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This is BBC World News Today with me Kasia Madera.


Another twist in the conflict in Iraq as an attack on a mosque


in the province of Diyala leaves over 60 Sunnis dead.


The fight against Islamic State continues and there's debate


in western countries about whether to tackle the group


in Syria, which could mean working with the Assad government.


A Russian aid convoy arrives in the besieged city of Luhansk


in eastern Ukraine, the government in Kiev calls it an "invasion".


18 suspected informers for the Israelis are shot dead


by Hamas gunmen in Gaza, as more rockets hit targets in Israel.


From presidents to pop stars, find out why thousands of people


around the world are tipping buckets of icy water over themselves.


Dozens of people have been killed in an attack on a Sunni mosque.


Officials say a bomber blew himself up


The attack happened in the eastern province of Diyala, about 120km


The area has seen heavy fighting between Islamic State fighters,


who are Sunni, and Iraqi troops, backed by Shia militiamen.


Some reports say Shia militias carried out the attack, while others


say IS militants targeted local Sunnis who refused to join them.


IS forces remain present in large parts of Iraq and Syria.


The Syrian government is reported to have killed 70 Islamic State


jihadist fighters in the last 48 hours of fighting .The


It is going to be a long battle. Kurdish fighters have


themselves and are pushing back against Islamic State.


themselves and are pushing back the job. American air strikes


launched from carriers can have a decisive factor, but to hurt Islamic


State badly, they would have two target their power base in northern


Syria. That is why some voices are saying it is time to make a deal


with President Assad. On practical grounds, we have to consider taking


a deep breath and holding our nose and saying, it would seem to us now


that the extreme leave vicious and evil nature of Islamic State is


worse than what Assad has been doing and if any situation in history


where my enemy's enemy becomes my friend. The West's strategy so far


include the departure of President Assad. Britain says it would change


its mind about him. I have said often that one of the first things


you learn in the Middle East is that my enemy's enemy is not necessarily


your friend, you may find that the Arab mind against a common enemy,


but that does not make us friends. It does not make is able to work for


them. Islamic State controls part of Iraq.


Their power base is here. The US has said whatever it takes, but what are


the options? More air strikes. Doing that in Syria without the regime's


consent would be difficult. Work with neighbouring states such as


Iran, but building a coalition means getting tangled in difficult and


often bloody local politics. That is why there is talk about working with


President Assad. His Armed Forces have the intelligence and are well


supplied, but his price would be the end of pressure on him to go. A year


ago, Syrian Kurds fled to camps in Iraq in the face of Islamic State


advances. Now all they want as much help as they can to keep them


relatively safe. With the Syrian war merging with the sectarian


violence, the challenge facing anyone who wants peace comes twice


as big. Syria's war has been impossible to stop, no one yet has


much of a strategy to stop the war in Iraq, either.


Let's discuss the situation. From Beirut we're joined by Noah


Bonsey, Senior Analyst on Syria from We'll speak about the issues


surrounding Syria and the Western A lot of hope is being pinned on a


new Government in Iraq to be more inclusive, but when we see attacks


such as the Sunni mosque attack, what hope do you have? Today's awful


killings is another reminder. It is not simply the formation of a


Government that is threatened, if indeed it turns out that Shia


militias were responsible, that will only help the Islamic State's


recruitment inside Iraq. What we have seen is that the Iraqi


Government's dependence upon militias, similar to the approach


used by the assigned regime, has only fanned the problem. As well as


banning the jeopardy flames. -- fanning the jet


we had a horrific video beheading of James Foley and we are hearing about


a siege in a town where up to 20,000 Turkmen gets being held, it shows


how many fronts Islamic State is now fighting.


That is very true. One cannot simply focus on Iraq, ISO ignores the


border. We should too. We need to take the Syrian situation more into


account, but that means developing relationships with local forces. One


cannot just rely on air strikes or on government forces, be it Iraq or


Syria. Given their reliance on militias. These are all problems


that are helping Islamic State recruit among Sunnis and beyond.


It's the fight was taken into Syria, there has been a big discussion


about maybe President Assad needs to be brought into the conversation, do


you think that is something that needs to be done or can Western


forces just rely on local tribes? Local tribes would be sufficient.


There needs to be weapons and manpower. -- will not be sufficient.


In Syria, conditions are slightly better, there are rebel groups who


identify ISIS as an enemy. They are fairly well-organised, but they need


better organisation and better arms to be able to fight effectively


against ISIS and the regime. However, there does need to be a


broader strategy, I think, to address the systemic problems of the


governments of both of these countries and empower moderate


forces in general. Moderate forces are the enemy of both ISIS and the


regime. Thank you. We are out of time, it


was good to talk to you. Reports from Israel say


a four-year-old boy has been killed in a mortar attack near


the border with the Gaza Strip. It is the first Israeli death


since the collapse of ceasefire In Gaza, Palestinian militants have


killed 18 people, accused of being Eyewitnesses say six men were


grabbed from amongst hundreds of worshippers at Gaza City's largest


mosque and gunned down by militants. The killings come a day


after an Israeli air strike killed We will talk about Hamas in a


moment, but bring us up-to-date with the death of a four-year-old boy.


Police and medics are saying that in a few hundred meters away, several


mortar rounds fell and the only place you can be protected from such


things is inside one of the shelters that most houses in Israel have as


the Iron Dome cannot get anywhere near such short-range weapons.


Medics say the four-year-old was playing in his living room and got


struck in the head and was tragically killed. It was the first


death since the cease-fire was a few days ago after brokered talks. The


Egyptian Prime Minister has sent his condolences to the family and says


Hamas will pay. -- is really reminisce. There have been Israeli


strikes, and four others were killed in Gaza today. -- the Israeli Prime


Minister. Talk us through the executions of apparent Israeli


informers by Hamas. These killings take place quite regularly in Gaza,


but not usually in public and that is the key thing, these were 18


people killed in public, clearly a tactic of deterrent for anyone


thinking of passing on invading nation -- passing on information to


Israel. Some took place this morning and we believe some of the killings


took place after Friday prayers. All of this suggests that they are


trying to really get the message across that this passing of


information should not be taking place again. All the while, as their


studies -- as the hostilities continue, it is an Israeli strategy


to not negotiate whilst under fire, so the peace talks that seem to be


doing well at the beginning of the week seen so far away now. -- seemed


to be. More than 100 Russian lorries


carrying humanitarian aid have arrived in the eastern


Ukraine city of Luhansk. That's despite the convoy not


having permission to cross the Kiev calls the move an


"invasion" and a "violation of David, bring us up-to-date on the


whereabouts of the convoy. The convoy has entered Ukrainian


territory, we're not sure how many trucks have reached a Luhansk. Local


authority say some have gone there and the question is how long they


were last there and stay there and what else they will do? The trucks


entered Ukraine without Ukrainian permission, the Ukrainians say they


will not use force against the convoy, however, and this is how the


events unfolded today. In the end, Russian officials said


it could not wait any longer. After nearly a week on the Ukrainian


border, Moscow announced it would dispatch its aid, the -- its aid


convoy without Ukrainian permission. Moscow says it is sending a variety


of supplies, including water, electric generators and baby food.


We are certain we are doing the right thing, saving people's lives.


We blamed Kiev and country standing behind it that...


The Pentagon and lay the blame squarely at Russia's feet and said


there could be further actions against Moscow. Russia should not


send vehicles, persons or cargo of any kind in the Ukraine, whether


under the guise of humanitarian unvoiced or any other context.


Eastern Ukraine is a war zone and the fighting in the last days has


intensified. The Red Cross was meant to oversee the convoy in Ukraine and


the distribution of the aid, but officials from their say Moscow


decided to move forward without them. -- officials from Red Cross.


TRANSLATION: Because of a difficult security situation in Luhansk where


we are told about continuing violence, we do not have sufficient


security guarantees to accompany the convoy.


Ukrainian officials have viewed the convoy with suspicion. At best, a


propaganda stunt, at worst a cover for military operations. Ukrainian


authorities say they have only inspected if -- 34 trucks and now


the trucks are in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan is it will be used for


military purposes. -- and Kiev. Ukrainian officials have said they


will not use force to stop the convoy. But they condemn it in no


uncertain terms. Where the trucks go now and how long they will remain


Ukraine is an open question. We heard someone from the Red Cross


saying they were not involved in this convoy. Can you explain an


elaborate why that is. Yes, the Red Cross was supposed to be very much


involved. They were supposed to supervise the movement of the


convoy. Eventually, they were supposed to reach a spot that they


would use as a base to distribute the aid. It would be off-loaded and


sent around the area. The Red Cross said they would not do this until


they received security guarantees and they said they did not go in


this time because these security guarantees were not available, they


didn't get them from the side that were fighting. The fact that this


convoy is entering without the Red Cross supervision is another point


of concern for people here in Ukraine as well as Western


officials. Now a look at some of the day's


other news. Nigeria has recorded two


new cases of Ebola. Health officials say two spouses


of people earlier infected with the disease have tested positive to


the deadly virus. Sierra Leone has passed a bill so


that anyone hiding big teams can be sent to jail.


Malaysia is observing a national day of mourning, as the


remains of the first 20 victims are returned home from flight MH17 that


In a sombre ceremony at Kuala Lumpur airport, soldiers carried


28 of the 43 Malaysian victims have been identified.


The number of people missing after a landslide in the Japanese city of


Hiroshima is now believed to be much higher than originally thought.


More than 50 people are thought to be buried under the huge mudslides.


That could put the eventual death toll from


Two buses have collided on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, killing 33


people. The accident took place at the holiday resort -- 50 kilometres


from our holiday resort. Some people are in a critical condition.


Some of the most famous people in the world have been drenching


themselves in freezing cold water and posting the video online


in a fundraising stunt called the ice bucket challenge.


The clips have taken over social media in recent weeks, but despite


some very public nominations, some celebrities are now refusing to


take part and that includes perhaps the most high profile of them all -


He has tried his hand at most things but when it comes to be ice bucket


challenge, President Obama seems cold on the idea. The President's


predecessor was not so shy. George W Bush was soaked by his wife Laura.


It is unclear exactly whose challenge the president is refusing.


Justin Bieber was the first to nominate him. And 86-year-old


Kennedy family matriarch Ethel also named him after her drenching. Mr


Obama will not be alone in staying dry. US government says officials


are banned from the stunt because of an ethics code. So the White House


will not become the White House. But the charity has said the charity --


says the president has donated an undisclosed sum.


We're joined by John Kell, policy manager for the charity MNDA,


How did this start? It took off in America a few weeks ago for a


baseball player who is now living with motor neurone disease. We saw


celebrities doing it there and then it came over here and we have had


Stuart Broad, Zoe Ball, fat boy Slim doing it. But also, people who have


been affected by MND and have lost loved ones from it and even those


who have never heard of it before the ice bucket challenge. Are you


surprised at how pro -- high profile this has become? Yes, it has been


really remarkable. Certainly do have that many celebrities involved is


amazing. It is very valuable to us to have celebrities reaching out to


their fans through social media because they do have such a big


reach. So, even if there are people looking at it because it is their


favourite celebrity involved, the vast amount of people who have heard


of motor neurone disease now. This started off in the US. But your


organisation will also benefit from this. Yes, people are donating to us


and we have raised ?60,000 directly so far and we know that many people


have set up their own giving pages and will be donating and that will


go to fund not only support that we provide to people with MND but also


research into the causes and working towards a jewel. 60,000, that is


fantastic. When you say you will look at further research. At the


moment, it is terminal and there is no cause -- cure for it. There is


still a great deal to find out about it. We have a major genetics project


underway where will -- where we will be sequencing the genomes for 1500


people with MND. It is the first time we have been able to do this on


this kind of scale so it is very exciting. And of every red disease


but explain somebody who has it, what kind of debilitating life did


they have? Yes, it is a very cruel disease. It affects all voluntary


movements so it means someone can lose the ability to walk about, to


use their arms, their hands, to eat, to swallow, to speak and eventually


to breathe so when people die of MND it is usually of respiratory


failure. It is also quite fast moving so 30% of people die within


one year of getting the diagnosis and more than half within two years


so it is a very rapidly progressing disease. A very famous sufferer,


Stephen Hawking, he has had the disease for many years. And yes, he


lived a remarkable length of time with it and is very unusual in that


regard. It would be very helpful to understand exactly why that


happened. A very unusual case. Let's hope that the ice bucket challenge


continues to raise lots of money but from the time being, thank you very


much for coming in to speak to us. Gibraltar's monkeys are a big


tourist attraction. But are they getting a bit too cheeky for their


own good? Locals say they've started invading urban spaces and are


becoming too aggressive. So now Gibraltar is planning to banish some


of them. Just take a look at what they get up to with


the BBC's macaque ice Tom Burridge. They know the locals


and amuse the tourists. But in search of a meal, Gibraltar's


monkeys are venturing into town. We have just come out


of our hotel to go and do some shopping and we did not think we


would see a monkey perched up on the I have heard about them but I didn't


think we would see them at all, so, But the monkeys have a taste


for what humans can provide. How often do the monkeys appear


at school? They have become a nuisance


at the school. the leader, with the male, and lots


of babies, lots of little monkeys, some are very cute and some others


are aggressive and threatening. Gibraltar's 200 monkeys spent


the vast majority of their time up on the rock but the


authorities out working to stop some a Mars Bar and the Macaque will go


for the Mars Bar. At the moment, a lot of resources


are put into providing sort of more open spaces for the Macaques


so they can forage in the upper rock A large effort in pushing them from


the town into the nature reserve. They are also working to


control their numbers. 13 monkeys will be exported to a safari park


abroad. Gibraltar's monkeys are thought to have travelled on ships


just over the water in Africa several centuries ago. Their numbers


were culled several years ago but that is not seen as part of the


solution now. Just some of these guys and girls will soon have a new


home. And from their current home, they can see Africa, where their


ancestors lived in the distance just over the water. Gibraltar's monkeys


are an asset but sometimes, some of them are also now nuisance


neighbours, too. Well, that's all from the programme.


Next, the weather. Let's bring you up-to-date with our


top story. More than 60 worshippers in eastern Iraq have been killed.


Government burst in and fired worse shoppers -- gunman burst in and


fired the -- fired on the worshippers. We have more on our


website. From the other team, thank you very much for watching. See you


very soon. Goodbye. Plenty of dry and fine weather in


store for you over the course of the weekend but some chilly nights to


come as well. Tomorrow night will start off chilly but some sunshine


developing widely through the course of the day. One or two showers. High


pressure just north-west of


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