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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


Stock markets around the world plunge.


Billions are wiped off shares, amid nervousness about slowing


Gunmen attack a university in north-west Pakistan,


It's official - 2015 was the hottest year ever --


and that record broken by the widest margin ever seen.


And the Hockey Mom backs The Donald in his bid to become President


Billions of dollars have been wiped off stocks around the world,


because of fears over global growth and plummeting oil prices.


The Chief Executive of BP, Bob Dudley, has told


he believes the volatility could continue for months,


He was speaking to our Economics Editor, Kamaal Ahmed,


who's at the annual meeting of world business leaders,


Another grim day for the global economy, the price of oil down


again, the main UK market is falling.


In New York, investors selling stocks, in Hong Kong shares down.


For business leaders at Davos, worrying times.


When you look at the oil price, the volatility of the market


since the beginning of the year, what does it tell you that


There is a lot of uncertainty not just in the oil and gas industry


but the whole financial markets are unsure of where the certainty


I think China, question marks about China, the debate


going on is creating a lot of uncertainty.


falling as world demand slows, but Mr Dudley says it will not last


Of course, low oil prices can be good for countries that import oil


There are a lot of emerging markets in trouble because of it,


a lot of emerging markets in great shape.


Part of India's benefit is benefit is it is a natural resource importer


and not an exporter and it is doing well.


A little earlier I asked this business leaders at Davos were


feeding a crash. I remember being at Davos this time last year than


probably then the markets were Rover doing the optimism. The financial


crisis seems something of a distant memory. This year the markets are


maybe overdoing the pessimism. Certainly people here believe they'd


is still lots of good and positive things happening in the global


economy. Let's not forget of course China is still growing. There are


forms and that growth level has tempered slightly. America is still


growing. Britain is still growing across the European Union and there


is some evidence of growth coming back. I think we are competing with


2014 when maybe there was a bit too much overexuberance in where the


global economy was going. Clearly there are still some hard battles to


be one in terms of cleaning up after a financial crisis but now the


markets are overly gloomy. Bob Dudley, Chief Executive of BP, said


he thought the oil price would recover strongly, because demand


would increase in America and China as those economies kept growing. So


the US and Europe solid, and the US has just nudged up interest rates.


Are we looking at a PDA with interest rates will remain pretty


low globally to actually contend with these problems? I think that


probably is the case. The chairwoman of the Federal reserve, the American


central bank, put 0.25% on two Federal reserve interest rates in


December, and to make a point, that only brings up to the level that


they are in the Bank of England in the UK, and in the rest of the


European Union, the European Central Bank still has negative interest


rates. We'll is not much sign of big central banks around the world like


the Bank of England in the UK and the European Central Bank raising


interest rates any time soon. So yes, she has moved in America and


the American economy is growing and there are some inflationary pressure


but not a lot of evidence of that spreading out across the world. Of


course all eyes will be on China, how do these reforms affect growth?


That is a country that is still growing from a much larger base than


it was before, so that growth is more important to the way the global


economy fuels. At least 20 people have been killed


after militants stormed a university The attackers launched


gun and grenade attacks Most of the victims


at the Bacha Khan University were male and were shot


in the chest or head. Pakistan security forces eventually


brought the situation under control after a fierce gun battle


with militants that lasted 3 hours. Arriving as the assault took place,


Army commandos race across open fields surrounding the University


University is the militants The attackers are believed to have


scaled the walls at the back of this large university under a cover


of early morning thick fog. Becoming a full-scale military


operation, this attack lasted The only way for those inside to


escape was through the main campus gates, many seen still


clutching their class books. There was so much panic and fear


that a friend of mine jumped The building is very high


but he just jumped from it We saw the militants chanting,


Allah is the greatest. We heard firing from


the back of the campus. then the fighting increased,


then we said, get into Inside, total devastation,


walls covered in bullet holes as the gunmen fired


at anyone they saw. It's unclear whether the Pakistani


Taliban militants responsible for this latest violence


but the attack is reminiscent of the one they carried out


in Peshawar where they killed 122 schoolchildren more


than one year ago. In a statement the government


here says it is determined This day started with a poetry


recital honouring the secular activists who advocated nonviolence


and quickly turned into carnage. Today's attack will raise violence


over why the militants are still able to strike soft


targets like this university and how effective the military operation has


been this past year, especially


with the mix of militia networks that is evolving


on the Pakistan-Afghan border. As residents bury their dead,


it's still unclear whether This will be a sleepless night


for many families across the country as they again fear sending


their children to school Seven Afghan employees


of a private television company, including two women have been


killed in a suicide attack The bomber struck a bus carrying


more than 30 employees The city police chief said more


than 20 other people were wounded. No-one has yet claimed


responsibility for the attack. 2015 was the hottest year


since records began, according to NASA


and the UK Met office. New figures show the earth's


temperature was one degree Celsius above the long term average,


dating back 166 years. Our Science Editor David


Shukman has the story. It was a year of violent extremes.


Record heat fuelled fires in California and Indonesia. Intense


rain storms triggered widespread floods. In the Caribbean and Japan,


an unprecedented downpour. And a punishing drought has left millions


hungry in Africa. Behind all this was a rise in global temperatures.


Scientists say that is partly driven by our greenhouse gases and partly


by a natural cycle called El Nino, we are warm water releases heat and


disrupts weather around the world. The main reason we have such warm


temperature is climate change, and El Nino is contributing a small


amount on top. So let's see the context for this new record. This


graph from the Met office shows temperatures in 1850 fluctuating


over the long-term average rising to the record high set last year. That


is an increase in 1 degrees over that time, halfway to the 2 degrees


limit that world leaders agreed should be the maximum for a global


warming when they met in Paris last month. 1 degrees doesn't sound like


very much but when you think about the differences on a planetary


scale, the last ice age was only 5 degrees colder than it is today, so


it is actually a very significant number and we are vaguely seeing


impacts on sea-level and heat waves and intense precipitation associated


with that change of temperature. In this Nasa image, areas marked red or


orange were warmer than average last year and there were lots of them


including the UK, where last year will be remembered by


record-breaking rain in December. The flooding


record-breaking rain in December. sorts of causes but scientists


always warm warmer they can produce more moisture and produce more


always warm warmer they can produce intense storms. The forecast is for


always warm warmer they can produce everyone will feel it, but


scientists say a warming trend is clear.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


For the second day in a row police in the Tunisian city of Kasserine


have fired tear gas to disperse protestors demanding jobs.


Tensions in the area rose recently when a jobless man killed himself.


The demonstrations have spread to other cities,


Austria has said it will make a major cut to the number of asylum


The Austrian chancellor said the total number would be capped


at about 37,000 in each of the next four years.


The United Nations World Food Programme says half the population


of the Central African Republic are facing hunger because of the ongoing


It's found nearly 2.5 million people have limited access to food,


double the number who were going hungry a year ago.


candidate Sarah Palin, in the race to win the Republican


Mr Trump said he was proud to have her endorsement.


Sarah Palin is seen as an influential figure


on the right of the Republican Party.


Here's our North America Editor, Jon Sopel.


I think we can actually cross now to a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and


let's listen in... That's not the way they perhaps want the whole


campaign to run, we seem to have lost that. Let's catch up with the


endorsement with this report. I would like to bring up if I might,


Governor Sarah Palin, It's not often that Donald Trump


is out Trumped for brazenness, chutzpah and brass neck,


but last night he was as Sarah Palin announced her arrival


on the campaign stage Are you ready for


a commander-in-chief? Are you ready for


a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors


do their job and go kick Isis ass? It wasn't so much a speech


as a series of small explosions taking aim at the President but also


the Republican establishment. You guys are all sounding kind


of angry is what we're hearing Playing up Donald Trump


as the outsider. He is from the private sector,


not a politician, can In the private sector you actually


have to balance budgets in order to prioritise, to keep the main


thing the main thing. For the past few years,


Sarah Palin has been out of the political front line


concentrating instead on being a reality TV star,


but she's still a darling of the tea party right and the evangelical wing


of the Republican party, But she is gaffe prone as was seen


when she ran for vice president I love those hockey mums,


they say the difference between a hockey mum


and a pit bull, lipstick. You can actually see Russia


from land here in Alaska. Donald Trump will have weighed


the risks, the danger is that while Palin might help now to win


over the disaffected right in Iowa, she will alienate mainstream voters


when it comes to the critical presidential election in November,


and that will be almost as big a disaster as it was when the two


of them were filmed eating pizza together in New York


but with a knife and fork. I am not sure if Katty has ever


beaten pizza with a fork, but first some Republicans they are natural


bedfellows? They both say outrageous things and


love the spotlight and have been on the other the TV shows, and our


beloved by those huge crowds at night to see them, so in that


respect this is a very obvious political pairing, but in some ways


it is not. She is much more of a Christian conservative than Donald


Trump has ever been. He used to be pro-choice on abortion before he


became pro-life. That is certainly not Sarah Palin's stands. He has


also supported a national health care system in the past saying


Canada and Scotland have got it right. That is certainly not Sarah


Palin's politics, but what she brings to Donald Trump is a die-hard


commitment from the Christian base of the Republican party, that he


needs to reach out to, particularly of course in Iowa. And who will this


upset the most among other candidates? Ted Cruz, the person she


had in Dorset when he ran for the Senate in Texas and who is nipping


at the heels of Donald Trump in Iowa, that is the biggest upset. To


the extent that have endorsement could change things, and they do not


always change things, it will be over the course of the next two


weeks and the critical caucuses in Iowa. What have been talking about


for the last 24 hours? Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, the media


spotlight right back on him, and it might give the edge to him over Ted


Cruz. At the World Economic Forum,


the UN's special envoy to Syria's told the BBC he's optimistic that


talks on resolving the conflict in Syria will go ahead


BUT that the date they're set Staffan de Mistura's says Syrians


should lead the talks and outside players like the US and Russia


should support that rather than disagreeing over


who can take part. He spoke to our Chief International


Correspondent Lyse Doucet in Davos. Welcome to Davos, the networking


capital once a year for the global elite putting their minds together


to try to solve some of the worlds's most pressing issues and one which


keeps coming back year after year is the continuing war in Syria. This


year there's a more urgent question. Talks are on the agenda, and the


date, January 25, looms all too closely. Today, heard from the US


Secretary of State John Kerry and the Russian Foreign Minister saying


they do want talks to take place on the 25th, Serie A talks between the


government and opposition, although there is some talk of slippage, so


will the go-ahead? And if they do not, why not? We are joined by a man


part of every twist and turn, the United Nations Syrian envoy, Staffan


de Mistura. Will they take place on the 25th? I will be able to tell you


that on the 24th, because meanwhile there's a lot of work to be done.


When we had Geneva two, we learned many lessons. A few years ago.


Exactly, and this claim we have learnt the lesson that if we want to


have talks, they should be talks about talks and not starting with a


tense environment but addressing the real issue, which is how to stop


this conflict. But the Russians and Syrian government are now saying, to


use the phrase we don't want to talk to terrorists, they want to see the


list and have a say on the opposition delegate? In theory and


in practice this should be Syrian led Cox. That is the difference


between Geneva two. We are not inviting governments. We are asking


Syrians to talk amongst themselves. The outside players are so involved


and without the push from the outside players, as you know, the


talks might not take place at all. That is why I am relying on the


Americans and the Russians talking today and others like that, Saudi


Arabia and Turkey, in a way supporting. If they really want


talks and want a political process rather than conflict. Now is the


time to put aside to many discussions about who is attending,


who is participating, and rather than saying, do we have an agenda,


saying we do have an agenda. Yes, let me tell you. The agenda is quite


an interesting one and realistic timetable, so let's not lose time.


The UN resolution. One is a new all-inclusive government. That is


quite a challenge. A loaded term in Syria. I know, but it is agreed on


by everyone. Second, a new constitution, and you know very well


a new constitution everything is on the table. New elections and not


only parliamentarian elections, all this within 18 months. This is


meanwhile see some all this within 18 months. This is


the people in Syria. The all this within 18 months. This is


players, do all this within 18 months. This is


players have not shown exactly their cards


players have not shown exactly their alternative to talks? Is this


players have not shown exactly their conflict in five years


produce another five years now that even the Russians


produce another five years now that involved? Is this


there is a need for political work which will not be what they deem off


but something perhaps which will not be what they deem off


dream of, the end of this conflict? And by the way, and operational


approach of everyone against the real danger, which is in the


background, which is called Daesh. And the percentage of success right


now, how confident are you? You are asking the wrong person. I am a


chronic optimist, so I would tell you 60%, 65%. Not on the 25th, a few


days after? Within January. There is no biblical or Koranic date,


days after? Within January. There is an indication that within January we


need to do it, and I am confident that if the big players realise that


there's no time for playing on lists but actually playing the deal tops,


we are ready for doing so. Staffan de Mistura, United Nations Syrian


envoy, thank you very much, so you have that, the date of the 25th for


the talks are still in the have that, the date of the 25th for


place at all, it will be a small but significant development


place at all, it will be a small but move towards a


Much like the red London bus or the black taxi,


the red British postbox is a national icon.


And for 40 years, a group of British enthusiasts has compiled a database


of as many as they can find up and down the UK.


Their work was nearly signed, sealed and delivered


until the postal service, Royal Mail, surprised them.


Paul has been doing it for 38 years. Peter's wife is very understanding,


they are men with the passion. Post boxes.


I've looked at about 4000. This is a rear early box with


I've looked at about 4000. This is a slot. There is a more familiar type,


and the way you can tell it slot. There is a more familiar type,


type B? You walk up to the box and you put your arms around it. If your


arms don't touch it is A and if they do it is type B. It was at this


point we were asked what we were doing. We headed inside for a cup of


point we were asked what we were tea to discuss what it was all


about. Of all the tea to discuss what it was all


your favourite? The survey began in the 1970s and famous the world over


the British postbox has a fascinating history and we had


almost completed that but then the Royal Mail said it was creating


more. While they are safe for the moment, the letterbox men do have


fear for the future. Empty boxes and the decline of letter writing. It is


a real worry the decline of letter writing. It is


Mail well say we will reduce our postbox estate. Letter writing is in


decline but letter boxing does have a future. The group's youngest


member is Thomas, ten years old. This has actually had a lot of


modification. This one normally has a moulding round the aperture but it


has been removed. And as a special treat, Britain's tops the post boxes


as chosen by Thomas. At number three, world then. And


that number one, it is in Suffolk. Of course these are just Thomas's


choices and you may have your own favourite.


I think his choices were quite good. You're watching world News today and


a quick reminder of main headline which is that stock markets around


the world have suffered huge falls again amid growing concern over the


health of the British economy and plunging oil prices in London.


Shares have closed down 3.5%, a fall of 20% from the previous peak,


meaning it has become a bigger market. Paris and Frankfurt, the day


ended the percent lower and the Dow and Nasdaq are also sharply down.


Sunshine by day means cold and frosty conditions by night with


largely clear skies and the temperature already plummeting, but


tomorrow we are looking at more than the way of cloud and some rain


particularly across north-western parts of the country. This weather


system slowly moving and of


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