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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


We're just hours from finding out who will meet Germany in the


In Brazil, fans are still reeling after the


host nation's humiliating 7-1 defeat at the hands of the German team.


It was a devastating night for the hosts. The second semifinal is about


to kick off. At least 41 people have been killed


in Gaza as Israel and Palestinian militants fire missiles and rockets


at each other for another day. Mobile devices in hand luggage


will have to be charged or And we'll be asking what makes


a good national anthem - as Switzerland decides theirs isn't


good enough. They're calling it the disgrace


of all disgraces. The people of Brazil are still


in shock over their humiliating exit from the World Cup


at the hands of the German team. And in just a few hours time we'll


know who Germany is to meet in Sunday's World Cup final - as


the other semi-final pits Argentina You can see the Dutch team training


here - the big question for their match is whether star


striker Robin Van Persie will be joining them on the pitch, as he's


been struggling with a stomach bug. But can it be as dramatic


as Tuesday's game in which Germany knocked out hosts Brazil with that


massive 7-1 win? It's probably no surprise that


swiftly became the most discussed football match


EVER on social media-there were 35.6 And provoking headlines like "Shame,


sadness, humiliation" on newspapers My colleague Peter Okwoche is in Rio


for more on that reaction. Peter, the home fans must have woken


up with the most awful hangover? The coach has just had a press


conference and they ask about his future after that humiliating


defeat. He did not eat much about it and said there was still one match


left to be played, the third-place match. After that they will sit down


and look ahead to their future. That is what the coach said. But


basically this is a nation in shock. Numbed. You mentioned how crazy


social media went during the game. People sending messages furiously. I


just gave up after 35 minutes, I could not keep up! That is what it


was like last night. Later this evening, the second semifinal. It is


between Holland and Argentina. My colleague looks ahead to that.


It was a historic humiliation. They night that will haunt the country


for generations. Brazil is defined by its football team so losing in


this manner was more than a defeat, it left the nation in shock. The


Germany team ran riot, Brazil with some were blown away. Every goal


leaving another dent in the national pride.


I will be remembered for this, the worst defeat in Brazilian history.


The postmortem began this morning. Life goes on but memories will leave


a scar. Part of what makes this nation special has been washed away.


It was meant to be the ultimate showcase for a country presenting an


image of a Morgan and confident football nation. After that game,


many are now wondering if the most expensive World Cup ever was really


worth it, and wondering where to go from here. For generations, children


like this have grown up and dreamt of playing for the best team in the


world. Not any more. The game was a very sad, this boy told me. Another


said that he was so upset he cried himself to sleep.


Brazil need to train more. Concentrate more.


One of the legendary World Cup team of 1970s inspired a generation told


me that the decline of the current team was down to players chasing


lucrative contracts in Europe. They need to stay here? Yes, yes.


Something has been lost? It is the money, money, money.


Despite the result it remains a country in love with the sport.


Brazil got hurt last night, picking itself could take years. -- picking


itself up. The question now is whether we will


get a spectacle matching last night. But at the end of the semifinal we


will at least know who is facing Germany in the final.


Surely it cannot be another game like we watched last night!


As we've been hearing, we'll find out in just a few hours who will


Now going into the tournament, the expectations of the Dutch


So the Netherlands' remarkable unbeaten run has been met with


Much of the team's unexpected success is being attributed to the


The Dutch reject opposition claims that the substitute goalkeeper did


anything wrong with his techniques prior to the penalty shoot out. The


team appear to have adopted a win at all costs mentality and are


surpassing expectations. Prior to the competition only 5% in Holland


thought they could make the final. Many attribute this to the Louis van


health factor -- van Gaal factor. As a coach he is a disciplinarian and


an astute tactician. His philosophy has enabled the


players to show that they believe in themselves. Everybody can win at


this stage of the tournament. It depends on the team spirit, dealing


with mistakes, you win with the referee, all kinds of distractions.


The team who handles that best will win the cup.


Some former Holland internationals have been critical of the approach,


others see the manager as a revolutionary.


We want to play good football and win. The main difference between


what we did in the past and what we are doing now, she wants to win. --


he. The Dutch have courage, and van Gaal


in their corner. Well we can speak to Anna Holligan


now - she's with fans at a bar in The


Hague - Anna, what are they saying? They believe that they can win this


after expectations were at an all-time low. Argentina are the


favourites but that has not dented the faith of these supporters.


Although Argentina have magical players nobody should underestimate


the Dutch strikeforce. One of the fastest in the competition. Going


into the game, both Arjen Robben and Robin Van Persie are expected to


start. The last time these two sides met it was a 0-0 result. Holland


have never won the trophy before. And Argentina have never lost a


semifinal. Less than two hours to go. This place will soon be filled


with orange. We will speak to you later on.


And don't forget there is all the world cup action and analysis


on our website - including a piece by our South


American football expert in Rio, Tim Vickery, on the lessons Brazil


You can also join the discussion on Twitter -


Israel has vowed to "further intensify attacks on the militant


group Hamas", which it says has fired at least 75 rockets today.


Israel has so far attacked 550 sites in Gaza, where at least 41 people


have been killed since the Israeli military began operations on


Tuesday. Hamas says Israel must stop its blockade of Gaza and release


prisoners. But Israel says it wants to eliminate the threat of rocket


attacks from Gaza for good. Tensions rose last week when the bodies of


three young Israelis were discovered in the occupied West Bank and a


Palestinian teenager was murdered in Jerusalem. We have two reports


tonight. In a moment, James Reynolds in Sderot on the Israeli side. But


first Yolande Knell has spent the day in Gaza.


The full impact of an Israeli air strike. The family lived here were


given a 15 minute warning. Some militants have been killed at home.


The civilian death toll is rising. It is the third war against Gazza


since 2008. They target the civilians and they are in the eye of


the storm. But Israel is being targeted also and high -- Hamas run


television showed this clip of rockets. They can reach far away


cities they have never been reaching before. But this evening, conditions


laid down for a cease fire. Israel must stop occupying Palestinian land


said the Hamas leader. Israel is unlikely to agree and continued with


air strikes whilst the speech was being made.


Rocket science interrupts an Israeli wedding. -- sirens. Everybody runs


for cover and Israel fires this defence system, but it does not stop


everything. From this hill, the Gaza Strip is just a few miles away. We


are right on the border of the free world and the terrorist world. We


will win. From the Hayes, we can make out


white smoke. Militants in the Gaza Strip have just fired a rocket.


Seconds later, smoke in a field. We go to have a look. Israel was very


lucky with this rocket striking a field. It shows that Palestinian


militants can continue to hit Israel despite all of the Israeli air


strikes. In Tel Aviv, the police cleared debris.


Nearly a week after new security measures were introduced at UK


airports, the advice to passengers is changing again.


Now any passengers flying in and out of the UK - not just those flying to


the United States - could face checks to see if electronic devices


in their hand luggage like mobile phones and laptops are charged.


The summer getaway is nearly here with new advice for passengers. What


ever gadget you have, make sure it is charged and switched on before


you fly. It seems not everyone has got a message. Do you why you have


got to do that? Turn it on? If it is not fully charged, you cannot fly.


The advice is, it just has to be switched on. They should make it a


more clear. It is safe travel we want. Stuff that needs to be charged


anyway, why bring it not charged? This new advice does not just cover


mobile phones, includes portable music players, laptops and anything


that has electrical and has a removable battery. The chances are


you won't have your device checked, but government advice is clear,


whether you are flying to make sure it is charged because anyone on any


flight may be asked to prove it turns on. What happens if it won't?


Passengers could charge it on the spot or leave it at the airport. It


can be posted to your home address and some airlines say some


passengers could rebook their flights. It all means potential for


disruption, but at Liverpool airport, so far, so good. No queues


as we would have expected at this time of the day. Hopefully it will


stay that way and will not impact passengers. What if the terror


threat changes. The summer peak is not here yet when millions will want


to travel. The worst case it will be something we saw in 2006 where we


saw huge chaos in the airports because of the liquid ban and so on.


But that is the worst case scenario. To stop that happening, and advice


to passengers - charge your device and there will be no delays.


Ukraine's future has been the subject of calls today between


its new president Petro Poroshenko and Germany's Angela Merkel and the


Ukraine wants more international money to help rebuild infrastructure


The focus of that fighting was for months the town of Sloviansk, home


It's just been brought back under the Ukrainian government's control,


The road to Sloviansk, is a reminder there is a war now in Europe.


Pro-Russian new militants had called this town their fortress, but under


heavy fire they have forced to retreat. In town, the Ukrainian flag


is back. Separatist symbols are being scraped away, but a collective


trauma will take longer to raise. After weeks of fighting there is


widespread damage. Many accuse the Ukrainian army of indiscriminate


shelling. This lady tells me how she came under fire and heard explosions


nearby. I don't know who were shooting, she says, but my nerves


could not take this any more. This was the most feared Golding in


Sloviansk, when the insurgents were in control. Their headquarters and


prison. They took hostages and locked them in the cellar. Some of


their prisoners are still missing. These are the conditions the


prisoners were held in underground. Some of them were here under -- for


three months. The food was basic, the masterpieces were filthy and the


washing facilities was just a plastic apple on the wall. After


retaking Sloviansk, the Ukrainian army feels it has the momentum to


crush the insurgency. We saw this large convoy of weaponry heading


south. The militants are trying to slow the advance by lowing of


bridges. Many of the fighters have retreated to the regional capital,


Don yet scared. There are more pro-Russian insurgency than before.


There is no sign of any police, they are the ones patrolling the city. We


will fight to the end, he says. We don't recognise the Kiev


government, they came to power in a coup. Fearing violence here, many of


the shops have shot and cleared their shelves. It may not look like


it, but this is a car showroom. People are leaving Don yet scared.


This lady, her son and her mother have tickets for the Moscow train,


but they have nowhere to stay and no plan for the future. We are going to


nowhere with nothing. I don't know what we will have tomorrow. We


simply want to leave, that is all. The baby was born in Don yet. She


does not want to leave her home town or her country, but this war she


says, has left her no choice. We've heard many a national anthem,


especially in the past few weeks. And if you, like me have been


watching the World Cup, perhaps you haven't heard enough of your


national anthem. It turns out though that the Swiss have heard enough of


theirs. And so there's a competition underway to write a new one. See


what you think of their old national anthem, which many think is frankly


That wasn't the full anthem of course but it does give you a


flavour of the mood it sets. With me is the journalist Alex Marshall


who's writing a book about national anthems.


You have listened to hundreds of them? Far too many. What are we


looking for when people choose anthems? An anthem should, the most


successful are the quickest, you think of the French and the


Americans. Think of the ones in Latin America. Switzerland has


realised its anthem is too slow and it is too obsessed with God and the


weather to make anyone excited. The strange thing is, they want a new


anthem that is about Swiss values, diversity, respect for nature,


sustainable development. Personally, it seems very hard to write an


exciting song about such subjects. Let's remind our viewers of the


American national anthem. That is where everybody stands up


with hand on heart and makes them feel patriotic. That is an obvious


one. What is your favourite? Watching this World Cup, the wombat


has stood out for me is Uruguay. Probably be only one back could


stand up as a piece of classical music. It is like a mini opera and


the fact it was written by a failed opera composer, says it all. It has


crescendos, quiet passages of music, it is fantastic. There is


some orchestral vigour going through it. So that is what you have been


reminded of watching the World Cup. We did not hear very much of the UK


in the World Cup, what do you think of the British national anthem? We


can hear even less of it. If anyone should take an example from


Switzerland is the British. God Save The Queen, I know it is well-known


around the world, but it is slow and how that can incite any full dollars


into playing well, I don't know. Which probably explains the poor


performance in the World Cup. I suppose that is an issue as well


because many of the anthems have been with us for so long, and trying


to reinvent a modern anthem? There is a danger of overfamiliarity and


there is a danger of novelty. Bosnia tried to write a new anthem after


the war. But non-Abhi ethnic groups in the country can agree on the


words. So they have this wordless tune which nobody can stand there


with their hands on their heart to because they just all look confused.


There is a danger of trying to reinvent things as well. But some of


the best are the oldest. The French anthem is one everybody knows. You


can go anywhere in the world and people know it means France. The


people who wrote it should be celebrated. For a piece of classical


music, it is almost as strong as a pop song. It has got to be very


memorable and catchy. But it also has that sense of importance and


grandeur about it. Congratulations to Switzerland for trying it. The


200 people who have entered the competition, the best of luck. How


are they going to choose? They will spend the next year working through


different entries to work out which is the best. They have four


languages in Sweetland, so they have got to try and make everyone's


entries at work in those four languages. They have to check it has


the right elliptical values and it is almost impossible. It is almost


designing an anthem by committee. Yes, and that is a recipe for


disaster. The ones who have chosen an anthem by committee are the worst


songs. Alex, it has been a pleasure talking to you.


Thanks for being with us. You have been watching World News Today.


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