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I'm Alice Baxter with BBC World News.


A large explosion rocks the Turkish capital,


The target appears to have been a bus carrying soldiers.


Reports say several people have been killed and many more injured.


Aid convoys enter a town outside Damascus, but the deal


with the Syrian government doesn't include the city of Aleppo.


Should Apple break into the phone of a killer?


The FBI say yes, the tech giant says it breaches privacy


We start with some breaking news - reports from the Turkish capital,


Ankara, say 18 people have been killed and many injured in a large


These are the latest pictures from the scene of the blast.


They resume to armed campaign against the Government last year.


There have been also responsibility from the Islamic State group which


has carried out recent attacks it appears in Istanbul there were 11


German tourists killed by a suicide bomber last month. Back in October


on Turkish soil outside the really station in and Canada. More than 100


people killed and 500 people injured. --


entered a besieged suburb of the Syrian capital,


Syrian state media say 35 trucks have also entered the rebel-held


These are the latest pictures of the aid trucks arriving


on the outskirts of the town which lies just south


It's one of five locations where the United Nations


is co-ordinating with the Syrian Red Crescent


But it doesn't include the country's biggest city,


Aleppo, divided between opposing groups.


It's now almost completely surrounded by the Syrian military.


Earlier I spoke to a correspondent and asked how bad the situation is


in the affected areas. Several areas have been identified by the United


Nations as in desperate need of aid. The Syrian Government has agreed to


send it to five of these areas. One of these areas is in the East of


cilia which is partly controlled by IS forces so what will be a


challenge to deliver aid there. At this stage they are concentrating on


the suburbs of Damascus. Also there are two areas in the north. These


are the areas that have been receiving some aid. The Syrian media


spoke about 35 trucks entering an area this morning. 100 more trucks


are waiting to be sent to the area. It is too early to verify how much


of this aid has actually reached the target that we should be able to


know in the coming few days. The Syrian government under huge


pressure to deliver. Level, that almost totally destroyed is not


among them. Aleppo is different category. There has been heavy


fighting going on, until last week there were over 50,000 refugees


massing on the border with heavy fighting going on between the


government forces and rebels in the area. These groups have also been


the subject of heavy air bombardment from the Turkish air force as well


as the Russian air force is so Aleppo at the moment is an extremely


dangerous areas. That was our reporter from BBC Arabic talking to


be a little earlier. When you go to pick up your morning


coffee or to drink your favourite chai latte, do you think that maybe


those drinks could contain double A campaign group here in the UK,


Action On Sugar, analysed 131 hot drinks and found a third contained


at least as much sugar as a can of Pepsi or Coca-Cola,


which contains nine teaspoons. Our Health Correspondent,


Sophie Hutchinson, has more. A daily routine or


an occasional treat. Today's research suggests some hot


drinks from high street cafes should The report by Action on Sugar looked


at over 100 drinks from nine It found 98% had excessive


levels of sugar, described It analysed 131 of them from


Britain's biggest chains. Just to put it into context,


this can of Coca-Cola contains nine But compare that to this caramel


latte, which contains 13 This chai latte contains


20 teaspoons of sugar. The worst offender is this


hot mulled fruit drink. Back out on the streets there was


some surprise that the coffee we bought had twice as much sugar as a


can of cola. Two times, good heavens! Wow, that does surprise me


that it's double, that is a hell of the lot. I do not order many things


out of the further reason to be feared. Starbucks says it is


committed to reducing sugar by 25% hike 2020 and already offers lighter


options. Costa said it had already taken significant steps to reduce


sugar content. But experts are concerned about the impact of these


drinks on heart disease, dental health and obesity and insist people


need much more help to make healthier choices. If we had proper


calorie labelling on the drinks we consume out of home in the way we


now see on candid the supermarket for example at least people could


begin to make an informed choice. It is also a matter of portion size.


The reason there is so much sugar in some of these drinks as they are


ridiculously large and I think the time has come for us to think about


having a cap on the portion size of some of these drinks. Treasure has


been growing for the government to bring in a tax on sugary drinks


after evidence from abroad it can reduce the amount that people buy.


It is a much delayed obesity strategy which may finally be


published in the next few weeks. Nobody look at some of the day


Bosman other news for you. The United States has deployed fighter


jets in a show of force against North Korea. It is to underline


Washington was my commitment to the defence of South Korea. And


Indymedia has bad access to tumbler, that is a blogging platform, the


site had been used to distribute pornographic material and separately


the Indonesian authorities are demanding instant message labs


remove the orgies or face a ban. And the Guinness book of records says


the right in Tower is the worlds most slender. It is just under four


metres wide and over metres tall. The President of the European


Council, Donald Tusk, has told EU leaders that he can't


guarantee that a deal will be reached on reforms demanded


by the British Prime Minister, On Thursday Donald Tusk will chair


a crucial summit meeting in Brussels Poland and three other countries


are reported to be still resisting welfare curbs while France


is thought to be against financial Donald Tusk was asked by the BBC's


Ben Wright how the negotiation was going. Today the UK are still a


member of the European Union and I have the feeling that it will not


change, tomorrow will stop are you confident you will get the deal


tomorrow? I am sure you have no choice. Let's toss to our


correspondence, Alex Forsyth. The rhetoric from most European leaders


in from Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council use just


the, they want a deal done. The UK does because it wants to get on with


this referendum about whether it could stay on leave the EU. Other


leaders have other issues they want to focus on, not least the migration


crisis. They want to get this deal done after weeks and months of


negotiation but there is no guarantee it will be finished. That


is because they are still technical issues over which there is some


disagreement and some big political differences, too. You mentioned the


few, France has some concerns over regulations to users on countries


and non-Eurozone countries. Other Eastern and Central European


countries have flagged concerns over exactly how changes to welfare


payments to migrant workers might be played out or imposed and those


things will not be easily solved. Political will to try and get this


deal done by Friday, by example, but not yet the way. Do you think this


will be down to the wire in view of those sticking points you outweigh?


There are two tracks to this, we are expecting in the next few hours and


other draft document which will set out some of the proposed solutions


to the reforms that David Cameron and the UK want to see and that will


have some technical and legal minor changes from the one published a few


weeks ago. It will be a team of lawyers and EU experts trying to


thrash out those technical and legal issues and at the same time you have


sat around the table B EU leaders trying to deal with those big


political differences which still exist. We know they will talk about


death at the first session tomorrow and there is pencilled in another


session for Friday when the talks will continue. We do not know what


the outcome of that will be. Donald Tusk has said there is no guarantee


but it is better to try to reach a compromise. The momentum is behind


these negotiations now and he makes a clear warning that unless this is


resolved somehow the very unity of the EU is at stake. He will be


working hard to try to do a deal but it may very well come down to the


wire. Thank you, Alex Forsyth therefore I was in Brussels.


Apple says it will challenge a court order that helps the US authorities


access information on a mobile phone.


The device belongs to San Bernadino killer Syed Rizwan Farook -


who, with his wife, shot dead 14 people last December.


The FBI says the phone contains crucial information


Well, Apple CEO Tim Cook has released a statement saying


"The United States government has demanded that Apple take


"an unprecedented step which threatens the security


"We oppose this order, which has implications far


This is part of a longstanding debate


between America's Silicon Valley technology companies


It generally sees the companies opposed to software with weakened


security, in a bid to protect the privacy of customers.


On the other side, the authorities warn that encryption software gives


criminals a means to communicate undetected.


Join amino from Washington is Greg who is advocating for digital


piracy. Thanks for joining me on the show. I have no doubt that in this


you come down on the side of Apple that I want to tell you that just in


the last hour at the White House spokesman, Josh Ernest, and issued a


statement pointing out the Department of Justice is asking the


tech giant for access just to one single device. The government is


asking Apple to Gallup malware, that is software that gets into the


device that does not exist today. If the government gets its way it could


ask Apple to develop malware to get the government into other iPhones,


into computers that Apple makes and it did issue similar orders to other


US tech companies to get access to dad that stored on their devices as


well. This particular order may involve this particular device that


it has implications for the security of all the devices that we use. In


this White House statement the address exactly that point saying


the government is not asking Apple to be design it roared up or create


a new backboard to its product. This is the request and offending to a


very specific person. The San Bernardino attacker, a well-known


incident. Can you not see that perhaps in this instance it is just


a request for access to a single phone and it is not perhaps a


trickle-down effect? Simply we have a lot of sympathy for the victims of


that terrible attack but the answer to that attack should not be to


weaken the security of Apple devices. Once this, if this order


stands, there will be other orders and there will be other orders


covering other devices and the consequence of that will be that the


malware that Apple is required to produce why those orders would


eventually get out and would weaken the security of all of Apple 's


devices and, as I said earlier, it is not just Apple we are concerned


with, it is what this would mean for the makers of other devices and the


security of those devices. It seems like every week there is a new that


breach and eight new instance where instance that is personal and can


cause damage gets out to the public or gets out to the bad guys.


Encryption is the way we prevent that from happening. It is the way


we prevent damage. You empathise at all with the F guide position on


this? Of course, everyone wants justice to be served but the F B I


have a lot of tools that it can use to get information that is relevant


to this crime. In this case the perpetrator of the crime is already


dead in maybe other people who are involved that the F guy wants to


take a look at. It has the number of investigative tools that don't


involve weakening the security of devices that it could use. Thank


you, from the centre of democracy and technology, for joining me.


Thank you. Pope Francis' last stop on his tour


of Mexico is Ciudad Juarez He arrived in the last hour


or so and is on his way to one Later in the evening Francis


will give mass for 200,000 people. Ciudad Juarez is synonymous


with illegal migration into the US and Francis is expected to speak


about the plight of migrants. He enjoys important places to go.


That is why it is one of them. It is at the border with the United States


weedy lot of immigrants choose to go through to the United States. He is


talking about mercy. This is the year of mercy in the words of Pope


Francis and he is saying you have baby without Borders. The Germans


how to work with each other. It is a message as well to the Mexicans,


even if the Mexicans say the United states are not treating as fairly,


they are accused of abusing a lot of Central Americans who go through


Mexico to go to the United States. The messages lets be human to each


other, it does not matter where you come from. Mental health is fast


coming one of the great global in Jews of our time.


Two women in our in the mine CDs have recorded their thoughts. Having


mental illnesses like in controlled by a puppet master because it is


just like having your own brain taken out and someone else's bid in


for a few months. I decided to flog about it because I could not find


any videos about exactly what I had gone through. -- chair. I have


bipolar, gone through. -- chair. I have


everyone has a different experience. For me part of it was my manic


episode. Like you are normally but on an extreme episode. If you are


episode. Like you are normally but upset you are really, really upset


or if you're happy you are running around dancing and singing. It is


kind of like all of your around dancing and singing. It is


the psychiatric ward are very, very strange and very surreal. When I got


there I was very confused because I did not know what was going on. I


thought I was being watched and that I was on some sort of TV programme


and that someone was playing a joke on me. I was in a very delusional


state of mind, I was imagining things were happening that were not


happening. I was imagining I was someone that I wasn't. You still


have people dressing up for Halloween in psychiatric patients


and using words like mental and psychotic and things. Opening up


about it is really helpful for raking down stigmas and actually


telling people what it's really like to have it. I've been making YouTube


videos on and off for around four years now. The reason I do it is to


show the honest nature of my illness and what my live with this illnesses


like. I have done some weird things including harming myself quite


severely to a life-threatening point. If I was to be completely


well in my videos it would be an inaccurate or trail. I make myself


do it and I try to be as honest as always. Schizoaffective disorder is


being absolutely fine one day and then a weekly to just being in the


grips of psychosis. Being so depressed that I'm contemplating


suicide to one week later being absolutely fine again. I can hear


voices in my head, it see things such as shadows or people, sometimes


animals. I no longer know who I am, when I am, my beliefs and my


connection with reality is just shattered. I thought it would be


good to do about sectioning cause it is not something widely talked about


because of, obviously, the stigma and things like that attached to it.


Technology and the Internet and the way things are now had really help


Technology and the Internet and the the conversation around mental


health. People like me are able to upload the


health. People like me are able to to spread awareness and information.


I have had people message to say my to spread awareness and information.


videos have wanted them to to spread awareness and information.


from professionals. to spread awareness and information.


feel fantastic. It was the sole reason I setup my channel and I did


not even think I would achieve that saw it just my day.


A quick reminder of our main news this hour. A government spokesman


from Turkey has confirmed 28 people were killed in that explosion in


Ankara. He also said 61 people were injured and the blast happened next


to a passing military vehicle in an area host to the parliament and


close to Turkey 's military headquarters. The Turkish Prime


Minister has cancelled a trip to Brussels in response to the attack.


If you would like to get in touch with me or some of the team you can


do. We like you to get in touch on twitter. For now, hangs for


watching. -- fight you for watching.


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