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This is BBC World News Today, with me, Karin Gianonne.


Denmark has passed a controversial new law to deter


migrants from settling in the country.


Police will be able to seize valuables and delay family reunions


In the sector and against children in


Combatting the Zika virus - Brazil deploys the military to fight


the disease that's sweeping across Latin America.


A British man has been jailed for 19 years after pleading guilty


to a string of sex offences against children in the Philippines.


For the first time children are said to be spending more time online


We'll be talking to a media analyst to find out.


The Danish parliament has approved controversial plans aimed


Under the law, asylum seekers will only be allowed to keep


The bill was passed by a clear majority in the Danish parliament,


The law also prevents asylum seekers from bringing family members


Denmark expects to receive around 20,000 asylum seekers this year,


compared to 15,000 last year, but critics of the new law say


it is comparable to World War Two, when Jewish people


Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen of the centre-right Venstre party


has dismissed opposition to the changes.


He's previously described the new legislation as


"the most misunderstood bill in Denmark's history".


It's thought other European countries could now


Denmark's door is still open, but only just.


More than 20,000 people arrived here last year to seek asylum.


Today Danish MPs approved a plan designed to deter others.


We are simply asking that if asylum seekers in the rare case


where they do come with enough means to pay for themselves,


then following exactly the same rules as for Danish citizens wishing


to be on unemployment benefits, if you can pay for yourself,


well, then, you should pay for yourself before the Danish


The Danish authorities can now confiscate money and valuables worth


more than ?1000 from asylum seekers, but not wedding rings or items


And if a refugee is granted asylum, he or she must wait three years


before other family members can try to join them.


Omar's wife and two of his children are still in Syria.


They don't want to help people, they just want to help


Europe's leaders struggle for solutions, the Danish


authorities say they are overwhelmed.


These student volunteers teach Danish to refugees.


I am a bit scared, actually, about the rhetoric used.


Because I think it tends to overlook the fact that these people


The UN has warned the law could fuel xenophobia.


Other countries, Germany, Switzerland, also have the power


to seize assets, but in practice it rarely happens.


No one is sure how or if it will work here.


For the Danish government today was all about sending a clear signal


to would-be asylum seekers but at the same time they've


sent a strong message to Brussels as well.


When it comes to the refugee crisis, Denmark like a growing number


of other EU member states, no longer trust Europe


Our World Affairs Correspondent Jonny Dymond told me more


about the significance of today's vote.


This is about the Danish Government saying, enough, we have had enough


migrants here and we want to put them.


Remember, this thing about asset is only one aspect of the law.


There are other parts of the law which make it much less friendly


They have taken in 20,000 and it is a relatively small country.


I think that is the primary point of this, first of all.


We see Sweden taking in something like 160,000,


Germany is taking in over 1 million, a proportion of the population.


What Denmark says is, if you take Sweden and Germany out


of the occasion, because they are such a for taking in so many,


it has taken in by far the most per capita.


Denmark has about 5 million population.


Looking at a country like the United Kingdom,


they have taken in very, very few migrants indeed.


Other countries across Europe have taken in very few as well,


If the migrants had been shared out in the way that the European


Commission had wanted, this would not be such


an extraordinary problem for countries like Denmark,


Sweden and Germany, but there haven't been.


They have clustered in countries that have previously shown a welcome


to them, and now those countries, Sweden, Germany and Denmark,


Briefly, Johnny, how much freedom do countries in the European Union have


We have also seen extensive border controls.


They have do stick to the basic rule, the 1951 Convention,


which governs the treatment of refugees and those


That is the court but they have a wide freedom in terms


of their welfare rules, extension of residency,


but as far as border controls is concerned,


they can pretty much opt out of the Schengen deal agreement


They have all had a meeting yesterday and said, we want to opt


Schengen is under enormous strain, and with it, one of the core pillars


Here in Britain, a 47-year old man has been sentenced to 19 years


and six months after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting children


Trevor Monk was arrested in March 2015 on suspicion of paying


for the live-streaming of child abuse from the Philippines.


He travelled halfway around the world to abuse children.


But the court heard that Trevor Monk crimes began


I believe that you directed the girls activity...


Using his computer and a webcam he paid to watch children


in the Philippines being sexually assaulted, to order.


When that was not enough for him he went there to carry out


The mother and the daughter, the daughter took her clothes off.


When officers from the National Crime Agency raided the home


of Trevor Monk they found 80,000 obscene pictures of children


The judge today said what he had done was abhorrent and depraved,


and sentenced him to 19 years and six months in prison.


Filipino TV reports raids and arrests almost every week


on what police have called "cybersex dens".


There is big money to be made and many are run by criminal gangs.


We first exposed the scale of the problem two years ago.


Whole neighbourhoods have been taken over by the crime.


Often it is the parents who sell their own children for sex,


both online and sometimes face-to-face.


The families are engaged in the cybersex business.


Some fathers and mothers bring the children here to show


and they get paid from the owner of this house.


Investigators believe that the sentence reflects the harm


We believe 19 years and six months is a fair reflection of the harm


of the abuse Trevor Monk inflicted on children across the globe.


The fact that he was prepared to travel thousands of miles


to abuse some of the poorest children in the world is a fair


reflection of the case shows that in the age of the intranet,


men like Trevor Monk are a danger to children wherever they live.


The Brazilian government says it will deploy 220,000 soldiers


in its fight to stop the Zika virus from spreading.


It was first reported in Brazil last May but has rapidly spread


to countries across South America, and up into Central America too.


Scientists have warned that countries in Asia could also


The virus, which is spread by Aedes mosquitoes,


has suspected links to birth defects in babies.


Some countries have warned women not to get pregnant for two years,


Camilla Costa from BBC Brazil in Sao Paulo gave us more details


about how exactly the task force is going to operate.


The task force of army soldiers will be joining about 300,000


health agents visiting residences all across the country to find


breeding spots of the mosquito and eradicate them and destroy them,


but also to warn the people about the risks that they run


in their own houses, and to alert them about their individual


responsibility and individual action that is required here to prevent


the mosquito from breeding in their houses.


We are talking about a very resistant mosquito, so people need


to be aware of the fact that even a small bit of plastic can


accumulate enough water for the mosquito to lay its eggs on,


so this is the main task of the Army soldiers.


This kind of deployment is not unusual in Brazil,


but it had happened only in specific cities.


This time it is a huge task force for the entire country.


Brazil has not seen this kind of deployment


Despite several thousand babies being affected by these birth


defects, Brazil is not one of the countries telling women not


One Brazilian health authority did say that the most sensible advice


you could give to women was to avoid pregnancy at this point.


Sometime after the Government issued an emergency health emergency alert,


but this causes a lot of controversy in the country.


The Ministry of health has been following the WHO in saying that,


it's women's decision whether they want to get pregnant


or not, and they should talk to their doctors about the risks


The doctors also say that it is difficult


for them to give orientation to their patients,


because they do not really know when it is that the situation


is going to be less dangerous for mothers.


Do you get the sense of feeling in the country of anger,


if you like, that these sorts of measures were not taken soon?


In terms of the military being deployed now.


There is some anger, but I would say there


The military deployment in this scale, so far,


has been more political as an announcement, than practical.


They are supposed to deploy on the 13th of February


but the ministry says that they are working this out


The Aedes mosquito is something Brazil has had to deal


with for decades now, so there is a concern


that this is not enough, and a concern that the mosquito


Now a look at some of the days other news.


Police in Paris have clashed with taxi drivers who were taking


The drivers are protesting against app-hailed


Tear gas was fired at some of them and there were chaotic scenes


The country's Prime Minister condemed the violence but said


he would look at reforms in the industry.


Malaysia's top prosecutor has cleared the country's Prime Minister


Najib Ruz-uk of corruption in a long-running financial scandal. The


Attorney General said a sum of $681 million that was transferred into


his bank account was a million that was transferred into


Saudi Arabian royal family and not linked to a controversial Malaysians


state fund. New research in Germany suggests that the trend for Germans


to move from the east to the west of the country has ended. Since 2012


more people have moved into the former east Germany then moved out.


However, this is limited to the big cities and


has said his government would not resign or call


More than 20,000 protestors gathered on Sunday in the capital Chisinau


to demand Mr Filip step down, after parliament elected him under


controversial circumstances last week.


David Stern spoke to Mr Filip in his first interview


If the government does not resign, the protesters have promised


to start blocking roads into the capital and other acts


What will be your reaction if they start to do this?


Moldova is in a deep economic crisis right now,


It's the first meeting between a Pope and a president


Pope Francis welcomed Hassan Rouhani to the Vatican where they spoke


of the importance of working together to tackle terrorism


It comes as the Iranian President visits Europe to sign business deals


after sanctions on the country were lifted.


Nicholas Niksadat from the BBC's Persian service is covering this


He says there was some controversy over the choice of venue


I was surprised because this is not a purpose-built venue for a press


conference. They are magnificent but belong to the municipality and I


asked the people there are, why are you doing this year? The journalists


were crammed for space. They kicked ass out immediately after the event.


People could not file their footage. -- they kicked us out. Since the


times of ancient Romans and ancient presence at? Persians at war used --


inode doing business together. They statues were covered. The Italian


side did not serve wine either on this occasion so as far as we know,


Iranians asked for wine to be removed. It is common for wine to be


a question but because it was the first time they were doing it in a


museum, and might say it is safe to say the Iranians did not even know


there would be statues. The organisers of Britain's National


Lottery are looking for the winner They have received claims


from hundreds of people saying they bought the winning ticket,


but say it was lost, Camelot says it won't comment


while it investigates. So far, the only information


released is that the missing ticket was bought in Worcester,


where Jon Kay is. The Ambleside Newsagents


in the Warndon area of Worcester. They think, here, maybe this


is the place that sold this lucky ticket, but it has not


been verified yet. At one of, as we understand,


hundreds of people who have come forward over the last few days,


thinking, maybe it was then. Camelot are not saying


where it was bought, only that it was sold


somewhere in Worcester, because the identity


of the location of the sale is part That verification process


is going on at Lottery HQ. Here is the front page


of the Worcester News today. One of the biggest lottery jackpot


prizes that has ever existed. They say, here, a lady came


in on Friday with what looked like a soggy, damaged


ticket, but apparently had She said it had gone


through the washing machine. That is one of those


hundreds that has gone in, but other people have said


they lost their ticket, maybe that they had it stolen,


something like that. Hello.


Good morning. Since you went public as having sold


the ticket that maybe won the lottery,


it has got a bit crazy. You have heard a lot


of people coming in. Some people are saying they bought


the ticket but have lost it. There are quite a few


going on and Camelot have had lots of people saying


they have lost them, so... What did you make of the people


who have been coming here? If that was the truth,


where were they until now? I doubt them in the sense that,


if someone was doubtful in their own self, they thought


they had the ticket and the numbers, One thing I have noticed


in here this morning is that you are selling a lot


of tickets as a result. Everybody seems to be playing


the lottery, this morning. We hope and believe we are a lucky


shop, so we are hoping It sounds like maybe


you are the greatest winner Sadly not everybody can win,


but maybe it could be someone. For the first time,


young people under 16 are spending more time playing


and socialising online than they do watching


traditional television. And that, according to the group


that carried out the research, is a "tipping point"


in viewing habits. YouTube and Netflix emerged


as the most popular ways to watch material, as our correspondent


Duncan Kennedy reports. For young people the box has


become a bit of a blank. Take the Clarkson family


from Bournemouth - the typical


British family swapping Isabella is 12 years


old and uses her mobile device for social media,


TV is much less important. If it is a family movie


we will watch but other than that we do not


watch it too much. Go upstairs and you find another


device in the hands of She says television


is just not mobile enough. Yes, because I do not


really go on it much. Back downstairs, there


is yet another device, this time being worked


on by a seven-year-old Toby. You just sit around


watching a screen. Toby and his sisters are typical


of what is going on for top report today confirms a sea change


in screen habits for children. They now view three hours online


compared to just two 60% watch television


on a mobile device. While 73% now have the internet


in their bedrooms. Millions of people like the Clarkson


family are still watching TV on TV. They recognise viewing habits


and devices are now changing. It is a family time together


that we do something and I like that he thought that,


but for personal use, I think it is fantastic tool


in the great thing for them to have. It is just that we're


still learning about it. The report today says it is online


channels like Netflix and YouTube that most youngsters


are now watching. Television will never die out,


it is too big a business. If television makers can respond


to the new audiences and what they want, and embraced


them in some way, use that interactivity to their advantage,


then television is going It may be too early to sound


the TV alarm bells yet. But for young people the heart now


seems to be in a different place. I spoke earlier to Gill Hind -


a TV Analyst at Enders Analysis - a research service which covers


the media, entertainment and mobile I asked if she was


surprised by the research. Much of this is actually down


to the success of the internet, and in particular, the importance


of the tablet and the smartphone. Smartphone penetration,


amongst older children, Tablets, as the report shows,


are in four out of five homes. What people do on the tablets


and smartphones is a whole Whether it is playing games,


watching people play games online, Whether it is watching


YouTube or social media, They are hugely popular


amongst this age group. That three hours we heard that


children are spending online, do we know what principally


they are doing? Is this TV consumption and all


the rest you have just mentioned? There will be some TV


consumption in that as well. When you have got your tablet


or your smartphone, rather control, you now control


what you watch and where you watch We will see people going upstairs


and watching things on their own, In a sense, this is about


independence and also impatience. If you are waiting for a TV channel


to give you a certain programme, If you have a tablet,


on demand, you can There is so much content


out there now. The days of only having four or five


TV channels and you knew you had to step down at 4:20pm


to watch what you want, There is content absolutely


everywhere from every sort of angle you could possibly look for,


and you now have it at your fingertips and that


is hugely important. Hugely important -


what does that mean for TV's future We had one commentator say this does


not mean the death of TV. Or it isn't the death


of TV just yet? It is absolutely not


the death of the TV. TV was always tied to the linear


schedule and now it has changed. You can watch it when everyone


but it provides challenges and opportunities for traditional


broadcasters, and that is to make their content available on every


single device, and provide compelling content that


younger people want. And when you see a large television


in the centre of a living room, the large family area,


when the occasions that. There is your traditional


Saturday night viewing, where there are big


shows like Strictly... So it is live and still has that


element of coming together. the soaps and the other shows


that are still very important


for both younger families Let's turn to something more


traditional. Beatrix Potter is one of the most successful children's


authors, selling more than 45 million copies of Peter Rabbit over


the past century. Her stories have been translated into dozens of


languages, so imagine the excitement is now a new one has been


discovered, more than 70 years after the order's death. It features Peter


Rabbit and it is called the tale of Kitty In Boots. It was rediscovered


by a publisher. It will be published in September.


You can get in touch with me and some of the team via Twitter.


from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Good evening. We have entered a changeable, and settled spell of


weather. After a wet and windy Tuesday there is more tomorrow with


more winds and more rain


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