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A Russian warplane is shot down by Turkey on the border with Syria.


The pilots parachuted out but there are conflicting reports


Turkey says the jet was flying over Turkey's territory. Russia denies


that. Today's event is a stab in the back


that has been given to us by accomplices of


Turkey's president Erdogan said shooting


down a Russian plane was completely in line with rules of engagement.


Also coming up, France's prosecutor says the man who


planned the Paris attacks went back to the scenes of the killings,


while the siege at the Bataclan concert hall was still underway.


Could a genetically modified mosquito be the key to stopping


President Putin has warned that Turkey's shooting down of a Russian


warplane on the Turkish-Syrian border will have serious


He described what happened as a "stab in the back" committed


The Turkish authorities say its fighter planes targetted the


Russian aircraft after its pilots repeatedly ignored warnings that it


Moscow insists the plane had always been over Syrian territory.


The two man crew ejected before the plane came down


There are still conflicting reports about their fate.


In a moment, the latest on the Russian response.


But first, Mark Lowen reports from Istanbul.


Hit mid air and collapsing into flames.


A Russian jet plunges through the skies above the Turkey Syria border.


Downed by a Turkish strike, the plane is consumed by fire.


It is the cost, says Turkey, of Russia violating its airspace.


Just visible, the parachutes of the two pilots escaping the crash.


Russian helicopters were sent in to search for them, but Syrian rebels


Turkey immediately released an image which it says shows


The flight path appears to cross Syria's border into Turkey.


The Turkish Prime Minister insisted his country had simply carried out


its rules of engagement, and the Russian plane had been


We have never been a country which had designs against another country.


But everyone should know that Turkey has the right to respond


if it airspace is violated, despite repeated warnings.


This is what everyone feared might happen


when Russia began military action in Syria.


That a crowded airspace and rival allegiances could provoke


This is not just Turkey against Russia.


Ankara is a vital Nato member and has been military alliance


The fear is that this could now escalate fast.


In recent days, Russia has targeted this minority, the Syrian Turkmens.


A Turkic speaking ethnic group, they have been fighting


against the Assad regime and are strongly supported by Ankara.


They say their fighters shot and killed the Russian pilots.


But the Turkish authorities say that isn't true,


and that both pilots are alive and they are trying to get to them.


Like a fireball in the sky, the first time a Russian jet has


been shot down by a Nato member in over half a century.


In Syria, this is the heart of Russia's military operation.


This month, the Russians gave us rare access


They told us their war on terror was going according to plan.


But they hadn't planned on Turkey shooting down one of their planes.


When it came, the Kremlin's reaction was a mixture of disbelief and fury.


We have been stabbed in the back by the accomplices of terrorism.


There will be serious consequences for Turkey.


Vladimir Putin is known for his strong language.


But it doesn't get much stronger than this.


Equating Turkey with terrorist, Nato with Islamic State, and


pledging that Russia would not stand by while such crimes are committed.


Moscow insists it is air force is operating solely over Syria,


and that the fighter jets shot down today had not crossed into Turkey.


But Russian jets have strayed into Turkish airspace before.


Those violations recorded at Nato's command centre.


Last month, the alliance accused Moscow of irresponsible behaviour.


But where does today's incidents leave relations between Russia


Never for the last... probably 50 years, did we have


anything as significant in terms of Russia Nato air confrontation,


Back at Russia's airspace there's a message on this bomb.


Moscow insists its air strikes are all about destroying international


terrorism, and that the shooting down of one of its jets


With me is Olga Ivshina from the BBC's Russian Service.


Before we talk about Russian reaction, do we have any more detail


about what happened to the pirates? The destiny of one pilot is now


known for sure because it has been acknowledged he was killed. We still


don't know what happened to the second pilot because there are


conflicting reports over his destiny. He might be captured or he


might be dead while he was using his parachute. But there is also other


developments because the Russian minister -- Russian Minister of


defence acknowledged its lost a Russian helicopter which it sent to


rescue the men. We've heard fury


rescue the men. We've also heard talk of


consequences. We have had We've also heard talk of


response, the military We've also heard talk of


been suspended. Are we expecting more?


There will be a serious response from officials and a serious freeze


in relations because the Foreign Minister of Russia has cancelled his


visit to Turkey. The Russian parliament called for the suspension


of all relations with Turkey. Bearing in mind that this there are


specific economic ties between Russia and Turkey, there is a


significant oppressions -- presence of Turkish businessman in Russia. I


think these areas will be damaged significantly. The Russian tourist


agency has already urged Russian tourists not to go to Turkey any


more. Potentially a lot to lose on both


sides. Before this happened, what revelations like?


For years, it was close relations. Especially economic link. That was


very strong. There was a gas pipeline being built. There were a


lots of minor relations in business, especially in some Muslim regions.


Turkish business was quite significant. Turkey was the second


most popular location for Russian tourists for years. Especially


bearing in mind the situation in Egypt, many were thinking to go to


Turkey. If there were members of Nato hoping


to bring Russia closer in the operation against Islamic State


group, this is a big potential setback.


This could be a pivotal point in the story and it definitely shows how


big the price is when there is a lack of corporation between powers.


Today in Russian media we saw a lot of criticism towards Nato. What is


interesting is they are criticising everyone except for France. Now we


know that and the French President is in the United States. France may


be the peacekeeper that is able to bring everyone together because


definitely there is a huge need for a co-ordinated action by joint


forces in order to oppose Isis. Thank you.


A short time ago I spoke to the BBC's Selin Girit in Istanbul


and asked her about what's been said in Turkey.


The Turkish President in the last half an hour was live


He repeated the earlier statements coming out


Suggesting that the Russian aeroplane was in clear


The Prime Minister repeated that and he said everyone had to


respects Turkey's right to defend its borders.


So, Turkey is insisting that there was


This was a claim also repeated by the premise to earlier in the day.


And they are saying it is Turkish government's duty


And its territory. Which got a response from the US when Obama said


Turkey had the right to defend its borders as well. That is the liner


Turkey is insisting at the moment. There are conflicting reports about


the fate of the pilots and that will be crucial about how this recent


crisis will be escalated or de-escalated. The tone of the


statements coming out from Turkey and Syria will be very crucial as


well. Putin was taking a hard line approach towards Turkey, serious


accusations he made. But we haven't seen that kind of hardline rhetoric


from the mouth of the Turkish President, who is not necessarily


known for mild attitudes. So, we can observe that. Turkey is trying to


keep things, at the moment. President Obama met with


France's President Hollande today After the meeting he spoke


about the downing of the Russian warplane and about the fight


against the Islamic State group. Our North America Editor,


Jon Sopel was there. Barack Obama started by saying that


of course Turkey has the right to defend its own airspace. But also


made a plea that this should not escalate any further. But he did say


that the Russians were taking a risk in operating so close to the Turkish


border. And that exacerbated the situation. And also making the case


that they want Russia to be part of the coalition that is fighting


against Islamic State, but not all the other rebel groups. So, you cant


help and sense, almost, the level of anxiety that where this could lead


to next as a reaction by the Turks shooting down that Russian jet. We


have heard the rhetorical reaction from Moscow. We wait to see what the


reaction of them might be. More widely, what has President


Hollande been hoping to achieve? Is he likely to have got it?


I think he probably has. It was a stepping up of the action that is


being taken. Not a completely new literary strategy. No one is talking


about putting tens of thousands of troops on the ground to try to


retake Raqqa. They are talking about an intensification of the


bombardment and going after a wider scope of targets, greater


intelligence sharing. On all of that, Barack Obama and Francois


Hollande seem to be standing shoulder to shoulder. Hollande will


not go to see Angela Merkel and tomorrow -- Holland will go and see


Angela Merkel tomorrow and Vladimir Putin on Friday.


One line on Reuters to tell you about. A hostage situation is being


talked about in a northern French town near Belgium. Several with


gunshot wounds. That is coming from medical services. Just one line


coming from Reuters about a hostage situation in the northern French


town near Belgium with several people suffering gunshot wounds. We


will update you with anything more that comes out. We don't know if


this is connected to anything we have been feeling in recent days, or


completely separate. A hostage situation in the north of friends


near Belgium. Well, as we've been hearing,


French President Francois Hollande is in Washington trying to build


support in the fight against In a moment we'll speak to our Paris


Correspondent, but in the latest development the French interior


minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, has announced the first round of charges


to be filed against suspects thought to have been involved


in the November 13th attacks. He said that since the attacks,


more than 1,230 searches In those raids,


police had seized 230 weapons. Although he didn't clarify what


sort of arms they were, he did He also announced that 124 people


had been charged, though we are still waiting to hear


the exact nature of those charges. The BBC's Paris correspondent Hugh


Schofield can give us the latest. Hearing from the prosecutor a short


while ago, a number of lines are emerging?


Not very detailed, but some of it interesting. First of all I pick out


the fact that one man has been placed under investigation for


terrorist relating charges. This is the man who rented out the flat in


Saint Denis to the alleged ringleader of the attack. The flat


was raided and the alleged ringleader, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was


killed along with cue others. He was seen on French television on the


morning of the raid saying I know nothing, I just let the people have


my flat. The police don't believe him entirely. He has been in custody


and is now being charged on terrorist offences because the


police do not believe he could not have known the people were linked to


the terrorist attacks. There is also an interesting detail about the


third body found in the raid on the flat. If your member, in the flat in


Saint Denis were found the remains of the ringleader, his cousin and a


third person. They now think the third person was one of the gunmen


at the bars and terraces, the cafes, in that gang that carried out the


shootings that. They believe this person was an accomplice that works


with the ringleader on that night. Another further detail, rather grim,


Abdelhamid Abaaoud it is alleged part in the shootings and then drove


the car with this accomplice out to a suburb and came back on the Metro


to the scene of the crime. He arrived back on the Metro and is


seen on video on the train. He comes back and walks to near the Bataclan


where he knows that his other team are inside having killed many people


and waiting for the police to intervene. There seems to be this


urge to bring him back to the crime and walk among the crowd and see


what was happening. Thank you, we will leave it there.


Let's update you on about one line from Reuters that we had about a


hostage situation in northern France. That is all we have so far.


It is in the northern French town. There is a hostage situation and


several people have gunshot wounds. We don't know if that is the


micro-if there is any -- we don't know if there is any relation to the


Paris attacks or recent events in Belgium. We will keep you up to


date. A Pakistani-born man who plotted


terror attacks across several countries has been


jailed for 40 years in the US. 29-year-old Abid Naseer


had been extradited from the UK. He'd plotted to bomb


Manchester's Arndale Centre here Other planned targets were the


New York subway system and We are getting reports from Tunisia


that an explosion has hit a bus carrying presidential guards


in the capital, Tunis. An interior ministry spokesman


has been quoted saying at least 12 people had been killed and more


than a dozen others wounded. The cause of the blast was


not immediately clear. Bed nets, repellent, insecticides -


massive resources and intensive effort go into trying to ward off


the mosquitos that carry malaria. But what about going to the problem


at source - what if you could take Scientists in the US say they've


done just that - breeding a genetically modified mosquito


that can resist malaria infection. We'll talk to an expert


on this life-threatening disease in a moment, but first just a reminder


of how many of us this affects. About 3.2 billion people, almost


half of the world's population, The disease kills


around 580,000 people a year. Young children, pregnant women


and non-immune travellers from malaria-free areas are particularly


vulnerable to the disease. Malaria is preventable and curable,


and increased efforts are dramatically reducing


the malaria burden in many places. Between 2000 and 2015, malaria


incidence fell by 37% globally. Sub-Saharan Africa carries


a disproportionately high share In 2015, the region was home to 89%


of malaria cases and 91% I have been speaking to a biologist


at the malaria research Institute in Baltimore. He explains why this


development is so significant. It's a proof of principle study of a


technology that can be used to spread malaria resistance genes in


Muskie to populations. Thereby, that the mosque eateries that are capable


of committing -- capable of transmitting malaria. This is a self


propagating systems that can propagate itself on its own. And


thereby protect a large number of people from infections.


So, by self propagating you mean once you have done this to a


mosquito its offspring are then free of malaria?


That's right, the offspring become free of malaria and the offspring of


those offspring become free of malaria. The beauty is it is self


propagating. It will protect the entire human population without any


participation. People will not have to use drugs or bed nets or make any


changes in their lifestyle, really. It's only been tested in the lab.


How far away are we from putting this into practice in the real


world? It will take a few more years for


that. The system needs to be refined. The genetic drive system


that Doctor James and his co-workers presented in a recent paper, but


also the resistant genes that are propelled by this genetic drive


system have to be refined and optimised. It is very important that


the first trials will be successful. Are there any drawbacks? Is there


any thing that worries you about what the process has to face further


down the line? Not really. There is really no


scenario I can think of that would lead to any adverse effects in terms


of the populations that live in the areas where these mosquitos will be


used. The only possible adverse will be that the parasite will develop


resistance to the genes we are spreading in the mosquito


population. Then we would have to think of another strategy of


blocking the parasite and that is the same thing that happens with


drugs, for example. There must be millions of people


looking at this research with such great hope that it could be a


permanent breakthrough in the fight against malaria. Could it mean the


end of the disease entirely? I don't think it could mean the end


of the disease on its own. This strategy will not work on its own.


Like all malaria control strategies, it will work better in certain


areas. It will have to be combined with other new or existing malaria


control strategies such as the use of bed nets, insecticides or drugs.


The war against malaria cannot be won with a single weapon like this,


but like any war one would have to use multiple weapons to attack this


terrible disease. The American actor Patricia Arquette


highlighted the problem of sexism in Hollywood when she called for pay


equality in her Oscar acceptance She discusses what happened


afterwards. So, we happened to get all


of this data out of that that had to It also revealed that other


departments, Editors and sound mixers and all


kinds of different things where And I've talked to many agents,


managers, lawyers in the business and they all


say, well, we always know they don't You always know that are not going


to budget as much After my speech,


I went somewhere and a sound mixer "My boss called me in


and gave me a raise the next day. "I'd been making so much less than


my male co-workers for so long." Now, if women take action, the


company has to prove that they were Meaning they have to say to the


woman, no, we paid you less because you don't have a diploma or you sell


less of this product or you've They have to show


a tangible reason why they can pay this woman less than her white male


counterpoint in the same job. We will leave that there to update


you on the breaking news we have had in the last few minutes. In the last


few minutes, that hostage situation in the northern French town near


Belgium, about one hour west of Brussels, there are some pictures


emerging of the scene but very few details. All we know via Warner news


agency, Reuters, is that medical services there are staying several


people have gone wins in that hostage situation in northern


France. We don't know if it was linked to what we have seen in the


Paris attacks. We will keep you updated here on World News Today.


Eastern areas will have much more in the way of sunshine compared with


today, but it will be chilly at


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