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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


After prosecutors in Brazil question the former President -


Lula - as part of a corruption inquiry.


He accuses them of disrespecting democracy.


The WHO says there's growing evidence of a link between the Zika


virus and two neurolgoical disorders, including microcephaly.


Police in Los Angeles are carrying out tests on a knife which could be


linked to the killing of OJ Simpson's ex-wife and her friend


Why the man -- why the surgeons who repaired this man's severed spinal


column on the search for new patient.


Brazil's former president - Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva -


has reacted angrily to being detained and questioned


in connection with a corruption case.


Lula was taken from his house and questioned for three hours


The current president said it had been unnecessary for the police to


detain her predecessor because he would have wanted them voluntarily.


Scuffles outside the former President's home after he was taken


away for questioning by police. A long-running corruption probe


targets its biggest figure. For many Brazilians, Lula is a saviour but,


for others, he is the emblem of a corrupt government


TRANSLATION: He should have been detained a long time ago. Everything


is so slow here. If this was the US, he would have been detained and


investigated already. TRANSLATION: I have suffered from


hunger and worked a lot in the countryside until I was 18. I


couldn't even afford a bicycle. For me, Brazil only started existing


after Lula. Lula made history as the first president from a poor


background, a steelworker who reached the highest office. As head


of the Workers' Party, he ran the country from 2003 until 2011,


presiding over a booming economy and lifting millions out of poverty. His


popularity was enough to elect his chosen successor, Dilma Roussef. But


his legacy has been tarnished by a deepening corruption scandal at the


state oil company Petrobras. The police alleged state appointed


members of the company got kickbacks from firms which wanted contracts.


The state prosecutor says they are working on the hypothesis that some


of this money ended up in the former President's think tank.


TRANSLATION: 60% of the funding comes from the top five companies


involved. The police alleged that homes were bought for the president


with the money. The former president denies all charges and, in a


strongly worded statement, he said he was the victim of violence and


the case was an assault against the rule of law. The police questioned


Lula for three hours. Even if no charges are applied, this is seen as


a major blow to his hopes of becoming a presidential candidate in


2018. Let's talk to our correspondent


Daniel Gallas in Rio because, in the last hour or so, Lula has


given his own press conference. He gave every impassioned defence of


his institute and his work and legacy. He says he has been subject


to violence by institutions. He says this is a media circus, not a


serious investigation. He says the powerful elite are after him cause


of his track record against poverty, and that they don't want his project


for Brazil to continue. That is what he said regarding the


investigations. He also said there is nothing wrong with the money he


earned with the speeches. He compared himself to Bill Clinton,


saying he is as expensive and valuable as Bill Clinton when giving


speeches and there is nothing wrong with the money he earned. He gave a


passionate defence, a challenging one. At times, he almost sounded a


bit like a politician who wants to run an election campaign, which is


what many people speculate he will do in two years' time.


More than 20 years after the former American football


star OJ Simpson was found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife


Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman,


police are investigating possible new evidence in the case.


Millions of people watched the televised trial back in 1995.


Despite a huge search, the prosecution was never able


Now the Los Angeles police department says it's testing a knife


that may have been recovered from a property once


At a news conference, the LAPD described the circumstances


in which the knife was reportedly found.


We received the knife from a retired LAPD officer retired in the late


90s. It was a motor officer. At that time, according to them, he was


working off duty, working a movie job, which a lot of our officers do


on and off duty bases, as well as our retired officers. I don't know


whether he was retired at the time he allegedly received this item from


the person who claimed they found it on the property or whether he was


still an LAPD officer and they retired after that. We are looking


into it. The investigators will continue to look at this. The item


has been recovered by homicide investigators and it is being


treated as we would all evidence. It has been submitted to our lab. They


are going to study it and examine it all forensics, including DNA and


hair samples. That is ongoing as we speak.


Earlier, our correspondent in Los Angeles - James Cook -


gave this assessment of what the police had to say.


Quite an extraordinary develop and, more than two decades after the


murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman here in Los Angeles.


1994, they were killed, stabbed to death, the murder weapon never


found. In the trial the following year, where it felt that point the


entire world was watching, OJ Simpson was of course acquitted in


the end, at the dramatic finale to quite an incredible trial. In the


years that followed, don't forget, civil proceedings were brought


against him by the victims' families, which he lost, and was


subsequently sent to prison in 2000 for armed robbery. Such risks and


turns, and the latest now, the finding of this knife. Although the


circumstances of the discovery are not at all clear. Why it was not


investigated earlier is a big question for the LAPD. That officer


talking about the circumstances under which it may have been found,


and suggesting this may come to nothing. It is important to stress


that. A police captain addressing the media said it was important to


note that they did not necessarily think this was the murder weapon. At


the moment, they were simply looking into whether or not it had a


relationship to the case. The police officer who was supposedly given the


knife was given a second hand account of how it was found, so they


don't even know for sure that it was definitely found on the property of


OJ Simpson, a property demolished in 1998. The suggestion was that it was


found around that time. They haven't confirmed that information, so a lot


of enquiry still to carry out, not least the DNA testing, which it is


interesting to note that the science is more advanced now than it was at


the time. Scientists in the United States say


they've found more evidence to suggest that the Zika virus


can damage brain cells after they injected the virus


into human stem cells. Zika is spread by mosquitoes


and generally causes mild flu-like But it's been linked to birth


defects in hundreds of babies born in Brazil whose mothers contracted


Zika while pregnant. The findings in the US come


as the World Health Organisation announced there was accumulating


evidence linking Zika with both microcephaly and the Guillain-Barre


syndrome, which damages Our Science Editor David Shukman


says the US lab tests are an important step


towards proving the link It is a sort of detective job going


on, with teams of scientists around the world desperately trying to


understand how the virus works, how it could get into the body, how it


could affect a baby's brain development and caused that terrible


condition of the abnormally small heads, microcephaly. What we have is


a series of pieces of evidence, if you like. Traces of Zika virus were


found in the amniotic fluid of infected pregnant women, found in


some babies who had microcephaly, and now this study in America, which


is an important step forward, where scientists took the virus and


applied it to human stem cells, cells which could go on to develop


into brain cells. They found that 90% of them were infected by Zika


virus and then went on to become damaged. What you have got is the


first tangible physical proof, if you like, of a mechanism by which


the virus could damage a baby's brain.


Two men have been jailed in Turkey in connection with the death


of a three-year-old Syrian boy who drowned while trying to reach


A photograph of his body on a Turkish beach last September


came to symbolise the plight of refugees making


But despite the huge risks people are not being deterred.


The latest figures show a record number of migrants and refugees


entered Europe last year - almost all of them by sea.


And just to warn you it contains flash photography.


Convicted for the trade in people's lives.


Two Syrians, jailed today for over four years,


for smuggling Aylan Kurdi and his family.


But they were cleared of deliberately causing their deaths.


It was the most potent image of the refugee crisis.


Little Aylan washing-up near Bodrum last autumn sparking sympathy


It also put pressure on Turkey to tackle the smugglers.


The migration crisis again topped the agenda


Chancellor Merkel visiting President Hollande in Paris.


TRANSLATION: We, Germany and France, entirely agreed that we must


protect our external borders to defend freedom of movement


within Europe but also for security reasons,


because we have to know who arrives in Europe.


And they are still arriving, at a huge rate.


More gathered in Izmir, putting their faith in life jackets,


The crowds of refugees and migrants who used to be camped out in places


like this in central Izmir have mostly been chased away by police.


But it doesn't mean the numbers have dwindled.


You still see them here, for example, at food hand-outs.


Turkey has been told by the EU to reduce the flows of those


arriving on the Greek island every day from 2,000 to 1,000.


When, for those fleeing war, the hope of Europe burns so bright.


One way, says the head of the European Council,


visiting Istanbul today, is for Turkey to take


There is hope it can be agreed upon at a summit next week.


But along the journey to Europe the bottlenecks are growing.


Macedonia has shut its border with Greece and 11,000 people


As Europe scrambles for unity, individual states close their doors,


but that still won't kill the dreams of the desperate.


Stay with us here. Still to come, can the cell transplant which


repaired this man's broken spinal cord work for others and


revolutionised the treatment of paralysis? The baby of a pregnant


woman who was stabbed multiple times in Sutton Coldfield has been born in


hospital and is doing well, according to police. A 41-year-old


man known to the woman was immediately detained in connection


with the attack in the town centre and he remains in custody. Speaking


a short time ago, Phil Mackie gave us this update on the condition of


the mother and the child. This news came through from West Midlands


Police not long ago. We know that the mother, who was 40 years old and


heavily pregnant, had been stabbed this afternoon and she was airlifted


to hospital. In hospital this evening, a baby has been born. We


presume that is by Caesarean section. We don't know the sex of


the child yet. The baby is doing well, according to the statement


from police, but the mum, who was stabbed, remains in a critical


condition. She is still being treated in hospital. This is BBC


world news. The latest headlines. Brazil's former president Lula


accuses proxy tutors of disrespected -- accuses prosecutors of


disrespecting democracy after they question him. Police are testing a


knife to see if it was the murder weapon in the OJ Simpson case. Now


all of the sport. Three points clear at the top of the


Premier League, but what has been the secret to Leicester City's


remarkable success? Claudio Ranieri has revealed he has kept the squad


focused on the training pitch by ringing and imagine rebel at them. I


say to them, ding-dong, when they are sleeping, no? And then I ring a


little bell. We have brought you a little bell. Hey, you are sleeping.


Come on! Do you think you have maybe got this air of a headteacher about


you, with the players, with us? No, no. From the beginning, when


something was wrong, I said, ding-dong, wake up! During the


training sessions, ding-dong! Christmas Day, I said, I'd buy for


everybody, all of the staff, a little bell. Ding-dong! Just a joke.


Arsenal have suffered another blow to their title hopes. Petr Cech, the


goalkeeper, will be out for three to four weeks. The the Czech... Arsenal


travel to north London rivals Tottenham on Sunday. It is a serious


calf injury and he had a green alert. From the first goal, he


couldn't kick the ball properly because of his groin. He may be deep


-- he may be compensated too much. If you look at... It is very good as


well. I am not honestly worried at all on that front. A report


commissioned into the awarding of the 2006 World Cup to Germany says


it has found no conclusive evidence of vote rigging, but it cannot rule


out the possibility of votes being bought. The report was commissioned


after it emerged the German football Federation made a payment of 6.7


million euros to Fifa in 2005. This investigation essentially says


that the World Cup of 2006 was not bought, it was not subject to


corruption. However, it goes on to say that the possibility that votes


were bought cannot be ruled out. A bit of a conflict that in the


statement. Why cannot that possibility be ruled out? There was


evidence that was supposedly withheld, some documents, e-mails


which were destroyed, but also individuals such as the Fifa


president at the time, Sepp Blatter, refusing to give evidence to


Freshfields in the case. It is a confusing picture. There is also


suggestion in this report that there are unclear payments which have been


uncovered. One of those has come from Franz Beckenbauer, was the


president of the German bid for the 2006 world club -- World Cup, some


money received in Swiss francs from a Swiss bank account to a bank


account in Qatar which was owned by the disgraced former Fifa vice


president, who was on the Fifa executive committee at the time.


Great Britain's defence of the Davis Cup title saw them finish one rubber


apiece after the opening round against Japan in German -- in


Birmingham. Kei Nishikori levelled it out with a defeat against -- with


a win against Dan Evans. Tomas Berdych has been taken to five sets.


World number one Novak Djokovic started winning legal Serbia but


Mikhail Kukushkin pulled it back for Kazakhstan, beating Viktor Troicki.


Surgeons in Poland are launching a global search for to paralysed


patient is -- patients and they will try to help to walk using transplant


surgery. In 2014, the team announced they had reversed paralysis in a


former fireman using cells taken his nose to repair his spinal-cord. Our


correspondent broke the story and he now has this exclusive update.


He is the paralysed man who walked again.


This is Darek Fidyka in 2014, after his regenerative cell


transplant, documented by the BBC's Panorama.


Now, a bigger test, to ride this tricycle.


Remember, this is a man who had been completely


paralysed below his chest after being stabbed.


Now, he is relearning how to control his legs,


sending commands from his brain down to his muscles,


The effort is as much mental as physical.


TRANSLATION: If I really think, I can feel each muscle,


The brain is very important and I appreciate it


lays a crucial role in cycling, or any other exercise I do.


The big question now is whether Darek's extraordinary


achievements can be repeated in other patients.


Only a clinical trial can show whether or not the cell transplant


does indeed represent a revolution in the treatment of paralysis,


which would make it one of the greatest


That's why his surgeon is launching a worldwide search,


via a website, for two patients with highly unusual injuries.


Their spinal-cord must be completely severed,


Help them, and it will silence any doubters.


We can prove once and forever that we can repair


There would be no speculation if we succeed to reconstruct.


This would be history, this will change history.


If we succeed, we'll find a cure for paralysis.


The patients will have one of their olfactory bulbs,


at the base of the brain, shown in green, removed.


It processes the sense of smell, and is the only part of the nervous


In a second operation, cells from the


bulb will be transplanted into the spinal-cord to provide


a pathway for nerve fibres to grow back.


The patients selected for the trial will


undergo intensive physiotherapy, both before and especially


In all, they will have to commit to spending three years


living at this rehabilitation centre in Poland.


The research will be independently assessed by this team


They will use equipment like this magnetic stimulator


to monitor the patients' neurological pathways


As a proof of principle, I'm very excited, because


this is a novel treatment that holds a great deal of promise.


This would open up hope that an alternative


But it is going to take some years to refine it.


The treatment will cost ?250,000 per patient,


and is being funded by a small British charity set up by a chef,


David Nichols, whose son was paralysed in a swimming accident.


If the trial is successful, it might mean patients


For Darek, the return of muscle control and sensation has brought


other improvements, like bladder control and sexual function,


which he says are just as crucial to his growing sense of independence.


At a cost of $4 billion, it is the most expensive railway station in


the world. It is in New York near where the twin towers once stood.


Today, several years behind schedule, it finally opened. More


than 200,000 commuters are expected to use it everyday. The architect


who designed it has called it a gift of love to the city.


A bird in flight, a Phoenix rising from the ashes,


New York's latest landmark is a station that doubles


as a symbol, of renewal, of hope, of life.


Almost 15 years on from the attacks of 9/11, this new transportation hub


at Ground Zero has finally opened its doors.


For survivors it's a highly charged moment.


Charles DeAndrea lost 176 colleagues that day and has watched this


Really kind of proud of New York City, being able


It's just absolutely remarkable, the way we have come back from this.


And then, to see this today, it's quite amazing.


It's staggeringly beautiful, but staggeringly costly.


The project has been plagued by cost blowouts and delays.


Originally, the plan was to have a transportation hub


And the price tag of $4 billion is double the estimate.


It's made this the most expensive station in the world.


The design, his inspiration was a bird in flight.


So the tourist trail has a new addition, but the symbolism


It's been likened to a turkey carcass the day after


Like a bird, right? Seagull?


I don't know, I don't really see a bird.


It just looks like a series of Nike ticks being repeated.


I know it's supposed to look like, represent a bird, but,


But to others it's become instantly iconic, and perfectly complements


I think it's a fantastic way for the city and visitors to always


look up and be inspired instead of feeling drugged down


In lower Manhattan, the skyline has been repaired,


the subway system has a cathedral-like new home.


But it's still hard to see a plane in the skies without remembering


the monuments that stood here before.


Now to something very old. A medieval ring said to have belonged


to Joan of Arc has returned to France after nearly 600 years in


England. It was bought by a foundation which runs a historic --


historical theme pub in western France for $425,000. It is thought


that Joan gave it to an English cardinal before she was burnt at the


stake. The former resident of Brazil, Lula, has reacted angrily to


being detained and questioned in connection with a corruption case.


He was taken from his house and question for three hours at a police


station. That is all from me and the rest of the team. Thank you for


watching. Goodbye. Hello. The heaviest snow really has


cleared away now, but we might get some fresh snow in one or two other


parts of the country through the evening and overnight. Across the




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