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It was a Super Tuesday for two of the candidates bidding


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton emerged as the clear winners,


but their rivals did manage to keep both Republican


The European Commission announces 750 million dollars in emergency aid


to help the worst affected countries in Europe cope


Another failed attempt to provide the people of Spain with a


government, why is it no party can muster a coalition. Last November


when a fourth major party, a Liberal party, was created, this is what


happened. Neither the main parties nor any of the newcomers got a


majority. And what would happen if a drone hit an aeroplane. Pilots in


the UK are calling for tests to find out.


After the biggest night so far in the race to be nominated for US


President, Super Tuesday, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


They each won the majority of the primaries and caucuses in 11


But their main rivals also secured vital victories to keep them


To secure the nomination, candidates must win a certain number


of delegates who will elect the presidential hopefuls at party


The Republican nominee needs 1,237 delegates to win.


So far Donald Trump has 285, with his nearest rivals Ted Cruz


and Marco Rubio trailing well behind him.


The Democratic nominee needs 2,383 delegates to win,


and as you can see Hillary Clinton is way ahead with 1034 delegates.


Our North America Editor Jon Sopel reports.


The next president of the United States!


Campaigning in Ohio, he had the air of a man who,


whatever the elements might throw at him, was going to prevail.


So at his victory party last night in Florida,


I know people are going to find that a little bit hard to believe,


I think we are going to be more inclusive.


I think we're going to be more unified.


I think we're going to be able to unify the party.


I hope to be able to get along with everybody.


And on some key policies like immigration, he seemed to be


But it was the Republican Party leadership he was most


And yes, his new favourite word again.


I would love to see the Republican Party and everybody


And when we unify there's nobody, nobody, that is going to beat us.


This has been a toned down, much more conciliatory Donald Trump


at his news conference, stressing that he is a unifier


Gone were the sharp attacks on his rivals.


It is almost as though he is looking beyond this process


to when he is the Republican nominee.


This man is arithmetically best placed.


Senator Ted Cruz won three states last night and to the other


anti-Trump candidates he had a simple message.


So long as the field remains divided, Donald Trump's


path to the nomination remains more likely.


And that would be a disaster for Republicans, for Conservatives


But after super Tuesday it is wash-up Wednesday.


And there are no signs whatsoever that any of the other


Which all but guarantees Donald Trump's path.


On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton swept the south


and halted the advance of Bernie Sanders.


He was an afterthought in her speech.


Instead this was about getting Donald Trump and ridiculing his


Nothing is settled yet but increasingly it is looking


like it will be Clinton versus Trump for the White House.


And who would have guessed that scenario a year ago?


My colleague Katty Kay joins me from Washington.


We heard John saying that a year ago nobody would have predicted this,


but people are saying now it could be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


going head to head. How likely do you think it is? It is increasingly


likely. It is harder to do the maths for any other candidate and it is


impossible for Bernie Sanders to envisage a way in which he could


become the Democratic nominee. If you are very clever with the maths


on the Republican side, you can just about find a path for Marco Rubio or


Ted Cruz to topple Donald Trump, but the chances are so slim. A year ago


I certainly would not have predicted this. Six months ago when he


announced he was going to run in June, he came down the escalator at


Trump Tower and announced his candidacy and I would never have


imagined he would this far. That is an indication of what upset has


been. The Republican establishment did not predict it either and now


they have made it clear they do not want him to be their candidate. What


happens if he is? There is a lot of hand-wringing in Republican seconds


-- circles, wondering whether they should have turned on him in a weigh


and stopped him last autumn. Nobody wanted to take him on in the


debates. The other candidates did not want to, they felt they would


alienate their supporters. Now the Republican party is in a state of


panic thinking, what do we do? Increasing numbers of senior


Republicans are coming out and saying, we cannot vote for this man.


A group of Republicans are organising a super packed, a


financially funded organising committee to try and stop Donald


Trump. You have got the Speaker of the House accusing Donald Trump of


bigotry. They are speaking out, but Donald Trump supporters do not give


a hoot what the establishment thinks. What they care about is


their candidate and whoever attacks him comes into trouble from them and


it seems to make him stronger. It only up until now has boosted him in


the ratings. It seems incredibly dramatic as well. Thank you for


bringing us up to date. Thank you for bringing


us up to date. Plenty more on Super Tuesday


and the race for the White House online, including this story


about a spike in Google searches by Americans asking about how


they can move to Canada. This came after the results


of Super-Tuesday. Yes, the company's data editor said


there'd been a 350% spike. Find out where they


want to move from. The European Union has announced


a plan to spend an extra 700 million The new funding is intended to help


Greece deal with the influx of tens of thousands of


refugees and migrants. Danny Savage reports from Idomeni


on the Greek border with Macedonia where up to 15,000


people are stranded. In northern Greece tented villages


have sprung up on military sites. Hastily built, this is the emergency


plan to house migrants. But many of them aren't interested,


they feel these sites are a dead end, so as soon as they get off


the buses they start walking This family from Syria tell me why


they are not staying. A tent is not much of a life, you


cannot stay in a tent for the rest of your life. The cam gives us food


and shelter, but we did not come through the sea to stay in Greece.


It is a nine-hour journey on foot, but here a taxi driver


This is where they are heading for, a mass of humanity gathered in tiny


tents living in hope that one day soon they might get out of here.


The gate they have to pass through open for a time today, but at the


present rate it would take two months to clear this camp.


So with people piling up in Greece, the EU has today announced


it is going to spend a lot more money on trying


It is set to spend up to 700 million euros on things like food,


Agencies say it is helpful, but it is not a long-term solution.


What needs to be done is to have a common European policy on how to


manage these people who are fleeing persecution and who want to seek


about a long-term solution to this crisis, they argue here as well.


It is a volatile atmosphere, but this is right at the front


More money may be coming to see off a humanitarian crisis,


but what these people really want is to pass


The UN Security Council has adopted new sanctions against North Korea


in response to it's latest nuclear test, which was carried


The United States and North Korea's tradition ally China,


spent seven weeks negotiating the measures.


John Sudworth reports from the border between China


On one side of the river is the impoverished countryside


On the other, the bustling Chinese city and between them is this


Around half of North Korea's trade with the outside world passes


The truck drivers hand their orders to the waiting Chinese traders.


They are well aware of the political sensitivities


There are big fears that pushed by North Korea's continued


missile and nuclear tests, China really is no


In order to cut off funding for this kind of technology,


the new sanctions will hit trade hard, including


The simple fact that China agrees for tougher sanctions


against North Korea itself sends a very strong political signal


But inside China's customs zone on the same day as the UN


Security Council vote, we find what look like troop


carriers, presumably here for one purpose only, export.


Nobody has tried to stop us from filming in here yet.


There is no sign of the toughened inspections regime that these


new sanctions are meant to bring into force.


Along with this brand-new military kit, primed and ready to roll


across the bridge into North Korea, it all raises an important question.


It is not about how tough the sanctions are, but about how


On the river tourists stare at the impenetrable land beyond.


China has always feared the risk of collapse if it pushes


We should remain friends, this man tells me.


China cherishes peace, this woman says, we will not


It is a reality that will be only too familiar to the fledgling


There is still no government in Spain after last


The Socialist party has failed to get a majority in parliament. James


Reynolds has been to a market in Madrid to find out what some


Spaniards think of the political stalemate.


For almost 40 years, Spain's political system


There had always been a main right wing party and then


For years the parties took more than 80% of the vote between them,


regularly swapping power with little drama.


But then after the economic crisis began a new party,


Podemos, was created on the left wing and this is what happened.


Suddenly Spanish voters found they had three major parties


to choose from, which made it more complicated.


Things got even more complicated last December when Ciudadanos,


a fourth major party, a Liberal party, was created


Neither the main parties nor any of the other newcomers


TRANSLATION: It is a pity they don't agree and form


Not having a government is bad for the country, the economy.


We need a government as soon as possible.


A difficult agreement, but I think it is possible.


There is not going to be a government after the debate today.


I think we go to the elections in June, that is almost 98%,


And we can now cross to James Reynolds who's outside


I never knew you had those incredible juggling skills. Well


done. You seem to have done a lot better than the politicians. Why is


it they cannot get it together and form a coalition? I had a misspent


youth, they were probably doing more serious things. But their problem is


they have inherited a system that has been smashed into pieces by the


voters, probably deliberately by voters are fed up with the two main


parties. This time they got just 61% of the vote between them and any


attempts to form a coalition has been difficult. The main party, the


popular party declined an invitation to try to form a new government. The


runners up, the Socialists, have had a go and they began their night in


the parliament, but they only control a quarter of the seats. They


failed to get an absolute majority tonight. They will get another go on


Friday. A lady in your report says she thinks it will go to elections


in June. What happens next? First of all on Friday, there will be another


vote at this parliament. There will be an easier way for the Socialists


to get a majority because abstentions will help them. But if


the Socialist party do not get more yes votes, there might be another


two months of uncertainty before elections might be triggered by an


announcement in May. A lot of Spaniards walking around seemed not


put out by what is happening. They do not expect a quick resolution and


they think they will have to get out there voting cards again in June.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


A woman suspected of beheading a child in her care before


displaying the severed head outside a Moscow metro station says Allah


On Monday police wrestled Gulchekhra Bobokulova to the ground


- a 38-year-old divorced mother of three from the Muslim-majority


Malaysia's transport minister says there is a "high possibility" that


plane debris found in Mozambique came from a Boeing 777 -


the same model as missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.


The debris will be taken to Australia to be examined.


An earthquake has struck off the coast of western Indonesia.


A tsunami warning was issued by the authorities, but has


There are no immediate reports of damage.


The astronaut Scott Kelly has returned to Earth after setting


a record for the longest time spent in space by an American, 340 days.


That's twice the length of a normal stay.


Now back with his feet firmly on the ground Mr Kelly faces


lots of tests and experiments to see how his bones and muscles might have


been affected by such a long period in space.


Our science correspondent Pallab Ghosh reports


Scott Kelly, back on mother Earth, after 340 days in space.


Unused to gravity, he needs to be carried from his space capsule.


First, a call to say he has arrived home safely.


No American has been in space longer.


I would like to relinquish command of the International Space Station


to my friend and colleague Tim Kopra.


Scott Kelly's journey back began just hours earlier.


Then came the goodbyes, first a hug from Tim Peake,


and the others who will remain on board.


The hatch closes and soon the Soyuz spacecraft is on its way.


And a farewell to the International Space Station.


A little later, re-entry into the earth's atmosphere.


And this was what we were waiting for.


A keen photographer, Scott Kelly took some of the most


stunning images of the space station.


And he amazed people on earth with his scientific demonstrations.


And Tim Peake helped him test out a new type of suit.


It's a year in space that has helped science and inspired


Here in the UK airline pilots are calling for tests to see


what would happen if a drone hit a passenger plane.


There have been several near misses above London recently.


Latest figures show that small drones almost hit aircraft 23 times


Our transport correspondent Tom Edwards has more.


Drones can get you incredible footage, and sales of


But not everyone sticks to the rules.


You're not meant to fly them close to buildings,


While most operators, like this one, fly them


responsibly, there is an increasing number of cases of drones getting


I think it's only a matter of time until there is a major incident.


Fortunately, the vast majority of hobby drone pilots who buy these


things for fun behave responsibly because they do not want to lose


this valuable piece of equipment. Professional operators, we are


legally bound by the terms of our permission to fly in a certain way.


There have been 23 near misses between drones and aircraft over six


months. In half of those there was a serious risk of collision. At


Stansted on September 13, a Boeing 737 nearly hit a drone. On the same


day one came within 20 metres of a jet approaching city airport. On


September the 22nd Boeing taking off from Heathrow came within 25 metres


of a drone. On September 30, an Airbus was just six metres away from


a drone landing at the same airport. Airline pilots are now calling for


tests to see what would happen if a drone hit a plane. They fear the


lithium batteries in a drone would make a collision much worse than a


bird strike. Normally a bird will damage the engine and make it stop


and go out the back and everything would be contained within the casing


of the engine. If the lithium battery gets into the core of the


engine where it is very hot, we are concerned there might be a


non-contained engine failure and a very serious emergency. The


government says it is trying to improve its understanding of this


emerging technology and it said it was set at further regulation on the


use of drones later in the year. We have breaking news and contender for


the Republican Party nomination Ben Carson says he will not attend the


presidential debate tomorrow. He said he did not see a political path


forward in the light of last night's results. He did not say he was


suspending his campaign. He stressed his grassroots movement with the


He stressed his grassroots movement with the people will continue.


South Korean MPs have set a new world record for the longest


combined filibuster in history after speaking for 192 hours.


Politicians from the opposition party took turns speaking


at the podium for five hours at a time.


The delaying technique is an old political tactic aimed


at thwarting parliamentary votes, as Michael Hirst explains.


The world's longest filibuster has just ended unsuccessfully in South


At 192 hours, the marathon filibuster easily surpassed


session by 103 members of Canada's New Democratic


The term originally described 18th-century Spanish pirates


who pillage colonies in the West Indies, but now it


refers to a Parliamentary tactic used to delay or obstruct proposed


Let's say you did not want a bill to pass in Parliament.


You talk until the Parliamentary session ends and no


That is what has been happening in South Korea.


The bill at the centre of contention would allow the government


intelligence service to collect a wide range of personal information


as well as give it further power to track suspected terrorists.


But opposition parties argued this is a violation of privacy


so they deployed the filibusters to stop it.


Unfortunately it is not as simple as wheeling in a TV


You cannot just freestyle a filibuster.


MPs were obliged to stand the whole time and could not leave


They were not allowed to consume anything except water


and they were not allowed to leave to go to the bathroom unless ducking


Some filibustering tactics and techniques used included


reading academic studies, reading news articles,


reading internet comments, reading a large section


of George Orwell's 1984, wearing trainers so they could stand


for longer, and going easy on the water to avoid


That is certainly more than I could talk for. That is all we have time


As we head on into Thursday's high pressure will settle things down


nicely and the winds will be


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