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Austria and several Balkan countries warn migration must stop,


so they cope with those who've already crossed their borders.


We won with young, we won with old, we won with highly-educated,


Only Donald Trump could get away with that.


He wins again in the race for the White House.


Johnson and Johnson is ordered to pay millions of dollars


to the family of a woman whose death from ovarian cancer


has been linked to her use of some of its products.


And the stars of the music industry have gathered here in London


We have the latest from the red carpet.


Austria and the Balkan nations are warning that a complete stop


to the influx of migrants is inevitable


because of security and other concerns.


They say it's simply not possible to process


unlimited numbers of migrants and applicants for asylum.


Well, these are the latest migrant arrivals on the Greek island


of Lesbos - men, women and children are continuing to make


the treacherous crossing of the Aegean sea from Turkey


The comments on migration to Europe were made in Vienna,


where Austria and the Balkan nations have been meeting


ahead of a European Union-wide gathering on Thursday.


Our correspondent, Bethany Bell, is in Vienna.


People through the Balkan roots. They have


a standard for the. They want to also to people back if they have got


documents, or if they don't have any document at all. Yes, there is a


sense here of countries digging in. They say, and we heard from the


Austrian foreign Mr and the interior minister, that they want to have a


Europe-wide solution to this problem. But they say that that


happens, they have started unilateral measures. Austria took in


about 1% of its population last year in terms of asylum seekers. They say


they cannot carry on at that level. This is a way of putting pressure on


the EU to do more. If those migrants are turned away, what happens to


them then, and what reaction is that likely to get other parts of Europe?


One of the things that people had been concerned about is the domino


effect. If one country tightens up its borders, the migrants I just


sort of kick back to the next border and the next border. Greece was not


invited to this meeting today. It lodged a formal dip dramatic protest


to Austria because it was not invited. It said that the meeting


today was discussing things that very much affected Greece. Austria,


for its part, said that this is a format that it has done before with


a number of Western Balkan countries, and they did say in their


final conclusions at the meeting today that it is essential to


corporate with Greece. There is a sense of the split in Europe about


how to do at the migrant crisis. People know that more people are


coming, and they don't know what to do about it. There is not a single


policy at the moment. Thank you. Well, in a related development,


the Hungarian prime minister has called for a national referendum


on the European Union's plan for a mandatory quota


for the resettlement His call comes as the latest figures


show the number of migrants arriving The fence is weak,


the migrants determined, but the Hungarian police


and army are out in force. When this barrier was completed


last year, refugees circled Hungary But now that route


is getting harder, More than 100 a day


are caught cutting through most of those caught


are Moroccans and Algerians - nationalities no longer allowed


through by any country. After defending his southern


borders so effectively, the Hungarian Prime Minister,


Victor Orban, called for a referendum


to prevent other European countries sending them back here


through the back door. TRANSLATION: We Hungarians feel -


and I'm convinced that the Government is responding


to public sentiment now - we think that introducing


resettlement quotas for migrants without the backing of the people


equals an abuse of power. 1,700 people have been caught


entering Hungary through this fence Unconfirmed reports suggest


that all police leave The Hungarian Government


clearly feels that, one year into this refugee crisis,


it is winning the argument. not primarily an asylum


or humanitarian issue. The Government's critics argue that,


far from defending Europe, Hungary is fighting


against the emergence Meanwhile, authorities in Belgium


say they've halted 80 migrants since imposing border


controls on Monday evening. as they tried to reach


the ferry port of Zeebrugge. Local police says most


of the the migrants were returned to France,


while others are being held as authorities decide


what to do with them. The migrants are thought


to have come from Calais, where the biggest camp,


the so-called Jungle, A jury in the US state of Missouri


has ordered the pharmaceutical company Johnson Johnson to pay


$72 million to the family of a woman to use of the company's


Baby Powder talc. Jackie Fox,


from Birmingham, Alabama, died of ovarian cancer last year,


aged 62, Her family's lawyers argued


that the firm knew of cancer risks from the product


and failed to warn consumers. Johnson Johnson say the verdict


goes against decades of sound science and that they


strongly disagree with the outcome. They go on to say there


is insufficient evidence The company is expected


to appeal the verdict. This case marks the first time


damages have been awarded by About 1,000 similar cases


have been filed in Missouri, Is there a link between it


and ovarian cancer? Well, I've been speaking


to Louise Bayne, who is the Chief Executive of


the ovarian cancer charity Ovacome. I began by asking her


whether there was a proven link There are some studies which do


demonstrate that women report... You know,


women who have got ovarian cancer report that they had used talc,


and that was in significant numbers. that didn't rely


on an initial diagnosis, and therefore


is scientifically more robust, demonstrated that there


was no correlation. So this has been talked


about for some time, What does an organisation


like yours then advise, because people wonder,


should we be using things like this? We have advised for many years


to avoid the use of talcum powder There is no need for it,


and although talcum powder that was produced in the '70s


contained nasties such as asbestos, So the quality of the product


is seen to improve, but nonetheless there is no need


for it, and we advise not to use it. Now, when something like this


makes the news, people talk


about the disease, ovarian cancer. Do you think


there is sufficient awareness of what happens


and what the symptoms are and what people should be doing


if they suspect it? Ovarian cancer is renowned


as being difficult to diagnose. The symptoms are vague


and nonspecific. So we do see that there is a very


significant level of late diagnosis, and presentation at


the A Department. It is difficult to diagnose


and by the conventional routes. How big is the risk


in society of ovarian cancer? There's only 7,000 cases of


ovarian cancer in the UK each year, as opposed to 40,000


or 50,000 cases of breast cancer, An average GP will see a case


of ovarian cancer But, nonetheless, it impacts


significantly on the families and we would like to see


improvement in awareness. The difficulty you mentioned,


with nonspecific symptoms that could easily be


explained by other reasons. What symptoms should


people be looking for? Well, Ovacome created an acronym


to make it easier for people I'm not talking about a sensation


of feeling full. I'm talking about actually,


your skirt doesn't fit any more, a physical distension


of the abdomen. Women often report that, suddenly,


they can't complete a meal Now a look at some of


the day's other news. FIFA has rejected appeals


by Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini to overturn their bans


from all football-related activity. But world football's governing body


did reduce the bans and Mr Platini, who was in charge


of European football, Three brothers and their uncle have


been convicted of what British police described as the "horrific"


sexual abuse of teenage girls over a 15-year period


in the northern city of Rotherham. Two women were convicted


of conspiracy to procure prostitutes and two other men were cleared


of the charges against them. Nearly five years after


the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the operator of the plant


has admitted that it should have announced immediately


that there was a meltdown. The Tokyo Electric Power Company


said that if safety procedures had been followed, it would have been


obvious after three days that the plant's core reactors


had suffered critical damage. There seems to be no stopping


presidential hopeful Donald Trump in the race to become


the Republican Party's candidate. All eyes are now on


what's known as Super Tuesday, when a dozen states will vote


for their choice of candidate. And, as James Cook reports


from Las Vegas, the property tycoon turned politician's victory speech


was vintage Trump. Not so long ago, his presidential


bid was dismissed as a curiosity. Now the businessmen


is the Republican frontrunner, We won with young, we won with old,


we won with highly-educated, With the smartest people,


with the most loyal people. And you know what I


really am happy about? Because I have been


saying for a long time. That was a blow for his Hispanic


rivals, including Ted Cruz. The Texas Senator's own state


votes next week, on Super Tuesday. He says that will be the most


important moment of the campaign. The only campaign that has


beaten Donald Trump, and the only campaign that can beat


Donald Trump is this campaign. is split between Ted Cruz


and his rivals, the more the property tycoon


reaps the rewards. Which is why senior figures


of the Republican party are now beginning to panic


about the thought of an outsider And so they are rallying around


Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, who is now urging the other


candidates to stand aside. does not want Donald Trump


to be the nominee. The problem is, they are divided up


amongst four people now. They just don't like the fact that


a non-established candidate Mr Trump is energising voters angry


with the political system. but he's beginning


to look unstoppable. Kate Andrews is spokesperson


for Republicans Overseas UK, though she's currently


in New York, and joins me


from the BBC studios there. Is. There are over 500 delegates up


for grabs when Hillary Clinton becomes the


nominee, most of Bernie Sanders' votes will go to her. I will not be


surprised if some blue-collar Democrats supported Ultram. What


does the astonishment do about it question of what ugly doing wrong?


The establishment has got out of hand. People are being rounded as


establishment was it now just means that people have political


experience. One of the other candidates is not spent time in


Washington, he has spent time in Ohio, making decisions for real


people. We talk about the established that, one of the biggest


problem is we have is that people are divided tween people like Marco


Rubio and Ted Cruz. Other people, even though they don't have majority


votes between them, are not getting enough to actually win. What needs


to happen, not just when the establishment but within the whole


of the Republican Party is they need to dwindle that candidates down and


they need to get down to one person who will take on Donald Trump. The


problem is that the Republicans cannot decide who that is right now.


If you look at Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, even in the Hispanic vote in


Nevada, they did not beat Donald Trump. That is a real problem,


surely question it is a problem that Ted Cruz is not able to get


evangelical support either. They care about people who share their


values and people who are Christians. All of these things have


been thrown out of the window and they are supporting Trump anyway.


This really speaks to the anger that people have with Washington, DC. But


people are just exposing their free choice. They absolutely are. But it


upsets me and frustrates me that a lot of what Donald Trump is selling


to these people is not true. He plays this game of the crowd. He


says, what are we going to build? And they shout, the wall! It is


insane that a sovereign nation will be paying for an integer project on


American soil. But they are believing it. They are being sold


alive. In the same way that a lot of early Sanders' supporters are being


told that they will get free education at universal health care


and not have to pay anything for it. It is unlike the both sides. I'm


sure we will talk again. Good to talk to you.


And for much more on the race for the White House,


including the full Nevada caucus results, do go to our website.


Among other articles, you'll find analysis


from our North America reporter, Anthony Zurcher,


on "five unlikely ways Trump can still be stopped".


That's at bbc.com/news, or download the BBC News app.


A 23-year-old Morrocan man has been given a suspended jail sentence


of six months for stealing a mobile phone


during the New Year's Eve sex attacks in cologne.


The man - named only as Younis A - is the first to be convicted


in connection with the New Year's Eve attacks.


The city's police chief has admitted that many of the men who carried out


sexual assaults and rape that night may never be caught.


In the chaos of celebration, crimes which shocked the country.


Hundreds of women, robbed and sexually assaulted.


Today, hiding his face from the cameras, the first man


to be convicted in connection with the attacks.


The young Moroccan admitted he snatched a mobile phone


He received a suspended jail sentence.


Detectives have now identified 75 suspects.


Most of the men come from North Africa,


and most entered Germany illegally, or they have sought asylum here.


13 have been arrested for theft, and just one for sexual assault.


In fact, Cologne's police chief has admitted it is possible most


of the men who committed sex crimes that night will never be caught.


The CCTV footage is not good enough to clearly identify sexual assaults.


and on victims identifying their attackers.


has had a profound impact on Germany.


The Government plans to make it easier


to deport asylum seekers who commit crime.


But the most significant shift is in public perception.


who believe the attacks are direct evidence


that Angela Merkel's open-door refugee policy has failed.


For the victims, for the Government, for this country,


it will be hard to repair the damage done.


Jeremy Clarkson has apologised to the juicer he assaulted in a hotel


last March. Back in the spring, as your mother,


I suddenly became on busy. You may have seen Jeremy Clarkson making


some jokes about being dropped by Top Gear on adverts for his new


show. Today, his tone is very different. He has issued an apology


to the producer he punched last year, saying...


It was in this North Yorkshire hotel that the presenter carried out the


unprovoked attack, so loud it could be heard in other rooms. Clarkson


was suspended. Weeks later, he was dropped. The victim ended up with a


bleeding lip and a trip to A It is understood a settlement in excess


of ?100,000 has been made. This time, you're going down! Now, with


an estimated global audience of 350 million in some 200 countries, Top


Gear is being re-lunch with a new team of presenters. It is only a


matter of time until it is clear whether this Top Gear can survive


without its top man. It's the biggest night in British


music, and pop superstar Adele is tipped to take home the top


prizes at tonight's Brit Awards, including best album


and best female artist. She - and other international music


sensations like Rihanna, Coldplay and Justin Bieber -


will be taking to the stage where our reporter, Tim Muffett, can


talk to us now from the red carpet. Yes, it is almost upon us. It is a


real international line-up they have got here in London this evening.


Rihanna and Justin Bieber about the respected the play. Coldplay as


well. Adele omitted in four categories. Experts are tipping it


to be her big night. Another nominee is permitted in three categories.


Some of the Spice Girls performances are synonymous with the best nights


in Brit Awards history. I have been jumping around all day. Everyone is


saying I need to chill! A one in three chance of winning. She is up


for three awards. You will definitely get one. We were saying


that you need to practice your speech. What advice would you give


to Jess when she goes up to get her award question of the first thing is


for the performance, it is normal to be nervous. Just let go of trying to


be perfect. It is far more exciting when I see something really raw and


alive, giving to the audience. That is what I think. Think about being


there. There you go, draw and alive. And it is all self-conscious and


clean... That is not interesting. That is my small opinion.


It is interesting how the Brit Awards have grown in the 40 years


since they were staged for the first time in 1977. Much more


international. Global superstars have been persuaded to come and


perform. That is quite a night. It kicks off in just over an hour.


Britain lost a major music star, David Bowie, this year. What is


being done as a tribute to him? There will be a tribute to David


Bowie but it is being kept under wraps. No one really knows. Since


his death earlier this year, Brit Awards organisers were deterred to


pay some kind of tribute, just as tribute was paid recently at the


Grammys as well. We will have to say what form that takes. In terms of


the awards this evening, for many, Adele, those awards are hers to


lose. In 2011, she gave a spine tingling performance that


established. She is now one of the most successful performance artist.


She will be here tonight and people are making this to be heard night


tonight. There have been concerns raised, not


just here and at the Oscars, about the lack of diversity.


That issue has been raised, as you say. There is an alleged spat on


social media about whether are the nominees reflect what is going on in


British music. Others say it is really this year that it has become


an issue. In previous years, it has not been. Very difficult to give one


definitive view on that, depending on who's beating. I will agree that


this is the music industry's biggest night, and it is something that is


up there with the Grammys in terms of its global reach. We will wait


and see who are the lucky winners this evening. And whether, as many


people predict, an artist such as Adele goes on to secure her sort of


global status even further. Thank you.


Now let me take you to the Czech Republic


He's a baby hippo, born less than four weeks ago,


There he is, following his dad, Slavek, out,


with some encouragement from his mother, Maruska.


He's a little unsteady on his feet but already a keen swimmer.


But, for now, from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Many of you are seeing a fair amount of sunshine just at the moment,


but those same clear skies overnight allow the temperatures to fall away.


Yet again, Thursday morning will be a fairly frosty affair,


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