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This is BBC World News Today with me Kasia Madera.


US President Barack Obama says he will send 200 military advisers


Obama's comments come as Iraqi government forces battle Sunni


militants for control of the country's biggest oil refinery.


US President makes clear US intervention be limited. American


forces will not be returning to combat, but we will help Iraqis as


they take the fight to the terrorists.


Spain's new king, Felipe VI, calls for ?a new Spain we will


build together? as he is sworn in at a ceremony in Madrid.


The moment eleven days of misery came to an end as a German


cave explorer is rescued from the darkness in Bavaria.


It's do or die in the World Cup as Uruguay and England fans prepare


for their sides' crunch match in Sao Paulo.


Within the last hour, President Obama has announced that the US is


sending up to 300 military advisers to Iraq to help the Iraqi army


But he stressed US troops were not returning to combat.


On-the-ground fighting between the two sides is continuing.


There's confusion over who's in control of


Although the black flags of ISIS are reported to be flying


above the plant in Bayji, it's still not clear if they're


Let?s hear what President Obama said at the White House a short time ago.


We have had and advisers in Iraq through our embassy and we are


prepared to send a small number of military advisers, up to 300, to


assess how we can best trained, advice and support Iraqi security


forces. American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq. But we


will help Iraqis as they take the fight to the terrorists. He has only


just started speaking. -- finish. He was adamant she stressed these


aren't troops returning to Iraq. -- to stress.


After intense negotiations, the conclusion from President Obama


seems to be that this is not America's fight. He gave the caveat


that if the situation changes, there could be limited action perhaps in


the form of air strikes that has been discussed by the national


security team. He said he would discuss with Congress if that was


the case. But he said it twice, American combat troops are not


returning to Iraq. For the moment, the president seems to have made a


decision that it is not in America's national-security


interests. He was very adamant that this is not


a military battle, it is a political one, calling us directly to the


Iraqi Government saying that their leaders must rise against their


differences. There is clearly a military battle


on the ground between the insurgents, but what the president


wants to stress is that there must be a political solution. He says


they are continuing to give advice to the Iraqis and they have done


since American forces withdrew and his message right now is we have


told you all along that you have to have an inclusive government, you


cannot come now that there is a crisis and expect a military


solution from America. The pressure from Washington on Baghdad is


political. The other thing that he mentioned


was that it was not the place for America to choose a rack's leaders.


-- Iraq's. Yes, he said the whole point of


installing democracy there was that we should give Iraqis the chance to


pick her own government. He also said America did not have a role to


take sides between Sunnis and Shias. He made an agreed reference


to the initial intervention in Iraq back in 2003 saying, the one thing


we have learnt is that there is a need to ask hard questions before


the US takes military action abroad. Clearly, his security team deciding


that the moment has not come. Thank you.


President Obama just finishing speaking on that announcement.


Well, Iraq is home to three main sectarian groups:


The research group D3 Systems interviewed 2,200 Iraqis and asked


them whether they were satisfied with how democracy is working.


The survey found that 63% of Kurds, who are mainly in the


semi-autonomous Kurdish region in the north, were satisfied with the


This compared to 46% of Shia Arabs, the biggest group in the country


who were widely marginalised under the rule of former dictator Saddam


Hussein, and only 15% of Sunni Muslims, who say they have been


sidelined since the 2003 US-led invasion, said they were satisfied.


With me is Matthew Warshaw, Vice President of D3 Systems,


the research company that carried out the survey.


Thank you for joining us. The findings pretty much echo what we


come to expect in the way that Iraq is divided into its groups. We have


been watching this for many years, doing pollen from 2004. But from


2002 until recently, we have seen increasing dissatisfaction amongst


Sunni Arabs while Kurds are increasingly isolated and not being


part of central government and only the Shia population feeling any eye


in -- One thing being stressed by Obama is


that the government is to work for everybody. But your survey found


that the different groups have different needs and perceptions of


where their country is going. This is a huge political crisis that is


overlaid over economic and social and ethnic tensions. The Kurds have


a much more secure region that they are living in, not as worried about


security, more worried about economic pressures. But Shias are


more concerned about services such as electricity and four Sunnis the


overwhelming concern is security. -- and for.


And whether they will be safe in the future. One other question you asked


is whether you believe decisions made by the Iraqi Government are...


Again, very different aspirations. Very different. Once again, the


Sunnis other least likely to feel that decisions made by central


Government are legitimate and binding. The Kurds are also somewhat


discouraged by. Only the Shias feel there is some it is a must see.


There is an enormous political problem. -- some legitimacy.


Only Iraqis can provide that. They need to be the ones that come


together and find a way to include these different groups and finally


government that can represent everyone. Nouri al-Maliki is having


meetings with different groups, but it feels a little late. It may be.


The elections gave his party 92 seats, but he needs 163 to have a


majority. It is not clear that other Shia parties would line up with him.


Whether or not he can bring together a coalition for 163 votes is the


question. Thank you. We Shell watch and wait. It has been fascinating.


-- we says Russia has moved more


troops to the Ukrainian border. NATO's Secretary General,


Anders Fogh Rasmussen, said several thousand more soldiers


had been deployed. He said that is a matter


for grave concern. NATO: Russia to stop the flow of


weapons. To stop the flow of weapons from


Russia to separatist groups in eastern Ukraine. We call on Russia


to stop the support for pro-Russian armed gangs in eastern Ukraine and


recall Russia to stop is stabilising the situation and engage in a


constructive manner with the political leadership. -- and we call


on Russia to. Fighting is still raging in eastern


Ukraine as the Army battles pro-Russian insurgents. Daniel


Sandford is in the city of Luhansk. We have had a reasonably quiet 24


hours until recently. There has been a grim exchange of bodies by the two


sides. The Ukrainian army and the rebels handing back the debt to the


other side, so that they can be given a burial. That is what has


been going on for the last 24-hour is. That said, there have been


reports recently of some quite heavy fighting breaking out in a heavily


fortified town to the north of Donetsk. Here we have not seen


fighting today, but we have seen lots and lots of evidence of the


aftermath of fighting. One of the things that has happened today is


that the leadership of the Donetsk People's Republic have been


appealing in Moscow saying they feel they are outnumbered and are looking


to Moscow for support. Of course, it is a difficult


situation there. The question over the troops, over the Russian troops


being brought back to the Ukrainian border which will be very


inflammatory, as well. Yes, it is. I think there is no


doubt now that our Russian troops building up on the other side of the


border. The reasons for that aren't clear. In fact, they are paid. NATO


were saying that they were hoping that it might mean that Russia is


trying to control the border batter, trying to prevent weaponry and


people coming to help the fight is here coming across the border. But


there are noises coming out of Moscow suggesting through sources,


nothing to direct, that the build-up of troops is to apply pressure on TF


after the Russian embassy in the year was of course attacked at the


weekend. -- on Kiev. One thing that is certain is that if


this tension keeps building, lots more people will die here and many


of them will be civilians. What everybody needs to be doing is


getting around the table and trying to get right things and we do not


see much sign of that. TRANSLATION: Were disadvantaged in numbers of


troops and lose in terms of armaments. -- we are. They have


another big advantage, the support of the West, which justifies all of


their actions, absolutely all, no matter how absurd.


You can see there that that requests for assistance from the Russians not


really a sign of people trying to de-escalate things. Back to you.


Thank you. Spain's new king, Felipe VI,


has called for unity and respect for diversity, at


a swearing-in ceremony in Madrid. It was a low-key event,


at a time of austerity and hardship for many Spaniards and when the


country is threatened by a growing Spain's first royal succession


follows the abdication of his father, King Juan Carlos,


earlier this month. The BBC's Chris Morris has been


watching events in Madrid. The morning after the night before,


the world champions may be out of the World Cup, but Spain has a new


king. This is the start of a new era.


Felipe VI received a red sash from the outgoing king, his father. It


signifies the rank of Captain General, the highest rank in the


Spanish army. Then to parliament where he was sworn in as head of


state. There were no foreign leaders


present, no coronation, this has been a day of deliberately


restrained ceremony. In the most important speech of his life, the


King appealed for unity without playing down the challenges that he


and his country face after years of economic and constitutional crisis.


TRANSLATION: I have communicated my sincere and honest feelings,


convictions and commitments about Spain I identify with, one I love


and aspire to. And the parliamentary monarchy I believe in. It has to be


a renovated monarchy for new times. And then the moment many people were


waiting for, the royal procession through the streets of Madrid. Here


is the new king. This is the first royal succession in Spain since the


restoration of democracy in the 1970s. Plenty of questions are being


asked about whether the monarchy is the right institution to take this


country forward. We have studies that say that monarchies are cheaper


in fact than republics. I think that Felipe VI will be the king of all


Spanish people. So I do not mind the Republic question. I think that


monarchy now is the better option, the best option for Spain. Finally


the appearance on the balcony of the Royal Palace. Waving to the


assembled crowds. But this cannot be business as usual for the Spanish


monarchy, and the new King seems to accept that. Now he has to deliver


on his promise. There's been a dramatic rescue


in Germany. Johann Westhauser was trapped


for 11 days in the Riesending cave, which is on the border of Austria


and Germany. The Riesending cave in


Southern Germany is the deepest Our Berlin Correspondent Stephen


Evans has the story. 11 days trapped underground, but now


it is over. Sometimes you hand best Hauser has been squeezed through the


tightest gaps. -- Johann Westhauser. It has been inch by inch. Up from a


whole 1000 metres deep. There was tension among the rescuers right to


the end. TRANSLATION: I have the joy his duty to let you know that the


injured man has no arrived at the clinic in a good state and we have


managed to fulfil the essential aim of the operation. The complex of


caves in the Alps is on the border with Germany and Austria. But there


are dangerous drops, sometimes 300 metres straight down. The caves


stretched horizontally to the injured man. 200 people had been


involved in the rescue, helicopters have constantly ferried supplies to


the top of the mountain, where a tiny hall gives access to the caves.


Cavers normally take out insurance, but this will go nowhere near


covering the operation. As temperatures rise in the UK


and Europe, thousands of people are expected to flock to holiday resorts


to soak up the summer sun. But new research reveals that


the sun's rays can be addictive and can give frequent sunbathers


a fix, much like heroin or morphine Well, Dr David Fisher


from the Harvard Medical School is Thank you for joining us. You are


suggesting that the sun is as addictive as heroin? It appears to


activate the same response, the opiate response, in the skin. It


creates a molecule which is our body's one version of the opiates.


Feel-good hormones? Yes, the study did not measure the euphoric sayyid


of it, but it measured the addictive qualities -- the euphoric effects of


it. A dependency would occur if we suddenly interrupted this, they


would be withdrawal symptoms, shaking and things of that nature,


due to the effect of EV radiation. We know that the sun and


overexposure can be dangerous for our skin, but what you are saying is


that it is addictive and we need to treat it with care? That is right.


It suggests that the strategy to break the sun seeking behaviour may


be more than a simple casual discussion but perhaps something


that recognises that there can be the behavioural influence of


carrying -- influences or carrying. There have been studies that have


been carried out in people to suggest that there are addictive


features. I think that this helps us to understand without happily exist


and perhaps that these would be regulated in a different way if the


process is activating a potent addiction like mechanisms in people.


You were using mace, critics have said that these were nocturnal


animals, they do not usually suffer from sun exposure. -- mice. What


conclusive results can you then take away from these mice and give to


humans? Any studies done outside of humans have to be validated in


people and the direct impact of that must be carefully analysed before it


is assumed to be absolutely identical. There are several key


features which we do to be quite confident that we can -- that what


we are looking at is very similar if not identical. There is evidence


that UV responses in the skin are very similar, again, if not


identical in mice as they iron men. Mice, even though they are fiery,


they still tan, -- furry. It was important was that the doses of UV


that we used were very low doses. These were not inflammatory doses,


these were very low, because we did not want to look at the effects at


an unusual exposure of UV. We are so sorry, we're out of time. But thank


you for that very serious message, be careful of the sun, it is


addictive. Now to the World Cup


and another big footballing nation could be following Spain towards


the exit door later. England kick off against Uruguay


in Sao Paulo shortly, The early game,which has just


finished, saw the two unbeaten teams from Group C, Colombia and


Ivory Coast, in action. It was a clash at the top of group


C. Emotions were running high, with both teams unbeaten so far. It


opened at blistering pace, end-to-end play with both sides


getting in shots on goal. Ivory Coast also had a chance. And then


this move almost put Colombia in the lead. In the second half, the goals


came. A superb header from this corner saw the South Americans call


one nil ahead. Then this call from the substitute. But Ivory Coast came


back and produced a spectacular goal. They kept the pressure on rate


until the end, but it was not enough will stop Colombia two, Ivory Coast


one. So coming up next, in just over half


an hour, a must-win game for Uruguay and England after both teams lost


their opening games. And the late game is another clash


between first-round losers, Here in the UK 20 million people are


expected to be glued to their sets So with anticipation building


and nerves jangling, we leave you tonight with a bit of blatant bias,


a patriotic call to arms! This special poem,


penned and filmed by the poet Henry Birtles, harks back to the


first and only time England won the Have we finally learnt our lesson,


do we finally know the score. Has reality come home to roost


and knocked on every door. In a land where blind conviction


never ceases to amaze. When you weigh up all those barren


years, Have we woken up with open eyes


and seized the reins of truth. Are we reckoning on nothing;


it?s the basement not the roof. Or yet once again has reason


from our senses taken leave. Has it forced us to declare


in hope; in England we believe. From the cobbled streets


of Holmfirth, Can we see our Lions prowling,


can we count upon these men. Will they interrupt the Samba


and evoke the ghost of Moore. Will they burn out,


will they whimper, From the Peckhams to the Beckhams,


from The Bridge up to The Lane. From The Valley to The Cottage,


is it four more years of pain. Are the car flags and the banners


just reminders to forget. Or will Gerrard?s Cross find Rooney


and will Rooney find the net. It?s that time again for all of us,


that time when we unite. Let the Scots cry Argentina,


let the hand of God be right. We won?t shy from blinkered passion,


so it?s time we gave what for. From the Stretford End to Rovers,


from the Hawthorns to Turf Moor. We will rally, we will gather,


we will throw all colours in. For our Team and for our Country,


for our Queen and for our kin. And when all is done and dusted and


they?ve dragged us through the dirt. We?ll still celebrate the honour


of Three Lions and The Shirt.


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