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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


The first Israeli civilian has been killed by Palestinian rocket fire,


and Israel warns it will intensify its military campaign against Hamas,


Almost 200 Palestinians have now been killed by air raids.


Aid agencies in the Gaza Strip are warning that


the bombardment is close to destroying the water system there.


More top jobs for women in the British Cabinet,


up from three to five, and in the pre-election reshuffle,


the Foreign Secretary William Hague steps down.


At least 20 people are killed - more than 120 injured when a Moscow


subway train derails at the height of morning rush hour.


And we'll be in Berlin to hear all about the World Cup celebrations -


a huge welcome for Germany's victorious football team.


Israel's prime minister has just warned that the military campaign


in Gaza will be "expanded and intensified".


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had no choice


as Hamas had rejected a diplomatic solution. The


first serious move to try to stop the fighting and bloodshed


between Israel and Hamas had come in the shape of a proposed ceasefire


laid on the table by Egypt. Israel agreed it and ceased fire.


But Hamas rejected the plan, saying they hadn't been consulted.


And so now Israel is to press ahead and intensify the military offensive


Since then more than 190 Palestinians have been killed.


More than 800 Palestinian rockets have hit Israel,


with at least 76 rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel today.


Within the last two hours, the first Israeli civilian has been


One of the places hit was the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon,


from where the BBC's Quentin Sommerville sent us this report.


Bringing the battle between Israel and Hamas on the control was never


going to be easy. By early afternoon, cease-fire plans were


already in ruins. Rocket fire from Gaza narrowly missed an Israeli fuel


depot and dozens of rockets were launched while Israel observed the


cruise. About 25 firefighters here think that the rocket landed over


there. They are trying to hold back the fire because of our fuel tanks.


They are browsing the area with water, trying to stop it spreading.


It is about four hours since Israel agree to those cease-fire proposals.


, says it was not party to the talks. And the rockets continue to


hit Israel. -- Hammerson says it was not. -- Armas says it was not. We


know that the other side is apparently not interested in


cease-fire. We're prepared for the normal fighting to resume. And so it


did. More Palestinians have been told by Israeli air strikes. The


cease-fire was only in place for six hours. Hamas says it was not


genuine, from the start. The cease-fire proposal was discussed by


everyone except cars. Netanyahu and Egypt, but not Hamas. We will


continue to defend our people and fight, we are fighting to better our


conditions. This cease-fire proposal is like an ambush. On the Israeli


side of the border, this man has a farm. By mid-afternoon, rockets and


bombs were flying both ways. Violence, and more violence. This


field cease-fire will likely make the con -- will be likely to make


the conflict here even worse. It's the most significant reshuffle


of the British cabinet since the prime minister came to


power - and with ten months until the UK's next general election,


David Cameron has given his He's swept away some


of the old guard, increased the number of women in cabinet from


three to five and - in the biggest surprise - moved Michael Gove from


his job as Education Secretary. His replacement - Nicky Morgan who's


only been a minister for 9 months. William Hague will be replaced as


Foreign Secretary by Philip Hammond. He vacates his job as Defence


Secretary - to make way for former


energy minister Michael Fallon. Here's the BBC's Political


Editor Nick Robinson. We counted them in and we counted


them out, the ministers sacked or moved today, mostly men, and the


ones promoted, some of them women. In a wide ranging reshuffle, more


wide-ranging than anyone expected. The big news story of the day was


the promotion of Nicky Morgan, the first of three women to get


significant promotions. The answer, the job of Michael Gove. Michael


Gove is saying goodbye after four years of being in charge of


England's schools. Just as significant on a day that the


British defence industry showed off its finest, at the Farnborough


airshow, a change to the defence minister post of the new defence


minister is Michael Fallon who replaces Philip Hammond, who is now


the new Foreign Secretary. Tories say that he is more Eurosceptic than


William Hague. He once said he would vote to leave the EU if it could not


be reformed. I do not think that the way to enter negotiations is to


start issuing threats. You have to look for areas where you do agree,


and there are many issues where Britain is not isolated, where other


EU members also understand the need for reform. William Hague will be


spending much more time at home. As Leader of the Commons, you will be a


pre-dash-mac a key figure in the Tories election campaign. What about


the pledge that more women would take their place at the top table?


Liz truss will be needing her wellies as a new Environment


Secretary. The welfare Minister Esther McVey will only attend


Cabinet but has is a face and a voice that you will soon be familiar


with. The former TV reporter will now deploy her on-screen talent is


trying to sell the Conservatives to the country. She will be helped by


other women promoted to one rung below the Cabinet. He has promoted


people on the basis of their talent, and that is the most


important thing. Labour are not impressed. Politics has the look and


sound like Britain, and when so many of the Cabinet are men, that falls


short. The Labour Party has half and half men and women in their Shadow


Cabinet. The worst that happened today was a new cabinet minister,


trying to get into the wrong car. Well Foreign Secretary William Hague


will not just be leaving the Cabinet, he's stepping down in


2015 from his role Over the last four years in his role


as Foreign Secretary he's faced and the descent of Syria into civil


war to Cold War-style tensions over


Ukraine, and his recent work hosting ending sexual violence in conflict.


Angelina Jolie that focused on Writer and former Conservative MP


Louise Mensch is in New York, where she moved after standing


down from parliament two years ago. First, I should put it to you that


this was supposed to be a reshuffle that got rid of the mail, the pale


and the stale. Do you think it worked? I think it was there to


promote the best people to the job. You have seen the women who have


matured and grown since being elected in 2010 reaching a stage


where you can promote them into senior positions. The Prime Minister


has moved as fast as he could, without being gimmicky. I think it


is another action-winning reshuffle. -- it is an election-winning


reshuffle. But he seemed to be falling short of his target of


promoting women. People forget that it is easy to have someone elected


to Parliament. Before David Cameron changed selection procedures, the


Conservative Party was 91% white men with no woman to a point. All of the


women who have been appointed today was elected only in 2010. If Cameron


had promoted them before they had learned anything about element, he


would have looked very stupid. Now is about the right time for those


women to have mature and Sue have come through Parliament with four


years of experience, and Sir promoted them any earlier, it would


have been just diverting women for the sake of it. Do you think if you


had stayed you could have been one of those women walking into Downing


Street today? Having served as an MP I know all of these women


individually and I know how talented they are. Even from Labour, who are


complaining about the number of women, we saw that this was a


so-called massacre of the moderates, they were saying today on twitter,


because they have nothing else to say, I have not heard any


commentators say that any woman is being promoted just because she is a


woman. They have got a great new team in place. William Hague is


standing down with Philip Hammond taking his place. Philip Hammond is


thought to be more sceptical about Britain's future in Europe. Will


that set the cat amongst the pigeons? Let us hope so. This is an


election -winning reshuffle. He fought a lonely but principal battle


to stop Jean-Claude Juncker getting the plum job at the EU. We saw


conservative ratings go up over that. We would like to stay in the


EU, we like the balance of trade, but we need a strong renegotiation.


David Cameron sent an important electoral signal by appointing


Philip Hammond, there is no doubt about that at all.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


Iraqi MPs have broken their deadlock and elected


It's the first step towards forming a new government in Baghdad -


a step seen as crucial to confronting the rebels who have


The new speaker is a Sunni - Salim Jabouri.


Parliament still has to elect a new Kurdish President and a Shia


Typhoon Rammasun has made landfall with winds of up to 130 kilometres.


Low-lying villages were flooded and a trail of destruction was left in


its wake. No casualties have yet been reported. Parts of the


Philippines are still recovering from Typhoon Haiyan,


which killed more than 6,000 people last year.


A French soldier has been killed in a suicide bombing in northern


Mali.The Foreign Legion soldier was killed in Gao on Monday -- the ninth


to die since France sent troops to its former colony in January last


year. Local and foreign troops have struggled to restore order after


beating back an Islamist insurgency there.


21 people have been killed in an accident on the Moscow Metro -


at the height of the morning rush hour. Local officials say a train


came off the rails after a power surge. Oleg Boldyrev is in Moscow


At mid-morning on Tuesday three carriages derailed. Rescuers are


still trying to pull people out of the crumpled metal. By mid afternoon


they speculated that there was nobody left alive. The injured and


those who escaped unharmed well read out a long hundreds of metres of


track after spending more than one hour in the darkness. The dozens of


wounded had to be brought out on stretchers. The most gravely injured


were flown out to hospital. We understand the majority of


casualties were caused by people being flung against the wall of the


carriages which derailed. I spoke to one lady who had a bad cut on her


leg. She said she was thrown into the wall, into pieces of smashed


glass. Another was struck by a fire extinguisher which was flung from


the wall. The number of deaths kept rising through the day. The Moscow


underground has seen bombs and explosions but nothing like this,


from a split second malfunction of something, just exactly what is yet


unknown. The authorities gave a number of theories from loss of


current to sagging track. An investigation has been launched. The


mayor of the city promised to return the defective linebacker service in


two days. In the meantime millions of passengers on the Moscow


underground will pay -- will feel uneasy at every shake of the train


they are in. In a city of 15 million people, the Metro is the most


functional way of transport. It has been a violin they in Afghanistan.


89 people have been killed and many injured in a suicide last in the


Eastern Province Kings. The victims include many women and children who


had been shopping in a busy market for Ramadan. Another explosion in


Cabo had killed two aides of the outgoing president, president cars


I. they went to the polls last month.


It happened to the east of the country close to the border with


Pakistan. What we understand from eyewitnesses as it was a vehicle


that was chased by the police. As it failed to stop at a checkpoint, the


driver drove into a busy marketplace before detonating the explosives. It


sent debris everywhere, more than 89 people were killed and


sent debris everywhere, more than 89 people were many more were injured.


Looking at pictures you can see the scale of the damage. Mark in stores


and buildings destroyed for a large area around. -- market. The governor


of the province has been speaking to us. The enemies of Afghanistan


detonated a car bomb in this area that hurt a lot of people. If you


look at this destruction you will come to the conclusion this action


is against Islam, against humanity and against our territory. All night


we have heard a lot of air activity, helicopters are bringing the injured


from Paktika to hospitals. This is the deadliest attack since we saw


the presidential elections last month. Those elections still to give


an indication of who the next president will be. At the weekend


deal was mediated. John Kerry was here. We are expecting the


widespread audit, all 8 million votes will be audited, counted again


in what will be a huge logistical operation. The two presidential


rivals have been meeting for the first time to try to give some shape


to a pledge that each of them made. Whoever will be the winner will hold


a government of national unity. Exactly what shape that will take,


we still don't know. The idea that happiness is a better


measure of a nation's success than income might have seemed very


radical when it was first proposed but it's now influenced governments


all over the world. Today we're going to look


at the related issue of how Just a few facts first to put you


in the picture. Around the world,


more than 350 million people suffer from depression, one of the most


common forms of mental disorders. It's a problem that doesn't


just affect adults. Around 20% of the world's children


are thought to suffer from some Whether you get treatment may


depend on where you live. The World Health Organisation tells


us you're 170 times more likely to find a psychiatrist in high income


countries than in low income ones. With me is the economist Professor


Lord Richard Layard who pioneered that "science of


happiness". He's now co-authored a book called


Thrive, urging political leaders to make


mental health a much higher Thank you for coming in to speak to


us. The economic case for prioritising mental health


treatment. Mental illness is the main illness of working age in


advanced countries. It has huge economic cost when people can't work


or go off sick. That is why it is so wonderful we now have evidence


-based psychological therapies that can lead to 50% recovery rates,


lower relapse rates and therefore when you think of the costs, they


get reduced by the psychological therapy and the psychological


therapy pays for itself and reduced welfare benefits and lost taxes. It


pays for itself a second time over introducing physical health care


costs because mentally health people cost 50% more than those who have


physical illness. You can show that completely covers the cost to the


health care authorities providing more psychological therapy because


of the savings on the physical. Tell us about the psychological therapy


that works, we know works. We have talked about what drugs can tackle


mental illness but here in the UK there has been some pioneering work


on behavioural therapy. Cognitive therapy. It works by getting people


to think better and that leads to them feeling better. And behaving


more constructively. This is the breakthrough therapy which has been


really well be searched so we now know but the outcomes of that. It


has much longer lasting effects and drugs do. That is the preferred


treatment for 75% of people. Do main teaching people how to adopt the


different anchor? Yes, yes. This is the good news. We have rolled it out


in Britain. Half a million people are getting treated. We have trained


6000 therapists. It is not costing us anything so it is a no-brainer.


The other point want to make is the cost isn't the only thing. The main


thing is human suffering. The research we have done shows that in


rich countries mental illness is the biggest single cause of human


suffering, more than physical illness, and a lot more than two


subjects I worked on which is poverty and unemployment. We need to


raise the profile of mental illness. I centre 's sake it should have a


Cabinet Minister. -- I sometimes say. That is a surprising fact you


are giving us. People tend to think about cancer or heart disease,


mental illness occurs it is abstract seems to fall down the list of


priorities. The extraordinary thing is the WHO figures show in terms of


morbidity, in rich countries, mental illness accounts for about twice as


much as cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory illness. It


it gets such a small fraction of the effort and has such a low prestige.


This has got to be be attacked and changed. Thank you very much to talk


that through with us. The European Parliament has


confirmed Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European


Commission. He'll succeed the current president,


Jose Manuel Barroso, in November. Our correspondent, Chris Morris in


Strasbourg, explained the background to his appointment and what his


first order of business will be. It is hardly unexpected that Jose


Manuel Barroso -- Jean-Claude Juncker is confirmed as the next


president. He needed a minimum of 300 and 76 -- three and 76 votes.


But 250 MEPs against him. He certainly won't have everything his


own way as he tries to set out an agenda for the next five years. His


first task now is basically to set out the new commission. It has to


have one representative from each of the 28 member states and there's


lots of jockeying going on between different countries about who they


will nominate and which policy portfolios their nominee is going to


get. Overall, looking at the next five years, the big challenge for


Jean-Claude Juncker is pretty clear. It is the challenge for the


European Union, how to improve the economy in the Eurozone, how to


improve the governance. There are millions of young unemployed in


Europe. Even though the Eurozone crisis is well past his critical


phase it is not over stop there will be other things he will have to do.


Notably, dealing with the issue of whether Britain stays in all these


the European Union. He was rather bruised by Britain's implacable


opposition to his nomination as president of the European


Commission. He won that fight and when it comes to Jean-Claude Juncker


and Britain, Bridges will need to be built.


It is hardly unexpected that Jose Manuel Barroso -- Jean-Claude


The team that won the World Cup for Germany has been given


Hundreds of thousands of fans gathered at the Brandenburg


Gate to celebrate the men's arrival and Lucy Hockings was there for us,


At many talked about how they thought were the way young boys of


winning the World Cup. Imagine arriving home today, walking along


the States, holding the World Cup and looking down at this. Half an


onion people gathered here to see them and welcome them home. The fans


have been so excited. They are so proud of their team. It must've been


the most glorious moment for them. People are stretched as far as the


eye can see. Ever since Sunday night, the entire country has been


completely ecstatic and the party is going to continue for some time yet.


They add showing no sign of leaving. We should leave the last words at


the fans. Making sushi is considered a bit of


an art. We had always told not to play with


our food but that isn't how this woman rolls. She has transformed


this woman rolls. She has transformed the of art. Her designs


include faces that's change when you get them through. She was inspired


to make out using materials everyone would have at home. For Japanese it


is unheard of for a house not to have rice and seaweed even when I


lived alone I had that. I thought I could do something with those. That


is the added challenge of making sure the art not only looks good


that tastes good as well. This goes into your body is too if you just


paint a picture it may not have that much influence. This isn't something


you look out, it is something you can experience in a variety of ways.


She is sharing her skills and holding workshops teaching others


how to make their own masterpieces. It feels like I've made my own


artwork, more than making food. You can eat it that it is your own


creation. A creation that may not stay on display for too long! A


reminder of our main news. Israel's Prime Minister has warned the


military campaign in Gaza will be intensified unless --. How mass


rejected the cease-fire proposed by Egypt's. More than a Palestinians


have been killed and 1200 wounded and within the last few hours, the


first Israeli to billions have been killed. In the most significant


recent full of the British cabinets is David Cameron came to power,


there are more top jobs for women up from three to five. The Foreign


Secretary, William Hay, stands down with ten months to go until the next


general election. You can also talk to me about this


or any of our stories @PhilippaBBC. But for now, from me and the rest


of the team, goodbye. We saw a dry day on Tuesday with the


exception of a few showers across northern Scotland. We'll see more


rain come on Wednesday but what will really notice is somewhat of an


timidity of driving across the country. It is all tied in with this


set of weather front. It'll bring the rain across


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