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This is BBC World News Today with me Daniela Ritorto. A show of unity


in Paris. 30 countries come together to


promise whatever means necessary to fight Islamic State militants in


Iraq. 500 migrants are feared dead after a


shipwreck near Malta. Two survivors say traffickers sunk it


deliberately. Also coming up: The British Prime


Minister, David Cameron makes a plea to people thinking of voting Yes to


want by ripping your country apart, you don't get change by undermining


your economy, and damaging your businesses and diminishing your


Shakespeare and Poland - how a


radical design of a new theatre in Gdansk aims to revive a dramatic


A big international meeting in Paris has


wrapped up, aimed at broadening the international campaign against


Islamic State. So, what did they decide? Well foreign ministers from


30 countries signed up to help Iraq fight the militants "by all means


necessary". One notable absentee from the talks though was Iran,


whose leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, poured scorn over the


international coalition. He said he personally rejected a US offer to


cooperate. Iraq's Foreign Minister expressed "regret" that Iran was not


invited to the conference. The murder of David Haines at the


weekend, the third Western hostage to be killed by the group, has given


a new urgency to formalising a unified strategy against the


militants. They're now threatening to kill a fourth - a British aid


volunteer - as our security correspondent Frank Gardner reports.


David Haines, murdered. The recent beheading of these three Western


hostages by the so-called Islamic State has helped Alvin eyes world


leaders -- has helped focus world leaders. Britain's Home Secretary is


where that the life of this dish hostage lies in the balance. We have


to do what we can stop -- the life of this hostage from Britain lies in


the balance. The challenge for those countries


lining up against Islamic State is considerable. The shaded parts of


the map sure the territory it now controls. 6 million people are


believed to be living under the rule of IS. The CIA estimates it has


30,000 fighters. The Government of Iraq feels most threatened. This


terrorist organisation has killed elderly people, children, men and


women. It aims to establish a state which is a base for further action


in the Middle East and throughout the world.


John Kerry has spent the last few days racing around the Middle East


forming an alliance against IS. The strategy for confronting Islamic


State involves not just Iraq and groups in Syria, it is also pulling


in all the neighbouring Arab States. The seam-macro two as a threat to


them as much as it is to the West. -- the sea IS as a threat.


He will Islamic State react? They have been hurt by US strikes but do


they have a head and plan? IS wants to draw Western involvement further


in order to block them down. Caught up in this is a taxi driver. He was


kidnapped delivering aid to refugees in Syria. Islamic State have


threatened to behead him. As I mentioned earlier one notable


absentee from the talks in Paris was Iran - it has not been invited to


the conference and has rejected But could this global effort


to fight Islamic State work Iran is fighting IS. Probably more


than any other force right now. Iran backed various militias in Iraq.


They have been involved in some fierce fighting. What is going on in


Iraq and Syria is already immensely tangled. This new fight graphs


another layer of confrontation and difficulty onto all of that. There


are all kinds of contradictions and potential mishaps for the future


inherent in everything that is happening.


With me is Ayham Kamel, Director of the Middle East and North Africa


Iran was not invited to those stocks that should it have been? It was


problematic. -- Iran was not invited to those discussions. Should it have


been? Overall not having Iran, one of the


cord forces fighting IS on the ground, is in negative, but it is a


complicated issue. It is, located on many levels. Let us talk about what


came out at Paris today. How satisfactory was at? The slogan is


an animated campaign. The reality is there is a clear line. Everyone is


hedging. Everyone is watching to see what sort of a campaign we get and


what sort of reaction we get from Islamic State. One key issue is that


Islamic State has support across the Middle East. A small minority, but


one that can be very violent. We are talking about Iraq, but the


calculations for cilia are different and complicated. If IS is driven out


of Northern Syrian tones, who is there? President Obama is hoping


that a moderate force will be treated in time to fill the vacuum.


The president nor is the cilia leg of the strategy against IS will be


more complicated than the Iraq one. -- the president knows that the


Syria leg of the strategy will be more, located. We are in for a very


coveted as picture and one that can destabilise. What about the point


that was touched on, that IS is gunning for a fight with the West.


Are we taking that studiously? I do not think anyone has considered the


repercussions of this. This will be a more Western type campaign. Part


of the Palace conference is to give it a broader vision, Arab


participation, silly participation. -- Sunni participation. The problem


is that IS will be here for up to four years to come. There are no


easy solutions. A German man has gone on trial in


Frankfurt, accused of being a member Prosecutors say Kreshnik Berisha,


whose face has been blurred for legal reasons, travelled to


Syria last year and fought with the The 20-year-old, who once played


for a Jewish football club, It's the first such case to


come to court in Germany. More than 400 people


from the country are said to have travelled to Syria to fight


since the conflict began. Several hundred migrants from Africa


and the Middle East who were trying to reach Europe are feared to have


died over the past few days. Up to 500 people trying to


reach Italy are believed to have lost their lives when their boat


sank near Malta on Thursday. In a separate incident, the Libyan


navy said dozens of African migrants drowned off the Libyan coast


after their vessel sank. Exhausted and dejected. But they are


the lucky ones. Rescued after two vessels outsized. -- after two


vessels capsized. In a separate incident it is thought that up to


500 people may have died off the coast of Malta. Two survivors have


told the story. These latest disasters could put the number of


people estimated to have died trying to cross the Mediterranean this year


close to 3000. The organisation sees 100,000 people have been rescued


since January. The Italians say they have picked up thousands of migrants


this weekend alone. We can speak to Leonard Doyle,


spokesman for the International Organisation


for Migration based in Geneva. Can we try to firm up some of these


numbers? What we know, and has been widely reported, is that 200


migrants died off the coast of Libya. But much more serious,


because of the nature of the incident, is what we are learning


from eyewitnesses and survivors to the incident off the coast of


Malta, and which we are feeling that 500 migrants may have died, there


are vessel having been deliberately rammed. We are talking about 700


lives lost in a couple of days off the coast of Europe. That is a


disaster. It is more than a disaster because of the callousness and evil


that has been behind it. These traffickers take a large amount of


money from these migrants who are seeking a better life and fleeing


from war and horrible situations in their own countries. Men, women and


children. They take money from them and the puts them in vessels that


are not safe and now they seem to have deliberately sunk a vessel.


What is being done to try to stop these tragedies? Do we go after the


people smugglers themselves? There is always push and pull factors with


asylum seeking. We need to take on board that the statistics collected


worldwide are showing that the number of people dying in migrations


in America is going down sharply. In safe is your it is practically zero


deaths. In the Mediterranean it is nearly 3000. -- in the South Asia it


practically zero deaths. It is also a question of what is happening in


the environment of Europe. People coming from North Africa where there


is war and disease and a collapsing economy. The issues we are facing in


Europe seem to be more severe. Our governments doing enough? Italy is


the brunt of this. It is not just a question of having more vessels at


sea. It is why other people fleeing their countries? Why are they


allowed to fall into the hands of traffickers. There are


responsibilities on the other side as well. Europeans have their


responsibilities and they seem to be a weird of them, but it is not


resolved. But on the other side of the Mediterranean there are also


problems. before Scotland votes


in the independence referendum. Today both the Yes and No


campaigns have been busy In the last hour, British Prime


Minister David Cameron made an impassioned appeal to the Scottish


people to stay in the Union. But Scotland's First Minister


Alex Salmond has been focussing on the economy, dismissing fears


about the country's future. Will Scotland prosper? For business


leaders and their customers, that simple question is at the heart of


this campaign. It took 35 years to build up this wholesale business in


Glasgow. The boss says times have been tough recently, and


independence would herald a boom. We would be much better off, we have


more natural resources than anywhere in Europe in Scotland. We would be


much better off as a country, and I want to leave a legacy behind for


the next generation to come, so that they will live in a prosperous


Scotland. Earlier today, he and other business leaders joined Alex


Salmond at Edinburgh airport. The message, not all firms are worried


about the prospect of a Yes vote. What we have demonstrated today with


some of the most serious business people in Scotland, creating tens of


thousands of jobs, is that there is very substantial groups in Scottish


business who see very substantial groups in Scottish


from an independent Scotland. With the world watching, the battle for


business is in full swing, as both sides try to persuade voters that


their vision for the economy is the strongest. This evening, the Prime


Minister arrived in Aberdeen to hammer home his message. Warning


that independence would mean the end of British pensions, passports and


the pound. Making up Lido rectally to Scotland's voters about the


consequences of voting Yes. It would be the end of a country that


launched the Enlightenment, abolished slavery, defeated fascism.


The end of a country that people around the world respect and admire.


The end of a country that all of us call home. And, in the shipyards of


the Clyde, where the British Empire was launched, many workers are


worried. Scottish shipbuilding has been sustained by Royal Navy orders,


and the staff fear for their jobs of Scotland says Yes. We have a


complete understanding, clarity and plan of what will happen in the


event of a Note, in order to revitalise shipbuilding in the city.


We simply do not know what the future would be. Very soon, all will


become. The bustle will be over as the people of Scotland will quietly


make their choice. Now a look at some


of the day?s other news: Troops from 15 countries, including


the US and other NATO members, have begun a military


exercise in Western Ukraine. Meanwhile, six people have been


killed and 15 wounded in shelling around


the rebel stronghold of Donetsk The United Nations has relocated


several hundred of its peacekeepers in Syria to the part of the


Golan Heights controlled by Israel. The move comes two weeks after


fighters from the Al-Nusra Front, a Syrian rebel group


affiliated with Al-Qaeda, kidnapped more than


40 members of the UN force. have been found on


an island in Thailand. Authorities say they believe


the young man and woman, who were both in their 20s, were


attacked and killed on Sunday The local police have blocked


all boats from leaving the island in the hope that


the culprit is still there. It's nearly eight years since


the former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko


was murdered in London. The chief suspect in his killing


has made his debut as a host on


Russian television today. Andrei Lugovoi presented a


documentary series called Traitors. where that's what critics


of the Kremlin are being labelled. Our Moscow correspondent


Steve Rosenberg reports. To British police, he is the prime


suspect in the killing of former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko.


But back home in Russia, he is set to become a TV star. From today,


Andrei Lugovoi has his own series, called Traitors, all about Soviet


citizens who betrayed the motherland to the West. Andrei Lugovoi denies


murder, and Moscow has refused to extradite him to the UK.


TRANSLATION: Treachery is always a good subject, not just to Russia,


but Britain and America as well. We know you had your own traitors. As


long as there is confrontation between us, there will always be


traitors. Russia's between us, there will always be


to think so. Last month, live on television, Vladimir Putin announced


to think so. Last month, live on that there were people in Russia


prepared to betray their country's national interest. The Kremlin has


also warrant of a fifth: threatening Russia from the inside. State media


have employed the freeze, national traitors. But why? With Russia under


have employed the freeze, national increasing pressure from sanctions


and increasingly isolated from the West, the temptation for the


authorities here is to look for traitors and turncoats and fifth


columnists, in other traitors and turncoats and fifth


out the enemy within to deflect criticism of home. This history


teacher has been a vocal critic of Russia's intervention in the


Ukraine. But she was astonished to find herself portrayed on national


TV news as a traitor, along with several pop stars and politicians.


It is much easier to rule when you have enemies, and everybody can


unite against these enemies. You can always explain the crisis arising


and shops looking empty and so many terrible things happening because of


this enemy. She can see that Vladimir Putin's Russia is not


Stalin's Russia, where people were sent to the gulag. But criticism


here is still equated with treachery, and Russia are still


searching for scapegoats. In a couple of months? time,


Europe's Rosetta spacecraft will attempt its audacious and


historic mission to land on a comet. It's no easy task and scientists


have been explaining how they're going to go about it, identifying


the safest place to touch down. A strange, barren world scene in


greater detail than ever before. It is hard to imagine that comet might


have helped life start here your honour. We are no closer than we are


now closer to seeing if that is true. No one knows if this is going


to be possible, but the extraordinary feat of touching down


on a comet, first dreamed up 20 years ago, is now within sight. This


mission is at a critical phase, flying alongside the comet, but also


planning to send a landing craft on to it as well. An incredible


challenge. Let's take a closer look at the biggest danger. The surface


is totally unknown. Some parts are extremely rough, others smooth, they


may turn out to be soft and quicksand. For the Rosetta


spacecraft orbiting the comet, the plan is to release a landing robot.


Hopefully, this will descend on touchdown in the right area. The


tiny craft will need to get just enough sunlight to charge up its


solar panels. Too much sun, and it will overheat. If all goes well,


scientists will get the first chance to work out what a comet is really


made of. Whether it really did bring the building blocks for a life here


to Earth. It should land about your .Mac the landings at -- the landing


site is not to be the safest areas. There is no rush to get ready. We


have only just seen in the last two weeks images of where we are going


to land, and how to make all the calculation so quickly. This is


absolutely the most difficult things to be scientists have ever tried to


do. This animation makes it look easy, it is expected to happen in


November. If it works, we will get the first pictures from the surface


of one of the strangest objects in the solar system. And maybe learn


something about our own origins as well.


Just extraordinary! The link between


Poland and Shakespeare But in the 17th century,


the Polish city of Gdansk was one of the main destinations


for travelling English actors. Now a new theatre hopes to


revive that tradition. Kasia Madera went to


Gdansk to have a look. The works of Shakespeare were so


popular in this part of Holland -- Poland but this black brick building


stands on the site of a 17th-century Elizabethan playhouse. The original


was built for the travelling English actors who would come every summer


to perform in Gdansk. We are standing on the site of this theatre


where English players performed, his plays were performed here. It is a


historical site, and the whole idea of having Shakespeare in Gdansk is


not a crazy idea, it has strong historical significance. But


today's performers have one big advantage. This is the only theatre


in the whole world with an opening roof, to give theatre-goers that


authentic Shakespearean experience, come rain or shine. It takes three


minutes through the roof to fully open. The technology of the roof


comes from history. Elizabethan theatre was open. Wouldn't it have


been easier to do a sliding roof? If you want a sliding roof, you lose


the experience of the inner space. The inner space now becomes double.


The theatre has famous supporters. Prince Charles is an honorary


patron. And Paul and's most celebrated the Rector. -- and Poland


was Mac most celebrated director. TRANSLATION: They will show their


interpretation of the place. Shakespeare has returned year, this


is beautiful. The curtains will be raised, as will the roof, for the


grand opening at the end of the week.


Thank you very much for watching World News Today. That's it for the


programme. The weather forecast is coming up next. Goodbye from me and


the team. Today, parts of central and eastern


Scotland get hold of a lot of


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