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BBC world news broadcasting in the UK and around the world. Headlines.


Tens of thousands of Syrians are escaping fighting in the north of


the country. Many stuck in freezing temperatures and the Turkish border.


But Turkey says there is no need to allow them to cross its frontier. In


Taiwan the search continues through the night was a five is the deadly


earthquake, at least 14 people known to have died. After several hours


with no good news we've had a flurry, first a little boy brought


out alive, now this adult. We understand two more will be brought


out, also alive. Lunch Mac a massive avalanche in the Austrian Alps has


killed five skiers from the Czech Republic. And buzzing with life


Brazil sets aside fears of the Zika virus for the annual Carnivore.


-- for the annual Carnival. The numbers are staggering. One official


says that over 35,000 Syrian refugees have arrived at the Turkish


border in the past couple of days. It's after fighting intensified in


Aleppo. Government forces backed by Russian air strikes are targeting


rebel held positions there. The result, tens of thousands of people


forced to escape and fleeing to the Turkish border town of Kilis in the


north. Two geezers and is prepared to help the refugees by providing


food and shelter but its border stays closed. Despite EU officials


reminding Turkey of its international obligations by keeping


its frontiers open. Our correspondence sent this report.


Their only thought is escape, away from the madness


Their aim was Turkey yet the border will not be open.


35,000 people have gathered on the border, given food


and shelter but not safe passage into Turkey.


They are fleeing a two-pronged attack by Russian air


strikes and forces loyal to Assad, rubble supply lines have been cut


off, 300,000 civilians in Aleppo could be trapped.


If the city falls it could be a fatal blow


This man left Aleppo three weeks ago and still hopes


to return but he says the city is enduring a nightmare.


Living in Aleppo, actually, it is being


You don't know how or when you will die.


Because of Assad's aircraft or Russian aircraft,


With the refugees cared for by Turkish groups


on the Syrian side of the border Turkey says there is no need to let


Could this country finally be closing its doors?


We still keep this open border policy for


these people fleeing from the aggression of the regime


as well as air strikes of Russia.


And these people are fleeing from such acts, so we need


to keep this open-door policy for them.


Turkey has welcomed more than 2.5 million Syrian refugees


but its open door policy has precipitated


So this country now faces conflicting pressures,


to help those in need, while being told by the EU


Turkey has long been the gatekeeper to


sanctuary, but resources are stretched and it now faces


a dilemma to give safe passage or decide a limit has been reached.


are missing after a powerful earthquake hit Taiwan in the early


hours of the morning, while people were sleeping.


At least 14 people died after the magnitude 6.4 quake


hit the south of the island, close to the city of Tainan.


Most of the casualties were in a 17 storey building that


Our Correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes is in Tainan.


Nearly 24 hours after the earthquake struck they have not given up hope


This is now the focus of the rescue, it


huge 17 storey apartment block ripped from its foundations and now


lying on its back.


All day they have been pulling people out alive.


But as night returned dozens of relatives waited anxiously,


This woman is waiting for news of her nephew.


Don't be scared, she tells her family on the phone,


The rescuers have heard a noise, she tells me, they are pretty sure


And then the moment she's been waiting for.


Minutes later, on the other side of the building, another rescue.


After several hours with no good news


we've suddenly had a flurry, first they brought out the little


boy alive and now they've brought out


We understand there are two more about to be brought out


It is a boost to those still waiting anxiously for news but the grim


truth is that the easy rescues have now all been done.


There are still over 100 people missing inside the rubble.


The other question people are asking is why this particular building came


down. It is noticeable that in the streets surrounding me, all of the


buildings I have seen are completely unscathed but this building toppled


over from a 6.4 earthquake. Buildings in Taiwan are supposed to


be able to withstand quakes of this size and bigger. So the


investigation will now focus on, was there a problem with this building,


with the company that built the building, was the corruption


involved, this building certainly should not have come down. More than


100 anti-migrant protesters have brought the French city of Cali to a


standstill. Hundreds of police in riot gear used


pepper spray and teargas. Well, Tomos Morgan


is in Calais for us - At around 1pm, anti-migrant


protesters came here to Calais to protest against the migrant


camp here on the edge They say the migrants have


affected them in a big way, affecting businesses,


and have really put a black mark Not all the protesters


are from this area. Some are from other areas


across the northern coast. Now, police tried to disperse


the crowd as quickly as possible. Telling them if they wouldn't


move, they would move They kettled off this main road


in the centre of the town and used They used snatch-and-grab tactics


to pull out certain individuals, those main protagonists,


in an effort to release the tension Now, the French interior minister,


Bernard Cazeneuve, actually banned Nevertheless, the protesters took


to the streets in an effort In Macedonia, there have been


clashes between police and taxi drivers who have been blocking


a border rail crossing. Riot police


used force to remove the drivers who were protesting


on the railway tracks. Trains had to be halted


for several days - delaying thousands of migrants


and asylum seekers, waiting to cross Police in Austria say five skiers


from the Czech Republic have been killed in a huge avalanche


in the Austrian Alps, The avalanche engulfed 17 people,


with search and rescue teams now A police spokesman says two people


have been injured. TRANSLATION: Shortly after 12 noon


and there was a huge avalanche at a mountain as high as 2857


metres, in this area, Two groups were buried by this


avalanche in the ascent. There were 17 people,


one group of 12, another Five people were killed


by the avalanche, two were injured, All of them seemed


to be from the Czech It's been confirmed


a passenger flight, which was forced to make


an emergency landing in Mogadishu One passenger fell through the hole


in the fuselage, which appeared shortly after take-off


from Mogadishu. Several thousand supporters


of the far right anti-immigrant group Pegida have staged a protest


by the side of the River Elbe Similar, smaller protests have been


planned in other European countries including France,


the UK and the Czech Republic. North Korea has brought forward


the time frame of a controversial satellite launch, according


to regional governments. It's believed it could take


place as early as Sunday. The announcement was condemned


by world powers, which say it is a cover for a


ballistic missile test. Here in the UK, the government has


announced plans to provide specialist mental health services


for survivors of Female Genital GPs, psychiatrists and counsellors


will be given training to support victims of the practice,


which has been described by campaigners


as "gross child abuse". As soon as I read through this poem,


I realised it was actually I was aged 11 and it


was on my birthday. Poetry helping women who have


experienced female genital mutilation to deal


with its lasting impacts. They attend this clinic


in West London, one of the only practices to provide


specialised support. 42-year-old Christina,


not her real name, had FGM performed I went to the room, and I was held


down by four ladies. That's when they performed


the circumcision. Right now I would say more


than the physical part is the mental part, that's what I find difficult.


I have flashbacks. It's estimated more than 130,000


people in England and Wales are living with the


consequences of FGM. Between July and September last


year, nearly 1,400 cases were reported, with the highest


number in the capital. What really came through,


from the conversations I've been having and the conversations


you have with people who have been through FGM, is that the trauma can


stay with people for a lifetime. For women like Christina,


trying to come to terms with their experience of FGM


is a continuing journey. More than 3,100 pregnant Colombian


women have been infected with the mosquito-borne Zika virus,


as the disease continues its rapid The virus has been linked


to the devastating birth defect microcephaly, which prevents


a child's brains from developing There are so far no recorded


cases of Zika-linked Meanwhile in Brazil,


where the virus is also a major the country's famous carnival


celebrations have begun. Around a million visitors


are expected in Rio as Julia Carneiro


reports from Rio. It is the first day of Carnival


in Rio and this is one of the many street parades happening


across the city. 500 of them are to


happen during Carnival. This one is traditional,


they are playing old carnival songs that people here grew


up with and this is a parade for children and babies


so there are many families here. This is a good example


of how people in Brazil learned to enjoy Carnival


from a young age. But Carnival this year happens


amid concern about the spread of the Zika virus and with all


the recommendations being made to pregnant women to take


precautions and not get infected But I've seen in many pregnant


women here in the street Actually we are very concerned


but we cannot stop life. It is Carnival, Rio,


Brazil, we have to go out. We're very concerned


and we are using protection. Zika, nothing gets in


the way of Carnival, There is even a family all dressed


up as the mosquito that transmits Because in the Carnival


everything is upside down. make fun of everything


so despite all the problems Brazil is facing, concerns over


the Zika virus, the party Julia in a lively Rio. Stay with us,


this is to come. The traffic will take a break of and R and R and R


Caseload jazz song to one about traffic jams, this is how one may


told drivers in his city. Two Americans have become the first


humans to walk in space with no lifeline to their spaceship. One of


them called and a piece of cake. Thousands of people have given the


yachtswoman Alan McArthur is spectacular welcome in the Cornish


port of Falmouth after she smashed the world record for sailing solo


around the world nonstop. Thousands of people have fled fierce


fighting in the Syrian city of Aleppo and now they are stuck on the


Turkish border. The search goes on through the night was a viva 's of


this earthquake in Taiwan, at least 14 people are dead and more than 100


are missing. Back to the main story. More about the refugee crisis


unfolding on the border between Syria and Turkey. Tens of thousands


of people are stuck on the Syrian side but the governor of the Kilis


province believes there is no need to allow them to cross into Turkey.


Instead the displaced are getting help in a camp outside Syria. Abdul


Salaam Marjorie fair works for a Turkish Islamic charity relief


foundation and gave me the latest on the number of refugees who have


sought refuge in that camp. Around 50,000 but I believe there are


45,000 at most because there is movement of refugees, some of them


they go back, some of them moved because it is related to the


conditions and how much they are afraid of the attacks. How long have


they travelled for to get to the border? I met some of them, they


said that they had walked for 20 kilometres until they reached the


border. And what are conditions like in Aleppo? What are they describing?


Say if I curated the area because the -- they evacuated the area


because they got bombarded by Russian planes. The people around


them were afraid. They left the area and they walked for long distances,


one of them, some walking, some with cars. You seem to be describing


desperate conditions that these refugees have escaped from. What are


the conditions like on the border post? For the last three days we


tried to fix things and we provided them with food. But still we are in


need because we could not cover all the refugees. We fixed the tents


beside the old camps which we had before, and still we have around


10,000 people, they need also tents and food. Lets get all the sports


news now. Quite a day for Leicester City fans, star striker Jamie Vardy


has signed a new contract to stay at the club until 2019. That comes at a


date when Leicester become Premier League title favourites with a 3-1


win at Manchester City, two calls from Robert Huth and a stunning


Riyad Mahrez goal gave them the win, 3-0. Tottenham Hotspur moved up to


second with a 1-0 win over Watford. We played without pressure because


we don't have to win the league. Now it is so strange, this league, this


is a fantastic moment for the Premier League. Nobody knows who can


win the league. We're here to enjoy with a lot


of confidence and try to do our These are the other


scores of the day. Aston Villa got only


their third win of season. Sunderland came from two


down to claim one point. Newcastle are now out


of the bottom three. Confirmation that Spurs's 1-0 win


over Watford takes them second England celebrated this evening


after the opening day, of the Six Nations, they beat


Scotland 15-9 to win the Calcutta In Eddie Jones's first match


in charge of England his side struck first, George Crus in the 14the


minute, Scotland didn't panic and captain Craig Laidlaw made


sure they went in at half-time only one point behind after


two penalty kicks. France claimed an unconvincing win


over Italy to claim their first win. It is the first sporting event held


in France says the Paris attacks in the Paris attacks in amber.


It's Super Bowl weekend and when the Denver Broncos take


on the Carolina Panthers it will be a landmark for American Football -


Alex South is in San Francisco and has the all important facts


and figures for you ahead of what is often described


The famous Vince Lombardi trophy was first fought over in 1967 but it was


not even Super. Its name was the not very catchy AFL-NFL World


Championship game. The Super Bowl rules of the tongue more easily!


Back then the average player got $6,000 a year. Nowadays that would


take the lead's best paid player just over one hour to make. A big


factor in the increased viewing figures are the famous half-time


shows. In the early days you were lucky few got marching band but


Michael Jackson 's 1993 performance changed all that forever, paving the


way for some of the biggest names in music to gate-crash the party. And


who could forget his sister's wardrobe malfunction in 2004.


Players have changed as well. In the NFL size does matter. The average


player in the 1960s weighed 251 lbs and was six foot three. Fast forward


to 2016 and that looks tiny as most players way around 310 lbs and are


around six feet five tour. You can't teach size but you can ask for a


decent haircut occasionally. There have been many fashion disasters


over the years, proving that money can't buy you everything! It should


be a great event in San Francisco. A 150-year-old mouse trap has


claimed its latest victim at a museum in Reading. It was caught in


a wooden club dating from the 1860s in a storeroom at the Museum of


rural life in the city. This special report.


It was certainly not a narrow squeak for one unfortunate museum visitor


who underestimated Victorian engineering.


I was in the stores and I was getting out an object


for an event called Animals at Reading, I wasn't expecting


in the stores I noticed there was a mouse in one of them.


It's a mystery why or even how the mouse conquered stairs


and penetrated secure cabinets just to select from amongst thousands


of exhibits the very thing designed to capture it.


The mouse would come in through the top here,


would go one way, end up in this small cage at the end,


where the user would then be able to retrieve it and release it


The trap was patented in 1861 with the bold claim


The museum's collection of traps is monitored fairly regularly,


but staff here have one big question to answer -


was their unfortunate guest a scout, or part of a larger family?


The trappings of fame mean this tiny museum is now getting inquiries


from as far away as Australia and Canada, although it's as yet


unclear whether the roving rodent will be buried or given a posthumous


honour and be preserved as part of the exhibit.


Another way to break news of major traffic closures, the Maher of Los


Angeles want residents about was about traffic queues this weekend by


singing this jazzy song. Hey, Los Angeles knows, we are always on the


move but this weekend we're shutting down the 101 to rebuild the sixth St


Bridge. We call it the 101 slow jam. I've asked my friends from Roosevelt


high to help get the word out. You see, we're bringing down the sixth


St bridge, making way for something new. A demolition will cause delays


but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to get your hands dirty to


build something beautiful. So on Friday night February five the 101


freeway will take a 448 hours of R and R and R and R and B. The best


thing you can do is stay clear of the area, but if you've got to get


out on the town, with that and it was set up. All you got to do is


follow the signs. L a Mayor not doing a bad job. That is all from


me. Thank you for being with us. To join us again.


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