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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox.


A major boost for Republican Presidential contender Donald Trump


as he's endorsed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.


There is no one who is better prepared to provide America with the


strongly to ship that it needs, both at home and around the world, than


Donald Trump. Football's world governing body Fifa


elects a new President. He's Switzerland's Gianni Infantino,


the former deputy head of European We will restore the image of Fifa


and the respect of Fifa and everyone will applaud us. And hour to go


until a temporary halt to the fighting in Syria, but will it bring


a lasting peace? And will Hollywood's biggest night of the


year be overshadowed by protests about the lack of diversity?


Another stunning development in the race for the Republican nomination


for president. Donald Trump has won another high-profile supporter.


Chris Christie has said his former rival for the White House had the


best chance at beating Hillary Clinton in the election later this


year. Here's what Chris Christie had to say. I'm proud to be head to


endorsed Donald Trump for president of the United States. I'm doing this


for a number of reasons. First is that Donald and I have been friends


for over a decade. He's been a good and loyal friend our family, as we


have been to him and his family. Over the years we've had a lot of


wonderful times together. We've done a lot of good together for not only


the people in New Jersey but many charities we've worked with. I


absolutely appreciate him as a person and as a friend. Secondly,


I've been on that stage. I've got to know all the people on that stage


and there is no one who is better prepared to provide America with the


strongly to ship that it needs both at home and around the world than


Donald Trump. Chris Christie is an establishment


political figure. He is the governor of New Jersey. He was a rising star


of the Republican party, and up until New Hampshire he was one of


the candidates. They him to throw his weight behind Donald Trump


really is a slap in the face for the Republican party. Up until now


they've been looking at Donald Trump as an upstart, an outsider, someone


who frankly has been a bit of a joke. Or as Chris Christie once


described him, as the entertainer in chief. Now you have the governor of


New Jersey himself saying that this is the man who is going to win the


nomination, this is the man who can beat Hillary Clinton. Revenge on


Chris Christie's part for Marco Rubio who laid into him a week ago.


I think there's probably a bit of that going on as well. He certainly


had some demeaning comments about Marco Rubio when he appeared with


Donald Trump in Texas earlier today to announce his endorsement. He said


Marco Rubio's performance in last night 's debate, which most people


thought was pretty solid was actually reflective of a losing


campaign. And smacks of desperation. He also made rather personal


references to the fact Marco Rubio sweats a lot. That's been a bit of a


recurring theme, Donald Trump keeps talking about that as well. Chris


Christie clearly dismissing Marco Rubio as an also-ran and saying, if


anyone's going to do the job, it's going to be Donald Trump. How is


Trump polling ahead of super Tuesday? He is going great guns. He


really looks at this point to be quite unstoppable. He is leading in


most of the polls. Texas is one of the big battle grounds. Ted Cruz has


a very good chance there. But that is his home state. Generally


speaking, Donald Trump is still in the ascendancy. There's very little


at this stage that looks likely to knock him off his perch. He was the


last candidate to declare but the first to win the majority of votes


after two rounds and nearly four hours of voting in stearic. Fifa


finally has a new president -- voting in zero. He won 215 of the


votes. He is a 45-year-old lawyer from Switzerland.


He only entered the presidential race when it became clear that


Michael Platini, boss of European football's governing body Uefa,


Nevertheless, he is now President of Fifa and he will succeed Sepp


The sport is under pressure to make the right choice but also some big


changes. How big a day is this for Fifa? We'll see who wins the


presidency. The reform programme really matters. The arrest of senior


officials plunged Fifa into unprecedented crisis. The corruption


scandal seeing Sepp Blatter and from the sport he had ruled for so long.


Now if Fifa fail to approve a package of reforms including term


limits the disclosure of salaries, calls for it to be would intensify.


Please provide your support for this crucial moment in history. The


message had got through, the measures adopted. The five men than


prepared to make their final pitches. But as ever, an element of


controversy, demonstrators gathering to oppose the favourite Sheikh


Salman. The Bahrain Royal has had to deny links to a crackdown on


pro-democracy protesters in 2011, unsurprisingly no mention of that in


his speech. We've had to act responsibly, not just as an


executive committee but with confederations and National


associations to do what's best for the whole of Fifa. The survival of


Fifa. Jenny Infantino meanwhile of Europe's governing body you wafer


tried it traditional tactic -- Gianni Infantino. The money of Fifa


is your money. It's not the money of the Fifa and and. And so did the


moment of truth. Fifa's choice going right to the wire. Total number of


votes for Gianni Infantino, 115. Having picked up supporters from the


remaining candidates, Infantino sealed a sensational victory. Fifa


had chosen its new president. I want to work with all of you together.


With all of you in order to restore and rebuild a new era in Fifa, a new


era where we can put a game football. In the centre of the


stage. Infantino may have been the last man to enter this presidential


race but he's now football 's most powerful figure, his task to restore


trust in Fifa's battered reputation and to prove he has a future.


Earlier I've I think he is a talented


administrator. He's gone through all of the stages of everything in Uefa.


He represents a new generation of dedicated, professional, talented


people. He has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. This is a defining


moment for football. I think the next 90 days will be crucial. It


will have to prove that actions speak louder than words and he has


to prove that football is now committed, United, working hard to


turn a new page. The head of the FA Greg Dyke said it wasn't so


important he was president, it was the reforms that were absolutely


essential. Mr Infantino described them as ground-breaking reforms, are


they? I think they are extremely important reforms. They are in the


right direction but will not solve all the problems. Greg is right in a


way, providential leaders do not exist. This isn't just about Fifa,


this is about the whole of football. It's about the whole sport. The


challenge to the sport is monumental. This is a dim mining --


this is a defining moment. They do not have the jurisdiction to tackle


these problems which are complex, increasingly sophisticated, global


and quite often involving criminal infiltration. This requires a united


front to quote the UK Prime Minister, United front against all


the threats that endangered the governance of such a sport. It is


interesting because the world players union weren't happy with


this appointment and in terms of the reforms, they said the reforms would


increase the power for Fifa's 209 members associations which is part


of the whole problem. I think they're right. What has been


required, is to have an enhanced representative democracy, meaning


that the key stakeholders including leagues, clubs, players and other


legitimate parties who have an important voice in sport, they


should be represented in the decision-making structures. Not just


to be consulted once in a while. Voting has closed in it wrong.


Ballots are now being counted after polling stations remained open more


than five hours. At least 14 people are reported to have been killed in


two huge explosions in Mogadishu. Ouch about said attacks -- Tim


Willcox one -- temp macro one have said they have committed the


attacks. The population of Japan has shrunk by nearly 1 million people in


the last five years. It's the first decline


registered since 1920, though demographers predicted


the trend long ago, citing Japan's falling birth rate and


a lack of immigration. The main opposition group in Syria


has said that almost 100 rebel groups, including factions


from the Free Syrian Army, have signed up to a temporary


cessation of hostilities, President Putin has again said that,


despite the partial ceasefire, there'll be no let-up in Moscow's


air strikes against what Russia It's been five long years of civil


war, leaving a quarter 4 million Syrians have fled


the country, and much of Syria today This ceasefire offers hope


of an end, but no one thinks it We are all aware of the many


potential pitfalls, and there are plenty


of reasons for scepticism. But history would judge us harshly


if we did not do our part in at least trying to end this


terrible conflict with diplomacy. There are simply too many opposing


factions for complete consensus. Vladimir Putin said today


the ceasefire doesn't apply to the group's Isil and other


terrorist organisations recognised He said the resolute


fight against them would The West backs the various


opposition groups, But on the ground, there


are sceptical voices. TRANSLATION: If they really wanted


a ceasefire, if they were really friends of the Syrian


people and wanted to help, they would first take


out the regime, and all Representatives of the 17 nation


group backing this process are to meet in Geneva today. It can't come


soon enough for the Syrian people whose suffering has intensified in


recent weeks as an apparent land grab takes place at head of this


deal. Aid efforts are struggling to cope. As we do more every day in


this country and as we have constructive relationship with all


sides in that conflict, we see needs growing and growing. The gap between


the needs and what we are able to do is increasing by the day. What has


largely become a proxy war perhaps does need a proxy ceasefire. All the


main powers are, publicly at least, behind this deal. As President Obama


warns, the world will be watching whether it holds. Still to come: as


actors go insert boot of -- as actors go in pursuit of Oscar glory,


we have a look at the glitz and glamour of Hollywood's biggest


night. Three brothers who sexually abused girls in the town of


Rotherham have been jailed for a total of 79 years. They were found


guilty along with three others. Detective Chief Inspector Martin


Tait gives his reaction to our correspondent Dan Johnson. I'm


really pleased for the victims. The vast majority of victims were in


court. Emotions were high. Robert blew the most intense and emotional


day I've had in Crown Court and will for a long time. How far does this


result go towards rebuilding the reputation of your force? I hope


it's the first step. I'm not seeking to defend anything that's happened


in the past. This investigation was about gathering evidence. As police


officers we wake up every single day wanting to put criminals and


paedophiles in prison. The latest headlines: the US


Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has won the backing of


the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Fifa's newly elected


President Gianni Infantino has promised to restore the image of


football 's world governing body. Three British tourists have been


killed while climbing waterfalls in Vietnam with an unauthorised tour


guide. The Datanla waterfalls in the south of the country. It's unclear


exactly how they died. No one is sure yet how the three British


tourists died. Officials say their bodies were discovered near the foot


of a popular waterfall and were then lifted up by rescue workers. A local


man believed to have been guiding them has been questioned by police.


This evening one of them has been named as 24-year-old Christian


Sloan. Family and friends said they are devastated. The accident are


heard -- the accident occurred and the Foreign Office said:


there's an implicit danger in the waterfalls surrounding you man-made


lake. You're very mossy rock, a lot of dampness and to be truthful,


Vietnam's doesn't have a fantastic reputation for tourism safety. The


tourism industry has grown rapidly in Vietnam's as the economy has been


opened up. Visitors come to enjoy attractions that was the year is


little known because of the roles that ravaged this country -- the


wars that ravaged this country. It's no surprise Vietnam's racing to cash


in on the tourist boom that has brought a much wealth to countries


like Thailand. Every year dozens of Britons die here from largely


preventable accidents. It's a sad truth that across much of this


region, law enforcement is lax and a culture of safety almost


nonexistent. Now the latest sports news. Good evening. The six Nations


is back tonight after a week. Wales and France are playing in Cardiff at


this moment, both sides unbeaten in the tournament so far. It looks like


it's going to be five matches in a row. A George North try meaning they


lead 16-3 in Cardiff. Liverpool have been drawn to face Manchester United


in the last 16 of the rebel league. One of English football 's biggest


rivalries will be played out in Europe for the first time over two


legs next month. The second leg will be paid at Old Trafford. Can I get


your reaction to the Raper league draw?


my staff asked me yesterday, who do you want and I said Manchester


United. Did Tottenham get who they wanted?


Other highlights include Valencia. Manchester city manager Manuel


Pellegrini may have the League Cup final to look forward to on Sunday.


He's been talking about another trophy today, the FA Cup. He said


the format must change. One of the important reasons that we won the


title of the Premier League is because... I'm sure this will be the


last year. They need to make the change. The format of that cup


damages the Premier League and the Champions League. I'm sure they will


change it. Top of the Premier League, Leicester City. Claudio


Ranieri said their next five matches are the most important of their


season. The league leaders have five games in two weeks against teams no


higher than ninth in the table and Claudio Ranieri thinks the race of


the title is still anyone's. We have to fight against those who are very


close to the relegation. Against teams who want to go to Europe, want


to go to the Premier League. Then there is a very good battle now. A


very good Premier League this season, because nobody can say yes,


that's it. I think it's very interesting. Scott Quigg and Carl


Frampton held their staff over a minute during a feisty way in ahead


of tomorrow nights superbantamweight unification fight at the Manchester


Arena. There's no love lost between them as you're about to see. As


Scott Quigg was geeing up supporters, he was mocked by


Frampton. The bout will take place on Saturday night. Finally, ball


boys and ball girls beware, you could soon be out of a job. The


employment theft comes from the unlikeliest of sources, man's best


friend. Dogs retrieve tennis balls at the Brazil open on Thursday. It


was promoted by a collaboration of charitable organisations hoping the


stunt will attract more people to adopt dogs. It is still 16-3 to


Wales in the six nations. It's the Oscars this weekend,


Hollywood's biggest event But the lack of diversity


in the nominations for this year's Academy Awards has been heavily


criticised by some in the movie Some black actors say


they will boycott the Oscars and the civil rights activist


Reverend Al Sharpton will be staging So many things define the Oscars -


the glamorous red carpet, the coveted golden statuettes,


and this year the all-white list More than that, there's a perceived


overall lack of diversity. Y'all just got a snapshot of how


Americans really feel. One film of many believe


was overlooked, the story of the birth of rap group NWA,


Straight Outta Compton. # Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr


Dre is at the door... # One of the musicians featured


in the film says the make-up of Academy Awards


voters is the problem. I feel like the Oscars


wasn't made for us. It's just those old generation,


first-generation people in there that really don't get it,


they don't understand the dynamics of the world that they're living in,


but the people from, you know, I say, 50 years


old on down, they get it, because they're living in a world


where it's diverse and everybody The Academy knows it's crucial


to the awards' credibility that they're seen as being relevant


to modern audiences. That's been seriously


threatened by the reaction The Academy has planned to counter


that by replacing significant numbers of older members who haven't


been active in the industry He is angered by the the way


they want to increase diversity at the expense of


long-standing voters. I wouldn't want to be put


into a category that To nurture the talent,


I'm all for it. But to bring them in


because of their race is wrong, or their sex, or their


beliefs, that's wrong. Now, who chooses the talent is not


the academy, as I said before, The studios often cast black actors


in somewhat cliched roles like drug Perhaps the industry can follow


the lead of Star Wars. They chose the relatively unknown


black actor John Boyega in a role that could have been


played by any ethnicity. How important is it that the studios


should follow suit from what you did I think it's inevitable,


and I think it is critical, and I feel like it was just


important to me, to all of us working on the movie,


that the movie be inclusive. Whatever the eventual outcome,


the Academy, the film industry and the public are united on one


thing - they want the discussion around next year's Oscars


and beyond to not be about who the voters are, but to be


purely about the films themselves. Breaking news from the UN Security


Council in New York. Throwing its weight behind that ceasefire


agreement for Syria, demanding it be upheld. The council unanimously


adopting the resolution drafted by Russia and the United States.


Think you could tune in into our world weather round-up. I thought I


would take you to south-western parts of Europe where the weather


went be too great during parts


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