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The headlines: Tear gas and rubber bullets are fired at protestors


in Turkey after the government takes over the country's largest


The EU's top migration official warns that Greece could be


"overwhelmed" by thousands arriving there every day.


The referee's eye in the sky, how football is turning


to technology to help officials make delicate decisions.


And what is this ghostly creature filmed for the first time,


Police in Turkey have used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse


It happened after the country's largest newspaper was raided


Several hundred demonstrators gathered outside the offices


of the paper Zaman, which has been critical of President Erdogan.


The Turkish Prime Minister insisted it was a legal decision and not a


political one, denying any government involvement in the move.


This is what happens in Turkey if you want a newspaper


The full force of the state sent in to crush protests.


They had tried to stop administrators from taking over


Zaman, Turkey's biggest newspaper, but in vain.


Rubber bullet were fired, tear gas overwhelming the area.


Earlier, supporters cheered Zaman editors defiantly


But shortly after, a government team arrived, fired the senior editors,


cut the internet signal and deleted the archive.


TRANSLATION: There is no justice in Turkey at the moment.


We see this with the intervention on the media, but this


When you look at history, many were killed but tyrants never


got away with the cruelties they inflicted on people.


Zaman was targeted because of links to Fethullah Gulen, an ally turned


In 2013, the cleric was accused of leaking recorded phone calls


appearing to implicate Mr Erdogan and his inner circle in corruption.


The government called it a coup, labelling so-called Gulenists part


Other media deemed critical have also been hit, a pro-Kurdish channel


Turkey ranks close to the bottom of press freedom indexes.


For the last three or four years, anyone who is speaking


against the government policies, is facing either court cases


or prison or such control by the government and I think this


is a dark period for our country, for our democracy.


The EU has responded tentatively, raising serious concerns over


But it's accused by many of being soft on Turkey as it needs Ankara


And so freedom of expression is further eroded in a country once


held up as a democratic model for the Middle East.


The last front page of Zaman simply read, "Constitution suspended".


The EU commissioner for migration has warned that Greece could be


He said it was time for the European Union,


Up to 3,000 people are arriving in the country every day.


Our Reporter Gavin Lee is on the Greek border


with Macedonia and sent this report.


Small comforts in a land they are desperate to leave.


Idomeni migrant camp, where more rhan 12,000 refugess


mainly from Syria and Iraq are now living in farmers' fields


There are estimated to be more than 5,000 children at this camp.


Life is tough, sickness is a big issue here,


and aid agencies say we're starting to see the second wave of more


women, more children, making the journey that their husbands


I come to here with my mother and my three sisters.


And my father go to Germany since seven months.


Many of the refugees have been waiting for more than a week


There's no sign that their opportunity will come soon.


Tight border controls across the Balkans means only a tiny


EU and Turkish leaders will meet once again on Monday,


desperate to find a way to stop the smugglers' boats and to bring


about an organised exodus of those fleeing war.


Around the end of the year, Schengen will function as it had


because nobody wants to abolish Schengen.


They have repeatedly said that it is only for a short period


The UN is warning that a lack of resolution will lead


with more boats predicted as winter turns to spring.


Now to the latest stage in the race for the White House.


For the Republicans, Donald Trump is looking


to extend his lead over his rivals Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio,


with voting taking place in Louisiana, Kansas,


For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are vying


for the votes in Louisiana, Kansas and Nebraska.


Let's go to Washington - and join our correspondent Jane


There's been plenty of high drama this week for the Republicans.


What can we expect from this latest round of voting?


They are already counting the Republican votes in Kansas and it


looks like at the moment the way to steady a way that Kate Cruise has


the lead there. There aren't that many killer gets up for grabs


anyway. -- Ted Cruz. But they are still significant, because the


campaign to stop Donald Trump aims to fracture the vote. They want to


stop him getting the number of votes to win outright before the


convention in July. Because these delegates are proportionately


allocated, it is very likely that all the candidates will walk away


with some of them and that. Donald Trump taking the non-stop and read


that he needs in order to reach the magic number of 1237 delegates.


A campaign to "Dump Trump" as it's being called is gaining momentum,


with people discussing all sorts of ways they might be able to get


It may be gaining momentum, but we have yet to see it have any effect.


The attack by the Republican nominee in 2012 came from the establishment,


so to research and extension was preaching to the choir, not to


Donald Trump voters and supporters who basically say, of course the


Republican establishment is attacking him, they don't like him,


but we do. Why should be listened to them? That is something Donald Trump


has been capitalising on holiday, asking what do you expect from the


establishment? He is now in Florida, which is an important race. They go


to this -- equal to the polls a week on Tuesday. His when all state. If


you went that he will have a commanding lead and if Mark all


reveal, whose home state if there is, always is, that could see him


out of the race. A very significant statement, which is white Trump is


there today. One of Sudan's leading


politicians, Hassan al Turabi, He was the architect


of Sudan's Islamist policies and for years considered the real


power behind President Omar But after falling out


with the President, he formed an opposition party


and became one of his fiercest The government in the Philippines


says it's impounding a North Korean It's been done under new UN


sanctions imposed on Pyongyang over a nuclear weapons test


and rocket launch. Officials says they're waiting


for a UN team to inspect the ship. Police in Los Angeles are carrying


out tests on a knife said to have been found at the former


home of OJ Simpson. They're trying to establish


if the knife, has any connection to the murders of his ex-wife


Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman, To Brazil, where President Dilma


Rousseff has visited her political He was detained by prosecutors


investigating a huge Lula was released after being


questioned and has vowed to fight any allegations linking


him to the scandal. Hundreds of supporters have gathered


outside his house near Sao Paolo. Our reporter Julia


Carneiro is there. Supporters of Brazil's Workers'


Party are gathered since early in the morning here outside


the building where former president Lula lives in the city


of Sao Bernardo do Campo, They're here to show their support


to the former president Lula was just here


earlier in the afternoon. He greeted everyone and now


President Dilma Rousseff has arrived to meet him and discuss


the situation her government face She herself is facing impeachment


proceedings and now this new blow for the Workers' Party,


Lula being investigated for allegations that he benefited


from money diverted from the company, the oil


company Petrobras. Here we see supporters but elsewhere


there are many people who celebrated the detention yesterday and that


believe the Workers' Party is involved in corruption


and support the impeachment So this is a moment when Brazil


is very split and this increases polarisation,


with new demonstrations planned next week, defending the impeachment


of President Dilma Rousseff. A short time ago, I spoke to afford


a news editor in the offices of how man. She was in the offices when the


reader card. The women and kids had difficulty believing. Some of them


were unable to run away and some of them fainted. The police, wearing


masks and heavily armoured force their way into the building. They


manhandled many others, journalists, we did nothing wrong. We never used


any violence against them. We were just there. We were working there.


Obviously we are not pleased with what is happening in front of our


eyes. Has anyone from the newspaper been arrested and are you worried


that you may be arrested? I am worried that I made to be arrested


personally because I am an editor at the newspaper, and a columnist, so I


am one of the leaders of the journalists who are running the used


paper. The newspaper is accused of conspiring with a terrorist


organisation, not one but two terrorist organisations. All of a


sudden we have become terrorists ourselves so I think it is anyway


clay that some of us will eventually be detained and possibly arrested.


In the meantime, what happens now? Where do you go from here? We now


have an experience of what happens after that sort of action on the


part of the government. A couple of newspapers and TV channels were


taken over in October last year, a few months after the elections. They


all became it strictly pro-government all of a sudden, just


the next day. When you turn a critical media outlet into a


strictly pro-government one and when you put such a product into the


market, there is no demand for it. All those newspapers went bankrupt.


They have become, all of a sudden, nor no viable, commercially, so they


had to be closed in. Would you like to see more criticism from the


international community? Particularly Jews to the refugee


crisis -- particularly down to the refugee crisis, the international


community has turned a blind eye to what is happening in Turkey and


their is an immense source of frustration in the pool. That --


among the pro-democracy faction in this country.


Turkish police have use tear gas and water cannon for a second day


to disperse protests against the takeover


The group that sets the rules for World football has approved


a trial involving the use of video replay, to help officials in some


of the most delicate decisions they face during a match.


It will apply to key incidents concerning goals,


red cards, mistaken identities and penalties.


Football has been reluctant to take on this technology. It is about to


change but it will be done with caution. The lawmakers want to


proceed with the protocol is looking at how they can get it right before


proceeding to live trials by at the very latest the start of the 2017


season. They're looking at game changing positions, of course, cases


of mistaken identity and credit card decisions. Revenues will get


assistance from assistant referees looking at it replays or they will


be able to see the incident for themselves before making a ruling.


Caution is the key word here. Of officials want to get it right. It


is a historic moment for the sport. They see it proves footballers


listening to the concerns of pop -- clubs and players.


It was a tough match and we wanted to win. We treated for five chances,


when we scored and they created to city. It was an open match. Both


teams wanted to win. We are so happy now. It was the early kick-off,


Arsenal lead at half-time with a pillion to strike giving Spurs eight


to one lead. Arsenal were down to two men that Mac ten men at the


point when he scored. -- ten men. It was their fourth successive defeat.


We feel disappointed in the last ten or 15 minutes but we need to


recognise also that the effort from our players were fantastic and we


will play much better and create more chances. It was vital for us


today. With all the negative vibes, it was important to show character,


spirit and attitude. I couldn't see how we could draw points today.


West Ham were to note down with 12 months to go but you can see there


are that the one. -- they won the game. Newcastle are in real danger


of relegation. They lost at home to Bournemouth. Sunderland conceded a


late equaliser with Southampton. They are a point clear of the bottom


three places. This is what it looks like at the top.


The bottom side to cut adrift at this point. Newcastle lost


spectacularly. What is the future for their manager? I truly believe


in what we're doing and our staff. We still have ten games to go. We


are lucky it is not three, otherwise that would not be good. I will be


brutally honest, if we keep playing like that, this club will go down.


To Tennis now, and Novak Djokovic suffered his first Davis Cup


defeat in five years on Saturday as Serbia slipped 2-1 down


Great Britain are two-one up in their Davis Cup tie.


The Murray brothers - Andy and Jamie - won their doubles


on Sunday to try to keep the tie alive for the 2010 champions.


Italy were the first team to book their place in the next


gave the Czech Republic a 2-1 lead over Germany by beating


Philipp Petzschner and Philipp Kohlschreiber Bob and Mike Bryan


gave the United States a crucial 2-1 edge with a thrilling five-set win


American scientists say they have discovered what could be


The creature is so light in colour it resembles a ghost.


It was found using a remote deep sea vehicle to explore


the Hawaiian Archipelago, a team from the US National Oceanic


and Atmospheric Administration discovered a tiny octopus sitting


alone on a rock more than 4000 meters below the surface.


We are now joined by Michael Vecchione from Virginia,


Is this an octopus? It is related. Hello? Hello. We can hear you. Is


this an odd this? -- is this an octopus? I call it an optical port.


-- -- octopod. There are many varieties. I use the term octopus to


refer to the ones that are related to the common octopus. How exciting


is this discovery? It is always exciting. I got thrilled when I saw


it on the screen. The robot used to find it. How technical was it? These


deep sea robot submarines are becoming very widely used for


exporting the sea and this is one that has been used by my agency, the


National oceanic and atmospheric organisation, for exploration. It is


capable diving very deep, then to over 5000 metres. This particular


dive was a really deep dive for it. It was over 4000 metres. I


understand you have called that Casper, is that right? Actually,


that started on Facebook. We posted some pictures and one of the people


on the social media said initial call you Caspar. And I thought it


sounded like a good name. Is this a highlight of your career? I would


say it is one of the highlights. Keeps the -- cutesy equitation --


deep sea expedition as the highlight of my career. Finding new and


unexpected animals is always a great thing to do. Thank you for joining


us. The media mogul Rupert Murdoch


and his new wife, Jerry Hall, have had their marriage


blessed in central London. The couple wed in a civil


ceremony yesterday. Celebrities joined the couple's 10


children from previous After the wedding, he said he felt


like the luckiest man in the world.


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