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This is BBC World News Today with me Daniela Ritorto.


A long-term ceasefire is agreed between the Palestinians and Israel.


Crowds celebrate with gunfire on the streets of Gaza City.


We will be looking at what has been agreed.


A stiff handshake between Vladimir Putin and his Ukrainian


counterpart in Minsk, just hours after Kiev released video of Russian


A new-look government has been unveiled in France,


but will the new cabinet just be facing the same old problems?


And she's back! Kate Bush takes to the stage


at London's Hammersmith Apollo for her first live show since 1979.


After seven weeks and more than 2,000 deaths, a long-term ceasefire


has been agreed between the Israelis and Palestinians to end


It officially came into force two hours ago.


Despite many earlier temporary ceasefires,


this time both sides say they're committed to a long-term truce.


Let's take a look at some of the details.


The agreement involves the opening of Gaza's border


crossings with Israel and Egypt for aid and reconstruction supplies,


as well as a widening of its fishing zone in the Mediterranean.


The two sides will meet again in a month's time where they're


expected to talk about other sticking points, including


the release of 100 Palestinian prisoners recently rearrested


Let's go live now to Jerusalem and speak to Kevin Connolly.


I guess my question is why now? What gave?


This was the unlimited cease-fire that both sides were waiting for.


Both sides claiming victory, not clear what pushed either side to


agree. It is clear the biggest force behind the talks were the Egyptians.


The Palestinian president thanked Qatar for their help and the


Americans for their help, so it could be right that pressure was put


on the political leader of Hamas and was a sticking point to the talks.


Perhaps pressure was put on him by Qatar. It is difficult to know what


happens behind the scenes. But we know both sides will meet cam with


calm, they will continue to hold back and not fire and within that


context you are more likely to see reconstruction following in over the


borders. -- cam. -- were expecting it to be sooner when


the Israelis and Palestinians need sooner and start discussing some of


these infrastructure projects, things like sea ports and airports


that have been on the table for many years and have not been resolved.


There is a lots to be seen and it is a huge challenge. In the meantime,


we are at this stage, like you said, with an unending cease-fire, so


there is no time limit dependent on any other negotiations and we are


expecting the cam to carry on. -- calm.


Here's the moment the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, confirmed


We have managed to declare our acceptance to the Egyptian


initiative, with Gaza being provided with foodstuff and supplies and


reconstruction efforts, desperately needed. We confirm that our full


appreciation Egypt who have done a lot for a long time to reach a


formula that all parties could agree to. And also confirm that the state


of Qatar has also participated in that.


Mahmoud Abbas there. The Israeli government spokesman


Mark Regev is in Jerusalem for us. Hamas is claiming this as a victory.


We saw gunfire in the streets there. Is this an Israeli victory, though?


First of all, let's hope the cease-fire holds. We have had a


whole series that have been violated by Hamas and we hope this does well.


Is it a victory for Israel? Our goal was to end rocket fire on Israeli


civilians, to end the terra tunnels. --


Terror. Our Israel is safer than they were 50 days ago? -- are


Israelis. They are safer as the network of tunnels has been


eliminated. We have taken out a large part of their missile


stockpiles, their rocket arsenals, that has been achieved, and I think


Hamas leadership understands today, probably better than before, that it


is not in their interest to target Israeli civilians. But the proof of


the pudding will be in the eating. I hope Hamas honours this commitment


is to nonviolence. If they do, we can start normalising our


relationship with Gaza. What with that look like? We impose


restrictions on Gaza because there was a security threat. They were


shooting rockets at our people, they were conducting attacks. If that is


to cease, that allows us to have a more normal relationship regarding


fishing and border crossings and other issues that are important to


the people of Gaza. Many thanks for joining us.


My pleasure. It was an awkward handshake,


but the presidents of Russia and Ukraine did meet


for the first time in months today. The meeting came hours after Ukraine


detained ten Russian soldiers on its soil, claiming they were


on a special mission 20 kilometres But officials


in Moscow say the soldiers crossed Our correspondent Steve Rosenberg


reports from close to Ukrainian tanks on the move. The


front line is ten miles from here. But it felt much closer. This is the


town. They have grown used to the sound of water here. -- war. At the


local hospital, casualties keep arriving. This person lost a leg. It


is Russia she blames. She believes Moscow is behind the rebellion in


eastern Ukraine. TRANSLATION: Dear Mr Putin, we are told that fighters


and weapons are coming from Russia. Take pity on us as we are choking


from Greece and blood. Please take back your men. -- grief.


Ukraine released a video of Russian paratroopers who have been captured


in eastern Ukraine. Russia denies sending troops. A military source


told a Russian news agency that the men had crossed over by accident.


Embarrassing for Moscow, but it had not stopped Ukraine's President


Petro Poroshenko shaking hands with the Russian president at a summit in


Minsk. Expectations for the meeting were low, it is unlikely to change


the reality on the ground any time soon.


were low, it is unlikely to change the reality In recent weeks,


Ukrainian forces have made some gains in the fight against the


separatists. But the militants are digging in and there is no end in


sight to the fighting. This was Donetsk today, the pro-Russian


fighters that control the city accuse the Ukrainian military of


indiscriminate shelling. In one underground shelter, Marina says she


wants her old life back. TRANSLATION: A peaceful life, where


children can walk outside without fear. For now, it is life in the


basement that is the safer option. For more on Ukraine,


you can visit our website. There you'll find background


and analysis on key figures in the conflict, as well as a


timeline on the crisis in Ukraine. An independent investigation has


found evidence of what it calls appalling abuse of at least 1400


children in a town in northern England. The investigation over a


period of 16 years as girls as young as 11 were raped many times over and


that local authorities knew about it.


For more than a decade, young children face -- faced brutality. We


know that the police and council both knew. It is hard to describe


the appalling nature of the abuse the victims suffered. Today the


failings were revealed. They were traffic to other towns and cities in


the North of England. They were taken, beaten and intimidated. There


were examples of children being doused with petrol and been


threatened to be set alight. They were threatened with guns, maybe to


witness rates and threatened that they would be next if they told


anyone. -- made to witness rates. The report reveals that young


children, many in care, were repeatedly... There are some things


that I don't remember, but there are things I will never forget. We have


protected this woman's identity. Speaking to Panorama, she said she


was 14 when the abuse began. The man that allegedly groomed and raped her


has never been arrested. The police were aware and they never stopped


it. I think it encouraged him and it almost became a game to him, he was


untouchable. The report says the abusers were mainly from Britain's


Pakistani community. Today's inquiry says their was concern about


highlighting their ethnicity. The report says it wants to downplay the


ethnic dimensional. They were more concerned about: -- more concerned


about community cohesion. There were many people that ought to have been


better protected. I am deeply sorry for it. Should you consider your


position? The report makes it plain that services have improved and they


are improved under my tenure. Can people have confidence in Rotherham


Council? I think the report indicates they can and that services


have improved. An apology from the police, too, the force ignorant


victims. We recognise we failed. From the start, I wanted to offer a


sincere apology to victims and families. Were told that change is


here. Council and police say victims were listened to. Too late for the


childhoods, ruined by years of abuse.


The first votes in the Scottish independence referendum are close to


being cast. Postal ballots have been sent out from today. Last night, the


final debate featured fiery exchanges. Let -- and they clashed


on the currency, the NHS and Britain's Trident nuclear


deterrence. A snap poll of Scott says that Alex Salmond was the


better performer. Now a look at some


of the days other news. Senior American officials say


President Obama has authorised surveillance flights over Syria


intended to gather intelligence on Defence officials say Mr Obama


approved reconnaissance flights over The US is already carrying out air


strikes against Islamic State The World Health Organisation's


calling for a ban on the use of It also wants sales


to children to stop. In a report,


the health body says there must be no more claims that the devices can


help smokers quit, until there is Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has


been hit by a magnitude 5.7 earthquake, the largest since


tremors began in the area last week. The country's weather bureau said


despite the shock - the fourth magnitude five quake


in 48 hours - there is still no sign The president of Iraq's autonomous


Kurdish region has said that Iran supplied weapons and ammunition to


Iraqi Kurds to help them fight President Massoud Barzani made


the remarks as the Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif


visited the region's capital, Irbil. Speaking


at a joint press conference, Mr Zarif said Iran would not be


sending any soldiers to the region. In The key people require


assistance, including defence assistance.


-- the people of Iraq. We do not intend to send soldiers there. We


believe that the volunteers and intend to send soldiers there. We


regular army are quite capable of defending their territory.


The UN says that one of its helicopters has crashed in Sudan.


Three crewmen were killed and one was injured. They said that the


cargo helicopter may have been shot down in an area that is contested


between the government and rebels. The French president,


Francois Hollande, has unveiled his new government, after it was


forced to resign on Monday. The ministers who publicly


criticised the President's economic policies are out, but some familiar


names have remained in their posts. We'll be live in France


for some analysis in a moment, but first let's take a look at what


kind of France will they inherit. We will speak to an expert via web


link. Bruno Cautres,


from the Centre for the Study of French Political Life, joins us


now via web link from Grenoble. The third cabinet this week. Will it


make a difference? Most of the Cabinet were already


bad. There has been one significant change, the former adviser of


Francois Hollande, who is believed to be the right side of his brain.


It is the most important sign, which is that he will replace him.


We should talk about Francois Hollande. He has faced open


rebellion. He is only two years into his presidency. His ratings are


abysmal, so is the economy. What will it take to turn things around?


I do not think that there is any choice for him, he has to do go the


same direction that he has. He said in January that he was going to be a


social democrat. He wants France to reduce its deficit. There is the


question of the competitiveness of the French economy. He went so far


into that direction now that there will be no U-turn to the left.


We have seen the headlines today about the crisis on the left. But


the right side is a mess as well, they have no leader and they are


divided. Yes, the right is divided. The only


winner is Le Pen. The right is just waiting for the return of Sarkozy,


which will probably be announced in September.


I heard some analysis today that was interesting that was put to me that


there was criticism of the posterity policy being introduced by Francois


Hollande and the government. But France is not being steered enough


-- is not being Ostia -- is not cutting costs enough in the eyes of


the world? Yes, I think that Francois Hollande


will explain in a few days that he is suffering from the political


situation in France that actually he needs help from Germany and Angela


Merkel, and to delays, because it is obvious that France will not be able


to reduce its deficit in the short time. It is likely that the GDP will


be more than 4%. So I think that Francois Hollande will try and


convince the Germans that he has now shown that he is going in the


direction of competitiveness, but he needs help and he needs to be


supported by Germany. The enigmatic singer Kate Bush is


just minutes away from taking to the stage


for the first time in 35 years. It was in 1979 that she performed


her one and only live tour And that's where she


and her fans are right now. I can feel the excitement from here.


What is happening? Yes, the last time at Kate Bush


played a gig was 1979, here at the same venue, Hammersmith Apollo. I


have spoken to people who have come from Australia, Thailand, Los


Angeles, some without tickets, desperate to get in. This man has


been standing here with a sign. How happy are you? I am delighted.


People are coming from all over to see the singer that they thought


would never play live again. # It is me, Cathy #.


This is the moment that made Kate Bush a star, in 1978. Wuthering


Heights was the first song by a woman to top the charts. The next


year, she went even further. It was an experience that she loved.


I you really happy? I cannot believe the audience.


Since then, Kate Bush has released at albums, one at albums, 18 BRIT


Award and become one of music's most influential artists.


None of her songs are normal. She is just too she is. She is a


mystery. What she has never done is play


another show until tonight. But why? The time has not been right. I think


that she has spent her time writing and recording these albums and she


is a perfectionist. I think that is what she felt her time was best


spent doing, was creating music and also raising her family.


But now the wait is finally over. I cannot wait. It is some exciting.


I have waited 35 years that it will happen now. I have no words.


Just like her life, these shows have been shrouded in mystery. Although


her concert poster shows her in a life jacket, leading to expectations


that there could be a watery theme. Tonight, people will find out.


Yes, so much excitement about a night's gig, mainly because people


do not know what will be in them. There could be a theme about water.


He pulled believe that she has been training in a flotation tank. I will


see if I can speak to someone. You live on the BBC. I have seen some


people arriving. Frank Skinner, Lily Allen. Here are some more people


arriving. They are getting their tickets out. You are live on the


BBC. Where have you come from? Not too far away. What are you


expecting? It will be incredible.


Who is the biggest fan. I am. I am expecting to say hello to


Kate Bush afterwards. You have a secret past. What you


think that she will be playing? I hope that she will play all the


hits. It will be really the actual call.


Why has she not been playing music for so long?


She has been looking after her little boy.


It looks like you manage to get here. Did you buy your tickets?


I did. I know somebody in the band. She has not played for 35 years. How


much excitement is there? There is quite a lot. Look around.


There is a buzz in the air. When it starts in 20 minutes time.


Enjoy meeting her afterwards. There are the fans heading into Kate


Bush's first gig in more than 20 years.


Now, we do like to bring you pictures of the weird and wonderful


here on World News Today and here's a beauty from Australia.


Two farmers in Tasmania found this sheep, who


they believe has been wandering wild for six years and never been shorn.


Peter and Netty Hazel discovered the animal, they nicknamed Shaun,


wandering on their farm and decided to take him in.


They estimate his coat weighs 20 kilos.


They plan to shearing Shaun to see if he can break the record for


Before we go, here are the main headlines.


After seven weeks, more than 2000 deaths, a long-term cease-fire has


been agreed between the Israelis and Palestinians. This is the scene live


here in Gaza City, where for the two hours, there has been gunfire in the


street in celebration at the end of the conflict at least for now. Thank


you for watching the programme. See you again soon.


Much of the UK on Tuesday had sunshine around. Southern areas had


sunshine and showers. It will


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