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This is BBC World News Today with me, Ben Bland.


The French President promises to destroy those responsible for


the Paris attacks, as memorials are held across the city two weeks on.


The names of the 130 victims were read out - survivors and their


families hear a pledge that France will not give in to fear or hate.


To you all, I solemnly promise you that France will put everything it


has at it's disposal to destroy the army of fanatics who have


After one of its warplanes was brought down, Russia suspends


As a result, Russians in this Turkish resort are


We'll find out what effect the exodus is having on tourism.


TRANSLATION: I starved. Bon appetit.


And a flavour of the year in film - we get the views of one critic


A memorial service has been held in Paris to remember those killed


A thousand people gathered - among them survivors


The names of the 130 people who died were read out.


The French President, Francois Hollande, said


his country would do all it could to destroy - what he called - the "army


In its monument to wartime heroes, France today honoured


They stood to gather, president, Prime Minister,


the angry and the grieving, as the names of those they lost were


Listening to the roll call of victims were


Brought from hospital, injured but determined to show their defiance.


I promise France will do everything to destroy this army of fanatics,


we will protect our children and we will stay true to ourselves.


His words echoed by France's national anthem.


A reminder that this was an attack not just on individuals,


Among the names read out in Paris was Hugo.


At Montpellier University, he was remembered not just


as a victim but as a student with a passion for punk rock.


Hugo had been staying at his flat in Paris that weekend to catch


In the park where they used to go, Stephan told me his son had


struggled with his studies, his love life, his parents' separation and


I was still his father but we became friends because I was an old guy,


he was young, so I explained to him about Led Zeppelin, The Clash.


Last month, Hugo had returned from holiday in Japan with a new


He said his problems were behind him and was ready to move


He showed me his tattoo and it was his best gift to me, because he...


"It was, OK, Dad, now I'm free, and I show you that I can go


At Montpellier Cathedral, they gathered to receive Hugo home.


His friends, family and members of his band, and the shock showing


Across France, parents are starting to bury


Amid the national commemorations, each death is being remembered,


His father said he was, "My boy, my baby, my friend, my confidant."


23 years after Hugo was born, a congregation, a town,


Moving on to the fight against Islamic State militants.


France has said for the first time that forces loyal


to the Syrian Government could be part of the campaign on the ground.


The French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, was asked about it during


TRANSLATION: There are two sets of measures, firstly to carry out air


strikes and Amy must put troops on the ground.


The green groups cannot be ours because it would be


counter-productive. They must be from the Syrian Army and the Sunni


Arab sources. -- ground troops. And why not sources from the Syrian


regime? In the last hour, President Hollande


has called on the British parliamentarians to join the fight


against IS. He said he hopes MPs will meet the request of President


bat-mac Prime Minister Cameron. -- Prime Minister Cameron.


Mr Hollande has already agreed with Russian's President Putin that


the two countries should co-ordinate their military actions


But Russia remains angry over Turkey shooting


Mr Putin is refusing to meet Turkey's president


Russia has now suspended visa-free travel with Turkey.


Meanwhile, the Turkish President Erdogan said he didn't want to


damage relations with Russia but he accused Moscow of "playing


TRANSLATION: It is playing with fire to predict the Serbian regime.


The whole world admits that Turkey is correct in this incident. --


sarin. The day that this incident happened I requested a meeting with


President Putin. I wanted to hold a telephone conversation with him but


he has not returned my calls it. There is a climate change conference


in Paris and I believe he will be there. We can meet the and discuss


these matters. -- Syrian. As tensions between Russia


and Turkey continue to rise, The Russian parliament has


suggested that the country stops Russian officials say they have


found some harmful chemicals in textile and fruits imported


from Ankara. This crisis may seriously hit


the economy in the southern coastal resort of Antalya in Turkey,


where many businesses cater From there,


Olga Ivshina has this report. If you walk around the streets here


you may think that Russia is a language of 30. Four years, this


resort has been the most popular destination for Russian tourists.


There are leading international buyers of property in Antalya but


Russians are now quickly selling. TRANSLATION: The Russians in Antalya


are starting to panic. The Facebook group is looking to sell the


property. This is a good time to buy flats. I hope that things get back


to normal soon and we will not have to change the way that we live.


For more than 70,000 Russian speakers who now live in Antalya,


the stakes are extremely high. Stormy. This is probably the best


word to describe the current relations between Ankara and Moscow


after Turkey downed a Russian military jet. As political


conditions get worse, more and more businessmen in Antalya are worried


about their future. This holiday season is over. So, many hotels


close for renovation. However, nobody knows how many of them will


open next spring. This man runs a hotel with his wife. They made zero


profit this year. TRANSLATION: Over the last few years we use the


customers who would stay two times each year. But because of the week


rouble they have only come once and some have not come at all. White mac


this man runs his cafe in Antalya. He is proud Russians are coming here


with their families and he is really disappointed with the officials.


Suggesting Turkey has become dangerous for Russian citizens.


If something bad happens, my talk is friends and I are to patrol the


streets in order to protect any Russians. There is absolutely


nothing to be afraid of. While politicians practice using


strong language, Russians and talks in Antalya try to find ways to live


their lives side-by-side as they used to.


Reports from northern Nigeria see a suicide bomber has blown himself up


in the middle of the procession causing casualties. At least 21


people are believed to have been killed.


Pope Francis has arrived in Uganda for the second leg


There was a warm welcome for the pontiff at Entebbe


He also held a huge youth rally at Kasarani Stadium.


In Uganda he spoke to government officials and local church leaders


It promises, it hopes, it struggles. Its achievements. The world looks to


Africa as the continent of hope. Catherine Byaruhanga is in Kampala


for us. Give us a flavour of the atmosphere


and welcome the Pope received? It has been a very loud welcome with


lots of music and dancing. Where I am at the moment that a Catholic


shrine. He was here one hour ago. There were crowds of thousands of


people, singers, traditional dancers, some have composed songs


for the Pope. Just as he was driving into Kampala, thousands of people


lined the streets. His choice of car in Uganda is actually a small black


Kia and Ugandans have been sharing images of this on social media. I


understand there are two big issues that Ugandans have been telling you


that they would like the Pope to address, tell us more about this,


please. Yes, the first one is corruption. As we have seen, the


Pope taught in Kenya and that is a big issue. Some of the people I have


spoke to this morning have said that they would like the Pope to give a


message to government and business leaders to do more to take care of


the country's natural wealth. He spoke a bit about that in his speech


at State house. The other issue is the elections. We are in a campaign


season. Voting will take place in February. Some of those we spoke to


live like the pontiff to really sort of mediate with different political


leaders to make sure that the process is free and fair and that it


is peaceful. OK, thank you very much for that


update. The International Criminal Court in


The Hague is one of the few global She's Fatou Bensouda,


a lawyer from the Gambia who's now The ICC's critics say it is slow


and expensive. There's been controversy because


so far all its cases have come As part of our 100 Women series,


Fatou Bensouda's been speaking to Zeinab Badawi about justice, gender,


race and the challenges of leading an institution that is


rarely out of the news. There are a few cases which were


very, very difficult and marketing me a lot. I have done the rape of a


school girl by the teacher in the school toilet and from the very


beginning, I just felt that this should not be happening. We must do


everything that we can to should not be happening. We must do


that this kind of crime is held to account. -- it marks to me a lot.


When you were in Gambia, did you think you would end up the head of


the criminal court? think you would end up the head of


time but what was clear to think you would end up the head of


time was that I wanted to contribute to justice and social welfare. I


wanted to serve. I wanted something to do with women, how could I help


and contribute? So, I think this is an opportune moment and really, a


privilege, to be in this position and to be able to serve as I thought


about it when I was growing up. With respect to my work, I hardly


think about my gender, I must tell you. But I believe also, as a woman,


and putting emphasis on certain crimes like sexual and gender based


crimes, I believe my gender has helped me to ensure that I draw a


line under this and a visit to a strategic level, one of the


strategic goals of my office and I put an emphasis on that. I am sure,


perhaps if I was a man, or if a man was sitting here, they would do the


same thing, but really, as the woman, I believe it is important


that I highlight those kind of crimes, and also crimes against


children, that is something that is a priority for my office. I am also


trying to put out a policy paper on children. As you know, I have


already done that on sexual and gender based crime. These type of


crimes are important for me and I believe my agenda has a lot to do


with that. Fatou Bensouda speaking to Zeinab


Badawi. To find out more about our series, there are on our website you


will find out profiles, including that of Helena Lee swing. -- Hillary


swing. -- tee-mac. -- Shri Swaminarayan Mandir. -- Hilary


It's been a big year at the cinema and as the year comes to a close and


the awards season gets closer, we start to look at which ones stood


Well, Sight Sound magazine have released their list


And I'm delighted to welcome Nick James who is the editor


Swank these are the reviews of critics?


That is correct. The 1 that has topped the poll,


Assassin, I think we can look at the trailer for that.


Very heavy going that one. It looks like an action movie, but it isn't,


it is actually a very beautiful film. It has a simple story, a woman


assassin is said to assassinate someone she is in love with and that


is the basic frame of the story but it takes place in these times of


courting and these gorgeous costumes, it is a film that is


literally like a moving painting rather than an action server. It


looks like an action thriller, but it has other delights. -- action


thriller. What about arthouse films, they are


notorious for hard to please, the critics.


Yes, the director from Taiwan has made a lot of beautiful forms over


the last few years. This is a kind of pinnacle of achievement for him


in terms of, you know, how beautiful the film is. It is an aesthetic


experience primarily. Do you think that this film will


reach more people because it is top of this poll? I would hope so. I do


not think it will do as well at the box office as the second or third


film. There is that wonderful lesbian drama that everyone should


see this weekend. And we also have at number three Mad Max. A number of


your viewers will have looked at. Before we look at that, you


referenced the lesbian Fulmar, Carol. Let us have a look at that.


-- lesbian film. I start. Bon appetit. What do you do


on Sundays. Nothing in particular, what do you do? Nothing, really.


Maybe you would like to come and visit me sometime. You are welcome


to. There is some pretty country around where I live. Would you like


to come and visit me this Sunday? Yes. What a strange girl you are.


Why? Flunk out of space.


Watching that, so close to the clip that be so at the top of the poll.


You could not have two more different films at the top of this?


Our poll reflects a great variety of modern cinema, there is a greater


span of things on offer. If you are interested in of... The blockbusters


that you see in the multiplexes come from a narrow band, but films like


those two are, you know, treasures to be sought out by more people, I


would hope, than sometimes do. Whether any particular films in the


top ten or the top 20 that surprised you?


I was surprised that Mad Max, given our bunch of critics, was at number


three. Even though I love it myself, it is a tremendous film. There is


quite a solemn and sad documentary about a famous film-maker in the


middle of the poll. She sadly died recently and I think that may have


affected some of the votes that that got. I was pleased to see any in the


top ten, that is my favourite film of the year. It is in at number


nine. -- Amy. When you disappointed with any of


the films in the poll? Sometimes you get huge numbers of


funds that might have been done well. The film Macbeth, that did not


do well in our poll. It might have done better.


Nick James, thank you very much. A unmanned NASA space rocket which


broke up in mid air above Cape Canaveral last year appears to have


reached an unlikely new destination. What looks like a large fragment


of the fuselage was found floating It is currently being guarded


on a beach at Tresco We sent our reporter Johnny O'Shea


to find out more. On the beach a local boatyard


worker has been busy cleaning It was towed here yesterday


after the skipper of the island's We were all quite intrigued


as to what it was. At first they thought it might have


been part of an aeroplane, but it was pretty shocking to scrape


the barnacles off and find out it The debris is believed to be


from this spacecraft launched from It was taking part to


the International Space Station. Photographs from


before the launch show the same It has caused quite a stir on Tresco


and everybody is talking One enterprising local man started


charging ?5 to have photos taken of it, ?10 if he was in the photos


as well, trying to capitalise on Now it is here, nobody is


sure what happens next. Its American owners are trying to


verify exactly which rocket it is. Perhaps they will want it back


in Florida or perhaps it will find a permanent home year


on this remote island. The breaking news now. There has


been a shooting in the US state of Colorado. Colorado Springs police


have said they are responding to reports of an active shooter at


eight plan parenthood clinic. Planned parenthood is an


organisation that of its reproductive health services in the


United States. Police officers have said they have been deployed but the


situation is not yet stabilised. We will keep you across that and bring


you more as it comes in. Four rare white lion cubs have


been unveiled at a zoo in Toronto. The males were born to their mother


Makali eight weeks ago and have just The cubs are some of just 300


white lions in the world. While they're not technically


albinos, their blonde-white fur is caused by a recessive trait in


the same gene that causes albinism. Before we go,


let's return to our top story from France, where President Hollande


has led a memorial service to remember the 130 people killed in


gun and bomb attacks two weeks ago. It is a day of national mourning


and everyone in the country has been encouraged to join in, by


displaying France's national flag. TRANSLATION: Today we can allow


ourselves to get out the flags. We are not the only once, I think


many have been buying the French flag.


I think everyone looked into their heart and found something stronger


and harder. It is a very public display of togetherness. I have been


speaking about it with everyone I care for, my friends and family. I


really think something has changed and this is the proof that the


French people are more united now than ever before.


Just some of the images they are from France on a national day of


mourning as we remember the victims. Thank you for


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