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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


World powers agree to push for a temporary halt to the fighting


in Syria to relieve besieged towns, but President Assad says his forces


Pope meets Patriarch - the heads of the Roman Catholic


and the Russian Orthodox churches are to hold their first talks


Also coming up: The paedophiles using secret groups on Facebook


Facebook promises to investigate - the Children's Commissioner


for England says the company needs to do more to protect the young.


From what we have shown you, are they doing enough? If these are run


Facebook today, then, no. If these are run Facebook


today, then, no. The Japanese MP behind a national


debate about paternity leave resigns after having an affair


while his wife was pregnant. Russian warplanes have been


in action over Syria again today, just hours after major powers agreed


on a pause in fighting. Officially, the so-called cessation


of hostilities is due to begin in a week's time, but the UN says


aid deliveries to some besieged areas inside Syria could


begin within 24 hours. The agreement, reached in Germany,


came shortly after President Bashar al Assad said he intends to fight


on until he's brought the whole Our Chief International


Correspondent, Lyse Doucet, reports. The anguish of Aleppo,


Syria's biggest, once beautiful, This month, tens of thousands


are fleeing Russia's bombing there. Moscow says it is striking


terrorists, the so-called The West says it is mainly


bolstering the Syrian military But now, in Munich, in the early


hours, the world's most powerful diplomats emerged to say they had


finally agreed a truce We have agreed to implement and


nationwide cessation of hostilities, to begin in the target of one week's


time. It is ambitious, but everybody is determined to move as rapidly as


Russia's Sergey Lavrov talked of a return to peace talks,


But in the bright light of day, the doubts became clearer,


most of all about Russia's intentions.


It is possible, we don't know, it is possible that the Russians had


limited military objectives and actually over the last month


or so they have largely achieved them and that they are genuinely now


ready to see a scaling down of military activity


but we will not know that for sure until we see the Russians delivering


Today, Syria's rebel leaders are raising objections,


so is Syria's President Assad, who spoke before the deal was done.


TRANSLATION: We have fully believed in negotiations


and in political actions since the beginning of the crisis.


However, if we negotiate it does not mean that we will


First, through negotiation and second, through fighting terrorism.


The two track are separate from each other.


Syria's war is also a major humanitarian crisis.


Munich's deal means government and rebel forces must let aid enter


besieged areas, where people are starving.


Imagine that we have several convoys for several days and we repeat it


every time we offer it, would that not make a difference?


Do you think this is a turning point?


Strong words have emerged here in Munich, but great scepticism too.


The next week will make it clear whether this was a major


breakthrough that can help ease the suffering of Syrian civilians,


or whether it is another major setback that will make a devastating


If you The Pope and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch will meet in Cuba


on Friday - the first ever encounter between the heads of the two


churches since they split in the 11th century,


The Vatican has been pushing for such a meeting ever


since the collapse of the Soviet Union,


The meeting is being seen as a major step towards warmer relations.


Our correspondent Will Grant is in Havana.


we are expect when Pope Francis at any time now. This is the most


historic varying of hatchets, isn't it? Isn't it? And what an


extraordinary place for it to happen, in Cuba, a country that has


been gone through its own warming of ties with the United States, and


Pope Francis was important in bringing Washington and Havana


around the negotiating table. This time he is on a diplomatic mission


of the zone to help rebuild the eastern and western sections of the


Christian faith. It will be welcomed, not only by the many


millions of followers of Pope Francis, but at least two thirds of


the more than 200 million Russian Orthodox followers, many of whom


will have wanted to see these tensions ease, these lingering


suspicions that in some cases are centuries old. What will it mean in


concrete terms? I think this is very much about her spirit of fraternity,


that is a word that Pope Francis users and likes to make the most.


That was the word his lips when he became the Havana late last year. In


these terms I think it is about the Catholic faith and the Orthodox


faith finding common ground in times in which Christians around the


world, particularly in the Middle East, feel that they are being


persecuted, under attack again on a number of different fronts. We have


seen, particularly during the Cold War, there was a lot of suspicion


between Pope John Paul II and previous patriarchs. Pope Francis is


a very different character to the men who came before him and I think


it took aim and the took a different kind of papacy to bring this about.


What is the reaction where you are in Havana. We are just watching live


pictures of dignitaries walking around at the airport. There is Raul


Castro, Whittington greets... Sorry, yes, these are live pictures.


There is a more nuanced feeling towards Catholicism in Cuba, isn't


there? There was great excitement ahead of his visit in September.


This time I would say it has been greeted with more surprised than


excitement. Cubans woke up to the news on the state run newspaper that


the Pope will be returning again. Many thought, my goodness, I so


quick, he was here very recently. There are reasons I think that it is


Cuba., one, that the patriarch has very warm ties with the Castro


brothers. The Pope off the back of that recent visit has a real


affection for Cuba and Cubans. And truly logistical terms, it is en


route to Mexico where he will be carrying on from here, having an


eight-day visit there. There is an interesting reason that it is Cuba,


despite the fact that it is a secular state, it is a country that


has been associated not with the Catholic faith over the years, but


with Communist beliefs. That is changing, though. Thank you. If you


are just joining us, Pope Francis arriving at Havana airport where he


will be meeting the patriarch. That is the first time that has happened


since the great schism of 1054 when Pope Leo the ninth and


excommunicated the patriarch we will discuss this in more detail in a few


moments. Now a look at some of


the days other news. Thousands of farmers


from across Greece have taken their protest


against austerity measures Fires have broken out among


the crowds and there've been The workers are angry at government


plans to increase their taxes. A five-story building has collapsed


in the centre of Istanbul. Local news organisations say


the building came down near Istiklal Avenue,


a busy pedestrianised street. The Istanbul governor has told


reporters that noises from the building alerted people


that it was about to collapse, the area was evacuated


and it appears that no one Former FIFA Secretary General Jerome


Valck has been banned from all football-related


activity for 12 years. Valcke was found guilty by FIFA's


Ethics Committee of a wide range of offences, including taking


private jets for personal use, destroying evidence and trying


to force through an undervalued sale European scientists have decided


to give up trying to contact the Philae space robot,


which became the first craft to touchdown on a comet


more than a year ago. Philae operated for just 60 hours


after an awkward landing. Contact was briefly re-established


with the lander last July, but Mission Control has now given up


hope of any further communication as the comet heads towards a much


colder part of its orbit. A BBC Investigation has found that


paedophiles are using secret groups on Facebook to groom children


and exchange obscene images. Online settings mean these groups


are invisible to ordinary users - The Children's Commissioner


for England says the company isn't doing enough to protect children


by policing the groups. Facebook has now agreed


to investigate. Angus Crawford has this


special investigation. Neil Ivel calls himself


a "paedophile hunter." He and his wife pretend to be young


girls online to expose the men that This man, Lee Hardy, pleaded guilty


and was sent to prison. Why would you go and


do that to a child? Hardy was a member


of a secret group. Facebook settings mean


that these kind of groups We all know there's


a dark side of the web. Everyone thinks


Facebook's brilliant. Put a little status on,


you know, go to the shops. We decided to find


out for ourselves - setting up our own fake profile,


gaining access to closed Many of the pictures


in these groups are obscene, indecent, but what is as disturbing


is that many other pictures appear to have been stolen and disgusting


comments have been written Facebook actively promotes


its family values. And takes pride


in its safety standards. Surely, they'd quickly remove


this type of material once So, we used Facebook's own report


button to tell them about some They did not breach


the company's standards. The picture of this girl in bra


and pants wasn't taken down. Nor was this one in a group called


"Cute teen schoolies". We reported a whole group called


"We Love Schoolgirlz." We showed what we found


to the Children's Commissioner for It would be completely necessary,


in my view, for Facebook to be very proactive about recognising these


are here seeking out, at very least, the very obvious titles of these


groups and closing them down. From what we've shown you,


are they doing enough? We asked Facebook for an interview,


but our request was refused so we caught up with the company's


Head of Public Policy at an event When it comes to specific groups


I think it's really important that we investigate the group,


so if you're able to share the details of the groups with me


then I can work with my colleagues who do the investigating on these


and make sure we are investigating and removing the content


that shouldn't be there, also dealing directly with law


enforcement to make sure that they are aware of these


groups and that we follow That's really important that


were going to do that and we can give you that commitment


that we are going to do that. The worst of what we found


we handed to police, Facebook says it will


also investigate. But how many more such groups exist


and are Facebook's procedures robust enough to find them


and shut them down? Let's return to the arrival of the


Pope in Havana, where he is due to meet Patriarch Kirril. It is an


historic moment, the first time that both leaders, the Pope and the


patriarch have met for a thousand years.


He is the author of Francis: Pope of Good Promise.


It is a symbolic moment. Will there be some sections of both churches


who will not be quite so happy? Yes, let's not forget that we have a


section of the Orthodox Church in the Ukraine who consider themselves


Catholics who are obviously on the wrong side of the Crimea crisis, who


were accused by Moscow of stimulating uprising against the


pro-Russian president. There is quite a lot of attention on that.


Your correspondence before was talking about the tensions that the


reduced to be with Pope John Paul II. He was Polish, don't forget. The


Polish Catholic bishops were trying to reach some sort of agreement with


Patriarch Kirril and reached the conclusion about two years ago that


there was nothing doing because he was very for President Putin. Also


the human rights people in Russia. This is patriarchy he has said very


little about human rights violations, hasn't spoken by the --


spoken out about President Putin. What is the point of this? The point


of it in one word is Syria, I would of thought, given the news that you


were headlining before. Everything is coming together, as Europe


correspondence pointed out there is real concern about the persecution


of the Christians in Syria and North Africa. The threat of terrorism by


Isis and others. They want to form some kind of common front on this.


What is some kind of common front on this.


will really break the ice theologically, is that this is the


first Catholic Pope that on his election day comes onto the balcony


at St Peter's and 30 much the first word he said is that I am the Bishop


of Rome. He is saying I am not the huge authority, commanding authority


over all the Christians, he is saying I bishop like anybody else.


Given that the system a thousand years ago was begun as I sleep over


the issue of primacy, this is a real olive branch to the Orthodox


churches. We will see extraordinary images. Here is the humble Pope


Francis meeting this Orthodox patriarchy he will have a slightly


more elaborate vestments. Superficially chalk and cheese.


Let's hope Pope Francis brings a bit of humility to the Russian Orthodox


Church. The reason it is in Cuba, which is an interesting choice,


given the Communist background backcountry the fact that it is a


more secular country? Yes, don't forget that the Cubans were Catholic


before they became Communist. Fidel Castro was educated by the Jesuits.


In northern Spain. It is a perfect meeting point, particularly again


that correspond to -- correspondence pointed out, very soon after this


dramatic reconciliation between Cuba and the US, which the Vatican had a


huge play in terms of mediation. A young Japanese MP who made


headlines last year for his insisting on taking paternity leave


has quit parliament after confessing to an affair with a bikini model


while his wife was pregnant. Kensuke Miyazaki made


waves inside the ruling Liberal Democratic Party


when he announced he would be the first Japanese MP ever


to take paternity leave, but this week a Japanese magazine


revealed the scandal. Bowing deeply and repeatedly,


Kensuke Miyazaki went before the cameras today to confess his


infidelity. Young, handsome, successful and apparently a devoted


husband, Kensuke Miyazaki had become the poster boy for those who want


Japanese men to do more to help raise their children. Kensuke


Miyazaki and his wife are both Members of Parliament for the ruling


Liberal Democratic Party. In December he made headlines when he


announced he would become the first Japanese sitting MP ever to take


paternity leave. It was supposed to begin this week. In Japan, only 2.3%


of the Father's Day paternity leave. The government wants to raise it to


13% by 2020. I thought that by declaring I wanted to take paternity


leave I could cause a bit of a stir. Instead, Kensuke Miyazaki is out of


a job and in disgrace. Earlier this week a Japanese scandal magazine


published a story alleging that while his wife was preparing to give


birth in Tokyo, Kensuke Miyazaki was in his apartment in Q2 with another


woman. Today, he admitted it was true. There is now concerned from


former supporters that his scandal will be used by those who oppose


Japanese men taking time off to be with their newborn children. Japan


has one of the most generous paternity leave systems in the


world. Men can, in theory, take up to a year off work, but many bosses


still refuse or threatened meal workers with dismissal or demotion


if they do. Right now, only to prove -- 2.3% of Japanese men to take any


paternity leave at all. Sometimes the online world can be


cruel and its targets One of them was a four-year-old boy


with Pfeiffer Syndrome, which leads to facial deformity,


who became a meme online. But his mother decided to fight


back, using the internet to educate I was going through my phone


on Facebook and one of the moms in a group I'm in on Facebook,


she posted it and said, Within a couple of minutes people


had tagged me in it and said, It just didn't even resonate with me


as even attempting to be funny. I just didn't understand the intent


behind someone that made that. Every time we would finally get


Facebook to take one down, it's like within an hour somebody


would send us a link You click on the report button


and you and you just report it for whatever content you think


it's being misused for, I don't know that that is


what necessarily takes But when I looked into it more


and I found the copyright claim, every time I filled out


the copyright form, that photo was taken down usually


within 24 hours. People share stuff that


engages them in some way. Often times that engagement


is something they makes them And then a subset of that is


engagement that's humorous She enlisted friends,


she enlisted people to spread the meaning of, let's take these


down, in a way that used the same tool that spread the image to


the service of removing the image. I've had a lot of people reach out


and say, "I didn't know that was a real child in that photo


and I saw your story on the news and I want to thank you for sharing


what he has and what it is about. And I'm so sorry for


posting that meme." It's turned into something more


than just distorting the photo Those of you who can't


send a message on phone, tablet, or computer without an emoji


attached may well already know that US reality TV star Kim Kardashian


has released her own set of wildly Now these icons are facing


new competition from a set that mock another famous Kim -


the North Korean leader, The "Kimunji" series


features Mr Kim, his father and his grandfather,


as well as various military weapons. They were created by US-based web


designer Ben Gillin who says he hopes they will get people


talking about North Korea. Mr Gillin also says


he created the icons to mock Kardashian Kimojis, which he says


are damaging to society. The reality star's Kimoji app became


the top-selling app on iTunes A reminder of our main news: World


powers have struck a deal It stipulates a cessation


of hostilities in a week's time and an immediate start of aid


deliveries to some besieged towns. But in an interview recorded before


the deal was announced, President, Bashar al-Assad,


says he intends to fight on until he's brought the whole


country back under his control. President, Bashar al-Assad,


says he intends to fight on until he's brought the whole


country back under his control. But for now from me,


Tim Wilcox, and the rest There is a cold weekend in prospect,


some to


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