It


is unclear how far the Army can control the law courts, but it is


certainly true that when the Army wants people to do things they will.


And the Royal family, the monarchy? They have not made much of a


statement so far. How does the Army see them? The Army has always


traditionally supported the monarchy, that is part of their


role. I don't really see them speaking very loudly about the


monarchy, but I cannot see them doing anything against the monarchy.


OK, so about a year, you think? We will see how events unfold. Thank


you very much indeed. Armed separatists in eastern Ukraine


have opened fire on Ukrainian soldiers in the deadliest attack


since the conflict began, just three days before presidential


elections in the country. Thirteen soldiers were killed


and dozens more injured. The attack took place


at a military checkpoint on the outskirts of the town of Volnovakha,


25 kilometres south of Donetsk. From there, our correspondent


Mark Lowen reports. The attack came before dawn, and


with devastating effect. This was a Ukrainian army checkpoint, targeted


in the deadliest assault on the military since this conflict began.


At least 13 were killed and at least 30 injured in a well-planned strike.


TRANSLATION: Three of my friends have fallen, and I cannot even


collect their bodies. Their combat unit has been lying there in the


field for an hour already. Separatist groups are thought to


have carried it out. They showed off their spoils, which they claim to


have taken from troops at the checkpoint. This unverified footage


appears to show helicopters moving in after the incident. It is not


confirmed to whom they belong, but the video was shot in daylight, and


one Ukrainian soldier told as it was an operation against the


separatists. At the local hospital, the dad kept coming as serious


injuries proved fatal. Dash-macro the GATT. Another body is being


taken out of this vehicle into the morgue. This is a terrible blow for


the Ukrainian armed forces, and a reminder of just what these aren't


separatists are capable of doing. The Ukrainian general would only


talk with his identity hidden for fear of reprise all. TRANSLATION:


They were professional killers. Hired soldiers. They mowed down my


men in 15 minutes. They are doing it for money, not unpatriotic ideals.


The Ukrainian government laid the blame at Moscow and its links with


the armed groups in the East. TRANSLATION: This is a confirmation


that Putin's words are a lie. When he talks of withdrawing troops and


not interfering in the internal affairs of Ukraine. In reality,


Russia continues to conduct very aggressive military activity. The


attack comes three days before Ukraine's presidential election,


that here vows will also be healthier. Separatist leaders vowed


to block it, and that the region is now independent. Could today have


been a warning shots? Ukrainian forces secured the scene, but in


this battle for control of the volatile east, it is slipping


further from their grasp. A girl who went missing a decade


ago has turned up in California. The man who police say kidnapped


her is due in court soon. She hasn't been named,


but 42-year-old Isidro Garcia was her mother's boyfriend


before he kidnapped her. He had a child with her


and has been charged with sexual Our correspondent Alistair Leithead


is at the court in Santa Ana. Tell us, the man has appeared in


court? Yes, he appeared very briefly. He has been charged, as you


say, with charges including forcible rape, leave it acts on a minor, and


one charge of kidnapping with intent of committing a sexual offence. He


was granted bail of $1 million. He was told to return to the court on


June the 9th. His lawyer is behind me at the moment is open to the


media. He said that his client is denying all the charges. When will


the trial starts, around that time? There is a great deal of attention


now on this case. There is. These are just charges that have been laid


today. First court appearance, obviously, it is a long process.


With regard to the situation, police knew nothing of this apart from a


missing person report file ten years ago, when suddenly, a 25-year-old


woman turned up at a police station until this astonishing story of how


she had been kidnapped as a 15-year-old girl, held against her


will for ten years, and she was not kept locked up. Neighbours who we


have spoken to thought they were just an ordinary couple with a young


child. She was forced to marry and have a child with him, she claims.


She claims to have been threatened, physically and sexually abused, and


she was told that her family was deported and she would also she went


to the authorities. She was also told her family had abandoned there.


It was only when she made contact with her sister through Facebook to


wish a happy birthday that she realised her sister had not


abandoned her. This is the story she has told the police, and what this


man is being charged with. He is currently denying these judges.


Thank you very much. There's been another violent attack


in China's western Xinjiang region. Two vehicles ploughed


into a crowd of people at a street market, explosives were


thrown from one of the cars and one of the vehicles then blew up.


It happened in Urumqi. Officials say 31


people were killed. Similar violence in the past has


been carried out by separatist extremists belonging to the region's


ethnic Uighur minority group. Within minutes of the attack,


pictures began appearing on Chinese intranet sites. Victims lying in the


wreckage of market stalls. They were elderly, out doing their early


morning shopping. It was mostly ethnic hand Chinese who live in the


centre. They said terrorists were responsible and must be punished


severely, but attacks seem to be growing. China usually says Islamic


terrorists wanting independence are to blame. Violence wriggling out of


Xinjiang is one of the biggest security challenges facing China's


commonest leaders. TRANSLATION: Last month, they talked of harmony, but


knife and bomb attacks on women workers are spreading across China,


also targeting civilians. Xinjiang's Muslim grouping is linked


to Turkey in Central Asia. A massive influx of Chinese settlers and


workers means they are now a minority here. A recent visit to the


old city, we found Chinese security everywhere. Young Uighur men are


singled out for ID checks. Authorities are on edge, and


violence has erupted in many towns. The road to this village was


blocked. A local police chief had his head chopped off here. Another


official was stabbed 27 times. In response, or least shot dead 15


Uighurs, among them, it is claimed, women. Resentments lurk beneath the


surface. Regulations prevent young men from growing beards. Women are


urged not to wear veils. Many Uighurs feel they're very identity


is being repressed. Because a pervasive security, many people are


afraid to Doctor was openly here. It could be dangerous for them. What


has been whispered is that tensions and mistrust are on the injuries


between Uighurs and Chinese, and many Uighurs say


between Uighurs and Chinese, and many Uighurs that for some time,


they have been under intense scrutiny, a ticket only when it


comes to their religion. TRANSLATION: If somebody finds out


that you have religious texts on your phone, they report you to the


police, and you will be arrested. My wife was wearing a mask because she


had a cold. The police told her to take it off. Sometimes they detain


people just for wearing a veil. In another part of China today, police


surround an aircraft. It was heading to Xinjiang but was grounded. Two


passengers were taken away. Tiny security forces are fearful that


after this attack, more may be coming.


So, what do you find striking about this particular attack? This


particular attack and the recent ones are very different from what


happens in China previously. This one in particular, they are


resembling the kind of Islamist terrorist attacks we have seen


elsewhere. In China, Regis attacks by Uighur people against the Chinese


do not fall into the same category, so we are seeing a new development,


and it is very serious. You say that these extremist are now left to a


wider jihadist movement. Why did you think that has happened? Hasn't got


anything to do with Afghanistan? There are two reasons. The first was


what your correspondent reported, the heavy-handed way in which the


Chinese government is dealing with the problems. The other, because of


the drawdown by NATO and American forces, that changed the situation


for China, because China has more investment in Afghanistan than any


other great power. Until now, the Taliban had left the Chinese alone,


they were protected by NATO forces, but with the NATO drawdown, that is


less reason for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda related people to give the


Chinese courtesy. What impact will this time attack have on Chinese


foreign policy? Will they find a common cause with other countries,


like Russia, for instance, and countries in the West who feel they


are fighting the global jihadist movement? The Chinese will engage


with Russia and other essential Asian countries to be more


repressive against potential Islamic terrorists that could be operating


in China, but above all, they will be using even stronger repressive


measures within Sinn Jang, which is likely to radicalise the people


there. Some of the venues.


Syrian government forces have ended enviable siege of a prison in


Aleppo, which has gone on for a year. They were trying to free some


of the prisoners. The jail is on a supply route between the Turkish


border and the rebels. It is seen as a bellwether of the progress of the


war. Russia and China have been towed a


Security Council resolution referring Syria to the International


Criminal Court for war crimes. Western resolutions have been


blocked for times, more than 150,000 people are thought to have died


during the conflict. Voting is taking place in Britain


and the Netherlands in elections for the European Parliament. Polling


takes place in all of the member states over the next four days.


Here, David Cameron attended a polling station. The vote will be


counted on Sunday, but the results will be announced until polling


closes throughout Europe. The England and Wales or has charged


two players, Lou Vincent and Naved Arif, with match fixing. Money was


bet on a televised one-day game between Sussex and Kent three days


ago. If they found guilty, it will be the first time the fixing of a


game in England been proven. Outrageous and unacceptable, that is


how Russian officials have described comments allegedly made in the


Prince of Wales comparing Russia's actions in Ukraine to those of Nazi


Germany. According to press reports, Prince Charles's conversation with a


former Polish war refugee was overheard in Canada. She had told


him how her family had fled to Canada that that's left behind had


perished in Poland under the Nazis. The Prince reportedly replied, and


now Vladimir Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler. The


Russian Foreign Ministry said the remarks did him no credit if he said


this. Not wise for the Prince to have said this, even if he did not


think anybody else was listening. It was reported by a journalist.


Journalists are allowed to go and talk to the people that royalty have


spoken to, and say, what did he say? It is a reportage from this


woman, who had this story to tell, she sailed to Canada when the knots


is occupied Poland, and Prince Charles is alleged to have said...


We should say alleged, because there has been no confirmation. It is


considered a private conversation. The Russian Embassy cannot make too


much fuss over an alleged conversation. If he had said it in a


speech or something, everybody would be going even more mad, but we must


give him the credit that this was not meant for public repetition, and


I am sure that this immigrant feels dreadful that she has caused so much


trouble. She said it would not cause so much of a stir. Use a Private


each time, private conversation, put the future king cannot really


consider a conversation he has with a member of the public to be


private. Try that conversations will have to be extremely private in his


case. It is sad but true, there is no such thing as a private


conversation any more, because technology has moved forward so


fast, it is so vastly global, even if you blink, it will be reported


everywhere. I think that Prince Charles probably was aware that what


he said might be repeated, but we do not know what he did say. We do have


that proviso. It fuels the fire. You do not think they will comment? I do


not think so. Underlying this, the debate about what we expect from our


monarchy in the UK. People do not accept -- expect them to wait into


political affairs or hot topics of the day. I wish they did. Prince


Charles has had an immense amount of support for his remarks. It is much


more fun than saying, have you come far? What the traffic bad? Have you


got a cold? At least he engages in conversation, he has hundreds of


conversations everyday. He was concentrating on this woman's


applied. On June the 6th, he will be in France for the anniversary of the


D-day landings. World leaders, including Vladimir Putin, are


expected to be there. We will all be watching. Yes, but I think Prince


Charles has been in the situations before, he knows how to handle it.


They are not scheduled to meet, I am sure they will not now. Vladimir


Putin will not allow his officials to make too much fuss.


In Nigeria, more than 1000 members of the brink back our girls campaign


staged a march to the presidential villa in Abuja. They are protesting


the support of more than -- in support of the schoolgirls kidnapped


by Boko Haram. Teachers across the country were also on strike.


A new 3-D fossil scanning tech week has produced the clearest images yet


of Archaeopteryx, known as the first true bird, but will this tell us if


the creature could fly? Is it a bird? Is it a dinosaur? Or


something in between? The feathered limbs have fascinated


palaeontologists since Charles Darwin's day. Now, it is under the


glare of an x-ray beam to see what lies beneath the stone. We want to


know how Archaeopteryx lived. Was he a little dinosaur running and then


climbing injuries? The most important question for us is, did he


fly or not? Could he fly? The tests are taking place here, at the


European radiation facility at the foot of the French Alps. This ring


is a giant x-ray machine, the brightest team in the world. Inside,


scientists are using it's like to look deeper and claim it into one of


the most famous fossils ever found. In the past, fossils like this were


too big to x-ray. But now, the scientists are using a new trick, a


pinhole camera, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's camera obscure rep. It is


the thickness of a human hair, but extremely powerful. The decision of


the x-rays can be detect it by a camera system, a small hole, and


through the whole, we will see the picture. Thereafter, you can


construct in three-dimensional. Here are the results, the most detailed


picture yet of Archaeopteryx, including hidden features buried in


the stone. What is visible are the feathers, far more visible than the


original specimen. That is not all. This reveals a lot of information


about anatomy that is not visible, because it is below the surface.


They cannot understand the fossil in a museum, but now we can see the


wings, and it is a fine specimen. This x-ray spectacle can be


performed on other famous fossils, and we will soon see dinosaurs in a


whole new light. Fascinating stuff.


The main news, the army in Thailand has staged a coup, suspending the


concert Jewish and dissolving the government. Soldiers halted


reconciliation talks between politicians, which were being held


in Bangkok. That is it, from May, and the team,


goodbye. We have seen plenty of them today,


unfortunately, there are more to come tomorrow. I am talking about


heavy showers. For a queue areas, tomorrow looks drier than


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