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I'm Alpa Patel, here are the headlines.


As a truce in Syria largely holds, we give you a glimpse of the battle


against so-called Islamic State - a BBC team reaches an area freed


by Kurdish fighters - but still littered by bombs


Look at the crater left by this one. The Kurds got lucky, they found it,


stopped it and detonated it. It sent saybury for hundreds of meeters


across this field. And Islamic State claims


responsibility for a bombing at a crowded market in Iraq -


leaving dozens dead. The Vatican's Finance Minister,


Cardinal George Pell gives evidence from the Vatican to an Australian


inquiry into child abuse. Also coming up: Manchester United


derails Arsenal's Premier League challenge at Old Trafford. And, is


this the year when Leonardo DiCaprio finally sees off the competition to


win the Oscar for Best Actor? The first nationwide truce


in Syria's five year civil war is into its second day and appears


to be largely holding. This is Aleppo, Syria's largest


city. In a strategic location and so has


experienced intense fighting Today, though, there


appears to be calm. Civilians are on the streets,


in this first pause But both the opposition and Russia


are reporting breaches Air strikes have been


reported in the north - though it's unclear who carried them


out and who was being Well Islamic State is excluded


from the agreement. Our correspondent Quentin Somerville


is in Northern Syria. While we have been here,


there have still been air strikes, shootings and car bombs


but there has been a big change. They have mainly been in battles


with the Islamic State Syrians we have been speaking


to are using a different language. In fact they are using a word


we don't often here in these parts The truce is on in Syria, but so,


too, still, is the fight In Shaddadi, air strikes


and the Kurds drove out IS. Here, on the streets,


the militants once held a slave But the Islamic State


can still surprise. American jets help repel


an attack in Talabiad. This town was taken months ago


by the Kurds, but IS snipers and commandos attacked in droves


an hour before the truce. And across a long


stretch of territory. IS attacks have transformed


the security situation here in north-west Syria,


security is a lot tighter along the roads, in fact, it's


impassable from the West. If we stop the vehicle,


this wasn't just an attack with ground troops and snipers,


they also deployed typical The Kurds got lucky, they found it,


stopped it and detonated it. It scattered debris for hundreds


of meters across these fields. Just imagine the damage this


would have done to local So the Kurds have control


here but it isn't absolute and, of course, there is no truce


with the Islamic State. But elsewhere this ceasefire


of sorts is mostly holding. It's not a return to normal


life, but it's a start. Today, the jets flew over,


but they didn't bomb us. We hope that they stick


to their word and the calm Back in Shaddadi it's a defeat,


not a ceasefire, that is making The Islamic State is gone,


but their markings on shop fronts We'll all come back here


to recover our lives taken This town was a place


for the whole nation, Arabs, Kurds, Christians,


we all lived together. The men with guns won't


be disappearing here. A truce isn't peace,


but it's a moment of calm. And, for Syria right now,


that's good enough. So calm is a start but also then


comes hope and the hope is that the ceasefire


of sorts continues and And in fact in the last


half hour, the BBC has heard from the United Nations


that tomorrow humanitarian aid will finally start making it


into besieged towns, villages and cities in Syria


and they are hoping that over the next five days they'll get


released to over 150,000 people. That's a remarkable


weekend for Syria. To Iraq where IS have claimed


responsibility for what it called Two bombs exploded in


a crowded market in Baghdad. Local medics are reported as saying


at least 70 people have been killed. The blasts - which are the worst


to hit Baghdad in recent months - happened in the mainly Shia


neighbourhood of Sadr City. Our Defence Correspondent Jonathan


Beale has this update. This was the second significant


attack by so-called Islamic State in the capital, within


the last few days. On Thursday, a Shia mosque


was targeted by two suicide bombers, Then on Sunday, the Sunni


extremists set off explosions in Sadr city,


a large Shia district in Baghdad. The blast killed dozens


of people and left IS has recently been


using tactics involving double A second device detonated


soon after the first, With so could have called Islamic


states suffering recent setbacks in the rest of the city,


there are fears attacks may be stepped up in the capital.


To Iran, where counting continues in elections there.


And the scale of the losses suffered by conservatives


Two of the most senior hardliners have lost their seats.


Whereas moderates and reformists backing President Rouhani have


Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has praised the high


turnout, describing Iran as a wise and determined nation.


The counting of the votes has been slow, not surprisingly


became clear that Iranians have come out in big numbers


All 30 seats in parliament for Tehran went to these reformist


Here with their mentor, former president, Ali Akbar


Here is one of the winners of parliamentary seats in Tehran


It means that we want to remove what has happened


It means that we want to empower our women.


President Rouhani has all but claimed victory saying


aside rivalries and revive the economy.


The results are a major boost for him and his nuclear deal


But it seems many millions of Iranians came out to vote


tactically to prevent the hardliners from moving Iran


At the so-called Assembly of Experts, this council of elder


and senior clerics, with the power to select


the next supreme leader, things are more interesting.


Former president Rafsanjani, who used to chair this assembly


Now he is back at the top of the polls.


Hardline figures such as the present chair


and the ideologue of the hardliners have lost their seats.


The hardliners in Parliament here calling for the death


of the opposition leaders a few years ago may have


lost their majority in parliament after having lost the presidency


The balance of power has shifted in favour of moderates.


Millions of Iranians have said no to these hardliners.


To another election this time in Switzerland,


where voters have rejected a proposal to automatically deport


The plan was opposed by 59% of those who took part


It was put forward by the right-wing Swiss People's Party,


which argued that social problems are linked to rising immigration.


One of Vatican's top officials is due to begin giving evidence


to a public inquiry into child abuse in Australian


Cardinal George Pell has been accused of helping to cover


up cases of abuse by paedophile priests during his time in


Cardinal Pell, who's now in charge of the Vatican's finances, will give


A group of survivors of abuse have travelled to Rome to be present


Here's our Australia correspondent Jon Donnison.


-- As the head of the Australian Catholic Church, Cardinal George


Pell leads an institution that has been rocked by scandal.


He is a former Archbishop of Melbourne in Victoria,


the state with the church has acknowledged with 600 cases


That led in part to the government setting up a wide-ranging public


enquiry into child abuse within Australian institutions.


The Cardinal has already given evidence on two occasions.


David Ridsdale was sexually abused by his own uncle,


who is now in jail for abusing more than 50 children.


David has already told the enquiry that, back in the 1990s,


the Cardinal tried to bribe him to keep quiet,


Cardinal Pell's behaviour was more akin to the CEO of a big


corporation. He has moved responsibility


downstream, he has protected assets. And in all of his letters


and commentary, he rarely mentions Many of the hundreds of victims


of abuse in the Catholic Church here are angry that


Cardinal Pell has not returned to Australia to attend


the hearings in person. He's done that in the past,


but on this occasion, for medical reasons,


he was unable to do so. Instead, he will give evidence


through a video link from Rome. A group of around 15 victims have


raised the money themselves to fly Cardinal Pell's testimony


is expected to last three Much of the abuse carried out


by his colleagues happened before he was in a senior position,


but the enquiry will want to know how much he knew, when he knew it


and what he did about it. Greece has warned that the number


of migrants and refugees in the country could triple


in the next month because of caps imposed at border


crossings in the Balkans. 22,000 migrants are


already in Greece, including several thousand


in a makeshift camp Here's our correspondent


Danny Savage. For days now just a trickle


of people have moved north out The crossing to Macedonia has


remained closed for most of the time, and the 6000 people


here are growing restless We will try to cross


the border not from this gate, Hundreds of miles south in Athens


ferries from the Greek islands have all but stopped bringing


migrants to the mainland. That's because the camps and holding


centres are filling up fast, there's a real feeling of no more


room at the inn here. To illustrate that point, on Friday,


1700 people arrived on little boats But on the same day,


just 10% of that number left Greece So the government is scrambling


to build new camps to house The army is moving in to put tents


up on the new sites, At one proposed camp,


locals blocked the gates in protest, they say they don't want to be


outnumbered by migrants. TRANSLATION: How many people


will amass on the border? We're talking about a bundle


of souls we cannot take care of. We feel that we live


in a country where noone Migrants are not prisoners,


they are free to move. We found this queue of taxis outside


a camp in northern Greece. 80 euros will buy a ride


to the border and there's This afternoon, migrants managed


to block the railway line next This week is a crunch point


for this chaotic situation. With politicians planning


more Europe-wide talks. A tiny minority are


getting out of Greece. The one-month-old twins we found


last week were two of the few Still to come: It's nearly time


for Hollywood's biggest night We'll find out which films


are the favourites in the race Several air-strikes have been


reported in northern Syria on the second day


of a nationwide truce but in general, the cessation


of hostilities is holding. Islamic State claims responsibility


for a bombing at a crowded Baghdad It's almost time for the stars


to hit the red carpet The Revenant is leading the race


for this year's Oscars Rapid change, that's


what the Academy is promising as the red carpet's


prepared for tonight. But there is a perceived


overall lack of diversity. This isn't just talking


about diversity for the sake of diversity, it is also bad


for business, it's bad for Hollywood to be so behind in the times


that they are not developing projects for people of different


backgrounds and people Movies reflect our society


and are supposed to be a reflection For Hollywood not to make diverse


movies really is a big problem. Actors who have long campaigned


for greater diversity are welcoming that it has become an issue


recognised at all levels. I think it really must start


in the boardrooms and it's going to take bravery and it's


going to take courage. And, you know, making sure that


people aren't fearful to cast black actors, black actresses,


in roles that may not be For many, the expectation


is that this will be the last year the acting winners


are all guaranteed to be white and that the discussion becomes


exclusively about The numbers clearly indicate that


there were senior clergy involved. For Best Film, the Academy


loves to reward stories Will the spotlight this


year fall on Spotlight? A film about the Boston Globe's


investigation of a church When the banks committed


the greatest fraud in US history... Or perhaps The Big Short,


about the run-up to the global But the narrow favourite is perhaps


survival drama The Revenant. Its lead actor, Leonardo DiCaprio,


looks almost certain Even last year's winner,


Eddie Redmayne, nominated I think it's pretty much


certainly Leo's year, In a year where everyone,


including, of course, this year's host, recognises that


what's been happening around the Oscars has, to a degree,


overshadowed the awards themselves. Manchester City have beaten


Liverpool on penalties, Goalkeeper Willy Cabellero -


the man everyone said should NOT be starting -


except for the manager Manuel Pellegrini of course -


was the hero. On what was a dramatic day


at Wembley, City took the lead But with just a few minutes


remaining, Liverpool levelled No more goals in normal or extra


time meant it was penalties, There were two very important


Premier League matches today too. We'll tell you about Spurs


in a moment, but first, third placed Arsenal travelled


to Manchester United. The Gunners slipped up


against Louis Van Gaal's side United teenager Marcus Rashford


stole the show in the Europa League on Thursday, and did so again


with two more goals Danny Welbeck got one back,


before Ander Herrera made it 3-1 Mesut Ozil got the Gunners


to within one but it wasn't enough. Arsenal remain five points


behind leaders Leicester. But Tottenham Hotspur


are just two points behind, after beating Swansea


2-1 at White Hart Lane. Spurs were one down at half time


to an Alberto Poloshi goal, but substitute Nacer Chadli


equalised with 20 minutes to play before Danny Rose hit the winner


a few minutes after. The new man in charge of world


football says Fifa can be fixed and fast, if it puts


wide-ranging reforms in place. Swiss Gianni Infantino was elected


to succeed Sepp Blatter as the ninth Our Sports Correspondent Richard


Conway reports from Zurich. Gianni Infantino


is a man in a hurry. Elected to the top job in world


football, Sepp Blatter's successor Is it a good feeling


to be Fifa president? Despite his election, Fifa


is still mired in a deep crisis. Vital reforms have been agreed upon,


but it must continue to satisfy US and Swiss prosecutors


in its clamping down on corruption. The reforms are to be implemented


now, they need to be implemented So I will go up to the office


and start looking at concretely how to implement these reforms


so that we can hopefully very soon Infantino's victory


came as a surprise. He upset the odds to beat


long-time frontrunner Today, his first task as President


was to open Fifa's shiny But his political juggling skills,


honed during years at the top of the European game,


will be needed now more than ever. These reforms have been approved,


you have to start us off now As of now, and for the future,


there will be no issues anymore. And as for the past, of course,


we have to make sure that we cooperate fully


with the authorities to make sure that everything comes out


if something has happened. Swiss media reports say that


as a baby, Infantino's life was saved after receiving a vital


transfusion of his rare blood type Are we claiming you as


one of our own now? Yes, you can claim I am one


of yours, absolutely. Many others as well,


that's why I am a world citizen! This weekend, Gianni Infantino


is basking in the glory of winning the Fifa presidential election,


but tomorrow he will be behind his new desk for the first


time, and that is when the hard On Oscars day, Liverpool and


Manchester City put on a bit of a show stopper but City took the


prize. That's' all the sport for now.


A group of disabled people from Bolivia have been suspending


themselves from a bridge. The protest is the latest in a campaign


which has lasted for several weeks. Forced they say, to take a protest


to a new level, claiming the government won't listen to their


demands. Passing traffic looked on in disbelief, part of a concerted


effort to raise the problems of people faced with disability in


Bolivia. The campaigners are asking for higher state subsidy of around


$70 a month. That many feel the message isn't getting through.


TRANSLATION: Unfortunately, since we have not had an answer from the


Government, we've had to take these extreme measures. 9 protesters said


they tried to take zrectly to President Morales when he visited


the city this week but were stopped by the police. The Government said


they have allocated $900 million. The protesters are saying they are


not seeing the benefit of it and are now thinking of taking their protest


to the president. A communications breakdown has led


to the French city of Reims scrubbing away what may have


appeared to be graffiti but was actually artwork


commissioned by the city itself. This artwork, showing a sulky boy


painted onto the side of a transformer next to the town


hall, was cleared just It was produced by the artist


Christian Guemy - known by the tag But the department which deals


with graffiti was not informed. Monsieur Guemy says he will paint


something similar in its place. It The main news: As a truce in


Syria largely holds, we give you a glimpse of the battle against


so-called Islamic State. A BBC team reaches an area free bid Kurdish


fighters that is still littered by bombs. That's for now. Thank you for


being with the programme. You can message me on Twitter. I will be


back with the headlines shortly. But for now, thank you.


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