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I'm Geeta Guru-Murthy with BBC World News.


US Republican in-fighting reaches a new level as former US


presidential candidate Mitt Romney takes aim at fellow


Donald Trump is a phoney, a fraud - his promises are as worthless


As thousands of people are stranded in Greece,


would-be migrants are warned, "Do not come to Europe."


Could this be a piece of missing Malaysian airliner MH370?


Debris washed up in Mozambique is sent to Australia for analysis.


Coming up, Kenny's plan to get laptop computers to children in


primary. -- Kenya. We hear what children think about their


classrooms going digital. Hello and welcome.


The Republican establishment has launched a dramatic last-ditch


effort to stop Donald Trump from becoming the party's


The man who ran for the Republicans four years ago, Mitt Romney,


Within the last couple of hours, he's gone on TV to describe


Donald Trump as a con man, a fake and a misogynist,


who would bring economic recession to the US


and threaten national and global security.


We waiting for live reaction from Donald Trump but first let's listen


to Mitt Romney as he appealed to Republican voters to vote tactically


to keep Donald Trump out. His promises are as worthless


as a degree from Trump University. He's playing the members


of the American public for suckers - he gets a free ride


to the White House, and all we get His domestic policies


would lead to recession. His foreign policies would make


America and the world less safe. He has neither the temperament nor


the judgment to be President, and his personal qualities


would mean that America would cease I am convinced America has greatness


ahead and this is a time for choosing. God bless us to choose a


nominee who will make that a reality.


Barbara Plett-Usher was following the speech and joins


Can the Republican party stop Trump? That is a good question and critics


within the party have said why has it taken so long, Trump has been


doing well in the polls since September and nobody has really


taken him on either at the debates or within the party and even when


his campaign got more extreme, the call for banning Muslims, there was


pushed back against that but nobody took it on as a project to try to


move against him. Now that he has shown himself to be a very serious


contender after a raft of elections in various states on Tuesday he has


real momentum behind him and he could pretty much keep that


trajectory if he wins more elections in a couple of crucial contest this


month. Now the Republican establishment is finally saying, we


really have to do something, so you have this intervention by Mitt


Romney, I think the most high level so far, but others are speaking like


John McCain, business leaders getting together to put millions


into a political action to put out attack ads against Mr Trump. The


plan is to stop him getting enough votes to out rate get the nomination


before the national convention in July. -- out right. If he doesn't


get that there are ways to manipulate the outcome. It could be


quite damaging to the Republican party and make people who voted for


him furious and he is right in that he is bringing in new voters to the


Republican party. It is deeply divided over this and this is one of


the reasons why there has not been a push back until now. Mitt Romney


went through every aspect he could think of, his Moore business, his


personality, his foreign policy. He used the words phoney, fraud,


greedy, dishonest, misogynistic, I am not sure how much further he


could go, it was a character assassination really. In terms of


the policies themselves he said economic and domestic policy would


lead to recession, partly because Mr Trump wants to reduce the 35% tariff


on goods coming into the country, his tax policies, he said, would


also have a bad effect. He said foreign policy would damage America,


make America and the world less safe. There are more than 70


Republican national security wonks who said the same, that Mr Trump's


statements on banning Muslims from the US, his statements on torture,


immigration and trade, these were alienating America's allies and


would damage the country, so they have gone after him in a big way


today. Thank you very much indeed. We are keeping an eye on the podium


where Donald Trump is expected to start speaking and we will go to it


as soon as he begins. Don't come to Europe -


don't risk your lives That's the blunt message


for would-be economic migrants from the President of


the European Council, His words come as more than 25,000


migrants are left stranded in Greece by a tightening


of border controls. His words come as more than 25,000


migrants are left stranded in Greece by a tightening


of border controls. The restrictions were imposed


after several Balkan countries decided only to allow Syrian


and Iraqi migrants across. The restrictions bar passage to


thousands of people trying to get to Western Europe, including Afghans


and others likely to be regarded as economic migrants.


At the border camp where Greece meets Macedonia, a growing number


They want to move on but can't, so today they protested.


Ever since the tear-gassing incident here on Monday,


it's been fairly quiet when it comes to protest but today they've flared


with the migrants blocking the main railway track and calling


for a greater flow of people across the border.


This could go one of two ways - either it breaks up peacefully,


or the police will move in and shift them.


Common toilets, everything here is disgusting.


Here, I don't feel like a human being here any more.


Most here are Syrians and Iraqis, who say they are


But these mainly Moroccan men I met at a service station are described


who were told today not to waste their time and money trying


This 26-year-old wanted to remain anonymous.


TRANSLATION: I say for the people that would like to come here, stop.


Don't lose your money, your job, your family, your time.


Back at the border, the demonstration ended peacefully


but the primitive living conditions here are taking their toll.


Children especially are falling sick, about 40% of people


This Syrian family have a nine-year-old who is diabetic


and six-month-old twins, who they have been told should not


A trickle of people crossing to move up the migrant trail is just


But this crush developed when we were at the border


gate this afternoon, with children caught up in it.


Everyone wants to cross, so everyone just pushes in,


Discouraging economic migrants is one thing but nearly all of these


people don't fall into that category - they are Europe's problem


and current plans to deal with them just aren't working.


We will just take you now to America, the Republican candidate


Donald Trump is due to be appearing here at this press conference in


Portland in Maine, you can see all of the banners and he is just coming


to the podium. Let's listen in to his response. We have just heard


from Nick Romney, who issued a damning attack. Thank you so much,


what a turnout. What a turnout. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


I love tough people and he is a tough cookie and when we got his


endorsement we were thrilled, he is a great guy. You know, I was doing a


bit of a thing called the debate. Get him out, please. Get him out.


What are they doing, right? What is the purpose? He gets a little


television time, I guess. I was going to the debate, going directly


in from Florida, we are campaigning in Florida, doing really well,


campaigning against a guy who has the worst voting record in the


history of the state of Florida, named Rubio. I call him a


lightweight. The worst record in the history of Florida, so I should do


well there, let's hope I do well there. I was going to Detroit and I


said to my people, I have to stop in Maine. I just have to stop in Maine.


I would not say it is a very direct route, instead of this way, I went


this way and that way, and I am so glad. To put this incredible sold


out crowd, to put this together in a period of, what, 24 hours? And this


place, Maine, is one of the most beautiful places. People don't


realise how large the land mass is, as large as New England. That is


some piece of land, can I buy some? Can I buy some? So, you know, I have


been watching with great interest as we go down the line, we have had


some amazing results. New Hampshire was an amazing, incredible thing,


and every time we went to New Hampshire, when I met with people,


they were always said the number one problem, heroine. It comes from our


southern border and we are going to build the rural and stop the drugs


coming in. People are going to come into our country but they are going


to come in legally. We going to solve the problem. I watch these


pundits and when I first started, my wife and I came down the escalator,


and it was an amazing thing. I said, we have to do something because we


have people who don't know what they are doing in running our country,


and I got some of that today, hearing some of these things. They


don't know what they are doing. It takes guts to run them president. I


am not a politician, all talk, no action, nothing gets done. I am


coming down and I said to myself, there are so many things, and I


watch the pundits and they say, Trump, we have some great talent


running and I am trying to figure out, where, what is the talent? You


come down and you start talking about trade and you see what happens


with trade. Trade has been such a disaster. The pundits all said I


came out at 3%. My wife said, if you run you will win, but you have to


run. They won't call it, people say you won't run even if you do call


it. My wife is my pollster, I pay her less but she is better than...


You know what happened, I started at three, the first day something,


which I wasn't thrilled about. Then it went up to six, 12, 18, it kept


going up, and each time the pundits said, he has plateaued. He is always


going to get six, then I went up to 12, that is a solid group, then I


went up to 24. Don't forget we had 17 people, 24 with 17 people is


pretty good. We went up to 24 and they said, that is the maximum. We


went up to 28, 30 two. CNN just came out with a pull, Trump, 49. That is


high. And I am very proud of it because this is not a plateau, this


is a movement. We have a movement going, folks. Time magazine did a


story a couple of weeks ago talking about what is going on and they have


never seen anything like it. They say actually, and I don't think I am


exaggerating this at all, but many of the great writers, of which there


are many few, because the media is some of the most dishonest people I


have ever known, but they said in the history of this country there


has never been anything like this, what is happening. We were in


Huntsville Alabama the other day, 35,000 people. We went to Arkansas,


which you so we want. Is that another one? Get him out.


They just don't stop. All right, get him out, thank you. Bye-bye.


Terrible. Incredible. Now, you know, you can be nice, but if you are nice


they will say, you were so soft. You can be vicious, get out of the! Then


they say you are too harsh. So I say, all right, please get him out.


It is incredible. I love you, too. I love you. And, by the way, you know,


I am self funding my campaign, I am putting up all of my money. I don't


want your money, I just want your vote on Saturday, get out there.


Don't forget, I did that league long term, slightly long, a big turn, so


you can get out to vote, OK? So... Thank you, thank you very much. So


our country and our theme is make America great again, and over the


last little while I have met so many people, thousands and thousands and


thousands of people. We are only confined by the size of the room, it


is packed but this is the size of the room. Thousands and thousands of


great, great Americans and I have more confidence in this country than


I have ever had before. I have seen millions of people, really, because


when you get 40,000, 45,000 people for rallies, and I have the biggest


rallies, Bernie is second but it is a distant second, but we have by far


the biggest and by far the most people and this country have


unbelievable people that love our country, just remember that. And I


want to see the day in the not too distant future when Apple makes


their iPhones in this country and not in China and all of these other


places. I heard that Mitt Romney made a fairly long speech and I will


just address it quickly. Look, Mitt Romney is I failed candidate, he


failed. He failed horribly. He... He failed badly. That was a race,


folks, that should have been -- being one. I don't know what


happened to him, he disappeared, and I wasn't happy because I am not a


fan of Barack Obama. -- not have been won. I backed Mitt Romney, he


was begging for my endorsement. He was begging. He was begging me. He


was saying, I am not great like him, he is the big businessman and all of


that stuff, and now I am even better. Mitt Romney was thinking


about running again, he ran a horrible campaign, you are running


against a failed president, he came up with 47%, he demeaned 47% of the


people in our country, the famous 47%. Once that was said, a lot of


people thought it was over for him. In the last month and a half he


disappeared. I called his people, I said, you have to do yourself a


favour. Obama was on Jay Leno, he was all over the place, Mitt Romney


was looking for zoning for a nine car garaged or something in


California. I said, what is he doing, he is running for president!


If the press goes back they will see, when I heard he was running


again, and I wasn't sure I would be running, but I was very, very strong


to Mitt Romney and everybody, and publicly, because he let us down. He


let us down. It is one thing if you lose and you work and you work, he


let us down. He was horrible in the third debate, something happened.


Maybe someday they will write a book, his campaign guy was terrible,


he had a terrible campaign manager, Stuart Stevens or something, he is


always on TV knocking everybody. The guy ran one of the worst campaigns


in the history of modern politics. Mitt Romney's campaign was probably


one of the worst run the people have seen because most people thought the


Republican candidate would win. When Mitt Romney started raising his head


a few months ago, I was very strong, I said Mitt Romney should not run. I


said it very strongly. Then Jeb Bush actually convinced Mitt Romney not


to run. Can you imagine? Jeb Bush sold him. Now he is out I can say he


is a good salesman, a high-energy salesman. But Mitt Romney was afraid


of Jeb Bush because he was afraid that Jeb Bush would get the money,


get the whatever... I wasn't afraid of Jeb Bush, I can tell you. Jeb


Bush convinced Mitt Romney not to run, Mitt Romney was going to run,


it was going to be a third attempt, the second being one of the great


catastrophes, the first one just didn't happen, which is OK, but the


second was a catastrophe. He went to see Jeb Bush and convinced him he


was going to run, he had the money. The real reason he chickened out


wasn't Jeb Bush, it was me. Because I said he was a joke. Mitt Romney


was all set to run, and I think he still probably has a desire to get


something, maybe in the convention. Hillary Clinton will destroy him in


the convention, assuming she is allowed to run, assuming she is not


arrested for the males. Which is so terrible. -- arrested for the


e-mails. Let's assume that the Democrats are going to protect her,


let's assume that I will be running against Hillary, and I would love to


run against her. We have numerous polls that show me beating her


easily, and I haven't even started on her yet, other than four weeks


ago. She called me sexist and I hit her with her husband and I was the


last time I ever heard the word sexist. They had a rough weekend,


Bill was not happy. I guarantee he said, don't you ever say that to him


again, say it to somebody else but not Trump. That was a rough weekend.


Mitt Romney was going to run, as sure as I am standing in front of


you, and I was very angry that he was going to run. I didn't even know


I would be doing this. NBC came to me, they wanted to extend The


Apprentice, Steve Burke came up to my office with the people from NBC,


we would like you not to run, we would like you to do The Apprentice,


the ratings were still fantastic, and I said, Steve, I think I am


going to run for president. No, no, you are not! I think I am.


Ultimately I decided to run, and by law you are not allowed to do both.


They chose Arnold instead, who would be better, Arnold or Trump? Arnold?


Trump? We will find out if Arnold is quick because if he isn't we will


find. When you have all of them coming at you you have to be quick


and smart, we will find out a lot about Arnold but I hope he does


really well. I was going to do that, they renewed the show with me in the


upfront threw and I just said I can't do it. I gave up a lot of


deals. To do this takes a lot of effort, those are people trying to


get in. How about everybody clearing out, we will let a new group in reds


so it anyway, when I heard Mitt Romney was going to run, a bit for


this time, I was very tough. I said, he can't run. Then I started to say,


we have to keep him out as he is going to lose. He is a choke artist.


I started hitting him hard, people said why? Because I said we can't


take another loss. STUDIO: Donald Trump criticising


Mitt Romney for being a failed candidate and saying he has


chickened out of this race because of Donald Trump but he could run


again. This is BBC World News bringing you live coverage of the


Donald Trump 's speech in the United States race.


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