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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


It's been one of the bloodiest days so far of the conflict over Gaza.


The bombardment continues, and Gaza's only power station is


hit, as Israel says it's stepping up the pressure on Hamas.


As the EU announces the toughest sanctions yet on Russia


And what it calls terrorist targets. This is Hamas


infrastructure. As the EU announces


the toughest sanctions yet on Russia over Ukraine, we'll bring you


reaction from Moscow. A war crimes investigator says some


former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army should face


charges of crimes against humanity. Too much unhealthy food, too much


drinking, and too nationalistic - youngsters around the world give


their views on Britain. But it's not all bad - find out


what they did like a little later. More than 100 Palestinians are said


to have been killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza,


after one of the bloodiest days Israeli airstrikes have targeted


sites associated with Hamas, Among the dead, are members


of the UN Relief and Works agency. Since the current conflict began,


1,156 Palestinians have been killed. 55 Israelis have been killed,


most of them soldiers. Israel's Prime Minister has warned


that the conflict will continue as This report from our correspondent


Ian Pannell, who is in Gaza. Gaza trembled with the few real last


night. Dash-macro Furia of war. Israel warned it would act


aggressively. It did. People were forced from their homes.


Out into a city with few safe places to hide. Israel wants to weaken


Hamas anyway it can. This includes hitting Gaza's only power station.


Adding to the misery of those who live here.


Through the night, and into the day. Across large parts of the Gaza


Strip, the bombing is relentless. It is still early in the morning in


Gaza, and there were a large number of attacks overnight, and as you


just heard, the attacks are continuing throughout the day.


Israel says it is hitting a number of what it calls terrorist targets,


Hamas infrastructure. Those are things that belong to the militants,


but as we have seen, civilians are increasingly being caught in the


crossfire. The front line edges ever closer. As


whole neighbourhood is empty. Today, one more family fled. Tens of


thousands of people have already been forced from their homes.


Others have been buried beneath. Neighbours and family scramble to


rescue the injured and the dead. More than 100 people were killed


last night. People have suffered, and they have grieved. So far, it


has brought them nothing. Not even funerals here are sacred.


Nor are mosques. Israel says they have been used to hide weapons. But


if this is supposed to weaken people's resolved, it does not. We


have been blockaded for the last seven years. We have been deprived


of all this for the last seven years. Don't talk to me about


rockets that are so tiny, small. Look at this! Look at this.


Entire areas of Gaza are being eviscerated. Both sides are under


pressure to talk. Rumours swirl of possible deals. And all the while,


the conflict grows. 500 more people sought shelter at


this school last night. It already houses thousands. One of them was


born at 5am today. Ibrahim. His new home is a classroom that he


and his mother share with 80 others. TRANSLATION: After eight years


waiting for him to come, we are now living here in a school. The more


they lose, the more they are determined it should be for a


reason. Our correspondent Jon Donnison


is in Jerusalem. I want to ask you about public


opinion on both sides. First, what people in Israel are saying as they


also watch these pictures. Look, I think the government here has


overwhelming support. If anything, there is pressure for them not to


stop. When you look at the opinion polls, I think it is around 80%


supporting the government operation in Gaza. There is a rally taking


place in Israel's biggest city, Tel Aviv, this evening, which is urging


the military to finish the job, as they put it. It is going to be


interesting to see what the turnout is. We had a peace rally at the


weekend in Tel Aviv, and that just attracted a few thousand. I suspect


we could end up with a view more tonight.


And what about the people of Gaza? Because so many essentials of their


life are now being dismembered, whether water supplies or power


supplies. Can we tell whether they still strongly support Hamas?


Is of course there are people who support Hamas in Gaza, and


generally, when we have had conflict in the past, I was based in Gaza for


nearly four years, Hamas gets a short-term boost from the conflict,


because usually, after each conflict, they try to sell it as a


victory to them, but it tends not to last too long, and also, when you


delve a little bit deeper, you do meet a lot of people who say, look,


this is pointless, it happens every two or three years, they get


pummelled, and much they don't like what Israel is doing, there are some


who think Hamas is it upon themselves. -- bringing it upon


themselves. But in terms of what people are thinking at the moment, I


would say not only in Gaza but in the West Bank, there is overwhelming


sympathy with the people of Gaza amongst Palestinians. Thank you very


much. Fighting is intensifying


in eastern Ukraine in several of the rebel-held towns and cities


surrounding the crash site These are the latest pictures


from Donetsk - one person was killed when this apartment block was hit


by artillery fire. Ten Ukrainian soldiers and at


least 22 civilians have reportedly And for a third day, the fighting


has stopped international investigators from reaching


the crash site of flight MH17. The EU has announced the toughest


economic sanctions so far imposed on They'll be put in place almost


immediately, targetting the defence, finance and oil industries.


The sanctions include: barring some Russian state-run banks


from raising funds in European An embargo


on future arms sales to Russia. Restrictions on the export


of certain technologies used And adding more names to the list


of those subjected to travel bans and asset freezes,


including more members of President Well a little earlier,


US secretary of State John Kerry gave a news conference in


which he strongly criticised The Russians and their so-called


volunteers are continuing to ship arms and funds and personnel


across the border, we see this, We now have clear evidence


of artillery and rocket fire, And while the Russians have said


they want to de-escalate the conflict, their actions have


not shown a shred of evidence that they really have a desire to end


the violence and end the bloodshed. Moscow is


Dimitry Babich, political analyst Moscow is no country likes of


sanctions, but I think the main problem is that these sanctions are


pointless. It is not clear what these sanctions


are meant to achieve. It is obvious that the West and their leaders have


talked themselves into believing that we have in Ukraine is not a


civil war, but just a Russian intrusion, so if you pressure Mr


Putin, the war will stop. But the problem is, it is indeed a Civil


War. There are some Russian citizens participating, so-called


volunteers, but it is mainly a war among Ukrainian citizens. So, by


imposing more and more sanctions on Russia, the West is not going to end


this war. What John Kerry had to say today was


that the Russians and their so-called volunteers are continuing


to ship arms and volunteers across the border. He says the Americans


have clear evidence of that. The Russians may say they want to


de-escalation is conflict, John Kerry says, but their actions show


not a shred of evidence that they want to do so. His point is that


President Putin could be escalated as, could stop arms going across the


border, but he is choosing not to. I mean, Mr Kerry made lots of


statements. It is clear that he is biased on many issues, including,


for example, the investigation of the disaster that flight. It is not


clear why the black boxes have not yet been published, the information


from them. It is not quite clear why the Iranian government has not


publish the records of the talks between air traffic controllers in


Ukraine, and the plane. -- the Ukrainian government. So Mr Kerry is


biased, and I honestly don't believe that you can, for example, stop the


flow of arms from Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the same way, I


think it is very difficult to prevent all the Russians who


sympathise with the people of Ukraine from crossing the border.


You have seen from the pictures that you have shown, how many people have


been killed there by bombs, so Russians sympathise with them, very


much like, for example, the people of the West Bank sympathise with the


people in Gaza. How much damage to you think these


sanctions will do to Russia and Russians?


I think the damage will equal the damage done to the European Union,


because EU is actually punishing its banks. The banks of the European


countries will not be able to lend money to Russia and get an


interest, so I think the losses will be mutual.


And, of course, they will be felt in a few months, maybe, or if you


years. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


An influential cousin of Afghanistan's outgoing


president, Hamid Karzai, has been killed in a attack in Kabul.


Hashmat Karzai died when a suicide bomber blew himself up while hugging


him, on the pretext of greeting for the Muslim festival of Eid.


Mr Karzai was a prominent member of the election campaign team


for Ashraf Ghani, one of two presidential candidates in


England batsman Moeen Ali has been warned not to wear wristbands


showing support for Gaza during the third Test with India any more.


The 27-year-old wore bands saying "Free Palestine" and "Save Gaza" on


International Cricket Council rules state players should not wear


messages relating to "political, religious or racial activities


Libya says Italy has offered to help extinguish a huge blaze that has


engulfed the biggest fuel depot in the capital, Tripoli.


It's to send seven aircraft and a team of firefighting experts.


Libyan officials blame clashes between rival militias


for starting the fire, described as "out of control".


Most of the 1,200 people evacuated in Northern California,


where a wildfire destroyed 20 homes, have been told they can safely


return after a series of steady gains in the firefight.


In Yosemite National Park, a relentless air assault helped


limit the spread of flames that had spread through more than six square


A European Union war crimes prosecutor says that some former


leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army should face charges of crimes


against humanity against ethnic Serbs in the wars 15 years ago.


Clint Williamson has been detailing findings from his investigation,


including evidence that a number of people were killed to harvest


From Belgrade, Guy Delauney reports. The Kosovo conflict left the mixed


judicial legacy. Senior Serbian figures have been prosecuted, and


some conflict it, for atrocities against ethnic Albanians. But


justice for ethnic Serbs who suffered has been in short supply.


That may change. Certain sectors intentionally targeted members of


the population. That included abductions, sexual violence, forms


of the new mean treatment, forced displacement of individuals from


their homes and communities, desecration and destruction of


churches and other religious sites. In Kosovo's B have been bracing


themselves for this -- in Kosovo's capital they have been. We hope for


more clarity, but we understand the process is a complicated, difficult


one. Again, this is why we remain open for a further cooperation in


the future. Here in Belgrade people have long will -- long since become


cynical about international justice. They say that it has not been good


at holding those who committed crimes against ethnic Serbs to


account. TRANSLATION: At this point we cannot say definitely whether


something happened or not. There are suspicions, strong evidence, and


also evidence of organ trafficking. But we will wait. The forthcoming


tribunal is likely to cause political turmoil in Kosovo, but in


the long term it may aid reconciliation in the region of


April can be convinced that justice -- if people can be convinced that


justice is possible. In Sierra Leone,


the country's lead Ebola doctor has become the latest person to die


in the outbreak that has killed Dr Sheik Umar


Khan contracted the Ebola virus He has been described


as a national hero in Sierra Leone. Two airlines


in the region have now banned flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone


after a man who flew to Nigeria It has been more than a week since


the first case of the Ebola virus was recorded. The patient's death


has raised concerns here about whether the virus could have spread


to other people. The hospital where he died, in an isolation ward, has


also been closed temporarily. We have contacted over 30,000 people in


this area, because anybody and everybody who has contacted this


person is going to be treated as a suspect. The current outbreak of the


Ebola virus in West Africa has killed hundreds and the Nigerian


public is hoping this single case within these borders will be the one


they won. My concerns is that this is a very densely populated city. I


am not certain about this state of affairs of our health care system.


If the top hospitals can... These are the places people will normally


visit. If they go on strike and we have a situation like this then that


is a cause for concern. I do not eat anything, I do not have any food


outside, I sit in my house. I do not know how you can contract the


disease so I am very much afraid. I do not even like to be talking to


people. To use these fears the government is advising the public to


take a cautionary measures against infection. It has also set up


isolation wards at the country's major airports to keep this deadly


violence A-star virus from creating an international health crisis. --


this deadly virus. The former Governor of Alaska


and 2008 Republican Vice President candidate, Sarah Palin,


has launched her own news channel. The conservative politician's online


subscription channel, which costs She says her channel is


a way to sidestep the mainstream US media and build a community with


like-minded conservatives. The channel features online video


chats and a look into life This is a news channel which is much


more venues. This is a community or we will be able to share ideas and


discuss the issues of the day, and we will find solutions. Are you


tired of the media filters? I am, I always have been. So I am going to


do something about it. NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity has


broken the record for space travel. The American space agency says that


it was never meant to drive further than about 800 metres from its


landing site. It has found evidence of water in Mars and is still


continuing its work. The previous record was set in 1973 by a Soviet


Union moon rover. The UK - a place of culture,


good manners and good humour. That's according to a new study


by the British Council, who asked 5,000 young people from


China to Brazil what their opinion But it is important to be balanced,


of course, so they also asked what 27% of those who answered said they


thought the British drank too much. Prince Charles wasn't named


in person, of course. Just under a quarter of people,


23%, But who doesn't love a fried


breakfast every now and then? And one in five thought British


people were too nationalistic. Though that won't stop us cheering


for home nations at the We felt it was important to conduct


our own research into this matter. So we took to the streets of London


to ask what people liked, and didn't I hate the traffic jams. Sometimes


they do not move. I do not really like the people, I find them quite


rude. British people are a bit pale. But we're not that different,


British and Norwegian 's. We found the food a bit challenging


sometimes. It is often very grey, to wake up in the morning and it is


grey and cold, it is not a nice way to start the day. The weather is


pretty bad. Ren?e. Grey and probably the feed as well. They are very good


at queueing up. It is lovely. Even the GPS said, please do this, please


make a U-turn. With me is Mark Moulding, a


spokesman for the British Council. Welcome to world news today. Why did


you choose the countries that you chose for your survey? These


countries are very important for the future of the UK on the world stage.


They are big economies. They are also the big emerging economies as


well. The UK's green to have a lot to do with those countries in the


future if we are to be competitive. It is very important to know what


attracts them to us but also what is pushing them away at the moment. We


need to impress them. Top of that is culture. What does that mean?


Culture means a lot of things. We asked people to identify a figure


that they linked with British culture. Shakespeare came out on


top. The Queen was in second place, David Beckham was in third place. Mr


been and the Beatles were in the top ten. I delved the singer, JK


Rowling. Quite an eclectic mix. We're not pigeonholed into one sort


of racket, theatre, high culture, anything like that, it is a real


spread of things that mean a lot of different things to a lot of French


people. -- to a lot of different people. What are the things that put


people of Britain? We could be nicer about the weather, because it is


nice at the moment. Food is the second least attractive feature in


the eyes of the world, but I think that is probably based on some


outdated impressions. 1970s stodgy food, that is not the case these


days. We have a wonderful culinary scene. It has been a long time since


food has changed around, it has become very multicultural, that


implies that we are not getting the message out. People are working hard


to get the message out onto the world stage. I was speaking to a


manufacturer in Somerset who has been out to China to try to sell


bear meet over there. That is something we need to do much more


of. Things like the way that they view as personally. They think that


we are intolerant of other cultures and ignorant of other cultures and


countries and I think that there is a lot that we can do there to


address that. That is political, there is a lot in current political


debate about migrants, benefits, tourism and health tourism. That


bleeds into this. Yes, but what a lot of it comes down to is how we


conduct ourselves as people. We are notoriously bad about speaking


foreign languages. The stereotype is British people going abroad and


speaking very slowly in English to make themselves understood. That is


terrible, that belies an unwillingness to connect with other


cultures. Learning another language could help to challenge those


stereotypes. I would like to thank you in Mandarin, but I cannot and I


am guilty! If you happened to have


a spare half a million dollars, Would a bottle


of ketchup be a wise investment? Not just any bottle of ketchup,


though, As you can tell,


it doesn't actually hold any It's been standing on the side


of a road in California next to a former ketchup factory since the


late 1940s, and now it's for sale. If you did want to fill it up,


we're told there's room there for Just tamed to remain June of our


main news. More than 100 Palestinians are said to have been


killed after Israel recommenced its bombardment of Gaza. The European


Union has agreed the toughest sanctions so far against Russia over


its support for rebels in Ukraine. That is all from the programme.


Thank you very much for being with us on World News Today.


It has been another pretty hot day across the south-east corner of the


United Kingdom. More in the way of clade across the south-west. Most


places she'd be fine and dry. Still


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