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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


The number of Palestinians killed passes 100 on day four of Israel's


More rubble in Gaza, more Palestinian casualties today,


but Israel's Prime Minister says the military offensive will


continue until the militants' rocket fire stops for good.


John Kerry meets with Afghanistan's presidential rivals in Kabul


as the US tries to stop the dispute over who won from escalating.


They may be out of the World Cup finals, but this Brazil fan show us


why his countrymen still have footballing spirit.


And did you prefer StreetFighter or Pacman?


We'll look at a one man's bid to save the video


More than 100 Palestinians have now died as a result of Israeli


airstrikes according to officials in Gaza.


Today, militants in Gaza have continued to


No Israelis have died in the exchanges.


These are some of the latest images taken a few hours ago of Israel's


ongoing military operation, called Protective Edge, which has attacked


And these are pictures of some of the destruction,


a three story building in the southern town of Rafah completely


The Israel Defence Forces say 490 Hamas rockets have been launched


Around 130 more have been intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome


You can see here just how widespread the targets across Israel have been.


The first serious Israeli casualty came today when a rocket hit


And we've heard reports that rockets have also been fired into Israel


With more on the day's events here's our Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen.


The streets are silent in Gaza, but they're not peaceful. It looks as if


there's a curfew here, and there is, in a way. In forced by the Israeli


military. Israel's air raid continue, they say they are after


her Hamas and its fighters. But there was a child among the nine


Palestinians killed overnight who were buried in the town of Rafah.


More than half of over 100 people killed in Gaza by Israeli raids were


women and children. That is according to the health minister. In


Israel, a petrol station exploded when it was hit by a rocket from


Gaza. One man was critically injured. Israel's Prime Minister


defended the military campaign he ordered. TRANSLATION: The difference


between us is simple. We are using missiles to protect our people, and


they are using people to protect their missiles. And that is the


difference. We are hurting their militants, and sometimes,


unintentionally, we are hurting civilians. The doctors in the


intensive care unit at Gaza's main hospital view things differently.


This eight-year-old has had brain surgery. She was helping her mother


at home and she was hit by shrapnel that invaded itself in her brain. --


embedded itself. Her neurosurgeon says she will survive but it is too


soon to talk about a full recovery. You know that most difficult thing


is that ideal here, it is when I deal with the kids. Sometimes, I


can... Put my heart away, but when something to do with the kids, it's


something difficult. I am a father. I don't care if fat at all Hamas is


right, I want to feel that my kids are safe inside my house. She is


alive -- she is an only child born after three rounds of IVF. Outside


in the corridor, her father waits. He said, my message to Israeli


parents is, look at our children as if they are yours. Look at their


human rights, and treat them like human beings. There is a terrible


familiarity, a sameness, about what has been happening in the last few


days and that is because it has happened before. The underlying


political realities of the conflict have not been tackled. Many Israelis


would say that is because Palestinians will not accept the


existence of their state. Palestinians and plenty of others


say the problem is that they do not have independence. That if they had


their own state, things might be very different. The latest peace


talks collapsed recently. In the past, death, destruction and human


pain have filled the gap left by failed negotiations. It's happened


again. Yigal Palmor is a spokesman for the


Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thank you for being on the


programme. Benjamin Netanyahu said today that the rocket fire from Gaza


must stop for good. How do you achieve that? Of course, I am not


going to go into military plans. But you achieve that with determination,


careful planning and with patients. This is not something that can be


achieved overnight. This is something that is going to be


inevitably painful, because rocket firing into Israel must stop. It is


inadmissible and intolerable that millions of Israelis should come


under a rain of rockets every time Hamas fancies it. We have been


through this. In 2009 and then again in 2012, this is the time when we


want to put this behind us, we want to stop all the capacity from Hamas,


to remove the threat once and for all. If you want to remove that


capacity, Israel will keep going despite the human cost in Gaza and


the destruction of infrastructure, that is how you see it? If we do not


remove the threat, they will be at it again and again and again. This


is their declared purpose, to destroy Israel. They have no other


project, they have no other purpose. This is what their plans are and


this is how they expose them. They don't have any projects for the


Palestinians in Gaza or elsewhere. Other than fight Israel until the


bitter end and destroy Israel. There is no other perspective for the


Palestinians. And therefore, this threat is not only a threat on


Israel, it is a threat to Palestinians as well, the same


Palestinian civilians who suffer from Hamas hiding behind them,


firing rockets from within civilian neighbourhoods, hiding rockets in


the basements of schools and homes and making them legitimate military


targets. Calling on civilians to go on rooftops in order to serve as


human shields. I am referring to public calls by Hamas leaders over


the last few days. This is something that must stop. The Palestinian


health minister, we have heard in that piece there, more than half of


the 100 people killed have been women and children. Is that an axe


at the level of risk? -- acceptable level? There is no axe at the level


of civilian losses. In terms of human value, every human life is


worse as the whole world. There is their question. The question is, how


are you going to react to rockets being fired in big cities? The only


reason there are not casualties in Israel is we have developed a very


efficient anti-missile defence system and we are not going to


apologise for having developed that system. It is efficient and


protecting Israeli civilians. When you do the body count, excuse


rejoices in and praises debt and causes Palestinians to die for its


cause. And we can now go to Beirut


and speak to Osama Hamdan, First, your reaction to Mr Netanyahu


saying that the offensive will continue, it will continue until the


rocket fire stops coming into Israel? Well, I think several prime


ministers said the same before and they failed. Because they were


ignoring the main problem. The main problem is the occupation itself. I


believe without that, the Israeli will be the same -- the situation


will be the same. The Israelis think they will take over and kill


Palestinians, unable -- and then we will have a cease-fire and that is


it. People have done that before, and now he is trying to do that


same. I think what Netanyahu is ignoring is, he has destroyed the


peace process. He has destroyed any chance is to have a two state


solution, and now he is trying to destroy the Palestinian people


themselves. Yet by the rocket fire continuing, those who are being hurt


by the reprisals are Palestinians, they are civilians. There are so


many women and children in this 100 who have now died. What you are


continuing to do is self-destructive, isn't it? It is


not, indeed it is not. I have to say, more than 70% of the people who


were killed were civilians, women and children mostly. And I have to


say, we are not using their houses or the civilian places to use


rockets. At every house bombed, there was no militants. I dare any


one to say there was militants in that house. Maybe there were


families of some leaders of the jihad but there were no militant


targets there. And you never send civilians after the rooftops to act


as human shields? No one is using civilians as human shields. This is


the propaganda from Israel, and when you hear this from the Israelis,


your member what Hitler said, he tried to defend what he was doing by


talking about the same issue. We are now talking about the Palestinians


in the same way, committing the Holocaust. Can I ask you what you


think you are achieving? With the rocket continuing to go into Israel,


doesn't it play into the hands of the Israel government to say that


you are attacking civilians? This will be a very important question if


Hamas was firing is against Israeli, but the Israelis started the fight


and they bombed house killing 11 civilians, injuring more than 40,


and then there was a reaction from the resistance. All the


Palestinians are doing is resisting the occupation and being killed. It


was a collective punishment against the Palestinians, four weeks ago. No


one knows the real story about those three settlers who disappeared and


they were found killed, no one had any story except Netanyahu. We


believe it is a corrupt story and no one is buying it from the


Palestinians. The important issue here is to end the occupation and I


believe the suffering will be ended for the Palestinians at that moment.


Thank you for your time. The US secretary of State John Kerry


says the legitimacy of Afghanistan's presidential election hangs in


the balance, as do the chances for In a sign of American concern Mr


Kerry has travelled to Kabul to meet the outgoing president Hamid Karzai


and urge both candidates to succeed him, to cooperate with a wide


ranging audit of the vote count. This report from Karen Allen


contains flash photography. John Kerry is no stranger


to crises in Afghanistan. The battle to elect


a successor to Hamid Karzai leaves a smooth transition hanging


in the balance, just as foreign So when he met presidential hopeful


Ashraf Ghani, who is leading in provisional polls,


he expressed optimism. We obviously have high hopes that


the questions about the election will be solved quickly,


can be resolved, and the way forward can take place which can give


Afghans confidence that they have a presidency and a government that is


capable of unifying all Afghans In the other political camp is


Abdullah Abdullah, who has seen his fortunes reversed after he was


the frontrunner in the first round. He wants his concerns


about foul play addressed more comprehensively and he's counting


on the US to help fix the fraud. The tearing down of


a presidential portrait by Abdullah supporters earlier this week gave


a flavour of what might be to come. Many of his supporters have tried to


push him to set up a parallel government but he stopped short


of that, warned by the US of dire For John Kerry, this is more than


simply crisis talks or This is about ensuring


the future stability here after more than a decade of international


military and financial support. And it comes


as the world is drawing parallels I'm now joined from Washington


by Ali Jalali, he's a former Afghan Interior Minister, a professor


at the National Defense University. Good afternoon to you. It is quite


an impasse between these two both determined to succeed Hamid Karzai,


how do you think it will be all can be resolved? I believe that looking


at the experience of the country in the past, in the challenges that


face is the country, and also, the responsibility that both candidates


feel for the stability of the country, I do believe that they will


eventually reach a settlement. Do you think they will do that between


themselves or do you think international mediation is


absolutely necessary here? I think international mediation is necessary


since there is a trust deficit now between them. And the dispute should


be resolved through a legal process in Afghanistan. And both candidates


should avoid doing things beyond the legal process of election in the


country. Is John Kerry the right man to do this? Is he credible in Kabul?


He is trusted by both candidates I believe, and he was there in 20 --


2009 and he succeeded in resolving the dispute that was there in the


presidential election in 2009. So I am not surprised to see him again in


Kabul, both candidates are trusting him and also, president Hamid Karzai


said he approves of his mediation. We are now in something of a


political vacuum, what are your concerns about national security? I


think the Afghan National Security forces with the cooperation of the


eye are capable of providing security in these challenges. The


country has faced challenges in the past, during the two rounds of


elections the security forces were able to provide the security of the


vote. So I do believe that they are in the position to be able to


respond to any threats that emerge links to the disputes that we have


seen in Afghanistan. Isn't there a danger that the same could happen in


Afghanistan as has happened in Iraq, after the withdrawal of


international forces? I think they are two different countries with two


different histories. And also, to different kind of societies.


Afghanistan proved that going in the last 13 years, it has transformed a


lot. The tribal and ethnic alliances are now replaced by political


alliances and you can see it very clearly in the two camps that the


competing in the action. Iraqi Kurds have taken over two


oil fields amid a growing dispute They've taken control


of two key oilfields Fighters from Iraq's Kurdish region


moved into Kirkuk last month after government troops pulled out


in the face of the advance by Sunni Kurdish ministers are now saying


they have suspended their involvement


in the national government. What you can see is the remnants of


a building that has collapsed and in the middle you might be up to make


out the head of a baby that is trapped inside the rubble. If you


listen, you can hear the baby crying. The BBC has not been able to


independently verify the sources of systematic video but the baby was


two months old, reportedly trapped in the rubble after a barrel bombs


was dropped in this area of Syria. It took 16 hours of digging to reach


this stage before the baby was rescued. You can see the baby alive.


Thousands of people have been killed by barrel bombs in the first half of


this year. In Cambodia, the remains


of the former King, Sihanouk, have been paraded


through the streets of Phnom Penh. Thousands lined the streets of


the capital to pay their respects. The king, who died two years ago,


led the country through decades of conflict and finally to peace


following Cambodia's independence The German foreign minister has said


it was the right decision by his government to expel the senior


representative of US intelligence He said it was


a fitting reaction to the breach of trust that had occurred with


recent revelations of espionage. Relations were already under strain


following news last year that the NSA had monitored


Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone. The Indonesian presidential


candidate, Prabowo Subianto, says will accept the result


of this week's election and return The official result is not due


until July 22 and both candidates are claiming victory based


on unofficial tallies. The former governor of Jakarta,


Joko Widodo, had a slight lead The World Cup is nearly over -


the final is staged on Sunday - and today we want to take you to a


street in Rio that's been decorated in Brazil's national colours


for every World Cup since 1986. Alexandre dos Santos has been


putting up the yellow and green, and the big screen set up


at the end of his street also serves The BBC's Franz Strasser visited


the street to ask dos Santos how his neighbours are dealing with


Brazil's defeat. And even though there's no action


on the pitch at the moment - you can follow events on the


BBC Sport website. There's full analysis


and background. And you can take part in the


conversation in Twitter - look out Staying with football and Liverpool


football club are selling Luis Suarez to Barcelona


for close to $128 million, making him the 3rd most expensive


player in football history.The Uruguayan superstar was idolised


by Liverpool fans despite several on-field


indiscretions and lengthy bans. Suarez of course is currently banned


for 4 months and 9 international games for biting


Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini Video-game arcades used to be quite


a common sight around the world. But in the last two decades many


of them have closed down. Now, one British man is on


a mission to save the arcade. Mark Starkey has rebuilt one


from scratch here in London And it's building up quite


a fan base. It is the last of its kind, the


last arcade of the 20th century. I think the generation of kids


growing up now, most of them started Social gaming is something that


everybody should experience. I think it offers a lot of things to


the player that you simply don't get Instead of playing online


at home alone, you get to come down here and play with people who


are passionate about the game and What really happened was a lot


of the old timers who used to run the arcades back in the 1980s


and 90s they dissolve their idea Nostalgia is something that


generally just hits you, it isn't something you are


physically immersed in. But here for people who haven't seen


games that are over 20 years old, We will show you these pictures of


an outsider flying home in a photo finish at Brighton racecourse. This


seagull was caught on camera soaring past the horses and cause they


flap. It is thought to be the first birds to feature in a photo finish


for a horse race. The main news, and Minette in Yahoos says he won't cave


in to pressure to end error attacks in the Gaza Strip. He said despite


calls from world leaders, Israel will continue its offensive until


the rockets stopped. -- Benjamin Netanyahu. That


It has been a mixed day in terms of the weather today, sunshine across


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