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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


The headlines: A father from Syria loses his wife and seven children


when they drown trying to reach Greece after fleeing the civil war.


I would say do not take this risk. Do not go by sea. You will lose your


children. Greece is preparing to deport


thousands of migrants it believes Argentina's new centre-right


President is sworn-in with a promise to tackle corruption,


but his predecessor refuses A film about a 1950s lesbian romance


leads the nominations for the annual It may be winter in Europe,


but thousands of migrants and refugees are still


trying to cross the sea. And as the flow of people continues,


so do the tragedies. This week a mother and her seven


children, the youngest just weeks old, drowned while trying


to cross the Aegean sea. Our Turkey correspondent Mark Lowen


has been speaking to him. Somewhere in the vastness


of the Aegean, he lost them. He scours the spot where he and his


family took the boat, His wife and his seven


children drowned. The smugglers told them


they would not need life jackets They fled Islamic State


and hoped for sanctuary, believing the worst


horrors were behind them. TRANSLATION: I had the most


affectionate wife. The smugglers are traitors. I say to


others, do not risk your life at sea. Stay in Syria, however


difficult it is. Shortly after Ali and his family set


off from here, the waves rose up Over 3500 have died this year tried


to make the trip to Europe. The EU is giving Turkey money


and resources to patrol But still, even in winter,


the desperate ones are making On a nearby speech, Afghans and


Iranians carry whoever they can, like pilgrims on an endless path.


TRANSLATION: I escaped the Taliban and Islamic State. There is always


risk, however you migrate from your country. I am ready. They find


shelter in a derelict village and wait for the smugglers to call. News


of spread of Syrians Hugh drowned but they are ready to go. I grew up


in the war. Had you heard about the children that died here in the last


few days? Yes. Does it change your desire to take the boat? It does


not. He tried the journey and his dreams of Europe are now just


wretched memories. But how many more will follow in his wake?


His was one of many families trying to reach northern Europe, but Greece


is preparing to deport thousands of migrants it thinks might not be


entitled to asylum. Migrants have been turned back from the northern


border of the Macedonia decided it would only accept refugees from


Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Greece said those that refuse to apply for


asylum in 30 days or be sent back to their own countries. Among temporary


reception centres where people are waiting the old Athens airport as


the Olympic Stadium, where a migrant from Iran has spoken to the BBC


about the conditions he is living in.


They gave me a couple of blankets. Two people, one blanket. Imagine two


blankets with cold weather two persons, it is crazy and so sad. For


the food, you had to go outside and stand in line. It is like a jungle.


We have two survive and we have two ask other people, push each other


and I see some people getting hurt when they stand in the line, when


the food comes. Because they are hungry right now and do not know


what to do. They keep pushing each other to get in. If you see the


inside, there is no hope at all. Everybody is just depressed and do


not know what will happen later. Because we do not have a choice. We


have to stay here. No matter how hard it is. However sick, or hungry


we are. We have to keep going. We have no choice. Because we have lost


money. We can only stay here because Greece do not have a good economy


for taking care of us. We cannot go back to the country, because we will


go to jail, or some of us will get stoned.


The Syrian civil war is of course driving much of this


Today Syrian opposition groups meeting in Saudi Arabia have united


around a set of demands ahead of expected peace talks


with President Bashar al-Assad's government.


They said President Assad and his aides must step down at


But one of the major groups has said it would pull out.


Nine people have been found guilty of terrorism offences after one


of the biggest terror trials ever to take place in the Netherlands.


The verdicts were handed down at the high security 'Bunker'


The BBC's Anna Holligan was in court.


According to the judges, the aim of this group was to support terrorist


activities in the middle east, by recruiting young people in the


Netherlands and financing trips to take part in the armed struggle, or


jihad, in Syria. Six defendants were found guilty of being members of


this organisation with links to the so-called Islamic State and


Al-Qaeda. Three others were found guilty of being supporters. The one


woman on trial today was found guilty of incitement, for sharing a


message on Twitter. A number of people on trial travelled to take


part in a terrorist training camp in Syria. Three defendants were not in


court today. One was in a prison cell. Two others have not been


apprehended. They are thought to still be in Syria.


Mauricio Macri has been sworn in as Argentina's new president,


The centre-right Mr Macri took the oath of office in Congress


but his inauguration was boycotted by his predecessor,


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, in a row over where he should


stipulates that a president can't rule for more than two consecutive


terms, but Ms Fernandez is seemingly unhappy to be leaving her post


and used her farewell speech to blast the incoming


Mauricio Macri has promised to overhaul the country's struggling


economy, which is slumping toward recession, improve relations


I've been hearing more from the BBC's Ignacio de Los Reyes


in Buenos Aires about the new President Macri.


He is a former businessman. He is also the son of one of the richest


businessmen in Argentina. And also president of the most popular


football club in the country in the 1990s. That is why he became famous


in national politics. He then became the May Buena saris. And he formed a


new -- in Buena saris. And he formed companies and think tanks that


wanted to be part of a new wave of Argentina politics. All of a sudden


he has become the new leader, the man that ended 12 years of the


previous rule. He is now supposed to meet his new cabinet and members of


other parties and a member of the former resident's cabinet. It is a


way of showing national reconciliation and unity, one of his


big promises. Argentina's people are anxious to see if he can deliver on


his promises of ending poverty, fighting corruption and tackling


crime. He needs to pull together different interests if he is going


to tackle the economy. It is such a big challenge. Exactly. Especially


because currently in Argentina prices are on the rise and inflation


is up at 25% according to some estimates. There is a big crisis


with foreign reserves at the Central bank. Crumbling foreign investment.


At the same time he knows he must create jobs. He knows millions of


people rely on social aid, government assistance. He is


actually promising to keep some of his predecessor policies on social


issues and at the same time try and open up the economy. Thank you.


A final decision on whether or not to build a run at Heathrow airport


has been delayed for another six months after a debate among senior


British ministers in Downing Street tonight. A commission has


recommended a third runway at Heathrow this July and business


leaders had called for a decision by the end of the year.


Republican Presidential contender, Donald Trump, has cancelled


He announced his decision on Twitter, saying he'll meet


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, once he becomes


It comes soon after he caused worldwide controversy by saying


Muslims should be barred from entering the US.


The Polish Prime Minister has said she does not "see eye to eye"


with David Cameron over his plans to change benefits rules


for European Union migrants coming to work in the UK.


Mr Cameron, who's visiting the Polish capital Warsaw,


has made the idea one of his main demands as he tries to negotiate


a new relationship with the EU before the UK's


In Poland's capital city, signs the British lifestyle holds appeal.


Many here live and work in the UK, which is why Poland matters


when it comes to migration.


If I were to move to England, I would not expect to get any


I would just expect to find a decent job, to work as hard as I can


But David Cameron thinks stopping migrants claiming in work benefits


like tax credits will reduce immigration.


It is a key chain he wants to make to the EU before a Referendum.


But his Polish counterpart needs convincing.


TRANSLATION: Of course there are discussions and issues


where we do not see eye to eye today.


Poland is willing to work on solutions and does back


the Prime Minister's other proposed reforms,


but he needs agreement from 26 other EU leaders as well and there is no


Is it time for you to compromise on the proposed benefit ban?


There is real engagement with the agenda we have set out,


a lot of common ground, a lot of agreement


Everyone is committed to doing that further work and reaching agreement.


The reason it is such a sticking point is the Polish Government


and other EU leaders think of the citizens getting less in work


benefits than UK workers and that amounts to discrimination.


Others think it will not make much difference.


I can't imagine being paid less for doing the same job.


I do not think it will stop people coming there.


Maybe they will not stay for a longer time.


While in Warsaw the Prime Minister marked past joint battles.


He knows in Poland he has a political ally who wants the UK


Resolving this conflict on welfare changes looks likely


What Hollywood insiders call the "Awards Season" kicked off


today, with nominations for the 2016 Golden Globes.


The Globe nominees are decided by the Hollywood Foreign Press


They're sometimes seen as a sign of what we might expect


when the Oscar nominations are announced not long after.


We'll be hearing from the BBC's Peter Bowes in Los Angeles


in a moment but first let's take a quick look at the film that got


the most nominations: "Carol" starring Cate Blanchett


It is very original. Well. Your first name? To rouse. Not to reason?


Terez. It is lovely. And yours? Carol. Carol. It leads the pack.


Cate Blanchett is the start of the film and also nominated for best


actress. It is I think the film of the moment which the rest have two


beat. It is certainly getting a lot of critics of a love this movie,


1950s romance, between two women and it looks good as far as Cate


Blanchett is concerned. And she is involved in the Oscar nominations in


a few weeks. One that usually Arti on this award is there are different


best film categories. -- one unusual eventuality is there are different


film categories. Christian bale and Steve Correll both have nominations


for this film. It is about the financial crisis, and Brad Pitt is


also involved in this film and says it is a story which had to be told.


The interesting thing about the Golden Globes is they are split into


comedies and dramas. Unlike the Oscars with just one category for


Best picture. We get a much wider field. But it does give us a good


showing in terms of the range of films on offer this year. I think


the headline might at the end of the day, particularly strong roles for


women that we are seeing this year, and the diversity in terms of the


types of stories. This might just be personal because I really loved this


movie, but what about ridge of spies? We will show the view is a


taste of the trailer. Is it a big snub for such a big star, Tom Hanks


and Stephen Spielberg that it does not feature very much?


Overrun by the border guards. This man is my father's friend. Every


time they hit him he stood back up. They hit him harder. Still he got


back to his feet. I think because of this they let him live. Well, you


are right. What you say is what is reflected by a lot of critics in


Hollywood. Some are astonished that it has not featured more heavily


than it has today. It does have a best supporting actor nation but two


heavyweight with Tom Hanks and Stephen Spielberg. -- nomination.


Some say it is such a crowded field in terms of the best actor


nomination that Tom Hanks was just pushed out of the top five. Such a


big range of entries for the Golden Globes. Not everybody can go home


with that golden statue. Peter. A new road tax introduced


last month in Russia, had led to protests by long distance


lorry drivers all over the country. The levy requires large vehicles


to pay additional tax for every The government says it's needed


to repair the damage caused to roads But drivers say they pay enough tax


already and the extra toll will mean they won't make any profit and that


as a result the price of food Richard Galpin has been to one


of their protest camps Well, this is one of the locations


around Moscow where lorry drivers have based themselves as part


of a protest against the road tax. They have put wreths on this lorry


saying that the road tax will lead A lot of posters on the lorries


against the road tax But this one here is saying that it


will not just affect lorry drivers, but the whole country,


saying that essentially it will lead to increased prices for food,


inflation and also a lot Since the tax came


in, I have lost out. We're all here protesting


because we want the government to see us and pay attention to


entrepreneurs and small businesses. This new law is suffering


for the business. There are 1.5 million


like me, about that. The protest does not look


threatening but it is significant because none of the people


here are opposition activists. With a country in a profound


economic crisis, the worry for the government is that this


could spark much wider protest. Inside this truck you can see


the hot food and drink What they are saying is that quite


a lot of food here has been donated by local people


supporting the protest. Despite the very real anger


told by these drivers, plans that some of them had to try


and blockade one of the major routes around Moscow has so


far not materialised. But it does seem the protest


is having some effect and the government seems to be


looking at various different ways A township may be the last place


you'd expect to produce wine, but a small South African wine


company is doing just that and hoping its modest project


will help change perceptions This is known as the gangster's


paradise, home to drugs, She has been involved in the project


for more than one year and now spends her days caring for her vine,


hoping one day to week the reward. TRANSLATION: I have


always loved farming. But growing grapes in the township


is not common but I am hoping to teach my children and neighbours


what I have learned. If more people got involved,


it will help to create Some of the growers here now have


access to an industry that has for centuries been


reserved for the elite. Once her grapes leave the township,


they are mixed with produce from some of the best in the region


to produce a top wine. From the township to the factory,


here the grapes are paired according to type and the year


they were planted. Once the blend is just right,


the wine is bottled and labelled, There are challenges which include


ensuring a steady stream of growers, By going to the woman and saying


this is the idea we have, we will teach you how to actually


look after the vines and with the skill that you have


and once we have it in harvesting It is not going to be


an easy moneymaking scheme, you're not going to get


rich in two years. Within that you will get exposure,


we will bring people to this idea that we have, we would love to grow


it, and after five years then we will harvest whatever we can


harvest from those wines. The word is out and wine lovers come


to this bottled store, an exclusive supply in the city


centre, to get their hands The store owner said the wine


is changing stereotypes For us to have a wine made


by the people who started with nothing and to put something


that has this kind of quality, South Africa's wine industry


is slowly changing and soon the women here hope the wine


will have pride of place tasters, not just here,


but around the world. Madonna has staged an impromptu


performance in Paris to honour the victims of last


month's terror attacks. She was in the city as part


of her tour but after her official show she tweeted fans


that she was singing in Place de la She performed John Lennon's Imagine,


a song that became an unofficial anthem


in the aftermath of the attacks. She also sang some of her own songs


including Like A Prayer. # In the midnight hour,


I can feel your power # Just like a prayer,


you know I'll take you there # When you call my name,


it's like a little prayer # I'm down on my knees,


I wanna take you there # In the midnight hour,


I can feel your power... # in the midnight hour # I can feel


your power # when you call my name # in the midnight hour # I can feel


your power # just like a prayer # you know I will take you the...


If you like solving problems, see if you can give this a crack. A cryptic


twist on a Christmas card by one of the most secretive groups, and


intelligence gathering organisation, GCHQ. As you can see from this


picture, it is quite a code breaking challenge with a very difficult grid


of numbers up here for you to work on but you will probably need more


time than we are getting here. If you are interested, head to the


website and have a go. Some breaking news, a final decision on whether to


build a new runway at Heathrow Airport has been delayed for another


six months after a debate among senior British ministers in Downing


Street. Businesses urge the government to make a decision by the


end of the year. Thanks for being with us on World News Today.


The weather front has been slipping southwards in England and Wales and


will almost grinds to a halt across southern Britain as we head into


Friday. This


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