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This is BBC World News Today with me Babita Sharma.


At least 30 Palestinians are killed and hundreds more injured


after shells hit a UN school and a market place in Gaza.


A terrified child, one of thousands of refugees who had been sheltering


The UN have called it an attack of universal shame.


Another tiny victim of the Ebola virus as three West African


countries battle to overcome a massive outbreak


I was there with him just before he died.


At times, I would just go outside and cry.


Bankers in Britain feel the pressure.


New rules could force them to repay some bonuses and even land them


And could computers turn us all into backseat drivers?


We'll take a look at a more hands off approach to life


Now this car is being tested in a very controlled environment


but, from next year, more advanced vehicles with lots


of sensors on-board will be allowed out on the open road.


Yet again more deaths on the streets of Gaza and today.


At least 15 people have been killed and 160 people have been injured


after an explosion at a busy market, according to Palestinian officials.


And the United Nations has accused Israel of launching a deadly attack


Thousands of Palestinians had been seeking shelter from the fighting


The shelling began at dawn killing at least 15 people.


Both the US and the UN have condemned the shelling


of the school, but the Israeli military has denied targeting it


saying militants had fired on its soldiers from within the vicinity.


The number of Palestinians killed in Gaza is now said to have reached


1,300 since the fighting began three weeks ago.


Our International Correspondent, Ian Pannell,


sent this report from Jabaliya, where the UN school was shelled.


You may find some of the details and images in his report disturbing.


The terror of the conflict in Gaza stamped on the face


Gosam Barakat was sleeping when the shells landed.


She had been sheltering in a UN school.


The casualties have just come into one


We believe about 70 people have been injured.


At the moment, the precise figure isn't known.


The debate will begin immediately about who is responsible for this.


Overwhelming a hospital already struggling to cope.


The youngest and most vulnerable, shattered and shocked.


She and her friend Sarma were in one of the classrooms when it was hit.


We were sleeping when the airstrike happened, she says.


The hospital grounds overflowed with bereaved families.


Every day in Gaza seems to look like this.


The UN says Israel attacked the school.


Two very precise holes were punched through the walls of two classrooms.


Amid the dust and rubble, some signs that families had been living here.


There was a mortar fire fired by Palestinian terrorists


We responded to fire in that vicinity.


We are currently, reviewing the innocent incident itself.


Those who live here are simply shattered and shocked.


But on days like this, it feels like nowhere is.


We escaped to search for security here but we did not


have security because of the Israeli occupation, the terrorism.


And each incident has its own tragic story.


Last week, we reported on a baby girl delivered


graves, they buried her next to the mother she'd never known.


One more death on the day marked with violence.


Dr Mustafa Barghouti, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council,


Thank you very much for being with us. I understand you have been in


touch with Hamas and met with Palestinian president. Tell us what


has been said. All of us without exception want to achieve an


immediate, and as soon as possible, a cease-fire. All Palestinians are


unified in that because we want the bloodshed to stop. It has become


clear to everybody now that Israel's decisions is to kill as


many Palestinian civilians as possible. Their whole strategy is


based on trying to aggravate Palestinians against each other. And


each time this is tried, they kill more civilians. As you have


reported, 1320 Palestinians have been killed. 90% civilians, children


and women. About 7000 300 people have been injured. Today, they


committed two huge massacres in a market while they were claiming they


were declaring a cease-fire, and another one in a school, the second


school. The six school attacked by the Israeli army. Each time, they


are exposed, they said I investigate in the matter. This is so horrible.


Anyone who remains silent about these massacres taking place today


will be considered complicit with these crimes. One decision we have


made will be fulfilled within the coming few hours is to go to the


international committee court to sign the Rome Statute and have


Israel responsible in front of the world for the are committing against


the Palestinian people. Nobody should allow... You say that you've


had conversations with Hamas and the Palestinian president and you agree


there is a need for a cease-fire. How realistic do you believe a


cease-fire can be reached with the Israelis given the fact that the


ones which have been imposed before have faltered after just days? In


the first two weeks of this aggression, unfortunately, people


now are discovering the truth. The first fact it was Israel who started


this war and not the Palestinians. Secondly... How do you believe the


agreement can be reached? I am coming to that. The second thing is


this is not Hamas. The Palestinians accept to have a cease-fire and


Israel refused. Just now, 30 minutes ago, it was declared that Benjamin


Netanyahu decided to expand the Israeli military operation in Gaza.


In my opinion, the people will realise his aim is to occupy Gaza


completely causing horrible, horrible human damage and creating


the worst human material in crisis ever in this region and may be


worldwide. He must be stopped for speed cannot be allowed to


continue. Forgive me, the question was specifically about how you will


conversations with Hamas can reach a cease-fire agreement? How do you


move forward to bring an end to the violence, the counterattack and the


attack on both sides of this conflict? When can you reach an


agreement? As soon as the world pressures Israel enough to stop this


attack. We can reach it through Egypt in negotiations that could be


held in Cairo and Palestinians are ready to send a delegation there,


including Hamas and every body else. Or through an immediate decision by


the Security Council to say Israel must stop the aggression and stop


the siege on Gaza, an act of aggression which has been going on


for eight years. In the framework of trying to agree a cease-fire, will


Hamas to understanding stop its activity in launching rockets and


missiles to Israel? Of course. Hamas is not shooting rockets to kill


people. It is our understanding, from reports we had today on the


ground there where a number of Palestinian rockets and missiles


fired to Israel during a partial cease-fire today? If you allow me to


respond, please, and not interrupt me, I will explain. So far, during


this war, which is completely asymmetrical, the Israelis have lost


56 people, as you said. Two civilians. 54 were soldiers. Israeli


soldiers killed inside Gaza while they were invading and affecting


people. On the Palestinian side, civilians are killed. That means


Hamas has proven its not aiming at killing Israeli civilians. It is


fighting the Israeli soldiers while the Israeli soldiers are bombarding


air strikes, bombarding us with artillery, with tank fire. And


killing people. This army which claims to be working at the


pinpoint, with sophisticated equipment is now killing civilians.


It's clear their decision as to kill as many civilians as possible hoping


that Palestinians will turn against each other, which is impossible


because every Palestinian today has a problem with Israel after all


these killings. The elimination of 30 families. We have to leave it


there but the Israeli counterargument what you've just


said is they are protecting the rights of the Israelis against


attack, but, for now, thank you for your time. We have to be it there,


I'm afraid. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa


continues to spread. Medical charities are now warning it


will likely last until the end In the latest development, Liberia


has announced it will close all schools across the country as part


of a new anti-Ebola action plan. Several West African airlines have


now stopped flying to Liberia and Sierra Leone amid concerns


about the spread of the disease. The virus has claimed hundreds


of lives across the region, so what are the symptoms and how


many people have died so far? The virus causes internal bleeding


and organ failure It is spread person to person


through direct contact. Its symptoms include bleeding,


diarrhoea and vomiting. The first reported cases of Ebola


were in Guinea in March, with many of the initial infections


reported in the town of Gueckedou 427 cases have lead to at least 310


deaths across the country. The virus has also spread to Liberia


where it has killed And it has spread to Sierra Leone


where more than 220 people have And now, Nigeria has confirmed


a death from the deadly virus. Our Global Health Correspondent


Tulip Mazumdar has been to the affected area of Gueckadou


in South East Guinea. The latest and one


of the youngest victims of Ebola. Wrapped in layers


of plastic bags is the tiny body His family are too scared to attend


his burial, so he is carefully laid Adele looked after baby Faya


in his final moments. I was there with him just


before he died. I stepped away just


for a short break but then I was At times,


I would just go outside and cry. The virus is extremely contagious so


they seal themselves in suits where Samples from sick patients are sent


to this makeshift diagnostics lab. British scientists are


among those testing for Ebola. It's spread


in a very specific manner. Mainly by close contact with patient


fluids, bloods and, in the end stages, particularly with bodily


secretions, saliva and sweat. And having that in your head while


you're dealing with these samples In remote villages, devastated


by Ebola, the fear is palpable. And that fear is helping spread


the virus. Some people think medics are


actually bringing Ebola here. Others simply don't believe


the virus exists. A few days ago,


health workers couldn't even get into this village, but they have


made a breakthrough here today. People are bringing out


their sick relatives, and they are agreeing to be checked


over for symptoms of Ebola. There is no cure for this virus


but it's not When I was sick, it was very, very


difficult for me to eat, to wake up. Another Ebola survivor has come


to see his little sister. Initial tests


for Marion have come back negative. Their mother also has the virus


and may not survive. She, like many others, is infected,


isolated He's the Director for


Health Protection with Thank you for joining us. Great


alarm seeing those figures in the report. Are we right to be alarmed


thinking about this disease spreading to the UK or Europe? Of


course we are concerned about the outbreak in the three main countries


concerned in West Africa. So we are doing two things within Public


Health England, working across colleagues -- working with


colleagues in Government. We are doing all we can to support the


response in Africa. It is important to get the outbreak is controlled as


possible and end up with that concluding and there being no


further cases. The risk that we assessed the UK does remain low. So


we do not expect to have cases of Ebola virus in the UK or Europe. But


it is not impossible and we're making sure that all for


identifying, what we have got in place, people who may have symptoms


of an unknown infection, we must get those tests in place but the


assessment of risk is low in the UK. There has never been an outbreak of


the disease in Europe? That is correct. There has never been a case


from an outbreak in Africa imported into the UK or Europe. That is a


very important fact to bear in mind. Even if we saw a case in the UK, we


would be... We're going not expecting an outbreak. If we see


anything, it will be with someone who comes back to the UK with the


virus and we treat that in the UK. Let's talk about that. You read the


headlines surrounding the disease and that it is not curable, a quick


death, sometimes within 24 hours, what other symptoms and what happens


in it? Incubation, the time from point of infection to getting


symptoms can be from two days up to three weeks. So there is a


significant length of time with which people might be harbouring the


disease. What symptoms? Initially, fever, malaise, headache, generally


feeling unwell. It is in the later stages of the disease that people


get diarrhoea and formatting and bleeding, which can in so many cases


cause the death of the individual. It is not until the stages where the


disease is infectious and transmitted, mostly by direct


contact with the bodily fluids of someone in the severe stages of the


disease or after the death. That is why with infection control


arrangements in place in the UK, even if we do get a case coming in


from Africa, we would be unlikely to see the spread of that. But we are


giving the advice that if you have been to one of those three


countries, Ciera Le?n, Guinea Liberia, and particularly in one of


the areas where the outbreak is ongoing, and you have retirement and


have any of those symptoms of fever within three weeks of coming back,


seek medical advice quickly and the doctor must you see will trigger the


right assessment. -- Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


Rescue workers are digging through piles of mud and rubble to try


and reach survivors of a landslide in western India.


Officials say 17 bodies have been recovered so far, but more than


A suicide bomber has killed at least six people at a university in


The blast happened as a large crowd of students gathered to check


It's the fifth attack in Kano since Sunday.


The last surviving member of the US air crew that dropped


an atomic bomb on Hiroshima has died in Georgia, aged 93.


Theodore Van Kirk, also known as Dutch,


was 24 when he became the navigator of the Enola Gay - the aircraft that


It killed an estimated 140,000 people.


The Bank of England has announced some of the toughest restrictions on


Bankers will be forced to return their bonuses - up to seven years


after they were awarded - if found guilty of misconduct.


The measures follow the financial crisis of 2008


Our economics correspondent Simon Jack has the details.


For successful bankers, big bonus cheques have come to be expected.


But after the financial crisis, a string of scandals and public anger,


from January next year, future cheques may end up going back.


So let's say it has been a great year,


I cannot spend it yet, but within three or five years, I can spend


But under the new rules, up to seven years after my bonus, I might have


Barclays set aside another ?900 million today compensate people


mis-sold payment protection insurance, a timely reminder


that misconduct can take many years to uncover and why these


We now have the toughest regime in banking pay


Bankers are paid less here than they are compared to New York,


Ultimately, this could have an impact on the competitiveness


of London as a financial centre and the jobs and tax paid here.


There are also proposals which could see bankers jailed.


One former investment banker, who now writes about the City,


This is a really very bold package of measures.


First of all, it raises the spectre of criminal sanction.


Secondly, it hits bankers in their pockets.


Thirdly, it defines everyone's rules very clearly so that regulators know


I suppose one other point to make is that


if bankers really do run offshore, as they are threatening to do


in the event of these rules coming in, it is a terrible indictment


Recklessness, interest rate rigging, money laundering, mis-selling.


These scandals have cost the City its reputation,


and taxpayers and shareholders hundreds of billions of pounds.


It is hoped these tough new rules will change the culture


of the people working right here in the heart of banking.


Imagine every single banker taking a lawyer, bringing him to court.


I mean, you would have to think through the methodology


They want to go back seven years, right?


Yearly would definitely be the way forward,


They?re not accountable for the way they behave and you


So, yeah, I would support that move, for sure.


The bonus party might not quite be over, but some


of the champagne may have to go back on ice for a little while longer.


They could be the answer to road rage - driverless


cars, which could be on our roads from as early as next year.


Up to now, concerns about legal and insurance issues have stopped


their arrival, and motoring organisations continue to say that


British drivers will be wary of letting a computer take control.


Rory Cellan-Jones has been along for a driverless ride.


On a motor industry test track, a car is being put through


its paces, but the driver has taken his hands off the wheel


A sophisticated GPS system is guiding the car around the track.


This is one of a number of driverless car experiments


And now the Government wants to see the


Now this car is being tested in a very controlled environment.


But from next year, more advanced vehicles with lots


of sensors on-board will be allowed out onto the road.


And then we will see how the Great British public reacts to


The Government's original plan was to allow driverless cars


Now there will be a review of road regulations and a competition,


with towns bidding to be pilot areas for the new technology.


Car technology continues to evolve, but how do drivers visiting this


motor museum view the prospect of vehicles


Things can go wrong with computers, and when they do, you're going to


Do not like the idea of it, to be honest.


I feel a bit more safe if I am actually controlling what I


I would love to have a driverless car.


I do a lot of travelling for work and the thought


of getting into a car and it taking me to work is just the best.


This research is looking at how groups of self-driving cars


But the Government hopes today's moves will help Britain become


Just time to bring you these pictures from Eastbourne


in southern England, where a fire has broken out.


As we speak, fire crews are battling to save it.


It began this afternoon in an amusement arcade and spread to


the pier, which is a two-storey structure that dates from 1870.


Stay with us, you're watching World News Today.


Today's weather has been a tale of halves across the UK, with the North


seeing most of the showers. They might looks for many is if it will


be dry and fine but there will be


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