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Welcome to BBC World News Today. Coming up... We look at the global


refugee surge. The US names and shames the countries in the world


that have the worst record on human traffic on. As fighting rages


between government forces and jihadists in Iraq, a senior cleric


calls for the formation of an inclusive government. And tiny Costa


Rica beat mighty Italy in the World Cup knocking England out of the


competition. And come fly with me. We look back at the early glamour of


the jet age. Hello and welcome to the programme.


One of the human costs of conflict and insecurity is the number of


people around the world to become refugees. The UN refugee agency says


the number of people displaced by war or persecution rose to over 50


million last year, the highest total since World War II to. Of these, 17


million have left the country in search of security. The war in Syria


is driving up the numbers. According to the most recent figures to .8


million Syrians have fled the country since the war began more


than three years ago. Most of them have gone to neighbouring countries.


New arrivals from Syria. The conflict is in its year. 2.5 million


Syrians have fled their country. They may be saved at this can never


be home. Another 6.5 million are displaced inside Syria. They are


short of food and medical care and aid agencies can scarcely reach


them. Around the world, war and persecution have driven over 51


million people from their homes. It is the highest figure since World


War II. It is a quantum leap. It is a qualitative change. The world is


becoming more violent and more people are being displaced. The


capacity to solve this problem from a humanitarian point of view does


not exist. Aid agencies are impatient at fob they see as


paralysis within the UN Security Council. Designed to prevent and


solve conflict it seems to be doing anything but. Hundreds of thousands


of refugees have been in camps for years. New wars add to their


numbers. In 2013 32,000 people fled their homes every day. From the


Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria. Their lives


are on hold until they can go home. Among that figure of the 1 million


displaced, the latest from Iraq have not even been added to the figures.


Let's talk some more about this. With me is Dave Garrett Chief


Executive of Refugee Action and jet crisp who joins us from Washington.


He is from Refugees International. This is happening because the world


is not doing enough. That is correct. There is a high number of


refugees. It is the result of a number of different factors. We have


long-standing conflicts such as those in Amistad and Somalia which


are not getting any better. That is preventing refugees from going back


to their own country. In the last few years we have had new


emergencies such as South Sudan and the Central African Republic. Now we


are worried about the situation in Ukraine and northern Nigeria. The


numbers seem set to rise. The number given by the United Nations is an


out of date figure. That is for the end of 2013 and we have seen a


bigger exodus of refugees from Syria since then. That number of April


continuing to rise, it is the most disadvantaged countries in the world


who support them. That is correct. It is about 85%. The developed world


is not doing enough. In the UK, for example, we have a resettlement


programme. It has an ambition to resettle 750 people every year. That


compares quite badly to other years. -- to other countries. We have only


resettle 24 people since March. It is a wake-up call to the West. Give


us the figures for Syria for the UK. In terms of the programme, and


spontaneous arrivals, it is difficult to get the figures. We are


only talking about a few thousand. We are talking about applications


but Sweden has more than any others? That is correct. Countries like


Germany have pledged to bring in 20 hours and people. These are the


figures we need to see the UK Government is starting to have


ambitions are bad. The numbers are very small. Can the UK and nations


like it do more to help? What should they be doing? They have a number of


responsibilities. The first is to admit asylum seekers and refugees.


They have a responsibility to support humanitarian agencies in


their efforts to provide life-saving assistance to refugees. Haps most of


all, they have a political responsibility to try and use


diplomacy to bring conflicts to an end. As we have seen in the case of


Syria, the UN Security Council is paralysed. He cannot even get


cross-border assistance to the people who are in need. We are at a


very bad moment in political history for the international community. The


system of international governance is not functioning. Very quickly,


what happens to refugees generally? It can be very difficult to build a


new life in a new country. What we see happening is that refugees are


some of the very most resilient and powerful people and we should be


proud to welcome them. Thank you. The Syrian authorities said a car


bomb have killed at least -- has killed at least four people. More


than 50 people were injured in the blast in a government-controlled


village. Iraqi security forces are continuing


their battle with jihadists from ISIS. There have been fierce clashes


over at the airport in the strategic Tal Afar just outside the autonomous


Kurdish region in the North just bites its way across northern Iraq,


a be verified but it comes from social media accounts with no links


intent on we we will go to the men in the film to the the fighters are


the deepening concern in the West. We should recognise the dangers to


Britain we have Islamist extremists in control of a part of this country


and we believe it is absolutely correct for the Americans to


confront these problems Baghdad, fighting continues for a a local


commander was reported as saying the refinery supplies 25% of all Kurdish


troops are patrolling their own front lines further north and


looking for they have used this crisis to it is part of out at the


ready and President Obama has made it clear he just yet. He -- to deal


with the threat. He is not concentrating at the moment on brute


force. It is clear that the problem. John Kerry arrives in


Baghdad in the coming days and he hand from a leading cleric called


for a government which towards a new future Nouri al-Maliki did well in


the elections if you've months ago and will be in -- what is the risk


that is as fighters could reactivate this complex? I think the risk is


pretty low. The United States is playing it down. However we do know


that there are large stockpiles of very old and agents which are well


past their sell by date. It is sealed in concrete Rhian forced


bunkers. We have seen wider use of chemical weapons in Syria.


Improvised chemical weapons are being used. Al-Qaeda used mustered


shells and others between 2004 and nine. In Iraq ISIS have been doing


research. Which ISIS code replicate in Iraq. This is the modus


operandi, the way of using them that they have done in Syria. Thanks very


much indeed for talking us through that.


The Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko,


has announced that a ceasefire will come into effect about now.


It's part of his peace plan aimed at ending a two-month insurgency in


But a separatist leader says the rebels will not disarm


Let's have a look at the peace plan in more detail.


The first stage is the unilateral week-long ceasefire by government


A corridor will be created to allow non-Ukrainian fighters to leave


A ten kilometre wide buffer zone is proposed for the border


The plan also promises decentralisation of power to


Daniel Sandford reports from the Luhansk region,


where the fighting has turned once peaceful villages into a war-zone.


Homes destroyed by shells fired by the Ukrainian army.


As it takes on pro-Russian rebels deep in their own territory.


This part of this small town is now abandoned.


We are half an hour's drive north of Luhansk on one


of the main roads out of the city heading towards the Russian


border and there has been very heavy fighting here in recent days.


It is eerily quiet in this small town at the moment.


And you can see one of the results of the fighting


That there is the forward position of the slowly


Local people told us the fighting had become much fiercer


in recent days and that some villagers had been killed.


Slowly, the civilian death toll is rising


Here, it's been going on since Friday.


Before then, there were exchanges of fire but nothing on this scale.


As we made our way back to Luhansk, we found the main road been blocked.


The rebels had blown up a footbridge and crashed it down on the highway.


It's a dramatic way for the soldiers of the self declared


the Luhansk People's Republic to build their own defences.


This week the fighters on the two sides have been exchanging bodies


which has seen some of the worst


fighting, conditions deteriorate by the


day. Some like this woman have escaped


to Donetsk where I found in a


dormitory. But she said many have


remained behind. Everybody is saying


we're going to die here, she told me.


They shouldn't be dying. They should


all leave. The Ukrainian government


has offered a ceasefire to allow


the rebel gunmen to give up their


weapons but there's no sign of that.


Eastern Ukraine is sliding into a


Thailand, Malaysia and Venezuela have been


strongly criticised, by the United States, as some of the world's worst


In the State Department's annual Trafficking in Persons Report,


the countries have been placed in the lowest tier for failing to


meet its minimum standards in the elimination of trafficking.


Mr Kerry however said no country was without blame.


For years we have known that this crime affects every country


More than 20 million people, a conservative estimate,


And United States is the first to acknowledge that no government


And we all need to try harder and do more.


The International Labour organisation estimates that


around $150 billion in profits are generated annually


from trafficking, of which $99 billion goes into the sex industry.


With me is Amy Willerton, she is currently Miss Great Britain,


but has had first-hand experience of just how easy it is


for young women to be trafficked for the sex industry.


You are 21 now. When you were 18, I think, you had a bit of terrible


experience which is given new insight into how easy it is to be


human traffic for the sex industry. Tell us what happened. When I was


18, I went to south-east Asia for a beauty pageant,. I went over there.


When I arrived, I basically discovered that the girls had been


brought over in order to be sold into the sex trade. You know, from


the perspective of somebody that has been educated. I come from a very


privileged society, so easily entering into that world, ignorant


leak, yeah, you can slip into a quite easily -- ignorantly. How many


young women were included in this pageant? Roughly 40 other girls


about the same age. All from different parts of the world. All of


them just wanted an opportunity to change their lives, I suppose. Most


young women do. So what happens to you? First of all, when I arrived, I


had suspicions the pageant wasn't quite what it seemed straight away.


Within the first two days, I was assaulted several times and when we


arrived at the hotel, it was just a room with one blanket and ten of us,


the door was locked. Girls were randomly being pulled to judges


rooms. Some of the girls believed it was still a beauty pageant and when


they were being told, go to this man and have sex with him, and you will


win this competition, they believed it. Did they take away your


passport? Yes, in order to stop us leaving, they took away my passport


for the I was lucky. I stole a phone and got my passport back. It was


quite clever how I went about that and it took me 12 days to get away.


I fled, I ran away, and they chased me to the airport and I had to use


physical means to get my passport back but managed to get home. You


say, even though you were from a privileged background, Dales were


from the countryside and how they could get a job. It's so easy to


fall into it and it's about trying to inspire confidence in these


girls, so we don't end up in this awful situations. Any of these girls


who end up in the sex trade often, it's not by choice and yet, they are


penalised by outside society as prostitutes when it's not something


they gone into was choice. Thank you very much indeed for speaking up


about the perils of human trafficking of young women for the


sex industry. Thanks very much indeed.


Now to the World Cup and the game has just finished which may decide


Giles Goford has been watching Italy play Costa Rica.


Italy are for times world champions. Costa Rica have won just four World


Cup games before kick-off but the victory over Uruguay raised hopes of


another shock result. Mario ballot tally was the hero against England


against their opening game. This effort was below par. Campbell was


causing the Italian defence trouble. Could've had a penalty here but a


minute later, frustration turned to delight as the captain headed in at


the far post. Costa Rica, in the lead, knowing a win would put them


through to the last 16 with a game to spare. Italy were the shadow of


the team which beat England. They could not find their way through.


Time eventually got the better of them so Costa Rica qualify. That


means England are out. The final second-round spot, Italy and Uruguay


on Tuesday. Next up, the two top teams in


Group E, Switzerland And it's an Latin American clash


in the late game between two first round losers,


as Honduras take on Ecuador. Flying is not the glamorous thing


it was in the past when only a rich The era of mass air travel means


crowded airports, heavy security and tightly packed aircraft and many


of us must hanker for an era William Stadiem's new book, Jet Set,


tells the story of the aviation pioneers who introduced


Americans to ground breaking jet aircraft, and the people who


travelled in high speed luxury. # Come fly with me, let's fly,


let's fly away #. There was no one more jet-setty


in the world than Frank Sinatra, whose theme song, Come Fly With Me,


was the anthem of the jetset era. The jet set is a term that came


into use with the arrival of the jets starting in 1958, of


the people who flew on these jets. And it noted a class


of people that were glamorous, It was a very, very, very positive


connotation and very exotic The introduction of the 707 was


a remarkable innovation As important as the invention


of the personal computer. You could expand your horizons in


ways you never dreamt possible by being able to get on one of these


jet planes and flying to Europe in six or seven hours, when, just years


before, it was a 15-hour ordeal. New York to London in


the same time that it takes you to It was very cheap relatively


speaking for a trip to Europe. $500 in economy round trip on


Pan Am, and $1,000 in first class. Today, first class is $20,000 but


the real bargain for the American public and for the travelling public


in general was Europe itself, which Nothing was inflated in the years


since the 60s like luxury travel. Everything, even the lowest form


of steerage, back in the 60s, was more like what would be


considered business class today. The seats were wide,


there were comfortable, they served Today you can fly cheaply


but you fly badly. Jerry Coffin has died aged 75. He


wrote many heads for his former wife, Carole King, including Will


You Love Me Tomorrow? # Tonight, will you still Love me tomorrow? #


Throughout his career, he penned more than 50 top 40 hits. Carole


King paid tribute to him posting a photo of him saying, "there are no


words." That's it. Next, the weather. From me and the team,


goodbye and enjoy your weekend. It was a lovely end to the week across


most parts of the United Kingdom. It will stay quiet overnight. It will


be another lovely day


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