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Tension is high between Russia and Turkey. Russia says it has shot down


a pilot on Tuesday. He said he was given no warning and was flying over


Syrian terraces -- territory. Turkey said it tried to warn the Jets ten


times. -- the jet. Human error, systems failures and fatigue, a US


military investigation says that is what caused an American air strike


on a hospital in Afghanistan which killed at least 30 people. On his


first official visit to Africa Pope Francis calls on Kenyan is to work


for peace and reconciliation. Also coming up, we are not out of


November but already 2015 is set to become the hottest year on record.


We look at what might be the cause. In the last


border, the latest response from an car saying the Russian jets were


warned ten times. -- from and Cara. Both countries disagree on whether


planes were when they came down. Turkey released a map suggesting the


Russian plane costs the southern tip of its border, marked in blue, for


17 seconds. But Russia responded with its own radar image saying at


no point did that Russian jet, in red, across the broader, while a


Turkish plane, in blue, did. Steve Rosenberg reports on the latest


reaction from Moscow and Ankara. In flames and out of control,


Russian promptly Mac bomber plummets to earth and crashes in Syria, shot


down by a Turkish fighter jet. The two pilot parachuted out. One was


killed. But could Russia find the other soldier and bring him home? 12


hour search, the Russian military release these images. The captain


had been rescued. Hiding his face from the camera, he spoke to


journalists. I can't wait to get back to my duties, he told them, it


is my duty to avenge the killing of my commander. Back in Russia,


President Putin announced that the captain would receive a state award


for bravery, and there would be posthumous awards for the dead pilot


and a Russian Ream killed in the rescue operation. Outside the


Defence Ministry tonight, Russians came to pay their respects. These


are the first confirmed deaths of Russian soldiers in combat in


Syria. Today Moscow made it clear it doesn't want to go to war with


Turkey over what happened to its aircraft and its soldiers. But it


described the shooting down of the jet as a deliberate planned act, and


ambush. But Ankara insists this was Moscow's fault, and that the Russian


jet violated Turkish airspace. Today the Turkish president said his


country didn't want an escalation. We are just the defending our


security, he said. But Turkey is also defending these people, the


Turkmen. They are Syrians of Turkish descent. Russia has been carrying


out air strikes here claiming there are terrorists in the area. Just a


few days ago Turkey told Russia to stop the bombing here. Russians,


though, are in no mood to listen. In Moscow, this crowd attacked the


Turkish embassy with eggs and rocks. Furious that Turkey had shot down a


Russian bomber. They are chancing "we won't forget or forget".


The BBC's Mark Owen is in Istanbul. I asked him if the angry words


between the countries were being toned down. It is starting to look


more conciliatory today, the president gave an address today


saying it is not Turkey's aim to get into conflict with any country. He


wants to de-escalate the crisis, but he insisted Turkey still has the


right to defend its airspace, which has been echoed by President Obama


and the Nato Secretary General, the UN... But clearly there is


diplomatic pressure on both sides here to try to pull back, in the


hope that they will see the United front forming against Islamic State


as more of a priority, because in recent weeks after the Paris


attacks, after the Russian airliner was brought down by the bomber over


Sinai, there was a move to some kind of grand coalition involving Russia,


Turkey and the West, in trying to fight Islamic State, and there is


the fear that this play up yesterday could destabilise that. On top of


that, you have the bilateral relationship which is now clearly in


crisis, a very harsh word from President Hu tinkling Turkey and a


compass of terror, warning of grave consequences, and some moves towards


stepping that up. The Russian Foreign Ministry has advised against


tourists visiting Turkey, military cooperation between Ankara Moscow


suspended for now, so clearly a grave situation here, but the hope


that in the long term, this escalation can be averted by trying


to focus both these countries on the greater threat, I suppose, of


Islamic State. Are we any closer to understanding why Turkey took this


section of shooting down the jet? It was on its territory, we hear, only


17 seconds. It was very quick, the violation, as far as Turkey is


concerned, they Moscow denies any violation. I think there are two


reasons, firstly Turkey was frankly very irritated last month when there


were Russian violations of its airspace, it warned Russia against


that and had to escort a Russian jet out of Turkish airspace last month,


so said this was coming, and Russia defied and ignore the warnings.


Secondly, Turkey feels the Turkmen, the ethnic Turk minority in Syria


fighting against Assad's regime, Turkey feels closely linked to that,


they have been targeted by Russian air strikes recently, fled to the


Turkish border, Turkey feels a strong ethnic link with them and


feels the need to step in and try to defend them. The question now is how


Moscow will respond. All eyes are on the grand chess master the Kremlin


to see his next move. French President Francois Hollande


has held a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel


talking about how to combat the Islamic State group following the


Paris attacks, but they have also spoken about this incident, the


shooting down of the Russian jet. Let's tell you what Francois


Hollande said. He said "we must all work to ensure the situation


de-escalates". They are keen like other countries to enter the


situation doesn't get more tense. He will hold talks in Moscow on


Thursday with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, so both leaders


saying they must all work to ensure that the shooting down of the


Russian jet by Turkey does not escalate further.


Eight US military investigation into an American air strike on a hospital


in Afghanistan has found it was caused by human error, procedure


failures and technical faults. The strike Englanders killed at least 30


people. It was described as a war crime -- England as province. Forces


in Afghanistan said the tragedy was avoidable. The report determined the


US strike upon the hospital in Afghanistan was a direct result of


human error compounded by systems and procedural failures. US forces


directly involved in this incident did not know the targeted compound


was the MSF trauma centre. The medical facility was misidentified


as a target by US personnel who believed they were striking a


different building several hundred meters away where there were reports


of combatants. The report also determined that the personnel who


requested the strike and those who executed it from the air did not


undertake the appropriate measures to verify that the facility was a


legitimate military target. General John Campbell. Barbara Kurt Ashya is


in Washington and told us what measures the US will take to avoid a


repeat of something like this. General Campbell stressing he had


taken steps to make immediate changes to ensure these failures


would not happen again. We got a bit of detail about that. For example


this involves reviewing their targeting process, ensuring


everybody is trained in the targeting process, and looking at


the development and use of no strike lists, lists of buildings that


shouldn't be struck because they should be protected for whatever


reason, safe zones. But the catalogue of errors he described, a


perfect storm of errors, was such that I think the action taken by the


US military will have that I think the action taken by the


this couldn't happen again, because it was a really tragic and awful


mistake. Brussels is emerging from four days


of lockdown. Schools and Metro stations are reopening. For four


days there were closed with fears of a Paris style attack imminent. The


city is still on high alert with armed police expected on the streets


until next Monday. Chris Morris reports.


At 6am, the first Metro train since last Friday. The transport network


coming back to life. Brussels is still on high alert, the threat of


attacks serious and imminent. There were mixed emotions when people


arrived at this city Centre Station. Does it feel like things are back to


normal? Identity so, we are still really scared. Today is good, there


were a lot of people in the street so it is better. You are not scared?


I am not scared, we shouldn't be scared. If we are scared, they win.


The school run was back as well, parents dropping off kids amidst


additional security, provided by hundreds of armed police. There were


handshakes and there was reassurance. This is what life


should look like, but there was also a tinge of anxiety. She said, I am


worried, but you just have to get on with things. And on one of


Brussels's main thoroughfares, sirens and shopping all at


Brussels's main thoroughfares, time. So plenty of security, still,


but the feel of this city beginning to get


but the feel of this city beginning very concerned about the fact that


nearly two weeks now after the attacks in Paris, the main surviving


suspects have yet to be caught. We suspects have yet to be caught. We


have known about this man, Salah Abdeslam, since shortly after the


Paris attacks. He was there, but is now on the run. Now Belgian


authorities have named the second suspect, Mohamed Abrini, seen here


at a petrol station en route to Paris two days before the attacks.


He is described as Paris two days before the attacks.


dangerous. We have to find out as soon as possible these terrorists,


these people who are putting fear in the minds of whole populations. And


is working life resumes here, people are uncomfortably aware that there


will be others still seeking to attack at random.


Let's take you through some of the day's avenues. So-called Islamic


State has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attack on a bus in


Tunisia's T in years. They say a member blew himself up on the bus.


Another 12 people killed have all been identified as presidential


guards. President Obama has told Americans every possible step is


being taken to keep the Americans every possible step is


as many prepared to travel for Thanksgiving. He said there was no


credible intelligence to indicate a terror plot


credible intelligence to indicate a States at this time but he


understood people were anxious. The Gambian President has banned female


genital mutilation, saying it is not Islamic. According to Unicef three


quarters of the female population in Gambia have had the procedure.


Anti-FGM campaigners said it was not clear whether a law would be passed


to enable the man to be passed to enable the man to being forced.


Pope Francis is making his first official visit to Africa. He landed


in Kenya a few hours ago and is scheduled to visit Uganda and the


Central African Republic. He aims to bring a message of peace and


reconciliation the continent, but security concerns are so high he


might be forced to make changes to his itinerary. In a speech did union


officials and diplomats in Nairobi he urged all Kenyans to work


together for peace and forgiveness. Let's go to Nairobi. What sort of


reception to the pontiff get? People have been waiting for this visit for


a long time, preparing for it, and finally he is here. He was greeted


in the African way at the airport with a lot of dancing and


celebration and in Nairobi he delivered his speech, where he


called for reconciliation and tolerance, something that will be


welcomed by many in this country. During this visit is expected to


meet different groups including the slim and Hindu leaders, and we


believe the message will be that of tolerance and reconciliation between


religious groups. How excited the country about this visit? Very


excited. Kenya has considerably large population of Roman Catholics,


about third of Kenyans have been baptised Roman Catholics, it is


still a majority Christian country with 84% of people saying they are


Christians. So to a large extent this is a very welcome visit. He


will meet other two nominations of Christian leaders as well. And he


will be celebrating Mass here in Nairobi where we are told of 2


million people will attend. We were hearing a little about security


concerns, do we know to what extent those have affected the schedule


planned? Well, security is very, very tight. We have been asking this


question because this city has been rocked with attacks especially from


militant groups in the past, and so roads have been closed because of


the Pope's visit, and indeed the government declared on Thursday,


tomorrow, and national holiday, so people will stay at home, and I


believe this is to ease traffic so he can move around more freely. He


will go to Uganda after his visit to Kenny, that is on Friday, then to


the Central African Republic, and despair that there have been


concerns for security raised, given the situation on the ground. And,


thank you very much. Chicago police say they have


arrested 5% is as during overnight demonstrations triggered by a video


of the police shooting last year. -- five suspects. The video shows a


black teenager being shot 16 times. The officer has been charged with


murder, the first on duty Sicard golf face such a charge. Sarah


Campbell has this. -- on duty Chicago officer.


October 2014, Chicago officers called to a report that he used with


a knife is breaking into cars. -- camp footage shows the time.


17-year-old MacDonald can be seen running down the middle-of-the-road.


On the left of the picture officer Jason Van Dyke and a colleague


arrive on the scene. It is approximately six seconds between


him leaving the car and shooting teenager. In scenes too graphic to


show he continues to shoot while the young man lies on the ground. Police


investigators later recovered 16 fired cartridge cases from the scene


and the Noi State police determined all those cartridge cases were fired


from Officer van Dyck's weapon. Jason van Dijk appeared in court


yesterday charged with first-degree murder, and the -- camp footage was


released under orders from the judge short time later. I understand


people will be upset and want to protest when they see this video.


But I would like to echo the comments of the MacDonald family.


They have asked for calm and for those who choose to speak out to do


it peacefully. CHANTING. So far it appears the appeals for


calm had been listened to, with a few hundred possessed is on the


streets of Chicago last night but fewer arrests. Tensions are high


across the United States after a series of high-profile shootings by


police of African-American youths. MacDonald had been carrying a 3 inch


knife when he was shot. Officer van Dyck's lawyer says the footage


doesn't tell the full story. I believe my client's conduct has been


described as hideous. I would state that those comments are


irresponsible. The jury will now have to decide whether MacDonald's


actions that night should have led to his violent death.


Russia's problems with Turkey have been much discussed recently, but


the ongoing situation with neighbour Ukraine is causing tensions again


between Kiev and Moscow. Ukraine has announced a ban on Russian aircraft


from its airspace. This is as Moscow says it. Natural gas deliveries to


Ukraine. Over the weekend unknown individuals blew up four electricity


pylons in southern Ukraine cutting off supply to Crimea which Russia


annexed last year. Stern census report.


This is one of the electrical pylons blown up in the early morning hours


over the weekend. No one has taken credit for this but they also


brought down two of the pylons in this field and one more in another


location. You can see the lines stretching along the field


ultimately to the south and into Crimea off in the distance. These


are the only sources of power, these four lines, for the Crimean


peninsula, so when they came down the entire peninsula was plunged


into darkness. Schools have been closed until the end of the month, a


state of emergency has been declared. Repair work on one of the


pylons has begun. Maintenance workers rebuilt it and as we speak


they are preparing to raise the electrical lines. The Organisation


for Security and Co-Operation in Europe is here monitoring this


process. I am an observer with the special monitoring mission to


Ukraine and what I am looking at right now is the restoration of the


electric power lines. The work seems to be progressing but we don't know


when electricity will be turned back on. The other three pylons, it is


not clear. You can see this is occupied, this tent, by Crimean


Tartar activists blocking the work here, and at the other location,


more activists are not allowing workers to get close. But as you can


see it is also a modest presence, the Crimean Tatas are just a


handful, so there seems to be an understanding between the government


and protesters that the workers will not try to begin repair work on the


remaining pylons and restoring full electricity to Crimea.


Bush fires in southern Australia have killed at least two people,


here is look at the fires which are still burning less than an hour from


the city of Adelaide. 2015 is set to become the hottest


year on record. That is the verdict of the UN geological organisation,


which says increasing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change is


caused by the El Nino weather event are responsible. We have had a


number of warnings this year that 2015 would be the warmest, based on


data from January until October so they are showing confidence that


this will be the warmest year, based on these two things, carbon dioxide


emissions at a new level of 400 parts per mission earlier this


year, and El Nino, which brings heat to the surface of the Pacific Ocean,


these taken together putting temperatures above what is


expected. El Nino is a regular event which has just been lively this


year. That is right, it is the third, or in the top three most


lively, strongest El Nino s since 1950, so a strong effect of that. It


is estimated to be 15 or 20% of the impact on the temperature rise this


year, so it is considerable, but it is not just this year but next year


as well, so they expect 2016 male Serbia record year because of this


continuing effect which will continue through the first half of


the year. It will give people a lot to talk about in the climate


conference next week. Indeed, they have plenty anyway, but this adds to


it. Many reports in the next few days pointing out that emissions are


high. Is that why they are coming out with this data now? I think yes,


to influence policy and say, we talk about two degrees as being safe, but


according to the WMO we are now 1 degrees above preindustrial levels


so there isn't much to play with. So they are saying to politicians,


these are the scientific facts as we see them, it is up to craft a policy


to make sure we don't go beyond two degrees. Individuals and


corporations will say we are doing so much to reduce emissions, carbon


neutrality, solar panels, who isn't doing enough, what needs to change


to really start to make a difference stop yellow huge factors are at play


here, a huge number of countries rely on cold which is very carbon


intensive, India and Asia are increasing coal stations and the


Philippines will build 23 new ones by 2020. Many countries in the world


want to industrialise which are aware of the climate problem but


want to get people out of poverty. The government thinks that is the


priority, so it is squaring that circle. They want to develop and


have a right to develop that the Western world want them do doing it


without fossil fuels. That is the not they will try to crack. Thank


you. There is more information coming out


why we have been on air about tension between Russia and Turkey


after the shooting down yesterday by Turkey of the Russian jet, real


dispute over whether it was over Turkish territory when that


happened. A number of lines coming from Reuters saying the Turkish


military says it made great efforts to find and rescue the Russian


pilots. It also reports that the Turkish military is saying they


called military authorities in Moscow and expressed their readiness


for corporation. We heard a little earlier and audio recording in which


the Russian plane was asked to change course immediately before it


was downed near the Syrian border, but it sounds today like Turkey is


trying to calm down the rhetoric little after the shooting down of


that Russian debt. Thanks for being with us.


Eastern areas today had some decent sunny spells.


The west rather cloudy with a scattering of showers.


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