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President Obama tries again to close contact obey.


He calls on the US Congress to back a proposal to shut the detention


centre that he first put forward more than seven years ago.


This plan deserves a fair hearing, even in an election year.


We should be able to have an open dialogue on how to ensure


A huge increase in the number of migrants desperate to reach


Europe - over 100,000 have crossed the Mediterranean this year.


There's a massive international recall of chocolate bars


after plastic is found in a product made by Mars.


President Obama has announced plans to close the Guantanamo Bay


He said keeping the facility open was contrary to American values,


and undermined the security of the United States.


He also said that closing Guantanamo would save a great deal of money.


The plan will now go before Congress, where it is likely


Let's take a closer look at the history behind


It was opened by the Bush administration in 2002.


It held around 780 prisoners - men who were termed 'enemy


Washington said most had been captured on the battlefield in


Several of those prisoners are high-profile, they include


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed - the alleged mastermind


When he came to office in 2009, President Obama pledged


Today's announcement is a final attempt to complete the task.


There has been some opposition to closing on Tanner man. Given the


stakes involved for our security, this plan deserves a chance --


Guantanamo. The fact I am no running, Joe is not running, we are


not on the ballots, it gives us the capacity to not have to worry. Let


us do what is right for America. Our correspondent is in Washington.


There is storage opposition to the plans to close Guantanamo. If you


look at the response, it is completely in line with that. The


Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan says it is against the law and will


stay against the law. Congress has passed legislation said it was


illegal to build a prison for these terrorist suspects on US soil. Then


the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said we will look at the


plan, but if it involves bringing dangerous territories to the yes, he


knows what we think about it. Even people like Senator John McCain have


criticised President Obama for what he offered, saying he has missed a


chance to convince Congress and the American people that he has a plan.


It is Moloch of vague menu of options. The response from the


Republican side has not been encouraging, but President Obama was


probably expecting that. It was something he promised to do when he


was elected and he is making a last stand of final attempt to highlight


the importance of it as we see it. Tell us about those still left


inside. What is their status. There are 91 prisoners left inside. 35 of


them have been designated for transfer with the conclusion that


they no longer or don't pose a threat and said the administration


is trying to find home countries for them. That bring the number down to


less than 60. So the proposal to bring them to the US would mean


there would be less than 60 maximum that would come. Of those, 46 of


them are being held without indefinite detention. Those cases


are coming under periodic reviews, so perhaps more of them could be


deemed safe. There are ten of them who are undergoing legal processes


through military commissions. That is the breakdown so far. Thank you.


More than 100,000 migrants and refugees have already arrived


by sea in Europe this year - that's more than ten times


the figure for January and February last year.


Most of them came ashore on the Greek islands.


The International Organisation for Migration says they've mainly


come from countries affected by conflict -


From Greece, here's our Correspondent Danny Savage.


Crammed onto a rubber boats, singing to keep their spirits up. Their


first time at sea. No wonder this child looks scared. The Syrians paid


$700 for a place on board. It's cheaper than recent times, that is


probably why 110,000 people have done this over the last six weeks. A


short while later the boat started to sink. Luckily for them the Greek


coastguard was there to rescue them. Those pictures were filmed by a


46-year-old English teacher from northern Syria. He says Russian


bombing forced him out of his country. Most of our houses are


destroyed. They are not down to the ground by means of bombs, rockets,


OK? Russian air forces do a strikes every day. He and his children


arrived at Greece's newest migrant camp. It has only been open a day


and it is already full. Over the last 24 hours Greece has said it is


prepared to take 50,000 more migrants although it is debatable


about how much say it has on the matter, but it wants to move these


people on the migrant trail and further north there are problems. At


the border between Greece and Macedonia today a backlog has


developed. Syrians and the Iraqis can pass, but Afghans are being


stopped. We can't go back to Afghanistan. If we go back, we will


be killed. Measures further up the migrant trail to limit numbers


passing through Austria are being blamed for this latest arbitrary


decision to stop Afghans. The United Nations says it will lead to chaos


and confusion along the 1300 mile route. And that is exactly what


happened today when Afghans cut through the border fence and stormed


into Macedonia. They are determined to keep moving onwards, undeterred


by riot police and fences. And now that spring has sprung in


south-eastern Europe, the numbers are unlikely to drop off. The new


rush of refugees is anticipated. Belgium says it is temporarily


reintroducing border controls with France to halt the arrival


of migrants from the Calais It's the latest blow to the EU's


passport-free travel area. The French authorities are planning


to close parts of the migrant camp but many of those living


there are reluctant to move The BBC's Tomos Morgan has been


spending the day in the camp. The French government had set a


deadline of seven o'clock this evening for migrants living in the


southern part of the camp to leave their premises. They wanted migrants


to either move into the shipping containers or new settlements or to


leave the so-called Jungle completely, but a judge has come


here this morning and she has not yet made a decision as to whether or


not that eviction is in fact legal. She has 48 hours to draw up her


report and the security authorities said they will not move in and evict


the migrants until the judge has made her ruling. And in a further


development, the Belgian authorities have closed the borders because they


have already seen a number of migrants tried to cross into Belgium


to get to the porter Zeebrugge, and other way migrants can potentially


get into Britain. Evidence that this eviction in Calais is causing


problems all across the North Coast. The confectionery giant, Mars,


is recalling millions of chocolate bars in 55 countries It comes


after a customer in Germany found bits of plastic in a


Snickers bar in January. The plastic was traced back


to the Mars factory in the southern With me is our world affairs


correspondent Richard Galpin. The danger is that there is plastic


in other chocolate and if they eat it, it is a potential choking


hazard. Potentially, someone could dine said they have to recall these


bars. It could run into tens of millions.


And just one factory is thought to be the source of this?


Yes and it is massive that treat the South of Holland. It was expanded


last summer. They poured about 100 million euros in it to expand


production and it is primarily meant for exports abroad to many different


countries. If anyone is out there wearing about


what they should do with some chocolate in the cupboard, what


should they do? The advice would be to see what bars


they are and if they are the relevant ones, they need to contact


the Mars branch in their country. There is information on the website,


although earlier today it was impossible to get on it. Presumably


given a bit of time it will ease off and you can look at the website to


see which brands are affected. Clearly Mars are saying be careful,


don't eat these particular brands, they must be recalled.


A study by an international team of scientists says that sea levels


are rising faster than at any time in the past three thousand years.


It's the first to cover such long-term, historic levels.


The report found a clear link between rising seas


Up until the industrial revolution in the 19th century -


sea levels rose around 3cm to 4cm a century.


But in the 20th Century sea levels rose by 14 centimetres.


Between 1993 and today - the rate climbed to 30 centimetres.


Scientists now say if current greenhouse gas emissions


Sea levels could increase drastically - by up


In terms of exposed populations, these are some of the coastal cities


scientists regularly highlight as at risk from rising sea levels.


The cluster in Asia is of particular concern.


Earlier I spoke to Ben Strauss in New York.


He's vice president for sea level and climate impacts


at Climate Central research organisation and was involved


We are really just a fierce centimetres into a problem that


needs to be measured in metres. This is a problem that will affect tens


of millions of people and more in the long run. Where precisely are


you more worried about? Five out of six people who live on low lying


vulnerable coastal land live in Asia. We are talking about China,


south-east Asia, India, but frankly if you live on the coast anywhere,


this is a concern. You have been talking quite dramatically about


some of the US cities, Miami, New Orleans. How bad could things get


there? What we have seen in Miami and Charleston for example or in


Maryland are just over the last couple of decades a real spike in


the rate of what we call high tide or nuisance floods. Those are


increasing more rapidly than sea level itself. They really affect


people's lives and will do that increasingly. These are witty


frightening findings. What makes you so sure that's what you say is


accurate? Well, the study that has just been completed is really


extraordinary in its breadth and rigour and if you look at the


pattern over 3000 years, what you see is not so much a hockey stick as


a capital letter L. There is an incredible spike in the rise of sea


levels in the last century and we really for the first time have


quantitatively put a human fingerprints on it. We know that


this is from us and we are driving it. I know you have testified on


Capitol Hill and you have talked about the drawing the map of the


United States and other countries, but what people will be wondering is


is it too late to do something about it? It is not too late to make a


significant difference. We can, by cutting carbon emissions we can slow


down the level rises. But we are going to see a continuing rise no


matter what we do. The trial of a woman accused


of abducting a newborn baby nearly 20 years ago, has


begun in South Africa. The baby, Zephany Nurse,


was allegedly snatched from her mother's bedside


in a Cape Town hospital in 1997. She was reunited with her family


last year after she befriended a younger girl at school to whom she


bore a striking resemblance. The BBC's Nomsa Maseko


was in the court. The truth about Zephany Nurse's


kidnapping might finally be revealed. The trial of the woman


accused of snatching her from her mother's bedsides started here in


Cape Town. The woman, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the


girl, pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping, fraud and


contravening the children's act. In a key explanation and didn't buy her


counsel, she alleges the child was given to her by an unknown woman.


She also claims she thought she was adopting an unwanted baby. The


pre-explanation goes into detail about the accused's difficulty in


conceiving a child. The mother of the child took the stand. She said


she laid in bed in pain with her baby by her side when a woman


dressed in a nurses uniform asked to hold a crying child. She then


started sobbing how she described to the court how she woke up to find


her baby gone. The biological father also testified. He told the court


how he conducted his own investigation when his younger


daughter alerted him to a go at her school that bore a striking


resemblance. We are over the moon. My daughter is back. We are happy.


Whilst the family are coming to terms with the return of their


daughter, the accused could face up to 15 years behind bars if Brown


guilty. It is a child's kidnapping case. You don't even steal another


person's puppy, let alone a child. For 18 years you have been enjoying


other people's blessings. It is wrong. It is expected the trial will


last another two weeks with another nine people to take the stand.


Donald Trump's call for a temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering


the US may have caused controversy around the world,


but it's been popular with many conservative Americans.


Exit polls in New Hampshire and South Carolina show a majority


of Republican voters support his ban.


And Mr Trump's front runner status


To talk about this controversial policy the BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan


went for an unlikely brunch with a Donald Trump supporter,


a Muslim refugee from Syria and the Alabama pastor who is trying


Donald J Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of


Muslims entering the United States. He thinks every Muslim is Isis.


Everybody needs to feel safe, at home and abroad. The political realm


in which we live right now is poisoned. It is deeply toxic.


His statement was not to just eliminate all refugees, he wants to


put a port to figure out what is going on. That is basically his


words. I don't think he really wants to stop people like these folks. But


he wants to for now. That is anyone who is of the Muslim faith. That is


very extreme and discriminatory. It is extreme, but there is the radical


Muslim who in portraits which could be a problem. I believe that Mr


Trump is ignorant of the facts. People who came as a refugee, their


history has been checked of their life. They know everything they did.


Even asked when we came, we had to give our papers and everything we


had. We are about peace. Our Koran does not talk about killing people


or being a terrorist. There is a certain segment of your religion


that they refer to as radical Islam. Isis, I have heard that name. I have


heard Taliban, I have heard all these names that we have been told


by the news media here that they are out to harm the West. Statements


made on a political framework to a large broad population needs to be


weighed very carefully because they have an impact for a long, long


time. What he has said, what Donald Trump and other politicians have


said and I are saying will never go away. Once those words are released


around the world, they have an impact on the soul of every person


who hears them. There is always a solution for that and by


communicating with American people, I see what they are feeling about


me. There is always a solution. That is to be remembered. There is always


a solution. Always. Here in the UK a major incident has


been declared following an explosion At least one person has died


and there are understood to be Daniel Boettcher has the latest


on this developing story. These images seem to show a section


of this building has collapsed. It is part of Didcot eight, the power


station decommissioned in 2013 and is in the process of being


demolished. On the ground fire crews and ambulances and emergency


services were called mid-afternoon after reports of an explosion. It is


still not clear what has happened, but this is being described as a


major incident. This video posted on social media shows smoke or dust


rising from one side of the building. Eyewitnesses have


described hearing a loud bang. I can see the power station from where I


am. It is only about 400 yards away. At about four o'clock when I heard


the explosion and rumbling, by the time I looked out of the window


there was a huge cloud of dust which came to our village. When that had


cleared, I noticed that half of the old power station were the


generators were, half of that was missing. There are reports that one


person has been killed, but that has not been confirmed.


Both the Syrian government and the main opposition umbrella


group fighting in the country say they have accepted the terms


The plan, announced by the US and Russia, calls for a halt


to combat operations from midnight on Friday.


But both the Syrian government and the opposition have placed


And the deal will not apply to the two main jihadist groups


in Syria, the Islamic State group, and the rival al-Nusra Front,


which will continue to be targeted by airstrikes.


The funeral of the celebrated Italian writer Umberto Eco has taken


He's best known for his blockbuster novel The Name Of The Rose,


which has sold more than 10 million copies and been translated


Umberto Eco's final novel will be released on Friday.


A zoo here in Britain has announced the birth of a baby gorilla


The operation was performed in the city of Bristol


after the mother was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia,


It's thought to be the first time a newborn gorilla has survived


It's among just a handful of such cases worldwide.


He's delivered hundreds of babies, but Professor David Cahill has never


In his hands, a tiny newborn gorilla.


He was called in from a local maternity hospital by Bristol Zoo


He was asked to carry out an emergency Cesarean.


He says the three-hour operation was remarkably similar to dealing


with a human being, although the end result was a little different.


Hairier and about two pounds in weight.


What was that like, holding a baby gorilla that you've delivered?


I mean I've held lots of babies, but this one was quite special


because even though it was quite small, it was doing all the things


you would expect a gorilla to do like holding on to you,


because they're clearly different to babies.


It had a very strong grip and he looked at me with those weird


Mother and baby are doing well, but there were some nervous moments


The baby female, who has not yet been named,


11-days-old, she's thriving and being hand-reared by zoo staff.


It's feeding very, very well and taking several feeds a day.


It's still quite small, but it's out of danger,


I think in any sense and it's doing really well.


When I held it, it had a nice nappy on so I was safe to hold to for long


enough to be introduced to the rest of the family here.


When that happens, the zoo say, it will have to be done very


For now she is being cared for in private.


No visitors, apart from Professor Cahill, of course!


President Obama has unveiled plans to close the Guantanamo Bay


In a televised announcement, he said keeping the facility open


was contrary to American values, and undermined the security


of the United States and its standing in the world.


You can get in touch with me and some of the team via Twitter -


Good evening. If you thought this morning was called,


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