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Our top story: The race for the White House heats up.


Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders - both outsiders in their parties -


claim decisive victories in New Hampshire.


But can either of them become US President?


Three months on from the Paris attacks, lawmakers approve


a controversial bill to strip people convicted of terrorist offences


German media reports say a signal controller is at the heart


of the investigation into the train crash that killed 10 people.


And composing the purr-fect tune for your feline -


but how do we know if it's music to their ears?


Republican Donald Trump and the left-wing Democrat Bernie


Sanders are a step closer to winning their parties' nomination


for the US presidential election in November.


Donald Trump got twice as many votes as his nearest rival -


while Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton by more


Our North America editor Jon Sopel has more.


At 8 o'clock last night, the news of the unusual seismic


activity in what they call the Granite State.


It predicts that Donald Trump will win...


Heralding a political earthquake and two landslides,


one on the left, the other on the right.


At Trump headquarters, the news that their man had won


I wanted to congratulate the other candidates, OK?


You know, it's always tough and then tomorrow, boom, boom.


Then it was on to his favourite riff, winning.


We are going to win so much, you're going to be so happy.


We are going to make America so great again.


Donald Trump is leaving the stage to Revolution by the Beatles.


What he's done, he has turned hype into reality.


He's turned large rallies into votes at polling stations.


And who would bet now against him going all the way and winning


Record numbers queued to reach polling stations to vote


People expressing unhappiness with their economic prospects,


Washington politics, America's place in the world.


And what did the revolutionary leader of the left do while waiting


He played basketball with his grandkids.


On stage, he was taking a shot at more familiar targets.


Given the enormous crises facing our country, it is just too


late for the same old, same old establishment politics


Hilary Clinton put on a brave face last night.


There is a long way to go, and in a drawn-out battle


with Sanders, she is still the favourite.


But a few months ago, she had been the favourite


I spoke to our Washington Correspondent Laura Bicker


and asked her whether these decisive victories can be translated


into overall success for Sanders and Trump.


It will be interesting to see how this goes forward. Same old, same


old is just not happening at the moment in the US. Voters are looking


for the outsider, the antiestablishment vote. We have had


the worst economic downturn in the US that many have seen in


generations. They are looking for somebody to give them answers. For


that, they are looking at Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Why Donald


Trump and Bernie Sanders? Because Donald Trump is not an elected


politician. He is a businessman. He is promising them a wall to keep


them safe from people coming in. He is promising them a revolution in


the form of politics. He says he will get things done, he will make


America great again. As for the other side, Bernie Sanders is


promising a political revolution. He is promising to reform Wall Street.


He is promising to reform political donations. Therefore, these are two


antiestablishment, two outsiders that, if you months ago, many


journalists would not have given a hope. Here we are, they are winning


in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders has appealed to a range of demographics.


Will this be a worry to Hillary Clinton? Well, if you were a Hillary


Clinton supporter or aide, and were looking at the polling numbers, you


might have your head in your hands. It's interesting to note when it


comes to women and the gun vote, she is not doing well. 69% of women


under 45 in New Hampshire did not vote for Hillary Clinton, they did


not put an X in the box, to help raise what would be the first female


US President in history. They are voting for Sanders. That is an issue


for them. But they have just heard that a political group has set up a


$25 million organisation called Every Citizen Counts, and this has


been sent up by allies of Clinton, they are going to go out there and


hopefully work on the black and Hispanic vote that Hillary Clinton


already has, in the hope that Bernie Sanders does not take that as well.


Briefly, Republicans, will this mean that one of their candidates has to


drop out now? It is quite a crowded field? It is interesting, I think


everybody thought an establishment candidate would come forward. Still,


the establishment candidates are spraying one another with gunfire.


John Casey did well, that he has no ground game in the next one. Bush


and Marco Rubio are in the same field and looking for the same


votes. It will be interesting to see how they do in Carolina.


Well, if you've got more you want to know, go to our website


Where you'll find reaction and analysis - just go


to bbc.com/uselection, or download our app.


French lawmakers have approved a controversial bill aimed at making


it possible to revoke the citizenship of people convicted


The proposals, drawn up after the jihadist Paris


attacks in November, will now go to the Senate,


to the plans, and it's not certain that they will get the required


Our correspondent Hugh Schofield is in Paris


It's a package of measures that have gone through,


on the one hand, there is this clause to put into the constitution


We are currently still in a state of emergency in France,


President Hollande decided that ought to be


The other thing is a rather more controversial measure,


about stripping citizenship from people convicted of terrorism.


You know, in principle, when it comes


through, if it comes through, then if somebody is found guilty


of terrorism, then he or she can be stripped of his or her nationality.


If that person has only got one nationality,


is only French, that might take another form of being stripped


The big problem is, for the left, and Hollande is on the left,


he has a big left-wing bloc in his own Socialist Party,


this whole thing has become a very symbolic taboo.


They think this whole symbolic stripping away of nationality


will create two types of French citizen.


Those French citizens who have two nationalities,


in other words, people who are French and have Algerian,


Moroccan or Tunisian nationality, and the rest.


This stripping away of nationality would only come in practice,


ever apply to people who have two nationalities,


that would make them a kind of second-class


But for these people, particularly on


That is why there has been such a big rebellion on the left


Officials in northern Nigeria say around 60 people have been killed


by two female suicide bombers who carried out an attack


at a refugee camp in the northeast of the country.


The attack took place on Tuesday in Borno State,


It hadn't been reported because of problems


Borno State has been the centre of an insurgency by the militant


Islamist group, Boko Haram, which has forced tens of thousands


of people from their homes and into refugee camps.


And confirm German media reports say investigations into the cause of a


train crash that killed ten people is focusing on whether they could


have been human error on the part of the signal controller. Investigators


are trying to work out why multiple safety measures failed.


Mangled wreckage on the banks of the River Mangfall.


The aftermath of Germany's worst rail accident in years.


After hours of searching through tangled metal,


police say that all the passengers are now accounted for.


They don't expect to find any more victims.


Now they're looking for evidence as to the cause of the crash.


As well as beginning of the complicated process of trying


A criminal investigation has been opened.


Things aren't easy for the investigators here


They're struggling with bad weather conditions and the fact that this


place, alongside a river, is quite hard to access.


They are painstakingly combing through the wreckage looking for any


clues as to how this collision happened.


Dozens of casualties were taken to local hospitals.


Urgent appeals were put out for people to donate blood.


TRANSLATION: With this kind of accident the entire spectrum


of injuries you get in emergency surgery is possible.


Bone fractures, serious traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding.


Out of respect for the privacy of our patients, we are not able


to say what injuries our patients had.


Germany's Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt says this line


was fitted with an automatic braking system that should have prevented


It is not yet clear if this crash was a result of human error


As the investigation continues, local communities


There is a strong sense of shock and disbelief.


Bethany Bell, BBC News, Bad Aibling in Germany.


The World Health Organisation has released some more information


for those worried about the Zika virus that has been found in more


The WHO has declared it a global public health emergency.


Let's have a look at its latest advice.


The first bit of guidance is for women in affected countries -


especially those who are pregnant - to wear clothing that prevents


Secondly, for those at risk, practicing safe sex with condoms


is advised to avoid any chance - however rare -


The WHO said women who wish to terminate a pregnancy due


to a fear of microcephaly should have access to safe abortion


services to the full extent of the law but warned early


ultrasound does not reliably predict microcephaly


And lastly, the WHO reiterated that most women will not experience


For the latest advice on the Zika virus and its spread,


just go to our website, or smart-phone app.


You'll find more about the mosquito's role in the outbreak,


along with what we know about the insect and how the Zika


virus is transmitted - just go to BBC.com/health,


Reports from Syria say more than 500 people,


including dozens of civilians, have been killed since government


forces backed by Russian planes launched a major offensive


Amongst the dead in the past ten days, says a monitoring group,


are 23 children, killed by Russian airstrikes.


Our correspondent Quentin Sommerville reports from Killis


11,500 people from Syria, living here.


They have been living here four years.


The camp has been growing in that time.


There is one mosque, in fact, there are two mosques,


Just look over there, look how organised this is.


Turkey has invested a huge amount of money and a huge amount of time


and effort to try to get this right, give it a sense of community.


2.5 million people have already moved into Turkey from Syria.


When we go over the border, right over there, because of the battle


in the local countryside, there are tens of thousands of more


But, in this camp, they are building more capacity.


It's an AK-47, not a bad representation.


That's the top of some glue, I think.


These are two storey affairs, one family on the bottom,


Not only do we have balconies but, look, here, sunshades as well.


It gets pretty hot here in the summer.


There are a number of striking things.


If we just spin around, over here, is a bedroom.


And, if we scoot in here, this is probably the most


important innovations, compared to the rest of the camp.


There is a tiny bathroom and shower, and, look at this, it


The thing you feel here is a sense of permanence.


That the war isn't going to end, that the people, the refugees


in these camps, aren't going to disappear.


You can stand on these balconies and you can feel


You can look out some of the windows and you can see Syria.


Actually, over the other side of this border,


right now the sun is about to go down on people that are cold,


shivering, fleeing that war and waiting at the other side


of the border to get into Turkey, to get into places like this.


The Turkish authorities say they have built this just in case.


Can you imagine the war in Syria getting even worse?


The Turkish authorities say that perhaps it will get worse


and as many as 600,000 extra refugees could be flooding


Which has already received 2.5 million.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


The chief of North Korea's military is reported to have been executed


Army General Ri Yong-gil, who served under leader


Kim Jong Un, also faced charges of pursuing personal gains.


A source close to North Korean affairs says the execution


South Africa's mining union says time is running out to save three


people trapped in a gold mine since Friday.


The two women and a man were working in a container which tumbled


More than 70 miners managed to escape from the Lily Mine


in the north-east of the country after it collapsed.


In Afghanistan a video has emerged of a young woman being lashed


in public by men who have reportedly accused her of a telephone


conservation with a man who is not related to her.


The video has been obtained by a local reporter of Tolo


It shows a young woman sitting while three men hit her and a crowd


Harun Najafizadah Reports from Kabul.


The young woman is lashed 100 times, in turn, by at least three reported


Local residents stand by and watch the lashing.


Some, including armed people, film it on their smartphones.


She's punished for talking on the phone with a man who wasn't


The Taliban in Faryab accuse her of an illicit


relationship with the man on the other side of the phone.


The rest of the video, which has been obtained by Tolo TV


in Afghanistan, is too graphic to be shown.


Local officials in the northern Faryab province confirmed to the BBC


that the punishment and recording happened in a Taliban controlled


region, about 20 kilometres away from the capital,


A Taliban spokesman, however, says that it is not them,


This province in northern Afghanistan has been hit hard


But in a country deeply engulfed in traditional values,


it is not always the Taliban that take on punishments of women such


as stoning or lashing for moral crimes.


Religious scholars in Kabul condemn such punishments,


calling them extrajudicial and un-Islamic.


But in Afghanistan, where implementation of the rule


of law is still a big challenge, the government fails to bring


We are expecting a major science announcement to be made on Thursday.


About 100 years ago, Albert Einstein proposed the existence of


gravitational waves. It is believed that scientists in the United States


are on the verge of confirming that they have proof.


Last year our science correspondent Rebecca Morelle went


to an observatory in Pisa, Italy to see how scientists might


The idea is, every object sends out ripples of gravitational energy,


invisible disturbances in the fabric of space and time.


Einstein proposed that the universe is awash with these waves.


The tunnel is so long down here that we have to get into this


But when a gravitational wave passes through


here, it changes the length of the tunnel by a tiny amount,


just a fraction of the width of an atom.


And it is this that scientists are trying to spot.


Rebecca joined me early and told me how important the discovery could


be. Einstein came up with this proposal for gravitational waves 100


years ago. So many of the things that he dreamt up as part of his


theory of general relativity have been proven correct. This would be


another feather in his cap. Also, in terms of our understanding of the


universe, it is awash with these waves. We know they are there, they


have to be, for physics to make sense. But we have never seen them


before. So to get our hands on one of them, for the first time, to get


a proper, direct detection, that would be enormous for scientists.


Why has it taken so long to find them? The problem is, they are quite


weak. We all give them off. I am giving of gravitational waves, but


mine are really puny, in universal terms. If you have a big event, like


a black hole colliding with another one, or exploding star, they give


off bigger doses of gravitational waves. But they are still pretty


big. You need very sensitive machinery to detect them. You had a


behind-the-scenes look at some of this. What was that like? Amazing,


to get underground and see these places. That was an observatory in


Italy. I think it is the one in America, slightly bigger, they have


two of them, they have huge tunnels that are kilometres long. It is an


elaborate setup. It uses lasers, mirrors, these tunnels. What it is


doing is trying to measure the length of the tunnel is very


precisely. When eight gravitational wave passes through, it suddenly


changes the length of it, because it disturbs everything passes through.


If it passes through you, all of your atoms would be squished and


squeezed. It is these tiny distortions they are trying to


detect. You need incredibly elaborate setups. It's not just a


case of having an experiment running in your living room that can pick it


up, they are on a massive scale. The ones in America are really


impressive. Hopefully, in the future, when you have the American


one running and the one in Italy running, that will be amazing. You


will be able to triangulate to find out exactly where the events are


happening in the sky. It's going to be a fantastic announcement


tomorrow, we hope. Now, many pet owners believe music


helps their animals to relax - But there is some evidence that


human harmonies may not be That's why David Teie,


a cellist with the America's National Symphony Orchestra,


has come up with a composition which scientists say may be more


appealing to felines than Mozart The BBC's Jane O'Brien went


to meet him. Contrary and inscrutable,


it's hard to fathom what goes So imagine trying to gauge


their taste in music. Well, you are, in fact,


listening to music for cats. It is composed by


David Teie, a cellist with the National Symphony


Orchestra, who believes music Music, as I understand it,


it's kind of a distilled form of the emotional communication


that we have and share. If we can find a way to communicate


and connect with other species in the same way,


we have a better understanding of them, and a better


understanding of ourselves Unlike humans, who can


appreciate anything from Metallica to Mozart,


a cat's range is pretty limited. The upper range of the


cat's vocalisations. We put his music to the test


at Washington's Crumbs And Whiskers Cat Cafe, where dozens


of musical moggies live together All these cats seemed


very happy and they are certainly not distressed


by the music, so that's But, of course, cats


being cats, it's very difficult to tell


exactly what is going on. More rigorous testing


has been carried out Researchers measured the time it


took cats to respond separately to human and cat music,


and looked for signs of pleasure. The conclusion, six out of ten cats


purr-ferred cat music. But, according to the


study, the majority of cats do appreciate it


and are pleased by it. Roll over Beethoven and keep


your Bach for the dogs. Cat music, the answer to all of our


problems! Thanks for being with us. Hello. The mercury is falling. It is


a cold night out there. It will be a chilly megastar tomorrow morning.


The frost in many places, particularly in


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