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This is BBC World News Today with me James Coomarasamy.


A potential new line of inquiry opens up years after OJ Simpson


was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife


Police in Los Angeles say they are testing a knife which has


been recovered, to find out whether it could be


It is being treated as we would all evidence -


so it is being submitted to our lab - they are going to study it


After prosecutors in Brazil question the former President -


Lula - as part of a corruption inquiry - he accuses them


The WHO says there is growing evidence of a link between the virus


and neurological disorders. And, we hear why award-winning


Angolan singer C4-Pedro can claim More than 20 years after OJ Simpson


was found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole


and her friend Ron Goldman, police are investigating


new evidence in the case. Millions watched the televised


trial back in 1995. The prosecution was never able


to produce a murder weapon, Now it seems that knife


may have been found. Police are testing a knife


that was recovered on property once owned by the former


American football star. Just over half an hour ago,


the Los Angeles police department gave a press conference


and described the unusual circumstances in which


the knife was found. The person who we've received this


knife from is a retired LAPD officer, who retired


back in the late 90s. He was a motor officer


and at the time, according to him, he was working an off


duty, which is... He was working a moving job


which a lot of our officers do on an off duty basis,


as well as our retired officers. So I do not know whether he


was retired at the time that he allegedly received this item


from the person who claimed they founded on the property,


or if he was still, in fact, an LAPD officer and then retired


sometime after that. So, the investigators will continue


to look at this. That item has been recovered


by robbery homicide investigators. It is being treated


as we would all evidence - so it has been submitted to our lab,


they are going to study it and examine it for all forensics,


including serology and DNA and hair samples and that is ongoing


as we speak. Just when you think all the drama


has been milked from this particular case, along comes this.


Yes. Quite an extraordinary development. More than two decades


after the murders here in Los Angeles, 1994 there were killed.


They were stabbed to death. The murder weapon was never found and


then in the trial the following year, when it felt like the whole


world was watching, OJ Simpson was of course acquitted in a dramatic


finale to quite an incredible trial. And then in the years that followed,


don't forget, civil proceedings were brought against him by the victim's


families and he lost them. He was us quickly sent to prison in 2008 for


armed robbery. So twists and turns and then the latest now is the


finding of this my brother the circumstances of its discovery are


not clear and it is not clear why it was not investigated earlier and it


is a big question for the LAPD. That police officer talking about


the circumstances under which it may have been found also suggesting that


this may come to nothing. Yes, he did. It is important to


stress that. The police captain who was addressing the media said it was


important to note that they did not necessarily think this was the


murder weapon. They were there no means at that stage at the moment


and were looking into whether run not it had any relationship to the


case because the police officer who was supposedly given the knife has


given an account, a second-hand account of how it was found. So they


don't even know for sure that it was definitely found on the property.


This property that was demolished in 1998 and the suggestion was it was


found around that time but they have not confirmed that information so a


lot of enquiries still to carry out. Not least the DNA testing which it


is interesting to note that science is far more advanced than it was at


the time of these murders. Thank you very much.


The former president of Brazil has condemned his detention


and questioning in a corruption case.


Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was taken from his house and questioned


He says the police only had to call and he would have gone.


Scuffles outside former President Luiz Inacio Lula da


Silva's home after he was taken away for questioning by police.


A long-running corruption probe targets its biggest figure.


For many Brazilians, he is a saviour but for others


he is the emblem of a corrupt government.


But this is Brazil, where he made history as the first president


A steelworker who reached the highest office.


As head of the workers' party he ran the country from 2003 until 2011.


Presiding over a booming economy and lifting millions out of poverty.


His popularity was enough to elect his chosen successor.


But his legacy is being tarnished by a deepening corruption scandal


The police alleged that state appointed members got kickbacks


The state prosecutor says they are working on the hypothesis


that some of this money ended up in the former


The former president denies all charges.


In a strongly worded statement, he said he was the victim


of violence and the case was an assault against the rules of law.


The police questioned him for three hours and,


even if no charges are applied, this is seen as a major blow


to his whole process of becoming a presidential candidate in 2018.


Well, let's talk to our correspondent Daniel Gallas in Rio,


because Lula has been giving a press conference in the last hour.


The former president has been speaking in the past hour and what


did he have to say? Well, he gave a very impassioned


defence of his institute and all of his work and legacy. He says he is


being subject to violence by the institutions. He says this is a


media circus not a serious investigation. He says that the


country's powerful elite are after him because of all his track record


against poverty and they don't want his project for Brazil to continue.


So that is what he said regarding the investigations. He also said


there is nothing wrong with the money he earned and compared himself


to Bill Clinton, saying he is as expensive and valuable as Bill


Clinton when giving speeches and that there is nothing wrong with the


money he earned so he gave a passionate defence and a very


challenging one at times he almost sounded a bit like a politician who


wants to run an election campaign which is what many people expect


leading about. How popular is he?


He is still very popular and a lot of his supporters up onto the


streets today and they are organising more demos in the coming


days. Now we might see a bit of a clash of demos. Who can say to the


largest protest? There are a lot of people who will go out on the


streets to protest against him so we will see in the next few days just


how popular he remains. But obviously this has been a very


strong attack for him and for his campaign if he has any political


ambitions in the coming years. Daniel, thank you very much.


The World Health Organisation says there is accumulating evidence


from multiple studies of a link between the Zika virus and two


The Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes and generally causes


However the WHO says increasing evidence links it


with the development of microcephaly, which causes birth


defects, and the Guillain-Barre syndrome


The US lab tests are an important step towards proving the link.


It is a detective job going on here with teams of scientists around the


world desperately trying to understand how this virus works, how


it could get into the body, how it could affect a baby's brain


development and cause that's terrible condition of the abnormally


small heads. So what we have is a series of pieces of evidence, if you


like. So for example busy cub Iris, traces of a profound in infected


pregnant women and in some babies who have the disease and now this


study in America which is an important step forward as you say


where scientists took the virus and applied it to human stem cells.


These are cells which could go on to develop into brain cells and they


found that actually 90% of them were infected by Zika and went on to


become damaged. So what you got is the tangible physical proof of a


mechanism by which the virus could damage a baby's rain.


Surgeons in Poland are launching a global search for two paralysed


patients who they will try to help to walk again


In 2014 the same team announced they'd reversed paralysis


in a former fireman after using cells taken from his nose


Our medical correspondent Fergus Walsh broke the story then


He is the paralysed man who walked again.


This is Darek Fidyka in 2014, after his regenerative cell


transplant, documented by the BBC's Panorama.


Now, a bigger test, to ride this tricycle.


Remember, this is a man who had been completely


paralysed below his chest after being stabbed.


Now, he is relearning how to control his legs,


sending commands from his brain down to his muscles,


and receiving sensations back, all flowing through his


The effort is as much mental as physical.


TRANSLATION: If I really think, I can feel each muscle,


The brain is very important and I appreciate it


lays a crucial role in cycling, or any other exercise I do.


The big question now is whether Darek's extraordinary


achievements can be repeated in other patients.


Only a clinical trial can show whether or not the cell transplant


does indeed represent a revolution in the treatment of paralysis,


which would make it one of the greatest


That's why his surgeon is launching a worldwide search,


via a website, for two patients with highly unusual injuries.


Their spinal-cord must be completely severed,


Help them, and it will silence any doubters.


We can prove once and forever that we can repair


There would be no speculation if we succeed to reconstruct.


This would be history, this will change history.


If we succeed, we'll find a cure for paralysis.


The patients will have one of their olfactory bulbs,


at the base of the brain, shown in green, removed.


It processes the sense of smell, and is the only part of the nervous


In a second operation, cells from the


bulb will be transplanted into the spinal-cord to provide


a pathway for nerve fibres to grow back.


The patients selected for the trial will


undergo intensive physiotherapy, both before and especially


In all, they will have to commit to spending three years


living at this rehabilitation centre in Poland.


The research will be independently assessed by this team


They will use equipment like this magnetic stimulator


to monitor the patients' neurological pathways


As a proof of principle, I'm very excited, because


this is a novel treatment that holds a great deal of promise.


This would open up hope that an alternative


But it is going to take some years to refine it.


The treatment will cost ?250,000 per patient,


and is being funded by a small British charity set up by a chef,


David Nichols, whose son was paralysed in a swimming accident.


If the trial is successful, it might mean patients


For Darek, the return of muscle control and sensation has brought


other improvements, like bladder control and sexual function,


which he says are just as crucial to his growing sense of independence.


This is the most expensive station in the world -


it cost 4 billion dollars and it's years behind schedule.


But it's finally opened to the public in New York.


It's been built close to where the twin towers stood.


More than 200,000 commuters are expected to use it


The architect who designed the huge steel and glass hall -


has called it a "gift of love" to the city.


A bird in flight, a Phoenix rising from the ashes,


New York's latest landmark is a station that doubles


as a symbol, of renewal, of hope, of life.


Almost 15 years on from the attacks of 9/11, this new transportation hub


at Ground Zero has finally opened its doors.


For survivors it's a highly charged moment.


Charles DeAndrea lost 176 colleagues that day and has watched this


Really kind of proud of New York City, being able


It's just absolutely remarkable, the way we have come back from this.


And then, to see this today, it's quite amazing.


It's staggeringly beautiful, but staggeringly costly.


The project has been plagued by cost blowouts and delays.


Originally, the plan was to have a transportation hub


And the price tag of $4 billion is double the estimate.


It's made this the most expensive station in the world.


The design, his inspiration was a bird in flight.


So the tourist trail has a new addition, but the symbolism


It's been likened to a turkey carcass the day after


Like a bird, right? Seagull?


I don't know, I don't really see a bird.


It just looks like a series of Nike ticks being repeated.


I know it's supposed to look like, represent a bird, but,


But to others it's become instantly iconic, and perfectly complements


I think it's a fantastic way for the city and visitors to always


look up and be inspired instead of feeling drugged down


In lower Manhattan, the skyline has been repaired,


the subway system has a cathedral-like new home.


But it's still hard to see a plane in the skies without remembering


the monuments that stood here before.


The United States has urged North Korea to "refrain


from provocative actions that aggravate tensions."


A Pentagon spokesperson made the statement after the North Korean


leader Kim Jong-Un told his military leaders to be ready to fire nuclear


Scientists in the UK say they've discovered a potential weakness


inherent in all cancer cells that could pave the way


Researchers found the earliest mutations of cancer are on display


They said the discovery should allow them to use the body's specialised


immune cells to recognise and attack a cancer wherever it shows up,


A passenger ferry has sunk in waters between Bali and Java,


with official statements on the number of people rescued


It's believed four people are still unaccounted for.


The boat was travelling from Gilimanuk port in Bali to Java.


Two men have been jailed in Turkey in connection with the death


of a three-year-old Syrian boy who drowned while trying to reach


A photograph of his body on a Turkish beach last September


came to symbolise the plight of refugees making


But despite the huge risks - people are not being deterred.


Mark Lowen's report contains flash photography:


Convicted for the trade in people's lives.


Two Syrians, jailed today for over four years,


for smuggling Aylan Kurdi and his family.


But they were cleared of deliberately causing their deaths.


It was the most potent image of the refugee crisis.


Little Aylan washing-up near Bodrum last autumn sparking sympathy


It also put pressure on Turkey to tackle the smugglers.


The migration crisis again topped the agenda


Chancellor Merkel visiting President Hollande in Paris.


TRANSLATION: We, Germany and France, entirely agreed that we must


protect our external borders to defend freedom of movement


within Europe but also for security reasons,


because we have to know who arrives in Europe.


And they are still arriving, at a huge rate.


More gathered in Izmir, putting their faith in life jackets,


The crowds of refugees and migrants who used to be camped out in places


like this in central Izmir have mostly been chased away by police.


But it doesn't mean the numbers have dwindled.


You still see them here, for example, at food hand-outs.


Turkey has been told by the EU to reduce the flows of those


arriving on the Greek island every day from 2,000 to 1,000.


When, for those fleeing war, the hope of Europe burns so bright.


One way, says the head of the European Council,


visiting Istanbul today, is for Turkey to take


There is hope it can be agreed upon at a summit next week.


But the longer journey to Europe the bottlenecks are growing.


Macedonia has shut its border with Greece and 11,000 people


As Europe scrambles for unity, individual states close their doors,


but that still won't kill the dreams of the desperate.


Now here's something to share with your friends: Facebook's tax


bill in the UK is going to rise from just under seven thousand


dollars two years ago, to millions next year.


The corporation says it will pay the extra tax after a major overhaul


It is going to stop routing the proceeds of sales


for its largest advertisers through Ireland.


Facebook faced heavy criticism that it was avoiding tax.


Google, which faced similar accusations, has agreed to pay


nearly two hundred million dollars in back taxes to Britain.


Companies like Facebook, like Google, like Amazon,


are adept at organising themselves in such a way that they don't bring


themselves into the territorial tax net of high


tax countries like the United Kingdom.


They prefer to establish themselves elsewhere,


Quite likely now that a large number of these


companies will see that the UK liability is going down,


that the world climate has changed enormously.


G20 countries and the OEDC have got something which they


caught the base erosion of profit shifting projects.


Companies are going to have to start paying tax where their profits


It's not every day we get to introduce you to a king.


But today, it's time to meet the King of Kizomba.


It's not a country - it's a style of music.


And the man who wears the crown is the award-winning Angola singer


He began his career by winning a street music contest


in his home city of Luanda, but he's since gone global.


I am a singer, one of the best in Angola.


I started as a singer very young because my father is a singer also


In Belgium, I really started as a professional singer.


Now I am in Angola because I think it is the best place for me to make


Talking about my music, I like to call...


It's not like music, it is at a very new kind of music,


It's for people who know this kind of music.


It is very lovely, very romantic songs.


And we can dance, a man with a woman, it looks a little bit


I do this kind of music because this is my country's music.


So that is why I make it first of all, and secondly,


And now everybody loves this new fresh style.


But everybody is tired of listening every time the same styles,


Think about love, love is the most important thing in the world.


A medieval ring said to have belonged to Joan of Arc,


the French heroine who fought the English during the 15th Century,


has returned to France after nearly six hundred years in England.


The ring was bought by a foundation which runs a historical theme park


in western France, for four-hundred-and-twenty-five


It's believed that Joan gave it to an English Cardinal before


But for now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


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