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I'm Karin Giannone, this is BBC World News.


Warnings that the Zika virus will spread across most


The mosquito-borne disease is thought to cause devastating


birth defects, impairing brain development in the womb.


The explosive spread of Zika virus to new geographical areas with


little population immunity is another cause for concern.


The US Treasury accuses Russia's President Putin


of corruption, saying he's used his power to amass a secret


fortune - a special report coming up.


Officials in the eastern United States caution that days


of disruption lie ahead before life returns to normal.


And British explorer, Henry Worsley, dies after falling just short


of making an historic solo crossing of Antarctica.


The World Health Organisation is warning that the mosquito-borne


Zika virus - suspected of causing brain damage to thousands of babies


in Brazil - could spread to nearly all countries in the Americas.


Canada and Chile are the only countries thought to be safe.


There is no treatment or vaccine available,


and some countries have advised women not to get pregnant.


Wyre Davies sent this report from Rio de Janiero.


Cared for and loved as much as any other child.


But an increasing number of babies in Brazil are being born


with a condition that will affect them for the rest of their lives.


Microcephaly is driving fear into the hearts of thousands


In many cases, mothers may not be aware of it until the baby is born.


Gentle physiotherapy helps to stimulate developmental problems


While some physical effects, like smaller than average head size,


may be obvious, some specialists say it is just the tip of the iceberg.


IN PORTUGESE: Microcephaly and head abnormalities are just one extreme.


pregnancies in the seventh or eighth month, there can be other


consequences, such as visual or audio impairment,


or even cognitive challenges, which will only become


But I repeat, microcephaly is just one extreme.


Chief suspect is the Zika virus, spread by mosquitoes.


With the health system already under strain,


Brazil has the added pressure of preparing


for big set-piece global events, like this year's Olympic Games.


While some countries have issued very strict travel advice,


the real question is whether Brazil itself


This is a favela right on the edge of the Olympic Park,


with open sewers and lots of stagnant water, perfect


But all the authorities have said they might do is fumigate these


This house was demolished and now I am left with this standing pool


of water, risking Zika and dengue fever, says this woman who has lived


They haven't given us any information about how to prevent


Zika, except to put on insect repellent.


Brazil may not be at fault for the arrival of Zika,


nor its spread throughout the continent.


But with appalling levels of public citation and a critical year ahead,


--sanitation this is developing into a major public health crisis.


So what causes the devastating Zika virus, who's most at risk,


Here's our medical correspondent Fergus Walsh.


If infected with the Zika virus, it can pass it to humans


It is the same mosquito which also spreads


The Zika virus was identified way back in 1947 in Uganda.


But until a few months ago, the Zika virus was not thought to be


80% of those infected had no symptoms.


In the rest, it can cause a mild fever and


headaches, and a skin rash is common.


As is conjunctivitis - red, sore eyes.


Well, in less than a year, it has spread


from Mexico, the Caribbean, to South America.


There, doctors believe it represents a major health


threat to women infected in the early stages of pregnancy.


They think Zika may cause a normally rare


condition in infants born with unusually small heads


The only serious risk to public health is for pregnant women.


Pregnant women, if they get infected, they can get the virus.


So pregnant women should consider very seriously


whether to travel to places where there is a Zika


Zika is quite unlike the deadly Ebola virus which has killed more


Ebola is highly contagious, whereas Zika does not pass


This is not Ebola, this is a disease which is transmitted by mosquitoes.


So it will only be a problem in eras weather is this same mosquito


But like Ebola it is an infectious disease, and it is a crisis


It is too cold in the UK for the mosquito which carries


the Zika virus, so this is not a health risk here.


But global health officials believe that in time it will spread


to many more countries, including parts of the United States.


The US Treasury has told a BBC investigation that it considers


the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, to be corrupt.


Though the American Government has already imposed sanctions on Kremlin


insiders, it's thought to be the first time they've directly


private finances and spoke to those who say they have inside knowledge


Richard Bilton has this exclusive report.


Vladimir Putin's secrets can be found beyond Russia's borders. In


Estonia, there is a man who fled Russia after falling out with


Kremlin insiders. He says he helped Putin collect money from Russia's


super-rich. They thought it was for the nation's health care. So where


are these oligarchs affectively just paying tribute to Vladimir Putin?


I think this is exactly what they thought.


This man says some of the cash was diverted and ended up with Putin.


This is a recording of him talking to a Kremlin insider. They are


discussing $440 million of investment, belonging to Putin. They


refer to him using a nickname, Mikhail Ivanovich.


Then their's Britain's most famous Russian- Chelsea owner Roman


Abramovich. He allegedly gave Putin a $35 million yacht like this one.


High, Dmitri, I'm Richard. This man told me he helped to manage


the yacht. Dmitri was transferred to an offshore company, but the real


owner was President Putin. This yacht was maintained...


Why would that be kept secret? We asked Mr Abramovich about the


yacht, bit his lawyers dismissed creams about him as speculation and


rumours. The US Treasury has gone public with


its view about Putin, they claim he is corrupt.


He draws a salary or something like a dollars a year. That is not an


accurate statement of the man's well. He has long time training in


practices of how to mask his actual wealth.


It's like Putin corrupt? In our view, yes.


President Putin denies all the allegations of corruption. His


spokesman said the issues we had raised were pure fiction. But with


some of the world's most powerful men already linked to manager, use


also went to corruption on an extra ordinary scale.


You can see the full investigation on tonight's Panorama,


The clean up operation is well underway in America after one


of the most severe winter storms ever recorded.


More than 22 inches of snow paralysed Washington, while 20


inches fell in New York. Snowploughs have been working


to clear main roads. The authorities say it could take


days before they reach In Washington, government buildings


are still closed and in New York, although the ban on travel has been


lifted, most of schools remain shut. 1500 flights were


cancelled on Monday. Michael abuse in the capital.


It is Monday, the clearly not business as usual. I am in the deep


in snow, three days after the snow hit. According to advisers, it could


take several more days before the side roads are clear. The city is


still in a state of emergency. We are working very hard today to


get DC open for tomorrow. We would like to get our schools open. We


working very hard to understand what habitation will be available.


The roads are being cleared, but the promise would you put the snow? A


lot is being dumped in car parks, the river and on the local football


stadium down the road. But this here is going to have to stay put until


the temperatures rise and it melts. And that could take a very long


time. Even in the dead of winter, the


White House is usually packed. But today, you can't even get close.


White House is usually packed. But fact, most of the city's attractions


are completely closed. Although tourists seem to be making the most


of it. Just putting lots layers. I have


of it. 40 on, stockings underneath. --


thermal on. We had to sleigh ride down the


Lincoln Memorial steps, that was fun.


How long did you manage that for? We were there for about an hour.


Did they move on? No, we were there for about an hour.


It is not often you get the chance to walk down the middle


It is not often you get the chance city's Main Street. But although


this road is clear, no winners here to use it. The city is now asking


for major federal funding, extra cash, to bring the nation's capital


back online. The extreme weather is particularly


bad news for homeless people. David P Jones is president


of the homeless charity the Bowery Mission,


based in Manhattan. He says the bad weather has placed


big demands an existing services. The challenge of many more people


coming in, normally at 50% increase on the publishing we normally serve.


In the normal course we serve about 400,000 meals a year. It could be


upwards of 1000 a day. In the course of the last two max days, that


number has taped up per meal.


A 50% increase, are you able to cope without?


We have capacity, but it is all hands. One of the key factors is


that our cupboards soon become bare. So we are all looking for donations


of food and the like. So we were full up and preparing for the storm


with the large groups coming through.


So now we are trying to restock. It must have been a challenge to get


volunteers in the right places at the right times?


It is. We work with almost 6000 volunteers through the course of a


year. We have a lot of friends to call on, so we were able


year. We have a lot of friends to 18 to come in. So we had the


resources on the ground. To make it work smoothly.


You said more people were coming in for your services. I using it take


something best bad, and that people would have been on the streets


otherwise? It's interesting, we invite one and


all to come will stop we have overnight shelter capacity as well


as the meals we serve. The temperature drops below 40


Fahrenheit, we opened up all night long and happy drop-in centre during


the day. But when it is not blizzard conditions, we might see anywhere


around 100 people a day in the drop-in centre for overnight


shelter, 200 -ish for a particular meal. Suddenly, people that might


otherwise have stayed out come in. In a blizzard, we have literally 27


inches of snow on the ground, very dangerous to be out. And people were


thankfully coming in but would not otherwise have come in.


President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan has told the BBC


that the Islamic State militant group will be


A year on from the end of the Nato combat mission in Afghanstan,


so-called Islamic State has been taking swathes of territory


It has claimed them as a new province of what it calls


the "caliphate" that it has already declared in areas of Syria and Iraq.


Our South Asia Correspondent, Justin Rowlatt, reports


The propaganda images are all too familiar. But these pictures were


not shot in the Islamic state stronghold of Syria and Iraq. But


more than 1500 miles away in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. IS


has seized territory in three districts and has struck within an


hour of carpool. Carpool. The police acknowledge it is only a


matter of time before IS attacks the city and the threat is not just here


in Afghanistan. The Pentagon analysis is clear, it


says IS is openly fighting the Taliban to create a safe even in the


mountains in the east of the country, potentially a second


stronghold to launch attacks across the world.


So how serious a threat is IS in Afghanistan? To answer that, you


need to read Kabul. And I as commander has agreed to talk to an


Afghan colleague. The ragtag bunch of fighters he


meets isn't nearly as impressive as the propaganda videos.


This man struggles to assemble his AK-47. But they do talk the talk.


You must fight to the bitter end, he says.


These are disaffected former Taliban who now want to fight a global jihad


under the black light of IS. The commander says the plan more


attacks. At the moment we exist in three


provinces, but we only fight in one. In the others, we are awaiting


orders from our leader. Then we will fight.


We understand IS has hundreds, if not thousands, of fighters. It is


not a huge force, but enough to bring mayhem and misery -- hundreds,


not thousands. These are just a few of the hundreds


of families driven from their homes by IS. These people are now trying


to survive on a patch of wasteland outside the regional capital. They


tell stories of horrific violence. She says IS - Daesh, they call it


here- attacked her village. This girl says they took her house.


I don't know where my father is, they tell us. This man's brother was


one of more 100 men IS killed in the village.


At first we had no idea what happened to him, but three men were


released. Visit everyone was being held in a small room and IS was


torturing and killing them. He recognised his brother in an ice


as propaganda video. -- Isis propaganda video the video showed


him being led with nine other villagers to wear a row of bombs had


been buried. Each man was forced to sit on a


bomb. The bombs were then detonated. The Afghan army has struck back


against IS. It says IS has little support from locals, because it is


so barbaric. But, the defence minister warns, eliminating IS in


Afghanistan will require an international response.


The key question is that from where I be getting all this funding, and


how are they transferring that fund, and how are they putting that money


and everything else? Silat is why Afghanistan cannot deal with all


these challenges, because it is coming from outside stop it is based


on us from outside. This is not the first foreign


terrorist organisation to try and establish a base in the mountains of


eastern Afghanistan. The Tora Bora cave complex is in the province


where IS now operates. And Tora Bora is, of course, were Osama bin Laden.


While warning that Afghanistan stronghold


its president says the country will fight back against a group


Our chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet


talked to President Ghani about the emergence of Daesh.


I had warned about this in the very beginning of 2015. That, if Al-Qaeda


was version one, with all due permits to Microsoft, Daesh was


version five. We have, in particularly in the last


week, a very significant focused on Daesh and they have inflicted severe


damage on them. A BBC team has been into the local


capital. Again, because we had to fight a war


of survival, we could not focus as we had intended in the early stages.


Daesh has four stages, orient, organise, decides... We caught them


in this stage of decision. And that really puts them on the defensive.


Once we are fighting across the country, they had the opportunity.


The Taliban was able to penetrate the ring of steel around Kabul. What


stops Islamic State from penetrating that ring as well?


The difference is that Daesh is alienating the people. To a


remarkable degree. In Jalalabad 700 commanders have retired from the


army. Their atrocities, their pathological behaviour to capture


the news - Daesh is of course making the news and dominating headlines.


Of course we have honourable, because both new elements and old


elements in combination produce an environment that was full of


threats. What needs to be simultaneously understood is that


security forces, within a wrote of the short period, have managed to


reading the initiative and push them back.


A British adventurer who had been attempting to become the first


person to cross the Antarctic unsupported has died


after suffering complete organ failure.


55-year-old Henry Worsley, a former army officer from London,


was just 30 miles short of completing his 1000 mile trek.


He was attempting to complete Ernest Shackleton's unfinished


South Pole expedition of a century ago.


Nowhere on Earth is more hostile human life.


The icy, vast and dangerous continent of Antarctica.


And crossing it, alone and unaided was always going to be


So Henry Worsley was trying something no-one had


And even this veteran of the SAS and of polar exploration became ill


and exhausted, and near his destination he had to give up.


After a trek of 900 miles, with just 30 to go, he called


He was flown to Chile where doctors found an abdominal infection,


and after complete organ failure, he died.


Henry Worsley knew the dangers of the polar world.


Before a previous expedition he trained in Greenland and seemed


to remain calm no matter what happened.


Last year he told us what worried him most.


The biggest threat will be the weather, and possibly crevasses


on the final hundred miles as I come down the Shackleton glacier.


His hope was to follow in the footsteps of the great polar


explorer Ernest Shackleton, who tried and failed to cross


He was distantly related to the captain of


There is a reason why these things have not been done before.


And going solo, with no resuppy and being an assisted in all shapes


and forms, is the purest form, and the hardest form of travel.


--unassisted Quite possibly on the surface of the Earth.


Only a week ago, he believed he was still on course.


With a deadline to meet for a pick-up.


His friends, Princes William and Harry said he had


And he will be remembered for coming so close to making Antarctic


history. The explorer Henry


Worsley who has died. The explorer Henry


weather is coming next. From myself and the team though, bye-bye.


For the time being we have waved goodbye to cold weather, and it is


now the turn of the rain this week. Tomorrow things are turning very wet


and windy for many of us. The rain


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