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This is BBC World News Today with me Daniela Ritorto.


The atrocities in Syria's war laid bare


The United Nations accuses government forces and Islamic State


fighters of massacres and causing immeasurable suffering to civilians.


Children mostly boys from the age of 14, are recruited and trained to


fight in the ranks of IIS, along with others.


Yet more setbacks to settling the disputed Afghan presidential


We'll look at the consequences of the failure to finalise the result.


A new rebel front opens up in Ukraine.


Pro-Russian forces roll into a coastal town in the south


Most of us would be happy to get to our 80th birthdays but how


We meet the couple and find out the secret of their success.


We do love each other. The most useful thing is, as long as I agree


with her, then I am safe. Graphic details of mass atrocities


in Syria have been detailed in a damning UN report,


blaming both Islamic State militants The report says public executions


are a "common spectacle" in areas under IS control - along


with amputations and whippings. The UN is also scathing of Syrian


government forces - saying they drop barrel bombs and chlorine gas


on civilian neighbourhoods. Attention is now turning to whether


the US which is targeting Islamic State with airstrikes in Iraq will


extend their campaign to Syria. We do not know his age, but this


looks like a boy. Firing and American howitzer captured by


Islamic State extremists. The exact circumstances of the video cannot be


verified but the United Nations is clear, Islamic State relies on


massive recruitment of fighters as young as 15. The group which


beheaded the American journalist is accused of using a systematic terror


against civilians, especially children. Among the most disturbing


findings in this report and accounts of large training camps were


children, mostly boys from the age of 14, I recruited and trained to


fight in the ranks of ices along with others. The latest UN report


documents crimes against you manage to buy both rebels and the Syrian


government. But it is the increasing abuses by the Islamic State which


are highlighted this time. In areas they control, executions in public


are common spectacle. In some cases passers-by are forced to watch. IIS


also executed several boys, reportedly members of rival armed


groups. The UN accepts that bodies are placed on crucifixes for up to


three days to warn residents. Both the Syrian government and the


Islamic Revolution are abusing children by using them as soldiers


and spies which particularly troubles the UN. The UN worries that


US strikes could kill many boys soldiers and kidnap victims, warning


the US that any decision to bomb must respect the laws of war. The UN


stresses that President Assad's government forces continue their war


crimes, among those indiscriminate barrel bombing of civilian areas


along with chlorine gas attacks. The UN can see no end in sight, all


sides are engaged in fierce fighting well none appears capable of


achieving outright military victory. Meanwhile the American journalist


who spent two years in captivity after being kidnapped in Syria, says


he's been overwhelmed with emotion after learning of how many people


helped secure his release. Peter Theo Curtis had been held by the


militant group the Al-Nusrah Front. He's now returned to his mother's


home in Cambridge in Massachussets I had no idea when I was imprisoned


that so much effort was being expended on my behalf. No idea when


I was imprisoned that so much effort was being expended on my behalf. And


I am overwhelmed that total strangers have been coming up to me


in saying, welcome home, we're glad you are safe. Great to see you. I


suddenly remember how good the American people are and what


kindness they have in their hearts. To all those people I see a huge


thank you from the bottom of my heart. That was the free postage


Peter Theo Curtis. -- Freed hostage. Another US journalist,


31-year-old Steven Sotloff, is still being held by Islamic militants


from the group Islamic State. His mother, Shirley, has released


a video appealing directly to His mother, Shirley, has released


a video appealing directly to He is a loyal, brother, son and grandson.


We have not seen Steven for over a year and we miss him very much. We


want to see him home safe and sound to hug him. Since his capture, I


have learned a lot about Islam. I have learned that Islam teaches no


individual should be held responsible for the sins of others.


Steven has no controls over the actions of the US governments.


Here's an innocent journalist. The Israeli Prime Minister has gone on


television to say that Hamas has been hit hard with none of its


demands are met. He said Israel would respond if there was further


rocket fire. Hamas meanwhile has been holding a victory rally in


Gaddy where its leader praised the families of those whose relatives


died during the conflict. Trucks from the world food programme had


crossed into Gaza, the first time they have done so from Egypt in


seven years. Yet another setback


in resolving the disputed Afghan After one of the candidates,


Dr Abdullah Abdullah boycotted His supporters allege massive fraud,


saying that hundreds of thousands of false ballots were


cast for his rival Ashraf Ghani. The UN are now continuing


the audit alone. Tensions are high as Afghanistan


still struggles to find a winner in an election which began back in


April. Minor fights between rival party workers are daily events in


the warehouses where the recount is taking place. Now one of the


candidates, Abdullah Abdullah, has walked out seeing fraud has not been


dealt with. Our team have decided to boycott the recount process. Whoever


is for awarding this process, that is their problem, we in our team


will withdraw ourselves from is their problem, we in our team


process. The audit will go ahead without workers from the other camp


either. Ashraf Ghani held a meeting with US forces here. He has agreed


with the UN request to pull out of the process, they say they want a


level playing field. Doctor Abdul APPLAUSE


Was powerful ally is the former warlord working out in a gym at


home. He is now a successful businessman.


He is surrounded by mementos from his past. If the fraud goes on, he


is threatening a wave of protests. An orange movements, effectively a


revolution. TRANSLATION: If they are not clever enough to listen to the


voice of the people, we will start an orange movements, we will occupy


public buildings. Meeting supporters from across the country he promised


that any action would be peaceful. But in this land where violence


often breaks out, this may not be possible. This man said if they are


not listened to, they will do what they did against the Russians and


the Taliban. They will do the same thing against fraudulent


governments. The decision by Abdul APPLAUSE


Team to withdraw from the audit process means many Afghans will not


accept that it is fear and it makes the prospect of street protests far


more likely. The breakdown in law and order will


only encourage the Taliban and make international donors cut funds more


quickly. Julia to deal with the fraud here could have dire


consequences. -- failure to deal with.


Marvin Weinbaum is a former Afghanistan analyst with


He's now a scholar-in-residence at the Middle East Institute


This is much more than just a power struggle from two men. He says it


has dire consequences for Afghanistan, would you agree? But


yes, of course. If there is a failure to gain a new government to


come out of this process, with a government which has legitimacy,


this is going to be a real setback. It is a question as to whether the


international community would be willing to meet its obligations


towards Afghanistan without which it is hard to see how Afghanistan will


be a viable country economically and in its ability to fend off the


Taliban. There is something deeper here. That is we have to worry about


the possibility of actual Civil War. When this warlord speaks about


breaking away, this is the view of many. This is a Preludes to the


eventual splitting of the country and it is hard to believe that under


those circumstances, once again this country will be able to survive


politically and certainly not economically. Can we turn our


attention to this thought process. How do we know where their doctor


Abdullah Abdullah has a legitimate great? Does he know he has lost and


is trying to extract maximum concessions? I think that is


probably the case. This could well be a bargaining position, he has


done it before, in which he is not pleased with the rules that have


been made out by the UN. He sees those rules as leading to


disqualification of Ashraf Ghani's votes which will not be a sufficient


size to reverse the initial outcome of the election. This is its way to


perhaps be able to get a different set of standards which would then


leave many more votes questionable as to their validity. Most observers


have a sense now that Ashraf Ghani will emerge. The real question will


be whether, if that is the case, the two sides can nevertheless agree on


a unity government in which Doctor Abdullah Abdullah will have


sufficient authority as a chief executive search that his people


will not feel they have lost. You're sitting in Washington's, --


Washington, can John Kerry play anymore in this day you think? He


has done it twice when he has anymore in this day you think? He


intervenes, I would not be surprised if he tries again. It seems this


time you can just play there's so many times. Now that Ashraf Ghani


has stepped out of the process, many times. Now that Ashraf Ghani


really is in the hands of the UN. If the UN can make a


really is in the hands of the UN. If the credible case for the fact that


it has done as good a job as it cute and then disqualifying various


candidates, then I believe the and then disqualifying various


that. Whether the followers of Abdullah Gul will do so is another


question. I believe he understands the consequences of this coming


apart and the consequences of this coming


analysis here on the BBC. Many thanks.


Here in the UK, there's outcry over the way the authorities failed to


deal with years of organised sexual abuse by gangs of men in Rotherham


a sixteen year period - up until last year.


1400 victims of sexual exploitation in one town.


Today, the people of Rotherham are trying to understand how such crimes


could have been committed here, and why those in authority ignored


I can't believe that's been going on for so long, so many years,


My friends are on the street at ten o'clock at that.


I would be terrified, just because of the amount of people out there.


Seeing it. White girls with them.


She says she was groomed by men in Rotherham from the age of 12.


The sexual exploitation began a year later.


She told police she had been raped several times.


These perpetrators make you feel like it isn't a crime,


it is just life, that's how it is, and that you are worthless.


The police, with their response, just backed that up.


So you sort of feel like you are overreacting, and maybe that is just


Most of the perpetrators were men of Pakistani origin, but some staff


at the council feared speaking up, afraid of being called racist.


He thinks abusers should be treated like any other criminals,


whatever their ethnic or religious background.


It is like a bomb has been dropped in Rotherham.


There are people who feel it isn't broken yet, and it will break


further if we don't deal with it in a proper manner.


Crime has been able to happen because of political correctness.


The pressure has been mounting on Shaun Wright,


now the elected Police and Crime Commissioner,


but for five years, he was the cabinet member for


the children's services in Rotherham.


When you are part of the 63-member council you take collective


Some at the council hoped a detailed report would help clear the air.


For the victims, all of the many apologies so far will not be enough.


Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have pushed their way


into the coastal town of Novoazovsk after three days of shelling.


The town lies on the road from Russia to the key port city


of Mariupol, it's the first significant fighting along the


Meanwhile, fighting is also continuing further north around


Our correspondent in Kiev David Stern joins me now.


And when did the southern coastal part of the come back into play?


That is the question, it came back this week, many questions raised


about how this happened, because this really was under control of the


government forces until now and was fairly quiet for the last month and


stop but suddenly, rebel forces, or fighters we should say, came into


this period to launch a major counteroffensive, and making


headway, and the accusation by the Ukrainians and Western officials


from the United States, just a few moments ago, is this is an


encouraging from Russia, and indications from Western reporters


this is the case, but what will happen with father fighting, with


three fronts going, and whether this can be counter acted. And the


significance is this could be a way to get a road into the Crimea?


Exactly, the southern area is important, the southern coastal


area, it also can provide a land bridge we are Crimea is attached to


the Ukraine, but could also provide another supply route for the rebels,


as well as giving them a larger easier of land. The Ukrainians are


adamant this is a race in directive, if not actually Russian


forces, although Russia denies this. We have seen ten Russian


paratroopers arrested and detained yesterday and overnight. They said


they took a wrong turn, but they were 25 kilometres within Ukraine,


Ukrainian officials using this as evidence to sure this is a Russian


troop invasion of Ukraine. Thank you, as always.


A nine year-old girl in the US has accidentally killed her shooting


instructor while being shown how to use a high-powered automatic weapon.


The child was having a lesson at a firing range in Arizona,


when she pulled the trigger on an Uzi submachine gun


Just nine years old, with a loaded machine gun in her hands.


Turn this leg forward, just like that.


The little girl is shown how to fire the lethal weapon.


Moments later, unable to control the gun's recoil,


she accidentally shoots the instructor.


Charles Vacca, a 39-year-old former soldier,


was airlifted to hospital, but died shortly afterwards.


The shooting range, known as Bullets and Burgers,


is marketed as a family day out to include lunch


and the choice of more than 20 automatic weapons to fire.


It has been defending the policy of allowing children to handle guns.


A nine-year-old gets an uzi in her hand, within the criteria.


We instruct kids as young as five and they can handle firearms under


the supervision of their parents and our professional range masters.


The tragedy has reignited the controversy


Many Americans cherish their right to bear arms,


but the debate over whether that right


should be shared by the nation's children, is intensifying.


A couple from the English coastal town of


Bournemouth are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary today.


Maurice and Helen Kaye, who are both more than 100 years old,


Duncan Kennedy has been to meet them to find out the secret


A lifetime spent having the time of their lives.


Maurice and Helen Kaye believe they have


Today celebrating eight decades of marriage.


Did you think then this could last 80 years?


I didn't think it would last the week.


Helen 101. Maurice 102.


After about three hours, my mother said to me,


They then courted for four years and married on this day in 1934.


What is the secret of this long happy marriage?


We are very tolerant of each other and we do love each other.


The most useful thing is, as long as I agree with her, then I am safe.


80 years ago, in 1934, bread was tuppence a loaf.


Helen and Maurice never once forgot their


And if you have to give in a little bit, so you give in a little bit.


You have to give in a little bit, as she says, she gives in a little bit.


Four generations of family have come from 80 years of marriage, known


Certainly, Maurice and Helen Kaye have the longest of roots, grounded


Duncan Kennedy, BBC News, in Bournemouth.


What a beautiful story. Congratulations to them.


This time yesterday, we told you about British singer


Kate Bush returning to the stage after 35 years.


She was back on the same stage she performed on in 1979 at


We spoke to some of those as they left the concert.


# When I was a child Running in the night


Absolutely everybody was on their feet.


A dream come true. Absolutely amazing.


# The hounds of love are hunting... #


It's spectacular. It's worth waiting 35 years for.


I'm from New Jersey, United States, it was fantastic, spectacular.


It was like a rock show, a theatre show, everything, it was wonderful.


It was theatrical, it was just out of this world.


There was puppetry, video, videos, it was like a piece of theatre it


We have waited 35 years to see this, so we are very excited.


We were too young last time. Yeah.


and she was part of my teenage years, so all of her here and all


Visual, hearing, taste, your whole body was on a sensation.


It just shows what an inspiration Kate Bush is.


To visualise her music and lyrics in that way was outstanding.


And I need to see that show five more times to see all the


It was outstanding and it will be a memory that is with


Some very happy Kate Bush fans there.


The United Nations has published graphic details of what


its says are atrocities by both sides in the conflict in Syria.


The latest UN human rights report says that jihadists of the


Islamic State group carry out frequent public executions that


the population, including children, is forced to watch.


At the same time, the UN says Syrian government forces drop barrel bombs


and chlorine gas from helicopters. That is it from the programme. Next


is the weather. Some mixed fortunes across the


British Isles tomorrow. Some spells of Warren sunshine, but some hefty


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