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The first pause to the fighting in Syria in five years appears to be


97 groups signed up to the two-week ceasefire -


but there have been reports of some sporadic clashes and a car bombing.


Here's our correspondent Mark Lowen, who is close to the Syrian border


This is what five years of hell has done to Syria.


Homs, once a historical jewel, now a ghost town.


As the ceasefire came into effect, a moment to breathe and play.


There have been some incidents today.


We do not believe the Assad regime will stop its attacks.


We have had so many disappointments in the past.


We all wish for the best and that national unity


Everyone was waiting for the ceasefire.


Today the streets are busy and people are relieved.


The truce does not apply to the Nusra Front or


These pictures showing another strike by coalition jets.


If the other side's ceasefire holds, peace talks should begin on the 7th


There are plenty of reasons for scepticism.


Even under the best of circumstances, the violence


All parties must end attacks, including aerial bombardment.


Humanitarian aid must be allowed to reach areas under siege.


continue their advance against the Kurdish militia.


A reminder that this war has so many factions on so many fronts.


Five years of war have crushed that but


at least it is relief from the daily barrage of bombing and hope


that this might provide a window of opportunity for people to come


Even if the ceasefire holds, there is still no


long-term plan on how to end this war and how a broken country can


Early results in Iran's parliamentary elections show


reformist supporters of President Rouhani have


They have also advanced in elections for the body that chooses


President Rouhani has said the poll has strengthened his government.


Dr Mansour Farhang, Iran's first ambassador to the United Nations


after the revolution, joins us now from the US


The first time in a long time that the reformists have done well in


these elections. This is not the first time but it is a significant


achievement in the sense that reformists have 3000 candidates.


Only 30 of them are qualified to run. They managed to create


coalition with supporters of the president and independent


candidates. They have ended up winning the election in ten rounds.


Of the 30 delegates, 29 are on the list of the reformists. There is


only one radical or hardliner included in the list. This is a very


significant achievement. If reformists do indeed do well, will


it lead to warmer relations with the West? There is no question that the


president and his supporters want to improve relations with the Western


world. Today, the reformists, under the best of circumstances, based on


the vote count up to now would constitute only 30% of the 290


member parliament. They will still be a minority because they are not


permitted to have candidates in the vast majority of the locations


throughout the country. The fact that in the assembly of experts the


leading three candidates were critics of the hardliners clearly


demonstrates that the public opinion is very much wavering the president


and the reformists. Through the influence of public opinion, the


reformists might have the strength in their hands but not because they


have a majority in parliament. You were ambassador during the US


embassy hostage crisis. This must be significant from your experience of


Koran's -- Iran's journey it has been on to this date. I resigned my


position and did my best efforts about hostage negotiations with the


UN. It failed. I submitted my resignation, protesting an illegal


and immoral act, the hostagetaking. There is no question there is an


evolutionary process in Iranian society. 70% of Iranians today are


under four years old. That means they were babies or not born during


the 1979 revolution. These people are not really identifying with the


radical idea that the early revolutionaries had and are having


an impact on public policy, public opinion, and the gender orientation


of the state. The first generation leaders of the revolution, it seems


they have a very difficult time to understand this dramatic change in


public opinion and take action in the direction of normalising Iran's


relations with the rest of the world. It is a matter of time before


reformists and more moderate elements take the upper hand. Thank


you very much. The latest round in the battle


for the Democratic Party nomination in the US presidential election has


moved to South Carolina. Hillary Clinton is favourite to win


but her rival Bernie Sanders will be hoping to get some momentum


ahead of "Super Tuesday". That's when 11 states


will hold their primaries next week. Well, our correspondent Kim Ghattas,


is in Columbia in South Carolina. It has been a slow but steady


trickle of voters in Colombia The Democratic primary race is under


way. with her Democratic


rival, the senator from Here, she is leading


by a wide margin. She is certainly


hoping for a big win. In 2008 she lost big


against her then rival, This time around she


has had a difficult start to her campaign but she won


the caucus in Nevada. The mood in the Clinton


campaign changed. They are hoping with


a big win in South Carolina, they will be able to book


momentum in all of the big states For Mr Sanders, it


has been much harder. He has had trouble


connecting with minority If you go to his big


rallies in other states but you will see crowds


of excited young voters. In South Carolina it has been


a smaller crowd of mostly In essence, he has come


to the conclusion that he has gone ahead to Texas,


hoping to rally excitement and rally his supporters


ahead of super Tuesday, the day when 11 states vote


across the US on March Ballots are still being counted


after Friday's vote in the Republic Exit polls suggest the governing


coalition will fall well short of getting enough seats


to keep its majority in the lower At the moment we're getting around


18, 19 results on the election in this immensely complex process of


counting single transferable votes in multimember constituencies. This


is a camp for five of the seven Dublin constituencies. Between three


and five members each. They'll be well into tonight and possibly


tomorrow before we know for certain who has been elected for the


constituencies and four constituencies across the country.


The big story is that the ruling coalition, which campaigned on its


record of modest economic recovery, has been trounced is too strong a


word but has failed to produce the increase in votes it is hoping for.


The Scherer the vote has fallen considerably. Many people outside of


Dublin and the big cities are not experiencing that economic recovery.


Equally, no other party is a key close to the 79 seats which would be


required to form a government in the Irish parliament. As a result, there


is going to be a great deal of horse trading. There is talk of a grand


coalition between two parties, the traditional big guns of Irish


politics, whose rivalry goes right back to the Irish civil war of the


1920s. There is talk of them coming together and a rainbow coalition. It


seems there will be weeks before we know whether or not there will be a


government or whether there might have to be another general election.


Why is the result of this election is so important? It is important for


Ireland because the country was put under considerable pressure in the


wake of the banking crash by the European Commission, the European


Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund. It embraced a series


of posterity measures, tax increases and so on. In some ways it is being


held up as a success for austerity. The problem is, across much of


Europe, it has been difficult to persuade voters. They see a lot of


pain and see unemployment. Huge number is the people from Ireland,


particularly young people, have emigrated in search of work. Lots of


families are looking at the sons and daughters having left the country


with no guarantee they'll be able to come back. It is something of a test


case for other European countries. Berry interesting to see whether the


pattern in Ireland is repeated elsewhere in the coming years.


Finance ministers from the world's leading economies have warned


of a shock to the global economy if Britain votes to leave


the European Union in June's referendum.


The G20 finance ministers also said the global recovery had fallen short


of their expectations and called for individual and collective


They're in charge of the world's biggest economies with plenty


Volatile markets, the falling price of oil and how to speed up growth


But as G20 finance ministers meet in Shanghai there are fears


to about what happens next in the UK.


And for the Chancellor arguing for Britain to stay in the EU,


it has given him something to smile about.


The financial leaders of the world's biggest countries have


given their unanimous verdict and they say that a British exit


from the EU would be a shock to the world economy and if it's


a shock to the world economy, imagine what it would do to Britain.


It's an unusual move to highlight the UK referendum among global


economic risks but those voting for Britain to leave say


they would be a more powerful player over the world if we step out


I am not surprised that big government gets together to back


David Cameron but the reality of life is that there is a great big


world outside Europe and only by divorcing ourself


from the European Union can we enter our own trade


To stay or leave, it is not long now until the UK gets to have its say.


The world and its economic leaders will be watching.


Reports from Afghanistan say at least 21 people,


including women and children, have been killed in two suicide


The first blast in the eastern province of Kunar killed 12


A further explosion in the capital Kabul left at least nine people


The Taliban said they had were behind the attack


which was outside the defence ministry building.


Tens of thousands of people demonstrated against Poland's


new right-wing government in the capital, Warsaw.


They say it is becoming increasingly authoritarian,


and is threatening the judiciary and free media.


The European Commission has also raised concerns about the rule


of law in Poland, but the government has rejected all criticism.


Thousands of supporters of the murdered Russian opposition


politician, Boris Nemtsov, have marched through Moscow


and Saint Petersburg to mark the anniversary of his death.


Nemtsov's family claim the killing was politically motivated


as Mr Nemstov was a fierce critic of President Putin.


Five Chechen men accused of carrying out the killing are expected to go


The bizarre architecture it you can find in China, the ruling, this


party is out of patience with it. 25 year old Beth Anderson and 19


year-old Izzy Squire both died It remains unclear exactly how


the three British holidaymakers died, but it has been claimed


that they were not with Police in Vietnam have launched an


investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths.


Our correspondent Andy Gill has the latest.


The officials have told the BBC One may have slipped and take on the


other two with them. South Yorkshire Police said they are supporting the


family here in Sheffield. They and the officials from the Foreign and


Commonwealth Office are trying to find out the exact circumstances of


how the three young British people came to be killed.


The first major truce in Syria's five-year civil war appears largely


Partial results from Iran's parliamentary elections suggest


the reformists have done well in Tehran.


Robert Mugabe has celebrated his 92nd birthday. He has thrown a huge


party attended by thousands of people, including some heads of


state. However, not everyone saw this as a cause to celebrate.


Critics say the festivities were inappropriate in light of the


current drought in the country. Traffic was brought to a San -- a


standstill as thousands turned out to celebrate Robert Mugabe's


birthday. Not even the rain has stopped thousands of Zimbabweans


from coming here to celebrate the birthday of the 92-year-old leader.


Not many people can argue about the contribution by Robert Mugabe to the


liberation struggle. People here are also expecting to address the


tension and infighting in his ruling party. Now, together, we must find


our way to the problems that we face. We cannot lead such misguided


youth. No. Why tapping he is in the Mark of the good shape for a


92-year-old who has outfoxed his rumours about his death. -- He is in


very good shape. He will be encouraging young people to do the


best they can, to develop their own country, and protect our


independence. Many have criticised the ruling party, accusing them of


being sensitive to the work as the country faces its worst drought in


decades. They could not contain their excitement as celebrations


continued throughout the day. Leicester have stretched


their lead at the top of the English Premier League


to five points after an 89th minute Substitue Leonardo Ulloa came


on with 15 minutes to play Norwich remain above the relegation


zone only goal difference. Leicester's unbelievable


season continues. I told before the Arsenal match, it


is more difficult than the Arsenal match. Norwich, in the last 20


minutes, I think, every action. Both teams could have scored a goal.


Fortunately, it was Leicester to score a goal, just at the end of the


match. Champions Chelsea remain unbeaten


in the league under Guus Hiddink. Their late winner against


Southampton moves them to eleventh Here are the rest of


Saturday's results. Aston Villa remain bottom


after losing 2-1 to Stoke. Goalless between Watford


and Bournemouth. Real Madrid were dealt a blow in La


Liga. There were wins away from home.


The former Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has given his support to


Gianni Infantino. He was elected on Friday and has promised to reunite


the game, while reforming it might be his most important job. He has


the backing of his predecessor and fellow Swiss. He is the man comment


coming from the football organisation, he is a young man, he


is powerful. He has a lot of energy. I am sure that he will do the right


job. It is important for Fifa to have a change. If the majority of


the 207 national organisations so clearly indicated they wanted to go,


I can only say to Gianni, good luck and do it. England are any team to


win a grand slam in the Six Nations championship after a third victory


in three under the head coach, Eddie Jones. They'd be Ireland 21-10. --


they beat will stop they broke a losing streak going back two years.


They beat Italy 36-20 in Rome. India had beaten Pakistan by five wickets.


In a rare match between the two, the first of the Asia cup, a warm up


tournament, India could only make three in their innings. India


started at the start of their reply. They eventually won with 27 balls in


Bangladesh. That is the sport. Modern China has become famous


for its spectacular skyline. They're bristling with skyscrapers


and oddly shaped buildings - from teapots to donuts


to spaceships. But now it seems the


authorities have had enough. The ruling Communist Party has


issued a new regulation. There's the skyscraper


affectionately known And then there's this,


a replica of the China has been on an extraordinary


and imaginative building spree. A year ago, President Xi Jinping


began expressing his concern, The Chinese President objects


to these kinds of buildings That they're "weird"


and that they're Western. And so the Communist Party's


suspicion of malign foreign Alongside democracy and universal


human rights, we can now add In future, new buildings should not


be oversized or out of keeping with Chinese culture,


the new regulation says, I think the Government should not


forbid or shackle the development Maybe in the future,


we could see more buildings When China has more


home-grown architects? Because right now, all those


buildings are built Local planning chiefs will have


to interpret the new guidelines, leaving some room for


variations in taste. But doughnuts are


probably off the menu! An American surfer has won


more than ?50,000s - after successfully riding a 60 foot


wave at a competition in Hawaii. 23-year old John John Florence


is one of the youngest winners of what is said to be professional


surfing's most prestigious event - of an unusual


highway chase kind earlier today -


involving an apparent unicorn. Officers initially believed


the caller who reported the fairy-tale creature


on the loose was on drugs. But when they got to the scene -


they found this - It took them three hours to chase


and coax the animal out of hiding. thank you for being with us. Do join


us again. Hello. There may be a few days left


of winter according to the meteorological calendar. Things are


feeling wintry as we head into the


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