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TRANSLATION: Good afternoon, President, thank you. Within these


news reforms that have been reported, the Secretary-General, the


post of Secretary General that you are very familiar with, will be


almost as important as the president within new Fifa, that you are now


heading. Do you believe that the person who will fill this post will


be, or will it be somebody who has your trust in that sense?


Thank you for that question. Do you understand English? OK, I will


answer in English. I have of course a couple of ideas on the position of


General secretary. Certainly not today the moment to speak about it.


We will look into that, it is the decision of the Fifa council anyway.


It is proposed by the president, of course he has an important position,


it has to be like this. And I want to have a very strong general


secretary. And they said as well in my programme, in my manifesto, if


the president is me, the general secretary will not be European, so


we will look into that. We have time for that, we will discuss it, and we


will see what is the best choice for Fifa and for football. TRANSLATION:


You didn't mention the name of Platini today, do you have any


thoughts for him tonight yes, I have some words for him. I'm not quite


sure whether I've mentioned any name. I didn't think I mentioned any


name at all. I have thanked all of those who have supported me along


this journey. The adventure. The adventure ready starts now, and I


thank Mr Platini for everything he has given me, that he has taught me,


the work that we have done together. And I have strong thoughts for Mr


Platini right now, you can believe me. The final question?


Congratulations. Where are you? Do you speak Portuguese or English?


English come on, of course. I spoke to some of the delegates. It was


quite a close election, really. The first round, for sure. One of the


African delegates said he switched from your opponent to you when he


said he saw you had been more. He had also said that almost all of


Africa voted for your opponent, and now you have a very big challenge to


unite the football world. He said it will take a long time. And football


is divided as a result of today's election, especially from an African


perspective. What are your thoughts on that? I don't agree football is


divided. Today, it was an election, not a war. It was a competition but


not a fight. It was a sporting contest. You can win or lose an


election and then life goes on. And I have great relationship two in


Africa. I started my campaign in Africa. I've many friends in Africa.


The first international competition I attended was the African cup of


Nations in 1998. So I have personally very good relationships


with many persons in Africa. Asia and Oceania, and north-central South


America towards working together. The election has taken place, I have


been elected, now we turn the page, we start to work, we work


altogether, and I will show whole world that I am not a candidate of


Europe or whatever. But I am the candidate of football, and football


is universal, and this is what we will start to do now in Fifa, to


work with everyone for the development of football, and not to


do politics, to speak about divisions, to speak about barriers.


I said today let's build bridges, not walls. And football can do that.


I want to focus on football and if we do that we can speak and discuss


and agree and develop football everywhere in the world. That is my


objective. So we conclude this first press conference, thank you for your


understanding, and we promised there will be further opportunities soon.


Thank you and have a very good evening. Thank you very much. The


briefest of press conferences by the new Fifa president, Johnny 17 oh,


saying that he was going to clean up and it was a big honour for him, but


the work started now. He said there were far reforms, ground-breaking


reforms that would be taking place within Fifa after the turmoil of the


past few months. He was asked why he hadn't actually named any of the


other people who had wanted to stand for his position, for example Mr


Platini, and he said at the time he didn't make any references to


anyone, but he said he thanked everyone who had worked for Fifa and


Uefa and four international foot over the past few years. One


question also from a correspondent saying when he looked at the


breakdown of the votes, was he concerned he didn't appear to have


any of the African delegations onside. Gianni Infantino said he


hoped he would be able to draw the support of everyone within Fifa.


Let's get an idea of who this man is, this 45-year-old lawyer with the


chief executive officer of the International Centre for sport


security in Europe. You know Gianni Infantino quite well. What is he


like? Is he the man to clean up Fifa? I think so and he has the


opportunity to prove it. He is a talented administrator. He's gone


through all the stages and areas in the US until he reached the


Secretary-General. He represents a new dedicated generation of football


administrators. He has a huge responsibility on his shoulders.


This is the defining moment for football. And I think the next 90


days will be crucial. It will have to prove that actions speak louder


than words. And he has to prove that football is now committed, United,


working hard to turning a new page. Interesting, the head of the FA in


Britain, Greg Dyke, said it wasn't that important about who is


president. It was the reforms that were absolutely essential. Gianni


Infantino described them as ground-breaking. Our they? I think


they are extremely important. They are in the right direction, but they


are not a miraculous panacea. Greg Dyke is right in a way because these


kinds of leaders don't exist. This isn't about Fifa but about the whole


football world. It is about the whole sport. The challenges are the


money challengers. Football and other sports do not have the means,


they don't have the jurisdiction to tackle these problems, which are


complex, increasingly sophisticated, global, and quite often including


criminal infiltration. This requires United front against all the threats


that endanger the governments and the credibility of such an


overwhelming sport. It is interesting because the world


players union weren't happy in terms of this appointment, saying the


reforms have actually increased the power to Fifa's 209 member


Associations, which is part of the problem, isn't it? They are right.


What has been demanded, what has been required is to have an enhanced


representative democracy, meaning that the leagues, the players, the


sponsors and other legitimate parties who have an important voice


in sport, they should be represented in the decision-making structures,


not just to be consulted once in awhile. In this case, I personally


believe that this reform does not represent a step forward but step


back. Also, in his initial reaction to the press conference, it was


clear his message was a message of common purpose, unity,


inclusiveness, and he referred all the key stakeholders in sport so he


deserves a vote of confidence. Undoubtedly, what sport needs is an


independent, neutral platform where all these responsibilities and


organisations, ranging from sports, governments, international


authorities, regulators and NGOs can have a constructive role, a positive


role in shaping a new era in the governments of sport. That is where


the challenge lies. OK, thank you very much indeed.


To the US now and in the race for the Republican nomination


for President, Donald Trump has won another high profile supporter.


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has endorsed Mr Trump


saying his former rival for the White House had the best


chance at beating Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton


I'm proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump for President of the


United States. I'm doing this for a number of reasons. Firstly, Donald


and I have been friends for over a decade. He has been a good and loyal


friend to our family as we have been to him and his family. Over the


years, we have had a lot of wonderful times together. We've done


a lot of good together for not only the people of the state of New


Jersey but for many charities we've worked with together. I appreciate


him as a person. And as a friend. Secondly, I've been on that stage.


I've got to know all the people on that stage. And there is no one who


is better prepared to provide America with the strong leadership


that it needs, both at home and around the world than Donald Trump.


Pretty good endorsement ahead of super cheese steak, is this more


about getting back at Marco Rubio, as far as Chris Christie is


concerned? There is an element of that, but this is utterly shocking


because Chris Christie is seen as part of the Republican Party


establishment. The part of the party that was really against Donald


Trump, who is seen as an upstart threatening to split the Republican


base. So, the Chris Christie at this stage, and don't forget we are very


early on in the race, to come out and endorse Donald Trump, it is


extraordinary. It's shocking. Whether he's doing it to get back at


Marco Rubio or not is actually a secondary question. His endorsement


is going to give a massive boost to Donald Trump. And really we position


him as somebody that, for the first time, the establishment part of the


Republican party can begin to coalesce around. They've been


friends, he says the more than a decade. Jeb Bush is no longer in the


race. Up until this point, Marco Rubio had been seen as the one the


Republicans would gather around. What sort of response has there been


to What sort of response has there been


bombshells that would destroy Donald Trump. He did very well in the


debate last night, the first Trump. He did very well in the


have seen him coming out swinging at Donald Trump, and talking about his


tax returns and why hadn't Donald Trump released them. Also


questioning, as usual, his ability to actually lead as a president. So


you'd have thought that Marco Rubio was at the ascendancy at this point.


But, again, this is an extraordinary testament to Donald Trump's ability


to grab the headlines because right now very few people are talking


about Marco Rubio's success in the debate. They're talking about Donald


Trump and Chris Christie's endorsement. Donald Trump is a


master minded being able to manipulate the media in this way,


and this is yet another example of how he is managing to do that. Thank


you very much. The main opposition group in Syria


has said that almost 100 rebel groups, including factions


from the Free Syrian Army, have signed up to a temporary


cessation of hostilities, President Putin has again said that,


despite the partial ceasefire, there'll be no let-up in Moscow's


air strikes against what Russia It's been five long


years of civil war, leaving a quarter of


a million people dead. 4 million Syrians have fled


the country, and much of Syria today This ceasefire offers hope


of an end, but no one thinks it We are all aware of the many


potential pitfalls, and there are plenty


of reasons for scepticism. But history would judge us harshly


if we did not do our part in at least trying to end this


terrible conflict with diplomacy. There are simply too many opposing


factions for complete consensus. Vladimir Putin said today the


ceasefire doesn't apply to the group's Isil and other terrorist


organisations recognised as such by the UN Security Council. He said the


resolute fight against them would of course continue.


Turkey's response could be problematic.


It is broadly in support, but President Ahmet Davutoglu said


Ankara would not be bound by the ceasefire if its national


The West backs the opposition groups which I've also agreed. On the


ground, there are sceptical voices. TRANSLATION: If they really wanted


a ceasefire, if they were really friends of the Syrian


people and wanted to help, they would first take


out the regime, and all Representatives of the 17-nation


group backing this process are meeting in Geneva today


to work out further details It can't come soon enough


for the Syrian people, whose suffering has


intensified in recent weeks, as an apparent land grab


takes place ahead of this deal. Aid efforts, too,


are struggling to cope. As we do more each and every


day in this country, and as we have constructive


relationships with all sides in that conflict,


we see needs growing and growing, and the gap between the needs


and what we are able to do What has largely become a proxy war


perhaps does need a proxy ceasefire, and all the main powers are,


publicly at least, behind this deal. the world will be watching


whether it holds. Iranian officials have


extended its nationwide elections for a third time, citing


the high turnout of voters. A new parliament is being elected,


as well as the influential Assembly of Experts, the committee


of clerics that appoints Election time at a mosque in Tehran,


now a polling station. Reports say turnout


has been high in many Here voting is quite complicated.


People had to write down 34 Parliament and 16 for panel of


experts. They had urged their supporters


to come out in big numbers, which they calculated might just


give them the control of parliament and a third of the seatsa


of the assembly of experts, The is the supreme leader also


wanted a big turnout, giving the Iranian leader legitimacy, something


he craves. He says anyone who loves Iran and loves the Islamic Republic


and believes in its dignity and greatness must come out and vote.


For him, the elections are the first test of his popularity after the


nuclear deal with world powers. The deal that led to


the lifting of the crippling But the benefits of


the lifting of sanctions For many in Iran, what is at stake


is the direction President Rouhani is


promising moderation. This man says he wants


a parliament which Follows moderation. Such a


parliament, he says, would have an important impact on relations with


the outside world, and on standards of living at home.


This woman says for half calm and security are the main issues.


And this man says he wants to elect people who can revive


In this religious city, the bastion of conservative


hardliners, the high turnout in big cities


2.5 years ago, the hardliners lost the presidency,


and if they lose the control of parliament, Iran could be heading


Better relations with the outside world, more freedoms at home,


and even a moderate next supreme leader.


There have been two huge explosions in the Somali capital Mogadishu.


The Islamist group Al Shabaab says it has attacked and stormed a hotel


New census figures in Japan show that the country's population has


shrunk by almost one million people in the past five years.


It's the first decline registered since 1920,


though demographers predicted the trend long ago, citing Japan's


falling birth rate and a lack of immigration.


Three British tourists have been killed while climbing waterfalls in


Vietnam's with an unauthorised tour guide. Their bodies were recovered


at a popular attraction. It is unclear how they died. No one is


sure yet how the three British tourists died. The bodies were


discovered near the foot of a popular waterfall and were lifted up


by rescue workers. A local man has been questioned by the police. This


evening, one of them has been named as 24-year-old Christian Sloan and


family and friends say they are devastated. The accident occurred in


the Central highlands. The foreign office has issued a statement.


There is an implicit danger in just the waterfalls that surround the


man-made lake. There is very mossy rock, a lot of dampness, and to be


truthful the band doesn't have a fantastic reputation for tourism


safety. The tourist industry has grown rapidly in Vietnam as the


economy has been opened up by the commonest government. With visitors


coming to enjoy natural attractions that were four years little-known


because of the wars that ravaged this country. After decades of


isolation, it is no surprise that a Vietnam's racing to cash in on the


tourist boom that has brought so much wealth to neighbouring


countries, like Thailand. There is a dark side to this boom. Dozens of


Britons die here every year from largely preventable accidents. It is


a sad truth is that across much of this region, law enforcement is lax,


and a culture of safety almost nonexistent.


It's the Oscars this weekend, Hollywood's biggest event


But the lack of diversity in the nominations for this year's


Academy Awards has been heavily criticised by some in the movie


Some black actors say they will boycott the Oscars


and the civil rights activist Reverend Al Sharpton will be staging


So many things define the Oscars - the glamorous red carpet,


and this year the all-white list of acting nominees.


More than that, there's a perceived overall lack of diversity.


Y'all just got a snapshot of how Americans really feel.


One film of many believe was overlooked, the story


of the birth of rap group NWA, Straight Outta Compton.


# Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr Dre is at the door... #


One of the musicians featured in the film


says the make-up of Academy Awards voters is the problem.


I feel like the Oscars wasn't made for us.


It's just those old generation, first-generation people


in there that really don't get it, they don't understand the dynamics


of the world that they're living in, but the people from,


you know, I say, 50 years old on down, they get it,


where it's diverse and everybody is about everybody.


The Academy knows it's crucial to the awards' credibility


that they're seen as being relevant to modern audiences.


That's been seriously threatened by the reaction


The Academy has planned to counter that


by replacing significant numbers of older members


who haven't been active in the industry in recent years.


He is angered by the the way they want to increase diversity


at the expense of long-standing voters.


I wouldn't want to be put into a category


To nurture the talent, I'm all for it.


But to bring them in because of their race is wrong,


or their sex, or their beliefs, that's wrong.


Now, who chooses the talent is not the academy, as I said before,


The studios often cast black actors


in somewhat cliched roles like drug dealers or warlords.


Perhaps the industry can follow the lead of Star Wars.


They chose the relatively unknown black actor John Boyega


in a role that could have been played by any ethnicity.


How important is it that the studios should follow suit


I think it's inevitable, and I think it is critical,


and I feel like it was just important to me,


to all of us working on the movie, that the movie be inclusive.


Whatever the eventual outcome, the Academy, the film industry


and the public are united on one thing - they want the discussion


around next year's Oscars and beyond to not be about who the voters are,


but to be purely about the films themselves.


That's it for now. Coming up, the weather.


Good evening. It is turning cold once again across the UK. Probably


down to two or three degrees


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