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The UN Security Council unanimously condemns North Korea's long-range


The accelerated development of North Korea's nuclear and ballistic


missile programme poses a serious threat to international peace and


security. Almost two days after the massive


earthquake that struck Taiwan - a young man is pulled


alive from the rubble. The Super Bowl is 50 -


California prepares to host one of the world's biggest -


and richest - sporting events. And in football's Premier League,


Chelsea come from behind in injury time to draw 1-1 with


Manchester United at Stamford The United Nations Security Council


has strongly condemned North Korea's North Korean State


TV described the launch Officials in Seoul claim Pyongyang


is actually preparing The launch happened


despite existing UN resolutions. Washington denounced


it as a weapons test. Moscow said the move


"undermined" regional security. And China, normally more sympathetic


to Pyongyang, expressed "regret". After the emergency meeting,


the American ambassador to the UN urged the Security Council to pass


new, tough sanctions on North Korea. North Korea's launch yesterday,


using prescribed a listing missile technology -- ballistic missile


technology undermines regional stability and violates their


obligations under four separate security council resolutions. It


demonstrates yet again that the DPRK will continue to escalate tensions


in the absence of a strong and forceful response from the


international community. Our correspondent Nick Bryant


is at the UN in New York. There are already sanctioned in


place against North Korea. What is the feeling there? Are more


sanctions going to work? The US certainly wants tougher and more


comprehensive sanctions, as you said, in the decade since North


Korea carried out its first atomic test, in October 2006, there have


been four sets of sanctions, asset freezes, travel bans, bans on luxury


goods aimed at hitting the elite where it hurts, in their lavish


lifestyles. But while it has slowed down the nuclear and ballistic


programmes, obviously, self-evidently, it has not managed


to haul them. There are questions about how rigidly the sanctions are


being enforced and how widely they are being applied. To give you an


example, 32 North Koreans are named by the United Nations, who have an


association with the nuclear programme. In Iran, it is 121. That


is why the Americans want sanctions to be broader and tougher. What will


the new sanctions look like? That is up for negotiation. The negotiations


started last month, in fact, after the fourth nuclear test was


conducted by North Korea. The problem for the Americans is that


the Chinese are resisting pressures for tough sanctions, punitive


sanctions. The fear in Beijing is that they could topple the Pyongyang


regime which would destabilise the country and create a refugee crisis


on China's border. It does not want that. Pyongyang knows it can exploit


that fear. Another added layer of complication is the tensions at the


moment between America and China over the man-made islands in the


South China Sea. Cooperation on North Korea is made more difficult


because of that ongoing row. So Pyongyang can exploit China's fear


and also those tensions tween Washington and Beijing. Nick Bryant


is in New York for us. Thank you for joining us.


Let's get some reaction from the region now.


Our correspondent Jon Sudworth reports from Beijing.


Over the Korean peninsula, the rocket's engines could be seen


It is reported to have successfully placed a satellite into orbit,


news met with choreographed applause in the North Korean capital.


State TV is showing the country's young leader, Kim Jong-Un,


at mission control, vital propaganda for a man trying


to cement his position as Supreme Leader.


In South Korea, the government held an emergency meeting


with the president leading a chorus of international concern,


TRANSLATION: The launch is an attempt to increase


North Korea's missile capability as a means


It is a serious challenge to world peace.


North Korea's previous rocket launches have shown that the west


coast of the United States could be within reach.


Its nuclear tests have been growing in sophistication.


Experts believe a deliverable long-range weapon may be just


North Korea's only ally, China, has been celebrating


its lunar New Year festival in traditional explosive style.


But diplomatically, it is treading very softly indeed.


The statement from the Foreign Ministry in Beijing was not one


of condemnation but rather, an appeal for restraint


China fears a nuclear armed North Korea as much as anyone,


but it is also deeply nervous of anything that may


push its isolated, impoverished neighbour towards economic collapse.


There have already been years of pressure. Despite that, North


Korea's launch takes it one more step towards its nuclear ambitions.


John Sudworth, BBC News, Beijing. A 20-year-old man has emerged alive


from the rubble of an apartment building in Taiwan, two days


after it collapsed in an earthquake. At least 26 people are thought


to have died and hopes are fading for more than 100


who are still missing. From Tainan in south


Taiwan, Rupert Wingfield Hayes Deep inside the collapsed building,


this rescue crew is getting close. "Hold on", they shout,


"we are coming through". A few minutes later,


a young man is lifted clear of the building and lowered


gently to the ground. His condition is serious,


but he is alive. But this is the only bright spot


in what has otherwise been This afternoon, a rescuer emerged


holding a small bundle, 30 hours in the rubble


had been too much. Still, dozens more are waiting


for news in growing despair. This woman's son is


somewhere under the rubble. Why did this building come down


when those around are unscathed? People are asking why this building


came down when the others seem to have withstood the earthquake


without a problem, and there are clear signs of what might be


wrong with this building. The collapse has exposed these blue


and white cooking oil cans that appear to have been used as filler


inside some of the concrete beams. Relatives I spoke to tonight say


they want a full investigation. They want somebody to


be held responsible. Let's take a look at


some other stories now. Spain's interior minister says


the arrest of seven members of a suspected Islamist cell marks


a major blow in the struggle The suspects were believed to be


operating a supply network for fighters in Syria and Iraq,


sending them money, weapons and computer equipment under


the guise of humanitarian relief. Japan's Prime Minister has appeared


at a rally demanding the return of four disputed islands,


currently administered by Russia. Shinzo Abe promised to resolve


the 60-year territorial dispute Russia announced plans to build


a military base on one of the islands in October, angering


Tokyo. Italy's interior minister says


injuries to the body of an Italian student found dead in Egypt


shows that he suffered The minister was speaking


after a second autopsy was carried The student's body was found


near a main road outside Cairo following his


disappearance last month. There are fears of a new


humanitarian crisis in Syria - with 35,000 people trapped


on the border with Turkey. The refugees are fleeing


an offensive by government forces Turkey has said it is prepared


to help them - but the border BBC Persian's Khashiyar Joneidi


is at the border with more. The Turkish president says that if


necessary, thousands of Syrian refugees who have massed along the


border with Turkey will be let in. But here, at this border crossing,


the gates remain closed. Although trucks carrying humanitarian aid and


construction material have been allowed to cross the border into


Syrian territory, to transport the goods for the eight refugee camps


along the border, where the refugees have been settled.


Seref Isler is from BBC Turkish and explains Turkey's position.


It is definitely a very difficult position because on one hand, you


have the obligations that the European Union set forth in return


for some aid. The European Union wants them to stem the migrant


crisis, for Turkey to host these refugees on Turkish soil. However,


when it comes to domestic politics, Turkey has an increasing


unemployment rate. There is local concern as to how Turkey will be


able to look after all of the refugees. Resources are stretched


thin. There are about 2.5 million Syrians in Turkey, enough to make a


small city. Turkey at the same time is having to look after its domestic


politics and what the local people want. So for the moment, it is


hosting these refugees on Syrian soil, saying that the aid is being


provided on the Syrian side of the border and the board remains closed.


-- the border. The first day of Haiti's annual


carnival in the capital, Port-au-Prince, has been cancelled


after political parties threatened more protests over the country's


failed presidential elections. Michel Martelly has now stepped down


as president after five years in office, but no successor


has been elected. On Saturday,


leaders of both houses of the Haitian parliament agreed


to select a new interim president Haiti's politicians hope that their


agreement can ease the tensions that have led to violent scenes like


these in the capital on Saturday. There are deep divisions on how this


Caribbean nation of 10.5 million people is governed. Presidential


elections began in October but have yet to produce a final outcome.


Opposition supporters accused the government of rigging the poll.


Their candidate derided them as a farce. An independent electoral


commission found there were many a late -- many irregularities but the


government rejected the allegations. Michel Martelly has been president


since 2011 and is constitutionally barred from seeking re-election. He


hopes this formal promise to step aside will allay fears he wants to


stay in office. TRANSLATION: Regardless of this accord, everyone


has to be vigilant. We have to realise that there are people who


are not covered by this agreement. For that, I call on all the


responsible parties to make every effort to maintain stability in this


country. So all leaders, especially those who make use of violence,


should understand that every time there is violence, Haiti takes a


step backwards. The president of the National Assembly said the agreement


signalled the way forward. TRANSLATION: The institution of the


Republic is charged with the critical destiny of our country.


This agreement also present a major responsibility. In this case, the


parliament has a great responsibility at this time to


guarantee stability. UN peacekeepers have been in Haiti for more than a


decade and are still trying to uphold the rule of law. But


political consensus, including electoral reforms, will be key, as


the country is contained -- country continues to recover from the damage


inflicted by natural disasters and years of instability.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come:


The Hollywood stunt over a bridge in London that had onlookers fearing a


terrorist attack. As junior doctors in England prepare


for another strike over a new contract, there is no sign


of compromise with the government. Talks have broken down,


and a 24-hour strike is due to take The Health Secretary,


Jeremy Hunt has criticised the doctors' union, the BMA,


of its handling of the dispute. Incredibly disappointing that the


totally irresponsible way the BMA has behaved in refusing to sit down


and talk about how we can improve patient care and spreading


misinformation. I would not trust him to sell me he used car, let


alone hold my future and more importantly, my patience' future, in


his hands. Gale-force winds and high seas


are expected to hit the coast of southern England overnight


as Storm Imogen closes in. South-west England and south Wales


are due to bear the brunt Some ferry services have


already been cancelled and South West Trains


says its services to the affected areas are already being


run at reduced speeds. Drivers of high-sided vehicles


are being warned to consider This is BBC World News Today.


The latest headlines. The UN Security Council unanimously


condemns North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket in defiance of UN


resolutions. Rescuers in Taiwan say more than 100 people are still


thought to be trapped in the ruins of a collapsed apartment block,


following an earthquake, two days ago.


As far as big sporting events go - they don't get any more commercially


valuable than the Super Bowl - and American football's biggest


This time, there's a special anniversary to celebrate.


Our correspondent James Cook is soaking up the atmopshere


In San Francisco, the circus has come to town.


Fans flocked to the California sun from all over the United States.


They have come from North Carolina, from Denver and from all points


in between, to see one of the greatest shows on Earth.


Such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


These fans have come 5000 miles from West Lothian and they are not


It's the Super Bowl atmosphere, isn't it?


Just for the atmosphere, we love football.


Of course, such a big event is also a big target.


In a country nervous about terrorism, security


The organisers say they have learned lessons from the London Olympics


The Super Bowl is a level one national security event,


which means it receives the highest level of national security.


Equivalent to a Presidential inauguration.


And then, there are the adverts. Hello, I'm Helen Mirren.


With more than 100 million Americans watching, companies pay up


Plus Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars are lined


Super Bowl 50 aims to be bigger than ever.


A golden anniversary in the Golden State.


Alex South is in San Francisco for us - let's go there now.


Alex, 160 million people are expected to watch this. It is a huge


spectacle over there, isn't it? It is, it is the day when America stops


and watches a game of football. Tomorrow is actually the day when a


lot of Americans take the day off. They are the moat -- with the debut


below most likely to call in sick. A lot of Americans wish it was a


public holiday but it's not so they have to make their excuses. In Santa


Clara, the stadium is behind me, where the Denver Broncos will take


on the heavy favourites, the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers have


lost just once all season. They have got a bright new quarterback, Cam


Newton, the big news. The NFL against the Denver Broncos Peyton


Manning, who's been in the game for 18 years. In his own words, this


could be his last rodeo so it is the young against the old. Who is going


to win? We will find out in a few hours. I'm hearing there are some


unusual bets being put on the bed. Give us a flavour. -- on the event.


It's rather strange, you can bet on anything you wanted this country,


unbelievably and strangely in California, you are not allowed to


gamble but you can bet through betting websites in Billy Bakker


added devices like Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Strange bets, how long


will the national anthem be? What colour will Cam Newton's shoes be


and who will Cam Newton thank first in his post-match speech if they


win? I would not bet on that but some people do.


Lets get some more sport now. Starting with the Premier League,


Chelsea remain unbeaten under Guus Hiddink after scoring a dramatic


late equaliser against Manchester United Stamford Bridge. Chelsea


salvaged a draw in the first minute of injury time through Diego Costa.


United are six points behind fourth placed Manchester city and 12 points


behind leaders, Leicester. Louis van Gaal's side dominated early but had


to wait until just after the hour before taking the lead through Jesse


Lingard. That looked to be enough to seal all three points until Diego


Costa's equaliser. We are happy with the point. Of course, when you


analyse shortly the game, I think Manchester United started very well.


They stretched the field of play. As a consequence, we dropped back to


far and we could not get into the duels. They played very well. We


don't reward ourselves with a victory. We were the better team. We


have created more chances and then you have to win. But until the last


quarter, we played very well. We could have scored more goals. But we


did not do that. Goals from Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


helped Arsenal to a 2-0 victory away at Bournemouth. The win put an end


to a losing run of four league games and moved them up to third in the


table behind Spurs on goal difference. They are five points


behind Leicester. We are quite sorry defensively -- quite solid


defensively but we lost a bit of the urgency in the second half. I


believe as well we lost the killer instinct to get the third goal, you


know. On top of that, Bournemouth are red team who are physically very


strong. From the first to the last minute, they were at the top level.


Real Madrid are set to go within a point of second placed Atletico


Madrid in La Liga to night. Karim Benzema Luka Modric were both on


target to give Real Madrid the lead again struggling Granada. That


matches into stoppage time. The first set of games in the Six


Nations are complete and it ended with a nail-biting finale in Dublin.


Ireland and Wales played out the toughest of stalemates, 16-16 it


finished. Ireland made the early running with a try from Conor Murray


and tee penalty to give them a 13-0 lead but Wales fought back with a


Toby Faletau trite and two penalties to level the score. Wales went in


front inside the final ten minutes briefly before Johnny Sexton


levelled the match again with a high-pressure penalty kick. It


remained 16-16. England and the first weekend top of the Six Nations


table. You know when you play Wales, to be honest, nearly every Six


Nations game is the same, it's a tough game. Wales come and they are


physical and you know you have to front up. In large part, we did


that. There's a lot of sore bodies in there. The red wave, when they


get the ball, they keep on coming at you and the same when you have the


ball, you know you have to keep going at them because they have


dangerous players like Sam and Justin in there. They will always be


very quick on the ball. Sore bodies! It is good to come to Ireland and


not lose! I guess we have got three home games in the next four matches.


It was not the result anyone wanted. It takes away a lot. I'm sure


Ireland are in for the grand slam, as we and it takes away the triple


Crown as well. -- now Ireland are not into the grand slam. We have


come to a very tough place against the reigning champions and got


something out of it. Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah has been


banned for three months after failing a drugs test. The player,


senior on the left, is ranked number three in the world and pleaded


guilty to taking a banned substance after mistakingly taking his wife's


blood pressure medication. He will now miss the world T20 in India next


month. That is all the sport from the BBC.


But don't worry, it's not a terrorist attack.


A double-decker bus which exploded while crossing a bridge


here in London was just a stunt for a Hollywood film.


But it did alarm some onlookers who feared it was a terror attack.


The blast created a huge fireball that ripped off the top of the bus


as it crossed the bridge, leaving what a witness described


as "a grim aftermath", with dummy bodies visible


Now a reminder of the main news, the UN Security Council has unanimously


condemned the launch by North Korea of a long-range rocket. A statement


issued after emergency talks in New York said the council would soon


implement new sanctions in a resolution. It accused Pyongyang of


dangerous and serious violations including its fourth nuclear test in


January. Japan's UN ambassador said it could not be business is usual


with North Korea. The US envoy said the new sanctions should be tough


and, rented. The government in Pyongyang said the rocket launch was


part of its space programme. It is the first day of the year of


the monkey and the celebrations have been taking place across the world.


We will leave you of these pictures of the celebrations in Beijing to


ring in the New Year. Hello. A stormy spell of weather on


the way for some but unlike previous named storms, Storm Imogen is


targeting the southern half of the country through


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