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This is BBC World News Today with me Karin Giannone.


The headlines: Europe's migrant crisis turns violent as security


Now on the Greek-Macedonian border, police fire tear gas on a group


of migrants, including children, as they try to break


They don't open the borders, Macedonia, they don't open


the borders and the people are coming more and more.


Clashes in Calais as French demolition teams move


in to dismantle parts of the migrant camp known as the Jungle.


Also coming up: Day three of a fragile truce in Syria


and the UN begins a major aid operation to get into towns


Leonardo DiCaprio! CHEERING


. 20 years after his first nomination,


Leonardo DiCaprio finally We start with violent clashes


at opposite ends of the European continent, as it wrestles


with the mass influx of migrants. Macedonian police fired tear gas


as a crowd tried to crash through a barbed wire fence


on the border with Greece. Tear gas has also been used by riot


police in the French port of Calais, as rock-throwing protesters tried


to disrupt the demolition of part We'll hear from our correspondent


in Calais shortly. But first, let's turn


to the Greek town of Idomeni, on the border with Macedonia,


where about 7,000 people have been stuck for days


in squalid conditions. This is how it looks on Greece's


border with Macedonia. After a night out in the open,


children join a long line with their parents,


waiting for food. At the end of the line they get


a bag of bread to last the day. Babies bottles are held up,


hoping to be filled. Macedonia only allows a handful


to cross the border every day, so the numbers keep


building. You have to wait for a long


time for food, toilets, Hundreds of them have decided


to force open the gate. This is the result of


the tension that has been As they push at the border,


the crush begins This is how it looked


on the Macedonian side Suddenly, the border is breached,


triggering panic among the police. A guard fires tear gas


directly at the migrants. On the other side of the fence,


the man in the blue jacket is hit Cue panic, as tear gas


explodes all around them. Men, women, and children,


run for safety. A boy staggers from the crush,


retching from the gas. Others are too dazed to stand,


their eyes and lungs burning. Today, on a European border,


children were tear-gassed. It is quite a while since the tear


gas was fired but you can still smell it and taste


it in the air as well. As this stand-off continues,


with several hundred people still here


at the border gate. The violence will continue as well


if the numbers here keep growing and people keep


getting frustrated. Those who have worked


here for months say it has never They are worried the border


will not open at all. They saw how quickly restrictions


were implemented for the Afghanis. There is a real sense among Syrians


and Iraqis that at any time it Late this afternoon,


where tear-gassed wafted earlier, There is growing desperation


on this European frontier. Now to clashes in the French port


of Calais where demolition teams are trying to clear parts


of the migrant camp known The authorities want to move people


to converted shipping containers They came in at breakfast time,


a soft invasion of the state One by one, migrants still clinging


to this southern part of the camp were told they had an hour


to pack their things and leave. Some heeded the warning,


heading north into the Jungle's The police just gave


a fire, we are out. A fire at one of the empty shelters


sent riot police against those Among them, activists,


who have been urging residents What was meant to be a gentle


eviction through encouragement and information became a blunt


exchange of tear gas and rocks Just a few hours in,


and already the plan for eviction The question here is


who the police are fighting - the migrants themselves


or the activists who say By dusk, the battle was underway


again, a second fire in the place The water cannon was brought in this


time, not for the fire, but for the arsonists and anyone


else still standing nearby. TRANSLATION: The north border


activists set fire to the tents That is not acceptable


and it is normal that we have 18 months ago, migrants were moved


here from their old makeshift Now the ring around this one


is being pulled tighter as pressure But many people here have spent


years moving from place to place in a bid to reach England


and that will not change, they say, just because "one more


time we have to go". Leonard Doyle's Head


of Communications at the International


Organisation for Migration. He told me what he made


of today scenes. These images show children being hit


with tear gas. It is very disturbing. Plans have been made to


try and ensure that the refugees and the migrants are looked after, but


unfortunately, political disunity is at the heart of the problems. There


is a huge pressure on governments, but there is a lack of stability in


dealing with the pressure. Part of that problem is countries


putting up their own border controls. We have heard of Anglo


America will speak idea of the European solution, is that dead in


the water, is there any hope at all? The Germans have shown great courage


in the face of a lacklustre support from other member states, but it is


very difficult because the burden is being cheered disproportionately. We


have seen that even when there is not great work is in the case of


Calais, we are talking about 20,000 people, the reactions have been


disproportionate. Whereas the Germans have taken over one million


and the Swedes have taken very large numbers as well. But what is needed


is some Hard Talk between either be member states and resolve this


problem before their own reputation as further damaged. There are


obligations under various new entreaties, humanitarian obligations


to look after, let us not forget, refugees and asylum seekers. They


might be migrants but in the large they are coming from refugee


producing countries like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. There


is an obligation to support them, not to hit them with water cannons.


This does not reflect well upon the European Union and will cause


problems for the EU as it tries to project a broader aspect and asked


other countries to behave any certain way. People can say to them,


but at how you behave. Everybody at the British government,


they would say that they would rather take people from the source


of the problem, from the Middle East's refugees camps rather than


accept people who have made a perilous journey through Europe and


potentially encourage others to do the same?


That is very high-minded and a noble approach, and it should be welcomed,


unfortunately however, the numbers taking have been very small indeed.


We have over 1 million people that have fled for the most part


persecution, although there will be people gaining in the system and


they have to be filtered out. But the numbers are very high and to


simply say that we will only take people from the refugee camps


because otherwise that would involve some moral hazard in taking those


people who have made a life-threatening journey, it is


probably a touch unfair on those who have made that choice, because they


have had to do that because they have been attacked by Islamic State


or any other persecution. A woman has been arrested in Moscow,


near a metro station, She's thought to come


from Central Asia and She's suspected of killing the child


and setting fire to its parents' The headless body of a four-year-old


child has been found there. Lech Walesa - who played a leading


role in overthrowing communism in Poland - has denied


being an informant for the Communist The former Polish president


and leader of the Solidarity Union said the files on which


the allegations were based were forgeries designed


to destroy his reputation. Malaysia's former Prime Minister,


Dr Mahatir Mohamad, has resigned from the ruling Umno Party,


in protest against what he says Dr Mahatir said he could not be


associated with a party that backed the actions of the current


Prime Minister Najib Razak who's been embroiled


in a financial scandal. In January, Mr Najib


was cleared of corruption. In the United States the clock


is ticking down for a flood of primaries crammed


into a single day. Super Tuesday can be a day


of reckoning for Democrats and Republicans hoping


to become President. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump


leads the Republican race. One of his policies is to build


a wall along the US-Mexico border, We will have an older is nice and


strong. We will build a wall. I am going to build a wall and Mexico


will pay for it, OK? TRANSLATION: The Mexican president


said they would not pay for the wall, I said that the Walter Scott


ten foot higher. -- I said the wall just got ten foot


higher. We have a tremendous deficit, we


have a trade deficit with me to pay for the wall. They will be happy


with that, believe me, I will talk to them.


This is going to be a wall, this is not one of those deals where the


bike rider and jump over it. This is a Donald Trump what! -- bye


ladder-- buy a ladder. We need a wall, drugs are coming


across. They will be thrilled to pay for the wall.


Of course it's not just the Republican candidates battling


Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will also compete across some 11


states for the Democratic nomination.


And you can watch full coverage here on BBC World News and online


This year's Oscars ceremony was as glittering as ever


but unlike any in living memory it was dominated by protests over


the lack of black and ethnic nominees.


The comedian Chris Rock - who was hosting the event -


As for the awards, Leonardo DiCaprio was finally named


Best Actor, while Spotlight was voted Best Film.


Lizo Mzimba reports from Los Angeles.


Serious issues being talked about as much


Well, I'm here at the Academy Awards.


Otherwise known as the White People's Choice Awards!


You realise if they nominated hosts, I wouldn't even get this job!


A barbed attack from host Chris Rock was inevitable,


as was the winner of Best Actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.


I thank you all for this amazing award tonight.


The film's director, Alejandro Inarritu, also won


and continued the theme of substantial subjects


Make sure, for once and forever, that the colour of our skin becomes


as irrelevant as the length of our hair.


To the surprise of a few, Best Film was won by...


The Academy honouring the story of the Boston Globe's uncovering


Brie Larson was named Best Actress for her performance


in the heavyweight abduction drama Room.


Thank you to the fans, thank you to the moviegoers,


thank you for going to the theatre and seeing our film.


British successes included Mark Rylance.


The actor, who made his name on the stage, has now added


a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Bridge of Spies to his Olivier


As an actor, to win an Academy Award is something very unusual,


And multiple Brit and Grammy award winner Sam Smith now has


a Best Song Oscar too for his Bond theme, Writing's on the Wall.


I stand here tonight as a proud gay man and I hope we can all stand


While Lady Gaga spoke out musically against sexual abuse,


at an Oscars where so many took the opportunity to make a statement


to a global audience in the tens of millions.


The fragile truce in Syria - brokered by the US and Russia -


is in its third day and despite accusations


of violations, appears to be holding.


The United Nations is now taking advantage of the cessation


of hostilities to help starving people by sending food,


water and medicine to several besieged towns.


It's hoped aid will reach around 150,000 Syrians over


Amid the destruction of Syria's long civil war,


there is now something new and different in some


And that is a sense of calm and even just a little normality.


Just last week, before the truce came into effect,


the people in the besieged city of Douma were under heavy bombardment.


But now with the truce in place in many parts of Syria,


the UN is hoping to deliver emergency supplies of food


and medicine to 1.7 billion people by the end of March.


And it has a clear plan starting from today to reach some


of the worst affected areas this week, where people have been under


We have to test the limits of this ceasefire over the coming days


and weeks to see how far we can go as a humanitarian community.


There are about 18 cities besieged in Syria.


And around half a million people living there.


So we have to get food rapidly into those people.


So difficult has it been until now to get aid to the besieged areas,


the UN resorted to a high altitude airdrop of food supplies that went


But if the truce does hold, and it is a big if, the aim will be


to get convoys of trucks like these to deliver supplies to those


Many people are known to have starved to death already


There is no doubt that fighting does continue in some parts of Syria,


But there are now allegations that the Russian planes have


targeted moderate opposition forces which would be in breach


There is to be an urgent meeting about this later today.


And for now, the UN remains hopeful the truce, which has brought some


respite to the people of Syria since Saturday, will hold.


And that means those who have been under siege for so long will finally


One of the most powerful figures in the Vatican,


Cardinal George Pell, is to give a second day of testimony


to an Australian commission on child abuse.


The cardinal, who is too frail to travel to Australia,


is testifying via video link from Rome, from where


These are the last few steps of a 10,000 mile journey. The survivors


of child abuse in Australia raised money to come to this hotel in Rome


to watch the cardinal testify in person.


For more than three hours, the Cardinals gave evidence to the


commission via video link. The church has made enormous


mistakes and it is working to remedy those. The church in many places,


certainly in Australia, has made a mess of things and let people down.


I am not here to defend the indefensible.


The cardinal told the commission that he had heard rumours of sexual


abuse by fellow Australian priests in the 1970s but had no direct


knowledge of their crimes. Victims and survivors will come back here to


listen to at least two more nights of Cardinal George Pell's testimony.


Victims of abuse in other countries will listen as well. The Catholic


Church to take greater action. Peter Saunders from the duty was himself


abused as a teenager. In 2014, Pope Francis made him a member of a


Vatican commission designed to protect children from abuse. But


earlier this month the commission suspended him from speaking out.


The Vatican could take action now to protect children now. There are a


lot of things going around in the world that the Pope could actually


do something about in terms of children who are being raped and


abused and I do not see any evidence that that is happening.


Pope Francis seen here meeting children one week ago has made the


protection of minors a priority. His BBC might be judged on whether or


not he's a false this promise. James Reynolds, BBC News, Rome.


Now, as I'm sure you've noticed, it's the twenty-ninth of February.


Most of the time, a year is made up of 365 days.


But this year, just like 2012, and four years before


And that vital extra day, a leap day, is what keeps our calendars


Well, I am joined by Carole Mundell, Professor of Extragalactic Astronomy


and Head of Astrophysics at the University of Bath,


Thank you for joining us. Perhaps an issue closer to home than you are


used to dealing with. Tell us the science behind it, why?


They are almost takes 305 and a quarter days to make one full


circuit around the sun and that circuit is what we call easier. Of


course, the extra almost quarter of a day is a little tricky to handle


in the calendar so each year we have a calendar that is the older than 65


days long, but we have to account for that extra piece and we do that


by adding an extra week here every four years. If we did not do that,


then our seasons would slip by about 300 days every century and that


would be noticeable. -- 300 as if they fight. This was


what was noticeable about the time of Julius Caesar, the state started


to move around? That is correct, that was the Roman


calendar any time of Julius Caesar. It was decreed then that the BP


should be added. That extra quarter is an exact number, it is 11 minute


short of that, in the middle ages, Pope Gregory realise that actually


we had been over estimating the length of the day by adding those


repairs every four years. A correction had to be made. We now


make that correction every century, so that ABP falls on a century year,


we do not add the victory that they unless the year is the visible by


four. So the last time we did that was


when? The year 2000, it was a special one,


in 1900 we would have added ABP. The Gregorian calendar is what lasts


to this very day. That is an imprecise science as you have


mentioned, how much longer can we continue with the current system?


The Gregorian calendar is pretty good. Every year that we have to


divide by 400, we have to correct, so correcting for those 11 minutes,


it really is a good job for us, I think that the extra correction was


not really noticed until the millennium and a half after Caesar.


I think we are in good shape for a while.


Do you do that same interview every four years?


I have not done it before, but we will see in four years' time, we


will know then. Thank you very much for joining us.


Olle Ahnstrom, who's 96, has taken to the track once again


at the national championship in Sweden.


He started back in the 1940s, describing himself as a lover


He competed when he was 47. This time he said he would go more


slowly. Not that 100 mph! He built his first bike in his own repair


shop and has never looked back. Even bringing his wife along as the


mechanic. He said it is all about speed.


TRANSLATION: I started in about 1947 on bikes I had booked myself.


I have always been interested. I have driven on grass tracks and Hill


tracts and nice. I think that Israel is the most fun.


The sport uses steel wheels with reader -- razor sharp spikes. He


described the ride is very enjoyable. He says he has no plans


to quit the sport and hopes to still be driving when he reaches 100.


In a Slovenian cave visited by a million tourists every year,


a bizarre and rare amphibian is guarding a significant clutch


of eggs that could become baby dragons.


It's called an olm, it's a blind salamander found in cave rivers


in the Balkans, and it's thought to live for more than a hundred


years but reproduces just once or twice a decade.


A female in an aquarium has laid 50-60 eggs -


and three of them are now showing signs of growth.


You can get in touch with me and some of the team via Twitter -


But for now, from me Karin and the rest of the team, goodbye.


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